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  1. Ugh! 8-1 loss away to Torpedo is hard on morale!
  2. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2036/37 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Wow, that was a tough season! 6 league wins in a season will do something to you, and it's not pretty. The main thing is that we did survive, but only barely. We were in a group of 4 teams fighting to avoid the last two positions and rather stay in the two above that put us into the playoffs against teams from the 2nd tier. In the end we did it and finished in 13th place and had to save our skin in the playoff. We just about had enough about us to beat out Chertanovo over two legs and stay up. We endure
  3. For anyone who wanted to see how bad I could get, I have to inform you that after the promotion, we've started to actually make money so the finances are improving now. Still have to pay off a few million in debt, but we can maintain it now, and the projection are looking good. So great for my game, but bad for the interest in this thread.
  4. This thread is going nowhere, and with the recent developments, I think this has run its course. For those who want to discuss the actual facts, then the football forum is the place to go.
  5. This is due to licensing. Look in here for more info:
  6. I think you can only get a son in-game if you are over 35.. Only thing I can think off, other than some media comments like newbie or veteran, I think.
  7. Feel free to discuss how this would impact FM here, but for a general discussion about the proposed Super League, please do so in the football forum:
  8. No worries, if you have done everything in there, I doubt we can help much in here, so getting support directly is your best bet, sorry.
  9. Nothing other than submitting a ticket to SEGA (from the link at the bottom of the page you mentioned) and have them contact you directly and try to work it out.
  10. Have you told them to swap positions in the tactic?
  11. Not really in this one, it's league regulations after all... So I doubt there were any way around it. I think (hope!) that we will get some more money in now after the promotion, but I also need to stay up to keep improving. At least our reputation went from 1 to 1,5 stars and the new sponsorship was better!
  12. Can it get worse? Apparently, league regulations says yes...
  13. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2035/36 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, that was quite a surprising season! I had no idea what to expect from this league, but apparently, the difference is not that big! At least for us. So we are promoted to the top tier after back to back promotion, and I do feel like we do deserve it after the hell that is the Russian 3rd tier for 12 seasons. We will be favourites for relegation though, since I really don't think the squad is good enough for the Russian top tier. But perhaps the top teams are just so much better than the rest? I mean, Sp
  14. Will do, perhaps I've made some progress just being promoted though, so perhaps things will improve based on that. 12 years in the Russian 3rd tier is quite enough for me!
  15. Well, I'm experiencing it now. I don't have any facilities since they were sold! The board takes up new loans all the time. I had a takeover from a businessman who promised to clear the debt (of about £1m at the time). He pumped in £5k! So now my club has close to £4m in debt and we are losing money. There has been rumours about administration if things doesn't change. Just to let you know, I'm playing a youth only challenge, so I haven't spent any money, and I have have a VERY small wage cost (less than a 10th of the top team in the division, and almost half of the 2nd lowest), so I have
  16. More loans! Can't see any future problems with this, no siree...
  17. Should be fine if you holiday a season and take over the team that finished last in the lowest tier, right @darren1983?
  18. Pretty much the same as normal. If the lowest tier has relegation, then holiday for a season and take over a newly promoted club. For those leagues who DON'T have relegation in the lowest tier, then holiday for a season and take over the team who finished bottom. Though we've only allowed for databases who have at least 2 tiers. So places like San Marino and Gibraltar, who both only have 1 tier, cannot be used. My current attempt in Russia includes a custom DB. In the vanilla game, Russia have 2 tiers, but I wanted to go a bit deeper, so I found a file that added two more tiers, so I star
  19. I think there are a few semi-pro, but I'm not sure. Perhaps all are indeed amateur...
  20. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2034/35 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Finally! Every good things come after the 12th time! We are promoted to the 2nd tier of Russian football! This season was a very good one, and we needed that after being close for a few seasons now. I'm not sure we will be able to stay up, but I really hope this will help with the finances, since we are really in a pickle now! In the Kubok Rossii we beat Dnepr Smolensk and SKA Rostov to reach the 4th round. We finished 3rd behind Zvezda Perm and Akhmat and got knocked out. Youth Another good l
  21. Yeah, they are quite high, almost as high as "other"!
  22. Will do, currently they took up a loan to cover us (for now!), but with us losing money we'll see how it goes...
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