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  1. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2027 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Before the new season even started we played our final matches in the Europa Conference League from last season. We beat AIK, but lost to Vitória de Guimarães and finished 3rd in our group. Finally we won the title! It was a tough fight though, and both Valur and Keflavík followed us to the door. In the end, though, we only needed a single point in the last game, and we could even take it with a loss, but we finished the season on a high as we beat KR 6-1 to really take the title in style. We are
  2. I don't notice anything, so it's not a universal thing, at the very least. The only way to find out is to use the contact form and contact SEGA Support: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new
  3. I'll move this to the bugs section. Please upload your game according to the guidelines and let SI take a look.
  4. I haven't played in MLS for a while, but I don't think it would work based on what I know...
  5. There is a thread on the front page on this forum. Have a look in there, everything you should know should be in there and the linked content.
  6. You should not look at the xG in isolation. If you have 100 shots from the halfway line, then you would still get to a high xG! You need to see how many big chances you create, not the aggregate of them. Have a look at the "Match story" and see if you see any big jumps, such as this, then you should (probably) have won. And you have too look at it over a period of time to know for sure. If you see big ones, then you create big chances, but if they are often missed, then your strikers might not cut it. If all you see are small incremental steps, then you create bad ones and your
  7. It might be lost in translation somehow, but I read it as "Team A scored 6". I guess it's based on Team A besting Team B, where "besting" means overcoming or "getting the better of" someone. English is not my mother tongue, but I still think it's correct as it is.
  8. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2026 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We keep on losing our best players, but we also keep qualifying for Europe, so that will help out a lot. Towards the end of the season we got the best news ever in that we are going professional again before next season! Keflavík and Valur proved too good for us this time, but I hope to challenge them next time around. Before the season started we played in the Meistarakeppni karla, a sort of Community Shield and we beat Breiðablik on pens. In the Deildabikar we were unbeaten, but still finis
  9. Been a long time, but sure, I'll join! Player Name: Xavier Alden Nation of birth: Guadeloupe Month and date of birth (year will be set for all) July 10th Ht/Wt (in meters/kgs) 1.92cm / 95kg position(s): GK Assign one attribute (4 total) (technical/mental/physical) at 18, 15, 12...and 3. Rest of attributes will be randomized by the database.: Handling- 18 Reflexes- 15 Throwing- 12 Off the ball- 3 You may select one PPM: Uses long throw to start counter attacks
  10. Just sold my best defender for a good fee. His contract was up at the end of the season, so I sold him while I could get something for him.
  11. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2025 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances A rather strange season, this. I didn't think we did very well, but somehow we finished in 3rd, only a point behind 2nd. But when I compare it to last season, we only had 4 points more. Usually, this points total would not be enough to finish in the European spots, but for whatever reason it was fine now. I'm happy with it, but I still think we need to improve going forward. One problem though is that quite a few players are not willing to sign new contracts, so I might lose some before next season. Vi
  12. If you can, at any time, cancel them, then do so. If not, then dump them in the reserves and try to sell them asap. They cannot be used for any match at all, nor any mentoring or similar. It doesn't stop you from playing this challenge though, we've had this happen before. You won't really struggle with money as long as you stay in the PL, so it won't hurt you too much.
  13. I've answered it and didn't find it very confusing personally. They seem to be mostly concerned with FM 21 and the previous 3 ones. Older than that are perhaps too far back to be relevant.
  14. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2024 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, the seasons here are really short, so another got finished quite fast. This was a really strange season. We were amazing the first half, but from around half way we started to have issues with fatigue and I had to rest the best players regularly the rest of the season. That really hampered our results, and we had a horrible end to the season. I mean, look at this position graph: We were in contention for the tile before we imploded. Not a good end to the season, and it's something we ne
  15. Indeed I can, they are quite big, because I can't be bothered by compressing them, so allow for some loading if you are on a slow line. Just had this lovely move. Did have to score on the rebound, but still a good example of central play. But this other goal was so much better. The opponent were sitting back a bit, so this was very satisfying to have. It's all about creating movement between the lines!
  16. You haven't answered anything unless you press it. The big update was so that they can update the link from the main menu without having to use updates in the future. As for save games, they are the same as before for me, so report it as a technical issue, please. Where are you missing the nationalities? I've had a quick look in the original skin, but I see it fine:
  17. Have a look in here: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015206897-I-ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-nothing-happening-or-an-error-message-when-launching-the-game#text
  18. What the....? Why? We are just about to head into Europe....
  19. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2023 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So I guess, I'm a tactical genius! Or, you know, the team I took over is pretty damn good. And the latter is most likely the actual truth, I mean, several of the starting players are rated as "leading players" for the top tier, so I have no idea why they were in a 3rd tier team from the start. So I guess the team in general simply are at the level they are supposed to be at. We had a shot at the title already, but Valur are a bit ahead of us yet. Still we are going into Europe next season, and we reall
  20. Yeah, as @FrazT said earlier, this thread has run it's course now, so I'm locking it. If you have any suggestion as to how to improve the game then please add it the suggestions forum, thanks.
  21. I think this is due to the dates being switched. I'll move this to the bugs section since it belongs there.
  22. The reason you don't see much of that here in GD is because we mods do our job! On a more serious note, there are loads of threads all the time regarding this, but most are referred to the tactics section to get help there. So if you are in doubt have a look in the discussion part of it. I've even seen threads where people complain about losing with downloaded tactics as that should be impossible... never expect everyone on the internet to make sense! The question remains though, how do SI make the game harder for those who want and still keep it fun for those who already find it ch
  23. I can't remember how it is in FM20, but in FM21, you can.
  24. There is one key aspect that most people seem to be missing, this is not only a game for hard core tactical geniuses who can beat the game blindfolded in a drunken stupor. It's also a game for the masses who like to take on their favourite team and win some matches and be happy. Have you guys seen all the "the AI are cheating"-, and "my tactic works, why do I lose"-threads popping up around the place? The reason for that is because the game is too complicated, or they are misunderstanding, or that they just want an easier game where they can win a couple of matches and have fun. Not every
  25. No, cancel all loans of possible, if it's not possible to cancel, then he cannot play in any match, not be used for mentoring or anything. Just rot in the reserves until he leaves.
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