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  1. Nope, I held him far away from anything resembling mentoring, but the squad personality had some impact anyway, it seems.
  2. Follo FK - Season 2028 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We survived this time! After we went down in our first try in the top tier, simply surviving was the the goal. And we did, even if it was quite close. A lot of teams battled to avoid relegation, but in the end we finished atop the pile at the bottom in a very respectable 11th place. We scored quite freely, but we also concede too many goals for my likening, so I hope I can work on that the next seasons. In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Fagerborg and Flisa before losing to Viking in the 3rd round. Youth The
  3. Not bad, but I wouldn't call him "super"...
  4. No, I'm using commentary only and just whoosing through the season. Only 30 league games and a single cup (that I rarely go far in), so only just over 30 matches a season will do that. I've been thinking about trying IR, since I'm not overly worried about individual matches, but currently I like the control I get from making subs and such. But, yes, I do play fast, and since both the wife and me are gamers, we spend a lot of our spare time gaming! The Corona pandemic haven't impacted us much, other than give us more spare time to use!
  5. Follo FK - Season 2027 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances A much better season than the last, and we got promoted as champions! We won the first 5 league games and kept fighting at the top throughout the season. It was a hard fought battle, but in the end we beat out the others and could claim the trophy. Now I just hope we can show a better version of ourselves next season, than we did the last time we were up in the top tier. In Norgesmesterskapet we beat KFUM Oslo, Lyn, Kolbotn, Øygarden and Fredrikstad before losing to Vålerenga in the semi final. Youth Th
  6. Yeah, I've learned the hard way before! I think every 14 days work fine. Rarely lose more than a game or two then. The saving is so much quicker than FM20 as well, so no hassle at all!
  7. My computer just crashed, but I only lost about a week of in-game time. Autosaves every 14 days is gold!
  8. There is a lot of different ones here: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/834-editors-hideaway-download-forum-fm21/
  9. Follo FK - Season 2026 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances I had hoped we could bounce back up this season, but in truth it was a bit of a poor season for us. We had some great games and some good wins, but we also had a few off-games where we lost when we should have won. So we were just simply not good enough to get up. We did finish in the playoffs, but we lost away to Aalesund in the semi final and got knocked out. I hope we can do better next season. In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Fyllingsdalen and Lørenskog before losing to Strømsgodset in the 3rd round. Youth
  10. A quick glance, but everything looks fine to me. Just no buying, loaning or signing up free transfers. Other than that, you can do pretty much whatever you want! If there are any specifics that are unclear, just ask in here and one of us will answer.
  11. The experience is correct, but you have to select no badge.
  12. This is more of a tactical discussion, so I'm moving this there to that forum. I'd also advise you to post up the tactics you used so people can see.
  13. The only reason I can think of is the tour, unless they played for your reserves or something the same day.
  14. Is this during a pre season tour of another country? If so, you can only use the players you selected for that tour.
  15. The AI will not know the exact potential of the player, but will have a perceived potential, the same way you scouts recommend players to you. So it's based a bit on their potential and a bit on how well they actually perform as well as a lot of other factors. If you have a player who plays well and no one bids for him, you should probably just be happy you can continue to use him without anyone turning his head, really.
  16. Follo FK - Season 2025 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances This was a very hard season for us, and we got relegated by a bit of a distance. It didn't look as bad for a long while and we were up to safe ground as late as with 7 games left. But when the last 7 is 6 losses and a win, it was not enough to keep us up, not even reach the relegation playoff spot. I do hope we can bounce back up again next season though, but it won't be easy. The teams in the top tier, as well as 5-6 teams in the league below is quite a bit ahead of the rest of us. One major thing that will help, tho
  17. It's most likely caused by the custom database. Try a save without and see if it happens then aswell. If it does, have a look in here: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/sections/360004442518-Technical-Issues If it keeps happening, then submit a support ticket here: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new
  18. The only editor that's allowed to discuss is the official one. Just a reminder to everyone, so any discussion about any else should not be done here. I don't know if the IGE allows for this or not, as I've never actually used it.
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