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  1. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2040/41 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Another season of inching our way up the table, and I'm still very happy with the progress. We are in a process now of replacing a few of the older players who have been with us for many seasons, mostly due to the influx of better players in the recent intakes. So players such as 28 year old Andrey Voronov 28c (294 league games), Alexey Tarakanov 31d (188 league games), and Murat Tsygankov 31e (231 league games) are looking to get replaced by players such as Andrey Pushkarev 39a (17 year old), Madi Karimov 3
  2. Just a small clarification here, the teams get promoted to the 3rd tier is decided just after May 30th, but they're not visible until the season rollover June 20th. So if you want to reload, you have to save at May 30th and then continue as normal until June 20th and see what teams got selected for promotion. If you save on June 19th and continue 1 day, you will get the same teams each time.
  3. This is not for vanilla leagues, for those you have to have relegation from the lowest tier. However, in downloaded leagues that are really poor or far down a pyramid, then it's allowed. It happened originally in Iceland, I think, where it was a 5th tier download, but the 5th tier didn't have relegation. So instead of having users just load tier 4 and have relegation there, we agreed that users in those extremely lower leagues can take over a team that has finished last in those. Sorry for the confusion, and hope this clears it up. @darren1983, you can correct me, if I've missed some
  4. Our first ever capped player is....... Doniyor Rahmatov 39d for Tajikistan! And he even scored on his debut! Here is his majestic goal!
  5. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2039/40 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We are slowly improving, and this season kept that going. As we did last season, we avoided the relegation playoff, and have at least one more season here. I do hope we can start slowly pushing up the table in the future. The finances are just about keeping about even throughout the season, so I don't think I can improve much more without going into the red. So a slow push up the table is really needed to take the next step. In the Kubok Rossii we won our group ahead of Neftekhimki and Irtysh Omsk, then
  6. I think you can ask for it, but Iceland have some special rules for youth teams. The reason is because a lot of the top teams share youth teams with others! So if you look at your affiliate teams then you could have a youth team there. So based on that I'm not sure if you can have your own, even if you in general can ask for youth/reserve teams in the game if the team doesn't have them.
  7. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2038/39 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We survived once again, and this time we even managed to avoid the playoff spots! So this was our best season yet here in the top tier. However, we have a major issue in the defensive side! We conceded a whole 100 goals this season, and in only 30 league matches, so we clearly have a lot of work to do. I really do struggle to create a defensive solidly tactic, so I'm unsure if I want to try to create something better, or stick with what I know have kept us up for a few seasons. I'll see during the off-season
  8. They will continue to train part time, not much more to it really.
  9. Found the post, it was in FM20, but still should be valid:
  10. There are no hard limits for when you can build a new one. I had two built in 7 years before, and even posted screenshots about it here a while back since someone refused to believe it.
  11. Well, now you, at the very least, will get an intake at the next appropriate time. Usually, you'll get a preview in Nov-Dec and the actual intake sometime from late Feb to early Apr sometime. Good luck!
  12. Do they have any "Junior Coaching" and "Youth Recruitment"? If they have "none", then you won't get any intakes.
  13. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2037/38 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We stayed up once more, but it was through the playoffs once again. We are still very far from being very competitive for a top position, but we are slowly improving. Now that we have started making money, I'm slowly getting improvements approved, so we are clearly moving forward as a club. In the end I'm happy with a 13th place, and after we beat Baltika Kaliningrad in the playoffs we were secured at least another season here. In the Kubok Rossii we started in the 4th round group stage where we won our
  14. All confirmed reset dates are in the first post and will be updated whenever someone reports it. I can't see Greece of that list, so I guess no one has reported the reset date to @darren1983 yet. Feel free to do so if you try it and find out.
  15. Great! Have fun playing with your friends!
  16. Yes, you should be able to play there if you are relegated into it.
  17. If you go into preferences and search for "online" and click the button for "online preferences", you can see the setup required. Please set that up and the users should be able to join your game.
  18. Are you all playing on Steam or Epic?
  19. If he transfer the file directly to you and you put it in together with your other save files, then you should be able to load it up. Does that work for you?
  20. Well, I'm playing a youth-only save, so I didn't send anyone on any of those courses, but still had massive costs. If Administration starts at £300k, then I got really lucky, at the worst we had about £4m in loan debt and were about £1.5m in the red balance with no more facilities to sell and with several messages of potential administration!
  21. I'm moving this to the tactics forum, since that's where you will need to improve most. Please take a screenshot of your tactic, so perhaps someone can give you some pointers.
  22. Development -> Training -> Discuss new trait.
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