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  1. SEASON 25-26 - VANARAMA LEAGUE NORTH Media prediction gave us 19th position. I said to the team we could reach mid-table. They were furious at me being over-ambitious. I decided to prove them all wrong: Yes, champions! With 2 games in hand. Mostly because of this guy: 48 Goals, an ALL TIME HIGH for the Vanarama National League North. We started magnificently and never looked back: I hope we are able to stay up next season but given that we were able to keep our team together despite teams pulling @ Rowberry's arm and my best defender Shaughenessey:
  2. SEASON 24-25 - VANARAMA LEAGUE NORTH Did you miss me? Well, I didn't miss this season. As mentioned in my last update, I fully expected to be just "surviving" this season and that is exactly what we did: A mid-table season with in the beginning some hope for an upset but as I started to loose some key players (including best player Griffiths) the wheels started to roll off slowly. At the end of the season I started to play almost exclusively youngsters and we started to pick up some steam again. Let's hope we can carry that steam into the next season. Still an 11th finish isn't
  3. Depending on how much time you will have available, I would say start with smaller league countries. While they will go faster, and it will be easier to reach the top of your country, it will take a long time to have European succes. Top countries like England, Germany, France, Italy etc have longer seasons, so it will take longer (timewise) before you get any type of results which might be demotivating. Middle countries like Netherlands, Denmark, etc. are, well, the middle of the road I guess although I don't claim to know each competition length in number of games. Whatever y
  4. And now just this came in, I guess that is good news for next seasons' intake: I do hope the youth intake gets more determined though, they seem to be lacking a bit in that attribute (maybe because HOYD only has a 7 for Determination)
  5. SEASON 22-23 - VANARAMA LEAGUE NORTH Well, somehow with the same team that made the play-offs last season, we were predicted to end somewhere in the relegation zone. And they were right: But als wrong as point-wise we were never ever in danger of dropping, ending the season with almost double the points as the 2nd to last team: The last 10 games or so were played with youngsters only after it was apparent our move upwards came to a halt. The last game we won at Boston Utd with 1-5 (albeit against their B-team) I hope we are able to stay up next season as it will
  6. Only in season 3 with FCUM , guess I'm the turtle of all Anyway, youth intake preview was like: I was pretty stoked about the striker as we are seriously lacking quality up front, currently this season sitting in 20th just above relegation spots (but 20 points ahead of number 21, super tight competition this season). After 27 games we drew 14 . Also we got 2 fullbacks taken away from us, so hoping they would be of decent quality (as preview states they're not the best, but everything is relative right?) So here is March and the actual intake: 5 super high p
  7. You're close enough to Darren for me With "lowest tier needs to have relegation" do you mean relegation into a playable league? For example (if I'm not mistaken, don't have game at hand right now) Peru only has 1 playable league and while there is relegation, it goes into a 'non-playable' league.
  8. @darren1983 correct me if I'm wrong but both are eligible right?
  9. Playing with Anzhi one must expect political turnmoil must he not?
  10. Well, my AF has 12-11 for acc-pace and is doing ok, had a bad start of the season, only 2 goals in 10 but last season had 22 in 40 games (is considered leading player for the League Premier Division so no star for VNN) and my TM-Su has 7-7 for acc-pace and is doing great too with 6 goals in 10 games (and ability just a tad bitter than AF but still same description in coach report)
  11. @Cheez3y did you try out my tactic btw? did it work for you or not? curious at your findings...
  12. I won't even try to pronounce that stadium name Hang in there, better times are coming... I hope...
  13. SEASON 22-23 - VANARAMA LEAGUE NORTH Well, after we sold our star player the only way was ... down: The last game was deciding whether we would play play-offs or not. Which we did, only to lose immediately to Tamworth. With 70 goals conceded our defense record is as bad as last year, with 85 goals made (vs 103 last year) the drop in quality up front is obvious. And no good strikers in sight. The craziest game was a 3-3 draw against Guiseley where their GK fumbled the ball after jumping to grab it after a long throw and another long throw grabbed by their GK only to th
  14. 2nd season Youth Intake is here. The quality is definitely there, alas many in roles we don't use right now. So either we adjust or they adjust. I'll give them 2 years 3 2* star players with minimum 4* star potential is a nice start for a midfield I guess Should become our new DLP (Support) and replacing our star player (and massive earner) Griffiths. With Balanced he has a well, balanced personality. Winger Attack on right side where we now have at least 4 options (2 "original" players who will not get their contract renewed...) Not too sure about his
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