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  1. I'm just wondering, is the Vanarama League North always so bloody close? We just topped the league with 2 matches to go (York can still overtake us as they have a game in hand at home vs 4th placed AFC Telford and they do have hit their high form at the right moment)... I can definitely feel the nerves! Oh, and our 2 games are a home game vs King's Lynn and on the final day away to ... yup, York... Well, after York lost home vs AFC Telford, we had it all in our hands . But when you don't score, you can't win. 0-0 vs King's Lynn and 0-0 vs York made us finish even in 4th:
  2. That is indeed a very simple set-up. I suppose translating what you see on the pitch to how players are set-up and how you would want them to be set-up/What you want to see on the pitch , is the real difficulty (at least for me). And it doesn't help if you start out like my tactic with all things happening the same time and not realizing what intertwines/interferes with each other...
  3. @crusadertsar & @Experienced Defender thank you for your advice and I prefer the frankness. If in the end it seems I'm not cut out to be a tactical manager, so be it. But better to try and fail than not trying at all. If I implement all the recommended changes, won't this be too huge of a shift and "backfire" the first few games? Also, I don't have a single DM player who can play as anchor man, and only 1 who has the attributes for DLP (except anticipation). Also, I did notice the BWM (Su) being very close to the B2B (Su) and Mez (Su) when in possession and in the opposition's final third, so in first stage I'm thinking of applying the following: - Balanced mentality - BWM - From support to defend duty (untill I find a replacement that can play as DLP or Anchor) which also makes him a holding position in the central midfield - Mezzala from support to attack (which brings one of my star players more in the attacking midfield position where he should shine more) - BBM-Su : change it to a CM -Su (have the perfect player for that role) - Pressing Forward from attack to support - Swap roles of left and right winger (Our left IW has lost most possession of all so that was even a recommendation from the game too) - TI: in transition: remove counter-press / in possession: remove "run at defence" and add "work ball into the box" . I prefer to keep higher tempo as we are the better team? I think those changes go already quite a way to ticking all the boxes you guys mentioned... Oh yeah, not surprisingly , the board & fans are disappointed with the less than exciting football on offer. Guess I'm a boring manager Edit: After applying the changes I noticed the intensity going up. One of the things I wanted was to keep the intensity as low as possible (not that I want to create lazy players) because besides our first 11, the quality drops fast and hard so I want to use the same 11 for most of the games...
  4. So yeah, I don't have that much play time, so things don't move forward quickly, but I haven't given up (yet) if you thought that After the last responses I made a few more tweaks and ended up starting the season with this formation/tactic: So after winning most of our friendlies, we had a decent start to the season, I then tried to make the tactic more aggressive in September but that backfired quickly as you can see from the results. I reverted back to this tactic and had a deep FA Cup run (2nd round proper which we narrowly lost to L2 Forest Green) but after that cup run things weren't going too smoothly. I sacrificed some league results in favor of having my best team lined up for the FA Cup but in the end only lost one of the games with my "B-team". Hereford are our Nemesis for now: So despite a bad September and a not so good December month, we are still in it with a shout. Nothing world shocking, just getting the results we were excepted for now: The only worrying thing now is that we are 1st of January and I already lost 2 of my best player; my right back Penny who was on a non-contract (and went to Scottish League One and didn't even want to talk to us because he thought we didn't have the type of money to sign him. And after seeing his weekly wage (2k6) he was right). and my 1st choice striker Adebayo-Smith who's loan is finished and Lincoln wants him to play with better quality players now :/ As you can see, he is my main scorer, followed by his 2 wing-man (the better being Walker who plays on the left) and my DC who takes the pens. My 2nd choice striker Knowles is not producing anything and is sitting in the U18 squad now in an attempt to offload him as he's also our biggest earner. I hope to get a replacement striker in but if not, I can see us drop in the table... while I would prefer to starting to "overachieve": So @crusadertsar , @Experienced Defender and @Ether_mR and other, let me know how/where you see room for improvement.
  5. Hence my 1st thought of going with a Bielsa like tactic as we should be one of the stronger teams. But with my original tactic I was unable to break down park the bus teams either. I prefer to take a more cautious route now but might as 3rd tactic orso include a "control possession" or "tiki-taka" suggestion. Although I think control possession won't work against busses either?
  6. My 1st tought answers: - for the 1 dimensional flanks & potential unstable defense, I tried to make the FB positions more natural to the players positioned there and searched for a combination with the AM L/R position that changes one flank from the other. - to make the lone striker more active in interplay and start from deeper, a DLF might be better? How do these adjustments look like? Going in the right direction or not?
  7. And those that didn't make it into the Best XI according to FM (Ass Man): Yup, no real depth in the DC department...
  8. So, after reading @crusadertsar threads on Bielsa's tactic and being an on/off follower of "El Loco" since attending the Copa América Final in Lima between Brazil & Argentina, I wanted to try my hands on creating a similar tactic for Boston Utd, team in the Vanarama League North. In previous FM installations and as my playing time got reduced, my process usually went something like this: choose team (usually lowest league UK or my favorite real-life team (KSV Roeselare)), try to implement a tactic based on team strength's and weaknesses after reading/browsing this forum, having decent results in pre-season and sometimes start of the season but mostly it falls apart quite quickly after which I resort to downloading a succesful tactic from the forum and winning it all while feeling empty & failed (a bit dramatized ). This time I don't want to give up after failing with this tactic: I've added the recent matches analysis as possible additional information. Now I don't want to fall in the pitfall of downloading a tactic again. So this time I'll try it through guidance & advice from this forums' best. I started a new game, went into the tactics screen and saw for the first time the thumbs up at some tactical styles. In my case it was "control possession", "tiki-taka" and "fuid counter-attacking". Tiki-Taka sounded too high level for this level of play, control possession sounded "boring" (each to his own) so I went with fluid counter-attacking, also because it sits well with a 4-1-4-1 formation which I'm personally a bit fan of (given that it can be turned into a Bielsa tactic later on). This is what FM gives on roles and best XI: 1st things I noticed was the BPD (we don't have have any Q defender to play the ball out of defense) and the RPM bad suiteability for our star player Green: Also the Inverted Winger on the left didn't sit too well with me given the BBM probably taking up the same space while attacking? Unless the IW stays wide for long enough? So I changed the BPD to a CD, made Green a Mezzala for additional attacking support when countering as he has good attributes for it? I changed the left IW to a W and the striker made him a poacher as that role suits the player better and it makes him sit a bit deeper to start of (reducing the "red" squares in the tactic): Is this a sensible tactic? Do you see any obvious problems with it? I kept the TI's as given by FM, no PI are changed from the default roles. I do doubt if a Vanarama League North team is strong enough for counter-press… Also is a SK still necessary with the 2 CD-De now? For completeness, here are the player profiles:
  9. Some animations show the ball while other (like fluid counter attack or cattenaccio) don't show the ball. Purpose or bug?
  10. Made tactic based on FM suggestions on team and players. Adjust some roles slightly to adjust to best roles of players without changing the overall much. Is this a sensible tactic? Do you see any obvious problems with it? I kept the TI's as given by FM, although I doubt a Vanarama League North team is strong enough for counter-press... Edit: Also my star player (Green) isn't being used to the best of his abilities but I hope the Mezzala role brings him forward enough to have a long shot or 2 as he's pretty decent at that. @Experienced Defender if I need to start a separate thread for this, just let me know and I will...
  11. Would be interesting to see those roles with extra coding included in the overview @Rashidi if you find the time for it? Also, this need to be stickied, especially once finished --> nvm, just saw it's part of the tactics guide sticky...
  12. @crusadertsar unfortunately my 4-1-1-3-1 , although doing well during friendlies, completely fell apart once the competition started. We never hit any consistency and while I saw neat triangle play during friendlies, I never something like that again when it counted. Also never saw any overloads on the right flank with subsequent switching to the left flank. Maybe Vanarama League North is too low a lever to try this? I'm a bit puzzled as I also feel out of depth, not knowing what to plug. Considering starting over and using the game's suggestion on formation & roles with next to none TI ? Keep it simple and learn from there? If I capable of any learning that is.
  13. Q : I found a loanee who works quite well as Carrillero but even better than a Mezzala. Would it make sense to change the CAR to a MEZ role? What are the expected implications? I think it might even be more Bielsa attack-wise, more forward movement, but not sure?
  14. To me it looks like OP tried to implement a Bielsa tactic? Possession based but very direct attacking style. I can see the back 3 staying behind in possession (Anchor Man + 2 CB) and the DLP as pivot for the attack, the IF Sup on the right with the Mezzala and WB to overload the top right flank (but I think Mezzala should be at most Support there?)? I agree it might be a bit too much of everything though... Better to tone it back a few notches...
  15. Found it thanks! 1st impressions of the tactic are quite good, won away vs Halifax (1 division higher) and now home vs affiliate Notts Co (also 1 division higher but tipped as favorite for promotion) in an even match we drew 2-2. So with the quality injection at the back and more gelling, I can see the pieces falling nicely into place
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