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  1. Looking forward to this as I have been dabbling into making the necessary changes. I've actually summarized the changes here : I'm definetely interested in seeing how you implemented the 1 season of the U23 team in the 2nd tier.
  2. After re-reading the rules and such, I found 1 mistake above in the season 21-22 there are 3 straight relegations from Jupiler Pro League and only 1 direct promotion from Proximus. So no relegation play-off that year. So in short, what are the changes to be implemented: 19-20: Jupiler Pro League : no play-offs, just regular 30 match season (actually 29), european tickets based on ranking league. No relegation, 2 promotions (Beerschot & OH Leuven) from Poximus to Jupiler Pro League to make it 18 teams next season. Proximus League: 2 promotions to Jupiler Pro League, 1 relegation (KSV Roeselare) to 1e Amateur (now called 1e Nationale), 1 relegation (Virton) to 2e Amateur, 1 team bankrupt (Lokeren) and merged with another team (to become Lokeren-Temse) to 2e Amateur. So from original 8 teams, only 3 play in Proximus League in 20-21. To have 8 teams, 4 are promoted from 1e amateur (RWD Molenbeek, Seraing, Deinze and 13th finished Lierse Kempenzonen) as only 4 requested and recieved the license for Professional football. The final spot is given to Club Brugge NXT (U-23) for 1 season only. (although the teams are pushing to have more U-23 teams to play at 2nd tier) 20-21: Jupiler Pro League: 18 teams, 2 rounds. First 4 play Championship League, all get European tickets (depending on cup result). Number 5 to 8 play European Places Playoff for final European Ticket. 1 direct relegation to Proximus League, second last team plays relegation vs 2nd team of Proximus (home&away) Proximus League: no periods, just regular league in 4 rounds. 1 direct promotion to Jupiler Pro League, 2nd highest plays vs second last for possible promotion. 1 direct relegation (no more relegation-play-off) 21-22: Jupiler Pro League: 18 teams, 2 rounds, first 4 championship league, 5 to 8 European Places, 3 direct relegations Proximus League: 8 teams, 4 rounds, 1 direct promotion, 1 direct relegation 22-23: Jupiler Pro League: as implemented on FM Proximus League: as implemented on FM
  3. Until last yeay, Play-off 2 (or European Places as called on FM) drew the following teams for the 2 groups: Nr 7 upto nr 16 Jupiler League - 1A (including the relegated team) Nr 1 upto nr 6 Proximus League - 1B Total = 16 teams 4 groups of 4 teams Group games are played in 2 rounds Semi-finals: 4 group winners (home & away) Final against nr 4 of championship play-off (home&away) I thought it changed in 22/23, but apparently it didn't. At least not yet. So before, and from 22/23, the winner of the final plays against nr 4 of the championship play-off for the last european ticket. But in season 20/21 and 21/22 there are only 4 teams in championship play-off, so they get the 4 tickets and the winner of european places gets the last european league ticket. It's unclear what the rules are for the winner of the Cup and how tickets are handled but I suppose (hope) that hasn't changed. Regarding the B team, putting them in the lower division isn't really the solution I'm looking for. Apparently it's possible to expell teams for a competition but I wonder where FM would put the team then. Definitely one of the fun things to look at
  4. These are the "rules" (it's amazing...) 20-21 : Jupiler Pro League : 18 teams / 1 relegation spot, 1 in relegation playoff with 2nd placed in Proximus / 4 in championship group, 4 in european places Proximus League : 8 teams of which 1 U23-team , 1 direct promotion, 1 in Jupiler relegation playoff, no more periods only a straight out league with 4 rounds 21-22 : Jupiler Pro League: 18 teams / 3 relegation spots, 1 in relegation playoff with 2nd placed in Proximus / 4 in championship group, 4 in european places Proximus Leage: 8 teams, no more U23-team, 1 direct promotion, 1 in Jupiler relegation playoff, no more periods only a straight out league with 4 rounds 22-23 and further : Jupiler Pro League : 16 teams / 1 relegation spot, 1 in relegation playoff with 2nd placed / 6 in championship, european places as before but instead of loser promotion cup Proximus as before it is now the winner of the relegation playoff Proximus: 8 teams, no more U23-team, 1 direct promotion, 1 in Jupiler relegation playoff, no more periods only a straight out league with 4 round I would be excited if all rules would work except the U23 team, I can live with that. Unless it's possible to create a team that will only "live" for 1 season in the game for example as I think it's impossible to implement a rotation relegation/promotion with the youth league for example (which is U21 in the game btw)
  5. Ok, just double checked it and you are right, it is the Euro Teams that is currently being used, my bad. So are you saying that you can't use "start year" and "end year" to limit a set of rules to one season for example but you have to program it through "valid years"? And how do you limit a set of rules to 1 season via "valid years" because I don't see that option within 'valid years'?
  6. I actually did the other thing and deleted the 'Euro Teams' version because the stages of the 2016/17 version were set up correctly (according to last year's rules, especially looking at how the European Places Playoff is setup) while Euro Teams wasn't (will double check later to see if my memory is failing me). Also when just validating the original rules, I noticed the 2016/17 rules were used to simulate the competitions. Which makes sense since it starts from 2016 so it should take precendence over a set of rules that has no start year (which would then be used in historical version made by users) Same with the double stage 3, deleted the 1 team version. And validation kept working. When I then duplicated the rules and set start and end year (not touching anything else) strange things started to happen. While the rules still validated until 2025, I noticed that only a few years were run of the Jupiler Pro League and for example in 2019-20 the rules that were set to start in 2021 and end in 2022 were used? I think SI should or clean up the rules a bit or clarify more clearly which rules are for history purposes only for example. That would help a lot. @alian62 Starting small you can see in 2 ways: start from scratch like you recommend (make 1 new league, create a cup etc) or, like I thought, make some minor adjustments to an existing structure. Which I did, I started with only changing the number of promotion and relegation spots, changed the Play-Off structures (for example in Jupiler Pro League there are 2 play-offs : Championship and European Places. The latter is a group structure with 12 teams leading to 2 other stages that are played as cup) where I changed European Places to a league with 4 teams as of this year. All worked and validated fine. It's only when I started to duplicate (and uniquely naming every rules differently to avoid confusion) because some rules revert back within 1 or 2 years' time that things began to go south. Still validating but running competitions only every 2 year orso. Will have another look if flexible rules vs fixed rules makes any difference. EDIT: Oh btw, if you know what else they have planned, I'm actually starting small. Unless it's easy to implement having an U23 team (which don't exist in the game, only U21) at the 2nd tier for only 1 year...
  7. I've started using the editor since this week and jumped right into advanced rules (once @Wolf_pd pointed me in the right direction) with the aim to try and create the announced changes for the Belgian competition. It's one of the most complex competition structures, if not the most, in the football world. Alas, there are so many strange and illogical things happening I'm starting to give up. I have a strong feeling many things aren't set up properly in the game rules themselves which doesn't make editing anything better. To give an example: the top tier, Jupiler Pro League, has 2 set of rules in the game, one called Jupiler Pro League (Belgian Pro League from 2016/17) and one called Jupiler Pro League (Euro Teams). The former has start year 2016 and even just changing that to 2019 make the test fail (competition did not end in time). The Euro Teams doesn't have a start year and I have a feeling it is actually an old rules part that stayed in the game but has no meaning. Moreover, in the 2nd tier, Proximus League, there are 2 identical stages 3 (Relegation Playoff) who are complete identical with 1 exception: one has 2 teams , the other has 1 team. Why have a league with 1 team is beyond me for now. I applaud the thread made by Kubi, but find it doesn't help me in any way. I wonder if SI never made a manual or reference guide for internal use for new employees working with the editor? Even a clear description of what every line does would be welcomed (the description in the editor, if they do pop-up, are often too brief imho). Also some examples of how a competition in the game is "translated/created" into the editor would be very handy. There can be different examples of different complexity. I'll have a look at the Youtube videos tomorrow as I don't have any time left today. I hope @Schume will share his spreadsheet. Even incomplete, slightly outdated information can contain nuggets of gold that might help an colleague-editor?
  8. Rules Season 2 are wrong, there will never be periods again in 1B, there is only a league with champions promoting and 2nd place playing vs 15th of Jupiler Pro League (this change was already agreed upon before Corona started) . Also only number 8 is dropping to 1e nationale Also, with current rules in place, Club Brugge U23 will drop back to the youth league (which is U21 in FM20) and 2 teams will gain promotion from 1e Nationale (former 1e Amateur). Although I suspect the Pro League will change the rules again to keep a youth team in 1B . Which can be replicated in the game by gifting the champions of the youth league promotion to 1B but I haven't figured out yet how to have the youth team in 1B drop automatically back to the youth league, regardless their position (not to mention how to tackle if they end dead last) Yup, they made it even more complex than be4
  9. How did you get there? On the left top menu I have "Nation Rules - Belgium" and not "Advanced Rules" although I did convert to Advanced Rules. When I start up the editor and load 20.4 DB, the only options I have under "Rules" are "Add Nation Rules", "Add Club Continental Rules" and "Add International Rules"
  10. Belgian Jupiler Pro League : they expand to 18 teams for 2 years, 3rd year they go back to 16 teams
  11. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Could you point me out where to put the validity dates (2019-2022)? I've looked at all screens with no avail. Probably there is some logic or so I'm not seeing currently.
  12. What the title says, is this possible? In the game this has been implemented in Belgium with the Jupiler Pro League but in the advanced rules I only have the option to copy points accumulated from the league into a championship play-off. Also there is no European Places play-off option as there is in the game itself. Is the only solution to create sub divisions and tackle it this way?
  13. I want to simulate a league where from the top division the first 3 years only 1 team gets relegated and from there on 3 teams get relegated & the competition gets downsized as only 1 team gets promotion. I suppose you have to create rules for each season separately but how do you do this exactly? Do you have to add nation rules for each season and input all things again? Will FM be able to "connect" the dots and put the teams in the right competition every time?
  14. Had a look at my Steam library to see what versions I bought and which not. The earliest is FM12 (earlier was non-steam but I remember buying it almost every year, except for the years I lived in Peru for my social project) and I bought all versions except FM19. Somehow only from FM17 is still available on Steam so I checked hours played: FM17 : +1000 h FM18: 250h FM20: 350h I'm surprised to see I played FM20 more than FM18 but I reckon covid-19 lockdown has something to do with it. To be honest, I struggle most with the sluggishness of the game. It just moves sooo slow forward, I need to click so many time to get to the next matchday (even when setting to receive the least messages possible). Auto forward isn't an option either as you can then miss crucial messages (f.e. transfer request being automatically accepted!). It just doesn't feel smooth. And transitioning to Touch doesn't help much because then you loose functionality you want to use (f.e. for developing youth etc)... I'm actually installing FM17 while typing this and might give that game another go. If I can find a data update for it as I prefer to be as close as possible to real life. Will I buy FM21? I'm on the fence. If all covid-related consequences are in the game I will probably be tempted. But something has to be done on the smoothness/quickness imho (and I run it on a desktop with i5-4670K CPU @ 3.4Ghz, 2 AMD Radeon R9 290 video cards, SSD and 16Gb RAM so it shouldn't be a hardware issue?
  15. Thank you for the elaborate answer. But if I understand you correctly, you are talking about out of possession and transition. What I wanted to implement was for example your GK has the ball. You start with building slowly out of defense and even in midfield you keep a low tempo not direct passing type of football to keep possession and keep advancing slowly into the final third. Once there (or even further up closer to opponents' goal) and depending on the situation (your player sees an opening or you have drawn the opponent more to 1 side of the field) the team instantly switches to a high tempo direct passing type of play to try to create a CCC . If that is not possible in the current M.E. it might be a suggestion for future implementation? You could give it a similar name as line of defense / engagement. Line of directness? Line of action? (the right word is failing me).
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