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  1. Use recuva mentioned in this link. If there hasn't been any write action on the blocks, it might be possible to recover (undelete) your save game file. Good luck.
  2. One of my gripes is the inbox overload. I've been able to reduce it a bit (settings in scouting center, settings through social feed etc) but still I get message I don't really need/want to see, f.e.: - Training review schedules : I've decided to not dabble in training, so I will never change a schedule so I don't want to see them as news items - U-18 & U-21 match reports : I don't care really, once every 6 months or so I might check my youngsters and see how they are performing attribute wise. I don't need a news item for every single U18 or U21 match played. - Television coverage: every week orso I get a message that a match has been replaced for television broadcasting and this nets us a measly amount of money. I don't need to see those. I could go on, but those are the ones I know of top of my head. I feel that the big amount of news items just make it hard to "cruise" through the game, just go from match to match. I want to decide when I stop this cruising to change tactics, change training, scout players or go through the list of scouted players, etc and just change whatever I feel needs changing. But not those stops like 2x a day. (and yes, i have checked the reduce stops )
  3. Using v3.0 with genk. Beginning of December, not a single game lost (jinxing it as we speak ) Overall happy with the team, player ratings etc. Except for 1 position: striker. Best player has 7 in 17 games, the two others have 1 in 8 games and 1 in 12 games. Latter is Adam Zrelak which I bought as he has 13 Finishing, 15 Heading and 10 Composure (which is maybe a tad low). Guess with a world-class striker or just below that, we might even be a force to be reckoned with in Europe... (drew home vs zenit, won there with 1-3)
  4. Roeselare and Reading (English Championship) are affiliated clubs (being both owned by the Dai family) and Reading are able to send players on loan to Roeselare. Also Renhe is owned by Dai family but I'm unsure what the exact specs are of their affiliation with Reading and/or Roeselare. I think none (there were some Chinese youth players sent to Roeselare 2 seasons ago but not anymore)...
  5. Roeselare and Reading (English Championship) are affiliated clubs (being both owned by the Dai family) and Reading are able to send players on loan to Roeselare. Also Renhe is owned by Dai family but I'm unsure what the exact specs are of their affiliation with Reading and/or Roeselare. I think none (there were some Chinese youth players sent to Roeselare 2 seasons ago but not anymore)...
  6. Thank you for your advice. WIngers on support was actually already done on left side and now on right side too. IF might help, but I haven't an adequate player for that just yet. Good idea about being less one-dimensional though. DLF I haven't tried out, will do so and report back. Wide defeners: one was on support (right side), the left is the weakest spot of the team and pushing him up the field too much might make the spot even weaker? SV role never tried out, how does it differ from a Regista role? I tried the Regista sometimes and depending on the player it works quite well. I try to stay away from playmaker kind of roles because I feel they tend to slow down counter attacks. On the other hand, vs weaker teams that don't attack hard enough to have succesful counterattacks against, it might be a better option. Low Crosses was already implemented from the start
  7. Dummy question but one of my biggest "gripes" with the game is the amount of times the games "stops" in between matches. And every time there is like 5 orso news items to get through, which often feels like reading mail at work. And I work already enough during regular days I know there is a setting to have fewer stops but it seems to have little to no effect ( at least it feels like that). Is there a way to have the game act even faster? F.e. I get a lot of news items from 1 or another coach telling me about training development of 1 player. To be honest, I'm not interested in those messages. I prefer to check everyone's development and training once every 3 months or 6 months and prefer to have the game advance faster in between. Same with the pre match briefings and press conferences. I'm at work now (working ) and can't check if for example setting Ass Man as responsible for these things makes them disappear from my news section or at least makes the game to continue and not stop in between?
  8. Mini-Update Season's ended (2 play-offs of 14 matches each, so basically you playing the same team 4x a season which maybe helps AI to "read" my tactic faster). First play-off we ended 6th of 8 teams, 2nd play-off we finished 3rd. Winners of 1st and 2nd play-off play for promotion, the overall table is split in 2 halves, top 4 plays with 1A teams (except for the promoted team which doesn't play from March on orso), bottom 4 play the play-down. We won our last game and were sitting 4th but there was 1 match left and if the home team won, they would jump over us again. Which they did. So it's play downs for us, but in pole position. Board is pleased. I am too but I'm not blind for the biggest issue of this club: money. Or more precisely: the lack of. In January I sold our 2nd best player (attribute wise but he was too inconsitent). Actually, the whole team is quite inconsistent. With only 1 fairly professional player (but with determination of 5), there isn't really a suited tutor. Currently I play with 4 loanees in my first XI and 2 that come on almost every game. Actually I could probably play with 11 loanees (currently 12 at our club, all from affiliated clubs except 1). The club isn't set-up for youth development (too weak facilities & coaches) and most players don't improve (those with potential seem to only imrpove by playing games). Is it a crazy idea to sell all and play with loanees only to balance the books? The only issue is the rule of having at least 6 players trained by a club in Belgium. But that could be my youngsters (philosophy is develop players using club's youth system - which sux)...
  9. So we missed our league start. It can happen. Instead of wallowing in despair I had a hard long, well not so long, look at the matches and our team after @westy8chimp gave me a deserved kick under my butt Since we're 500k in the red (1M already now), the only way to inject some quality in the team is through free loans from our affiliate clubs. We have Club Brugge (Belgian top league) but somehow none of the Belgian top league clubs want to loan out a single player... Other affiliate is Lille (French 1st division) which has some decent youth. So we got 5 loanees in: a left-back, 2 central defenders and 2 attackers. I also had a DM/MC loaned from Toulouse earlier on as there was no depth in midfield. I also changed some roles in the tactic: I had the feeling the playmakers roles (DLP and AP on right flank) were slowing down and actually counterproductive for our counter attacks. Our left flank I closed the big gap between both players a bit by having the Winger on Support instead of Attack. Results improved (before 3 losses and 1 draw, now 2 cup wins and 1 cup loss vs bigger team, in the league 2 draws and 2 wins putting us currently in 3rd position (but only 1 point more than dead last, it is a competition not for the faint of heart) but we're not out of the woods just yet. I do feel though making the tactic simpler helped the players (and myself) and that we might have a platform to work further on. Things to still consider: 1. We have quite a few shots but 80% is off target. Considering "work ball into the box" to get better results there? 2. Our DM Defend is getting low ratings. Not sure if it's merited or not. Maybe there is a way to get more out of this player, but I'm afraid that might make our weak defense even more vulnerable?
  10. I'm no expert but I'm not sure about your 3 midfielders. The regista is a form of playmaker so won't he slow the game down together with the AP? The CAR makes lateral moves but not much forward. Don't know if Kanté would be better if he appeared higher up the field for ball recovery and lay-offs? In the end of your attacks, how many bodies do you see in dangerous positions? It might only be three? I would also look at your flanks. Put the WB at support and make Hazard an attacking IF? Not sure about what space they occupy then. But against weaker teams you should be able to get away with it?
  11. They are DCB's with a very deep d-line because of their slowness. While we are a weaker team, expectations (midtable) and media prediction places us at 5th position (8 teams in league). Penalties look random sometimes. I'll try the close down less and stay on feet though. Every game there is another defensive player that makes 1 or 2 critical error. Be it FB or DCB or DMC. We have taken lead in some games but it seems opposition scores a bit too easy. I'll stick with it but I'm afraid I will get the sack sooner than later. I've got some loanees in from parent club (Lille) as that's the only way to get fresh flesh in. They seem to be slightly better than my 1st team choices but will probably need some time to gel in...
  12. Pfft, 4 league games in. 1 draw, 3 losses. 5 !! penalties against. Hard to keep going if things go south so quickly in the league...
  13. DxDiag attached Custom graphics is logo and kit packs from sortitoutsi, no skin, other add-on is DB update. I updated Nvidia drivers and that seemed to have helped. Usually the crashes happened when I left the laptop alone for a while during which the match paused because of half time or I had the team talk window open before starting the match. Seems like a graphical problem. Today played a bit more and never left laptop alone, keeping a "decent" pace and had no crashes. Fingers crossed, will keep you updated. DxDiag.txt
  14. Pre-season is over and here are the results: Opposition H/A Score Opp Division Rank Div Aston Villa H 1-3 Sky Bet Championship 20 Feyenoord H 1-5 Eredivisie 13 Olympic Charleroi H 2-2 2e Amateurklasse C 103 Düdingen A 1-3 1. Liga Gruppe 1 134 Hildesheim A 2-3 Regionalliga Nord 85 Podbeskidzie A 1-3 Nice I Liga 64 Charleroi H 1-2 Belgian Jupiler Pro League 9 Osasuna H 0-1 La Liga 1/2/3 26 Celtic H 1-3 Scottish Premiership 27 Sporting Gijón H 1-0 La Liga 1/2/3 26 De Ruiter H 6-0 1e Prov. W-Vlaanderen 280 Barnsley H 2-3 SkyBet League One 42 Oostnieuwkerke H 7-0 1e Prov. W-Vlaanderen 280 13 matches, 23 goals against. When comparing divisions (our division Proximus League ranks 47) we lost mainly against teams of bigger leagues and won vs teams from lower leagues. Initially the tactic familiarity was bad as was team cohesion (many new players tp fit in). 1 outstanding result vs Sporting Gijon where we scored after triangles tiki-taka in midfield, sudden tempo switch with a direct ball into penalty area. Looking at the goals against, we can "roughly" divide them as following: vs our left flank 10 from set pieces 8 other 5 total 23 So basically the place where we leave the most space (left side) is where AI focus it's attention and attacks. Most set pieces where given to player standing free at edge of area, so that is something that should be easy to avoid in the future. 1 thing I noticed and that semi-troubles me was, especially in the first games, that the DLP was going to our left flank to help covering, leaving space in the middle. Even though a DLP should hold position even more than other DMC roles. Not sure how to avoid and if it's advised to avoid. Looking at our goals (31), a lot came from throw ins and set pieces, some from regular midfield buildup (especially vs the weaker teams) but also some counter attacks. All in all a lot more diverse than anticipated which can only be a good thing. Any threads on how to further analyse matches using the analyse tab or ... is much appreciated. For the meantime, let's see how we start the regular season...
  15. And another one, same match, same time (half-time) FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.21 19.06.50).dmp
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