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  1. Position/Role/Duty

    Could you please upload the save where this is occurring to our FTP for investigation? Thank you.
  2. Thanks Sapa, this has now been reproduced internally and is under review.
  3. Due to the nature of international football, with the squad meeting up for only a couple of weeks every other month or so tactical familiarity is unlikely to approach maximum, this is the case for both the User and AI. You can improve your chances by playing in a style that the individual players are used to, i.e. a style that they play with their club sides. I will look into whether this should be showing as such in your above screenshot.
  4. General Training - Team Cohesion improves Cohesion, Match Preparation - Teamwork is a one off boost for the next match focusing on Teamwork and the hidden blend value. Match Preparation - Match Tactics is cumulative, the other Match Prep. boosts are a one off for the next match only, with only the last trained being applied.
  5. There is a required CA for certain roles, this is to ensure that more "complicated" roles are not taken on by players that are not competent enough to perform them. Whilst this may not be ideal, and I do understand that, there has to be a threshold somewhere that, once crossed, this extreme reaction is possible. @HarryFonda - Would this explain what you are seeing? If you don't want to discover your player's CA could you please upload your save as suggested by Stu and we can take a look for you
  6. Unfortunately I have been unable to reproduce this one internally. Could you please confirm your build number (found under 'FM > About Football Manager') and let me know exactly what steps lead to this issue for you? Having continued two months I have not had my training reset as you describe unfortunately. @Kotoll46963 - If you have a save where this issue reproduces could you please upload it to our FTP also? Cheers.
  7. Lack of inside forward regens?

    FYI I edited my above post before your reply, may read a little better now.
  8. Lack of inside forward regens?

    In your above examples you need to exclude PA and rather focus on CA. The gameworld is defined by CA not PA. I think this is getting away from us now. I understand your concerns, as I have mentioned the newgen system is an ever-evolving, ever-improving process and we have certainly noted your examples (these are compared with our comprehensive internal statistics to see where there is a correlation and what can be addressed), however I firmly believe it does a solid job overall. I could similarly show you examples of brilliant newgens and awful research but I'm not sure how helpful that would be. What it does show however is that we need to be careful holding up the research as "perfect" - I'm a researcher and I certainly wouldn't say my research is so reliable that we can base an entire gameworld on it. The newgen system attempts to base itself on the original DB but will exclude any abnormalities and tweak anything that is clearly biased/incorrect, with a healthy slice of variation thrown in of course. As mentioned, we look to improve this each year based on both our own metrics and public feedback.
  9. It's about both those things. You have provided a very small, very select group of examples there. Manchester United have expanded their stadium in recent years to increase capacity/attendance, Liverpool were looking to do the same but had to settle for an expansion, Chelsea are similarly looking to do this, Tottenham are in the process of doing this. Of course, when a new stadium is built you don't "just" increase the capacity, you update all of the facilities etc. to coincide. The examples you mention are often driven by a need to refresh a crumbling old stadium (say Wembley, which of course also had a capacity increase) rather than a need to increase capacity. This is also in game but if there is not the need the board are not going to respond as such and will instead refer to the attendance figures. If you believe you have found a bug could you please upload your example to our FTP along with instructions on how to reproduce your issue. Cheers.
  10. Lack of inside forward regens?

    Those aren't newgens? Researchers try to reflect a player's real life abilities, not "balance" the attributes. What you have there are players that the researcher has not filled in some/all of the attributes, which means the system has to take the CA, position, any filled in attributes, etc. and fill in the gaps. Due to its nature that is obviously going to lead to players that look less realistic than if the researcher had completed them or if the system had generated them fresh, as with newgens. No, it is not the same, nor is it an accurate understanding of either the research process or the newgen system.
  11. View-only league vs Playable

    Unfortunately I am not qualified to answer this one, certainly a valid FR though.
  12. Lack of inside forward regens?

    Hold on. The "newgen attribute distribution system", assuming you are referring to what I think you are, is in fact incredibly closely linked to the original DB. We literally use it as our blueprint for how the system creates future newgen-based DBs, adding in some variation to ensure it isn't just copied exactly. Whilst the original researched DB is a fantastic piece of work by some great people it certainly does not mean that there cannot be mistakes in it, the newgen system looks to take the good bits and ignore/correct these mistakes when it comes to creating newgens.