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  1. Seems relevant here to mention that attribute growth drives CA growth, not vice versa. It is the attributes that improve (or decline) taking the CA with them.
  2. The bold section there isn't quite true. Actual match time is not focused on X attributes in the same way that training is.
  3. Just to clarify one point here - every minute on the pitch counts, whether that is 90, 45 or 1. Use the average rating as a guide to if the player is playing at the most suitable level for his ability. If that 19 year old is returning a 7.9 average rating over the season then he's probably playing at too easy a level for optimal development. Conversely, if he's constantly struggling to get above 6.5 he's probably playing at too hard a level. Disclaimer - those average ratings are just examples.
  4. Select them in the desired position via the Squad or Tactics pages as you would for the First Team. This will see them used in that position in U23/U18 matches where possible.
  5. Ah to clarify the AM only picks from the existing defaults, not your custom schedules. You are free to replace one of his with your own though. This is mostly to ensure he remains sane/logical in his selections. Something to consider for the future though
  6. You can create your own and save them - either via editing an existing one or creating a bran new one from the "schedules" tab. In terms of those existing schedules that come as default, yes I created those.
  7. The assistant bases his training on: His own preferences, eg. style Your tactics Time of season Level of club/players Short term events, eg. X match The assistant will heavily bias his choices towards the first two on that list, accounting for roughly 4 of every 6 weeks. The assistant uses the default template schedules. I created these myself, they're balanced and provide a good amount of variety, but can always be tweaked to get that extra 1%. If you want to leave training to your assistant but ensure it adheres to your footballing philosophy the most important thing to look out for, aside from general ability, is his own preferences.
  8. A workaround for this would be to create it in the inbox item and then navigate to the Calendar (where it should now appear) and go from there. But this is a good suggestion and one we'll take into consideration
  9. How dare he wish to multiply his wages tenfold and compete at the pinnacle of his profession. We've got Part-Time FC away midweek.
  10. It's not definitive but a sliding scale. Generally speaking, matches vs. teams with a much higher rep than yours, late knock-out stages, matches vs. rivals, defining matches in a title/promotion/relegation battle, and so on. It's not binary though, a match isn't either "important" or "not important", some are more important than others. This is obviously also affected by your club, your expectations and your situation. An FA Cup 3rd Round tie is big for some clubs but practically immaterial for others.
  11. I'd say there are certainly some that are more desirable than others, but context is always key. For me, managing a League 2 club, even though Determination, Ambition and Professionalism are important for development, I'd rather sacrifice some Ambition in order to have a better chance of holding on to my best players that little bit longer. Afterall, I'm not here to develop Man City's next star, I'm here to get promoted. So in this save, I prefer Professional personalities over Ambitious ones.
  12. Personality is hidden attributes (+ a few visible ones). It is a textual description of a combination of attributes.
  13. This is incorrect. If by admin you mean Mod or SI Staff Member I would be surprised. To clarify - all three of these are equally weighted when it comes to impacting development.
  14. The Assistant is perfectly capable of running training for you
  15. - The game calculates what style your tactic is closest to and uses that. - Yes, Assistant Manager preference will influence his training decisions.
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