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  1. How do coaches reach their PA?

    So you did, thank you for that. 17.3.0 was too late for this unfortunately, we will review for future versions however.
  2. Inflation in Football Manager

    I don't agree that the solution to that is inflation.
  3. How do coaches reach their PA?

    If you've got some example saves where this is occurring please do head over to our bugs forum - https://community.sigames.com/forum/518-other-gameplay-issues/ - and get the issue reported. We can then look into it and work towards a solution if required. Just on this bit, if you have not loaded a particular nation/league managerial sackings and appointments can indeed be toned down/halted. This is intended behaviour.
  4. Inflation in Football Manager

    I would argue that, aside from the complexities of implementing a reliable inflation model, it would potentially mean saves become less relatable to the User. We all have an intrinsic notion of value, in FM terms this is usually linked to the real footballing world. So if the AI offers you £40m for a player you have a rough understanding of how much that is worth according to the current real world prices. But if inflation were introduced it would not take long for a save to no longer compare to reality when it comes to transfer fees, wages, ticket prices, stadium costs, etc. and as such would lead to the User becoming less confident in their assessment of value. For me at least understanding whether a player is worth £200,000 p/w relies a lot on my current understanding of the real footballing world. If during an FM save £200,000 p/w becomes the new £30,000 p/w I am going to lose this point of reference and as such a tool in my decision making process. We are currently experiencing some quite rapidly inflating prices in real world football and pundits, fans, clubs, etc. are clearly struggling to maintain a grip on real value and what any particular player is actually worth. In FM you can progress 1 year in a single week, so a similar surge in prices would have a much greater impact on ones perception of value.
  5. No problem. I think there might be a bit of misinformation here and there that is either outdated or misinterpreted, happy to clear up anything when/where I can.
  6. No problem. I can't speak for anything that happened before I joined SI (2015) but the information I have posted here regarding training/individual focus has come directly from Riz and as far as I am aware nothing has changed in my time here.
  7. That would depend on the level of football that loaning them out would provide. Facilities (and coaches etc.) are still an important factor after 18, just less so than before, with matches being the key factor. With match experience aim for the goldilocks zone; too tough a competition and development will stall, too easy a competition and development will stall. You can judge how the player is finding the level of competition by looking at the average ratings he is able to achieve.
  8. How do coaches reach their PA?

    The "experience" bit is partly dependent on the quality of the level at which he is employed, so yes Barcelona is a better bet than Leeds or Gainsborough (in a similar fashion to players).
  9. How do coaches reach their PA?

    Non-players will improve their attributes (weighted for the staff role/s) and CA over time with age, experience and gaining coaching badges (for applicable staff members).
  10. My comment was only really in respect to matches. As @ilkork mentions it is still important to consider coach workload etc.
  11. Quick bit to add here - Before the age of 18 matches are not the key factor, it is training and training facilities that are important. After the age of 18 matches then do become key (at the correct level of competition), more so than facilities etc.
  12. If you don't mind I'd like to jump in here. Personal preference is fair enough, but there are no official rules on how long for either a team or individual focus should be set. 1. Agreed on the longer you maintain a focus the more likely you are to see an impact, but there is no upper nor lower limit here, similarly there are no diminishing returns on the input side. Training updates weekly, the effects are cumulative but do not need to be concurrent. 2. Individual focus on individual attributes is not a short term initial boost, it will continue to have an impact in the long term. There are also no diminishing returns here on the input side. Agreed that every attribute and every player is different and as such attribute improvement will vary from one to the next. Note - Attributes improve slower the higher they are. So going from 1-5 would be much easier/quicker than going from 15-20. As such this could give the illusion of lesser returns from that focus over time, but this is not the case, it is simply that attribute becoming harder to improve the higher it becomes.
  13. Worth adding to herne's information that a player only sees the benefit of playing matches at 18 years old or over (and that benefit is key to development), before that point it is all about training (facilities, coaches, etc.).
  14. https://community.sigames.com/forum/353-football-manager-feature-requests/