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  1. Quality of youth intake.

    I mean he's not exactly Roberto Carlos...
  2. Quality of youth intake.

    I'm not sure on the exact number but he won't have a direct influence on every newgen coming through, it is geared towards the upper end of the intake.
  3. Chief doctor/Doctor

    I believe this should happen when you turn professional, could you upload your save to our FTP please? If you have one just before promotion that would be ideal.
  4. It's a little more complicated under the hood, there are a few tipping points for development at various ages, but that 18 one is key for this discussion. Will look into any inconsistencies here.
  5. Injuries had literally no changes made to them in 18.3. 4 major injuries in a month is unfortunate but certainly possible.
  6. Where are the DLF's?

    As GaurMechanical says, this is completely untrue. Role suitability is simply a graphical representation of how well suited the player's attributes are to those essential/desired for the role in question, it has no direct impact on the ME unlike Positional ability.
  7. Role familiarity is not a thing. That graphic is a visual representation of how suited the player's attribute are to that role.
  8. It means less. But a good point raised in the ambiguity there, will look into it.
  9. So just to confirm that bit - training and matches are useful for all ages, but before the age of 18 training is the essential ingredient, after 18 this becomes matches (at an appropriate level).
  10. What would you like to know? I'm on holiday for two weeks now, so I may not be able to reply accurately/promptly, but @herne79 should be able to help you if I cannot.
  11. A lot of that is inaccurate unfortunately.
  12. Working with youngsters

    It's a question of scale really. Ideally you want a bit of both, at some point it tips in favour of one over the other depending on how far of an extreme you take it to.
  13. If you've some examples that look like they are unexplained post them up and we'll take a look
  14. Also worth noting that there are different levels of injury proneness (scale 1-20) which in game are described differently. A player closer to 20 is obviously much more of a problem than a player closer to 10.
  15. There is no direct way to do this. The likelihood of recurring injuries can be reduced by seeing a specialist when injured. The other variables (such as training load) can also be reduced, which all add up to likelihood of injury. Injury Proneness is just one factor in how likely a player is to get injured, with the right care a injury prone player can overcome this, unless that player is Abou Diaby.