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  1. It's not something that can be easily quantified. It does not give you a simple +10% to finishing, for example. And if it did, we probably wouldn't give that away
  2. There's no "cap", however an attribute gets progressively harder to improve the higher it is. Going from 9-10 is much easier than 18-19. Worth noting a few exceptions to this, such as the aforementioned Jumping Reach. A 5'3'' player is never going to be able to achieve 20 JR for example. Generally, a younger player will find improvements easier to come by, especially in the Physical attributes. Mental attributes may improve later than others on average. The advice from your staff is exactly that; advice. If you have quality staff members it can be worth listening to though. One final thing to highlight: CA does not get "distributed". Attributes drive CA. It is not CA that is improved by progressing/playing/training, it is the attributes. CA then responds to this according to various checks, such as PA.
  3. There is not. Not sure how'd you go about that one, throw heavy things at them?
  4. Individual Role training occurs when it appears in the schedule. Additional Focus is extra-curricular.
  5. You want all youth related staff to have 'preferable' personalities, but the HoYD is the key.
  6. Should be next match only, may be a visual bug. Worth logging for me please
  7. To the best of my knowledge, 10th is an in-game media prediction and not necessarily indicative of the raw research. Citing positions in the real life table now is a dead-end, only 8 games have been played. Leeds are 15th, were recently 5th and are three points off 7th. We have played both Liverpool and City in this time. If anything, I believe I have been harsh on the Leeds team rather than generous - I would encourage you to check the posts in here regarding Leeds from others and in turn my responses. If you were to compare our squad with FM20, you will not see many significant improvements. Some of the better players by CA have been signed this Summer and whilst they are now under my jurisdiction I have not had enough exposure to them to make serious changes, up or down. I think you say it yourself, you "haven't watched a whole lot of Leeds". Our recent results certainly suggest a poor team, but I would urge you to look further. Worth noting we beat Aston Villa (14th) 3-0.
  8. Robin Koch is currently our second best centre back in terms of CA, behind Diego Llorente. Both those players have had their research done by the German and Spanish researchers respectively, something I would like to stay largely faithful to for now as they will have had much greater exposure to the players than me. I have made some very small changes to Koch in the time he has been with Leeds to ensure that he is correctly considered by the AI, but I do think he is generally well represented. It is clear that he has quality, but he has also been solely responsible for a number of the goals we have conceded this season. Mistakes that, if consistent, would suggest his Mentals are not the strongest part of his game. I would like to reserve any further judgement until I have seen him play more than a handful of matches.
  9. We've just discussed this briefly internally. We'd like to take a look please. We suspect he shouldn't have a full green heart when he's out for 4-8 days.
  10. That may be indicative of the personalities you have on your team. The way players react to shouts is governed by a number of factors, including but not limited to their personalities and the current match situation.
  11. Have you posted this in the bugs area? If not, could you do so please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/803-user-interface/
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