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  1. "Garbage" is relative. If you're Real Madrid, it's gonna be hard to produce a player worthy of being considered "good enough". It also comes down to luck, generational talents are called that for a reason, you'd expect one per generation. Nothing is wrong.
  2. Thanks for reporting, team will be able to investigate and determine if there is an issue or not
  3. In 2D, the cursor must rest in a very specific spot between highlights. If it does not, bad things will happen. I've seen the code, I know this to be true. Honest.
  4. The attitude here is not appreciated, nor is it helpful. You have misinterpreted my comments or I have explained poorly. It is YR, YF, and JC that equally contribute. There is also of course variance factored in, medians/modes may not be the best approach in this case. If you believe you have discovered an issue that needs investigating, please post here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
  5. It sounds as if those players have already signed provisional professional contracts, so whilst they are still on a youth contract this is only until they turn X age, meaning you cannot sign them without negotiating a transfer deal. Note that likely won't be for "free" either, depending on nation there will be a compensation fee etc.
  6. If you don't mind me being coy this once, I'd rather we investigated to discover why (/if) it isn't functioning as intended before detailing how it works.
  7. In a very broad sense, I would say you want train for your tactic. Which means a good balance between preparing the team for the next match and crafting their attributes towards those that are most useful for your playing style. For something that involves high tempo, counter pressing I would suggest looking at the 'Gegenpress' default schedule. It is specifically designed for that style of play. You can then tweak from there as you see fit.
  8. They are dynamic, Level of Discipline changing based on actions such as fines for example, so as @herne79 says there may be an issue here. If you could post your example/s in our bugs area with the save that'd be great cheers.
  9. Good spot, could you post that one here for me please for our DB team - https://community.sigames.com/forum/708-database-and-research/
  10. Could you post that here for me please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
  11. (some) Suitable/unsuitable Player Traits are taken into account yes, although are only a small component of the whole, most attributes will outweigh them. Role familiarity > Role suitability for clarity
  12. Delighted to read that you're all enjoying Club Vision and it's great to see how varied an approach it is encouraging you to take in even the few posts here. For the couple of potential bugs mentioned, could I kindly ask that, if you still have the relevant saves, could you get them posted in the bugs area please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/745-club-vision-and-performance/ - we'll get them under review, if they are not already. We are aware of this and are investigating
  13. Could you report these two as bugs please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
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