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  1. The Attacking and Defending Coaching attributes are for coaching as opposed to tactics. Most things in game however do have a large number of factors go into them, some with only a light influence, and not all of them will be covered by me/us on here or in game as we can't give away too much! However, the manual does seem to be contradictory in part there - one that @Neil Brock may be able to shed a little more light on.
  2. Tactical Knowledge and Judging Player Ability I believe. @Jack Joyce may be able or willing to shed some further light.
  3. There isn't really a 'point'. Some types of retraining are actually encouraged at older ages, such as training a DM to move to DC or a winger to move inside as they lose their pace.
  4. Age is indeed a factor. Younger players will generally, but not exclusively, pick up new positions more easily.
  5. @Claret and Blue Sounds to me like you've mostly answered your own question there. Get him mentored, get him playing
  6. Intensity is the overall combination of all the individual impacts. Injury Risk is quite literally the risk of injury.
  7. Mentoring does not affect Tactical Familiarity, if that is what you are referring to.
  8. Mentoring is just a nudge in your desired direction. If they aren't influencing each other (even following being placed in the same mentoring group) then they are still open to being influenced by others in the squad (even outside of the mentoring group). Also, just a general heads up that you need a minimum of 3 players in a Mentoring Group for it to do anything (can see you've got 3 there Weston, so all good on that front).
  9. Obviously, don't want to say "do this and win" because firstly I'd be wrong, there's no guaranteed way to develop a player, and secondly if there was we probably shouldn't give that away However, it sounds like you might be putting a bit too much emphasis on his "reputation staying low". If his reputation rises, it's because he's playing well, which in the end is what you want right? A small rep boost isn't going to suddenly prevent him from being mentored by a Team Leader. Are you happy with how he has developed so far? Any massive holes in his attributes to fix? Do you prefer Professionalism or Determination? Is he ready for more playing time (at an appropriate level)?
  10. The optimal situation is lots of playing time at an appropriate level for their ability.
  11. Unfortunately not. You'd need to 'save' a schedule in order to be able to load it up again at a future point.
  12. If you are referring to the Delivery one, this is focused on the delivery of those set pieces as opposed to the conversion of them.
  13. 'Estimated influence on group' is a good guide, but it doesn't mean someone with Light influence cannot influence others, it just means it's less likely than someone with a higher level. For Determination to change here, a player needs to influence another. There's a chance no one in that group will influence anyone else, especially as they are all young and not estimated to have much influence on one another. It might prevent them from taking after another player in the squad, but I would expect it mostly to do very little.
  14. Yep Sounds like he has taken after one of the players with 13 or 14 Determination Determination can also drop following an exceptionally rare in-game event, but you would receive an Inbox Item about that. U18s can influence each other just like Senior Squad players can influence each other, although it will naturally be rarer due to their age. Players need to be in the same squad to mentor one another. It won't be this. I'm not sure I agree that it would be far-fetched however. Just as a note, there's no "average" here, the player is specifically taking after another player.
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