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  1. This is a known issue, one we have under review internally. Thanks for taking the time to raise it to us.
  2. Under the current system that is indeed how it works. If you upload your save we can double-check for you though? The fact that the Recovery session comes where it does suggests the team are indeed travelling from one to the other directly.
  3. @Jimbokav1971 @herne79 @zlatanera Sounds like you've got it covered, but just to confirm: Training Facilities The training facilities available for all visible players at the Club, senior and youth. The quality directly impacts upon player progression and training injuries. Youth Recruitment The Club’s recruiting of Juniors, those of home and foreign origin. Impacts upon Newgen quality. Youth Facilities The facilities available for Juniors only. Impacts upon Newgen quality. Junior Coaching The quality and quantity of Junior Coaches at the Club. Impacts upon Newgen quality. "Impact upon Newgen quality" = both CA and PA. "Juniors" = invisible pre-Newgen aged players.
  4. Could you please head over to our Bugs forum and document the issue. Cheers.
  5. - Allow mentoring within non-first team squads > Have you updated?
  6. Klich's a funny one. He's gone from awful to excellent very quickly, we have to be careful not to overreact to either. What would you change about him? Alioski has only played DL for Leeds recently, he has played WBL for Macedonia. Although I believe he is Competent > Accomplished rather than Unfamiliar here. Unfortunately I have not rated Bogusz so cannot comment. He will have been rated by his previous club's researcher. He is too young to appear in game at the moment unfortunately. Cut-off his 16 as of September 1st of the year of release. As a note I would also not take the star ratings as objective fact. They are 1) only a staff member's opinion, which is fallible, 2) relative to your current team and depth in the position and 3) variable, for example Bogusz does not have a set potential but rather one that falls within a range, the exact number changing each time you start a new save. Cheers, Seb.
  7. This isn't the way to get a response and will lead to help not being offered in the future.
  8. This sounds completely separate to newgens being capped at X. You are managing to produce newgens above X threshold, just not in the numbers you are expecting. I would suggest reviewing the data you have set for the clubs/nation with reference to this: Youth Recruitment The Club’s recruiting of Juniors, those of home and foreign origin. Youth Facilities The facilities available for Juniors. Junior Coaching The quality and quantity of Junior Coaches at the Club. Nation Youth Rating The potential maximum quality and quantity of Juniors produced in that Nation. Game Importance How important football is considered to be in that Nation. Producing Newgens The Clubs with the best Youth Recruitment will generally pick up the best Junior talent from that Nation first, the scale of that talent being determined by the Nation Youth Rating and Game Importance. The lower the Youth Recruitment the further down the pecking order a club will find itself. Two clubs with identical Youth Recruitment will be sorted by Club Reputation. Being lower down this pecking order does not mean quality Newgens cannot be produced, it simply lowers the chances. Youth Facilities and Junior Coaching then simulate and determine how that Junior progresses in the Club’s Junior system until a Newgen is produced and appears in game. It is at this point that the Current Ability (CA) and Potential Ability (PA) of the youth players are decided. The above factors all contribute to both CA and PA.
  9. This is working as intended. Any players that are created at game start to fill gaps in squads are created with a ceiling of 130 PA to avoid them unbalancing the DB. Any "true" newgens produced in the gameworld work as normal (no capped PA).
  10. Unfortunately it's not something we can do at the moment, but we're aware of it and will look into it for future versions.
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