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  1. Whilst a person's profile as a player will influence their profile as a non-player (staff member), there is no direct link in the way that you describe. John Terry will not necessarily bring through DCs.
  2. I'd be very surprised if you could not select where the advice comes from
  3. Staff do not know PA, they make a judgement based on a number of factors such as current ability and age
  4. Acknowledged. A post in the bug forums would be helpful here, with data/saves please. As ever, exceptions do happen, examples where a trend over a large sample is demonstrated are best. Cheers.
  5. To the best of my knowledge Long Throws is distance, however the ME team would be best placed to answer this one - @CJ Ramson
  6. Long Throws are a specific type of set piece training. Full-backs and Wing-backs do take throw-ins more often than other players, but they don't necessarily take or train Long Throws, that is a separate skill. The vast majority of throw-ins are simply short to the first man.
  7. Players do not shift towards the average, they shift towards other players. Again, Mentoring is a way of encouraging this shift in a specific direction.
  8. @godzilu There's an assumption here that mentoring and squad personality changes are separate. They're not. Personality shifts can occur with or without mentoring for a variety of reasons following many different in-game stimuli. Mentoring is simply a tool that allows you to take control of one of these stimuli and encourage a specific shift. With some exceptions, mentoring is a gradual process, as are personality shifts on the whole.
  9. They are global, not relative. I'm not sure your board will agree to improving them to the higher levels at that tier of football.
  10. Very broadly speaking, physicals develop/respond to training best earliest, followed by Technicals and finally Mentals. This varies from player to player though and of course can be different from one individual to the next.
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