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  1. Upon changing a vision from the club and replacing it with a new one, changes are not reflected when a new save game is opened. Original situation maintains ...
  2. Upon inserting salaries and contract dates for president / managing director / director, etc ... No data are transported into a save game ... As there is a separate category in the cost reporting, I wanted to check the relation between directly inserting salaries and the amounts that are being reported at the end of each month. I can upload the editor file if needed for analysis
  3. Editing certain data from a specific to make an FM save game a bit more interesting and challenging and would like to exclude a team for the first two seasons ( 20/21 and 21/22 ) from European competitions via the editor ... But can't seem to find how to do this. Somebody that could help me with this. Thanks in advance
  4. A graphic in the individual player stat where the evolution of the market value is shown over time ... The increase ( when playing for a team that wins titles ) and decrease ( in case of injuries ) in a graphical form would be a value add and also an add on for people to evaluate a player in a more detailled level
  5. Solidarity payments that we receive for players that were part of the club in the past are not properly identified. They are included in the transfer revenue of the month in question, but should be properly identified in the revenue overview as "solidarity payment" For the outgoing transfers where the x % that is being deducted from the transfer sum that we receive is identified as transfer cost ( lump sum ) Can we have the same category introduced as for revenues ( solidarity payments ) ?
  6. Maybe just an extra additional comment : for clubs where there is very limited financial possibilities ( e.g. Bolton Wanderers ) the possibility to join coaching staff for the main squad and the B squad ( for example ).
  7. A player has different cost factors belonging to them : salary / loyalty bonus / game bonus and yearly bonus In order to have a better and complete overview of the different "cost categories" in one overview ... According to the team allocation ( main squad / B squad / U18 or U19 squad ... And possibility U23 squad ) ... We already have the categories in the total overview ( expenditure ) but like loans & debts or sponsorship deals ... Knowing the details would be a value add for financial analysis purposes ... The same could apply for the technical staff and then I m
  8. A complete separation of the coaching staff of the different teams within one club ... Sub 23 squad has their trainer but upon allocating training tasks, coaches from the main squad appear and can be used ... The coaching staff of each team can only coach the team to which they have been approached ( upon signing or renewing a contract )
  9. Whenever we see the training allocation of our coaches, we see the allocation of the main squad but when we go the U18 or U19 coaches allocation, the coaches from the main squad are also available .. If you look at real life then those coaches only work with a specific team, so no exchange or double allocation would be possible ... We should only be able to allocate a coach for training to the team for which he was hired to ... However what would also be a great addition is that you shouldn't have that many problems by "promoting" a coach from the U19 squad to the U23 squad in case t
  10. It happens a lot that a club keeps 50% ( or another percentage ) of the future transfer when they release a player for free and he signs for another club ... All good so far and until now, but there is an issue that is not reflecting the truth ... I'll be using a specific example that has been in the Portuguese press the last weeks. Chiquinho went from Benfica to Moreirense last summer, with Benfica keeping half of the sales value ... This means two scenarios : or you pay half of the transfer fee that another club pays or you get half of the received transfer fee. In real life
  11. Personally it doesn't make sense to have the youth intake on different days per country within the month of March .. From a common sense point of view, wouldn't it be easier and simpler to have the youth intake done at the first day of each new season ? To really have a clean start with the kick off of the new season
  12. Yes of course ! I found documentation from the FPLP ( Portuguese Federation of Professional Football - here is the link ) where it states the following ( in Portuguese - see page 30 paragraph d ) : If a team participates in a UEFA competition and needs to play a game abroad, there is a mandatory rest of 72 horas between the end of the game ( UEFA ) and the start of the next game of the national competitions ( so not only applicable for the league, but also for the League Cup and the national cup ). In paragraph e it is written that if the team in question plays a game in a UEFA competit
  13. So start working on the Bosnian database ... Do the field work to check the games and evaluate the players ... Work there From the posts I have seen here, you can't accept any comments if people don't agree with you but you only know to provide negative feedback ...
  14. The board members are known by name for each of the clubs in the game ... So therefore they have a contract binding with the club to exercise a role within the organisation and they also get a salary for this ... If we check however on a monthly basis the expenditure club, the director emoulments is varying a lot and there is no consistency in the amount that is identified there ... Why not have also the board members have a fix salary so that those costs are known and properly identified ( without any variable factor in it ) and that users can forecast the monthly cost with high de
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