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  1. How much does the CA increase by when this occurs? And, can a players CA increase once they've reached it?
  2. @Cleon ocould you give me advice on how to setup my general training focus, focus intensity, match preparation, individual focus and individual intensity for my senior team, U21s and my U18s? I am managing Shooting Stars (my dad's team) in the Nigerian Professional League. We have around average training facilities and minimal youth facilities. Whenever I set my individual focuses, I set my youth players to a heavy intensity keeping the general focus intensity to low and add an spefic attribute focus if needed but the player always complains about the workload and if the player is un
  3. In Football Manager I think that the Vision attribute of goalkeeper's are outstandingly low. As a goalkeeper myself I believe that our "vision" is heavily underrated. Last season in my under 13 league I managed to snatch 3 assists (more than a midfielder in our team called the "pass master") from over the top kicks to a winger or striker after spotting their run and this season I have got 1 but many shots were misplaced from when I spotted the run. @Rashidi in FM17 videos has came upon this issue as when they boot the ball they apparently can't spot the runs made and boot the ball w
  4. What I have learnt through this emotional experience is that for example if two players had the same CA (150) and player A had 20 decisions and player B had 1 decisions player B would have better attributes (except for decisions) as the Decisions attribute is heavily weighted which takes up more CA leaving the other attributes with lower totals as decisions takes up so much CA. This could possibly lead to another problem for when developing youth. For example player A and B have the same PA but player A has 20 decisions and B equals 1 decisions, player B would have a lot better attributes
  5. Yeah I definetly think that this should be addressed because in my save I have noticed that basically EVERY newgen has acceleration and pace of 15+ Also I think that there should be trends in attributes for particular places e.g Spanish players would be good technically but not so strong physically and Brazilian players should have good flair and dribbling etc (obviously it shouldn't apply with all players) Honestly I think this should be addressed because it makes the game too easy in future years and their attributes are unrealistically high
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