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  1. Ye my wrong sorry ! From hurry edit my post , don't see where i posted this topic. So easy... i just click loan offer ... I pay only 20k per week ? This is JOKE big ****ing JOKE .... never happend in real football. I don't see reason , no reason for this behavior !
  2. What happens in my game? I create new game ... And play with Newcastle ... ok good. BUt i have hacker in game !!!?? Why stuped Jorge Sampaoli ( in game so stupid sorry ! ) for two months sell Tottenham Hotspur ??? What the **** ?! AI is Terrible ! My important question is where I wrong ! ??? My next important question is ... why BIG football team's in FM 2019 soo easy rent player's , big stars or important players for team ... so easy give to other team's... just for loan !!! The right word is Terrible ! Terrible АI , Terrible transfer's , Terrible team constructed. So after a year of play ( in game year ! ) Tottenham Hotspur it's gone! This hacker Jorge Sampaoli destroy the team only for two months before second season. I await from now this team go to the last division in England. I hope to save Harry Kane via one loan transfer offer ... Sometimes I want to sell my whole team.... but I say to myself " Stop " .... " you will win next match " ....
  3. Very well said! I am asking myself the same. I personally mark it as a training bug. I have some of the best coaches in game, best in devision, increased my coaches to 13th, training coaches 4+ stars for all categories rating , coach workloaded light for all categories. all players play a lot of games equally ... but attributes falls. I'm a very disappointed ...difficulty keeping form of a player - many injuries too and invisible progress in trainings this makes the game so unfinished !!!
  4. This is not happend in real football .... No indication for high injuries from training or low condition. 2 months for Fekir and 2 weeeks for Isco. 50% injuryes from real footbal's ... no... this is not 50% ! And this is not just ... LUCK. I have only 23 players for frist team .... how to save 18 players or 20 players ??? How to rotation team and don;t have training injury or low condition players for matches ???? No chance .... Evry match somebody player have injury. All my injuries in this beta is from matches, no from trainings. Maybe i need 50 players for rotations for your gameplay !!! How to registration , maximum is 25 ! I like this Messi ... but never see in Real Football ... This is real history of injuries ? only in 2018 Messi have 4.... 2 little and 2 " normal " but season total fail for Messi ! This is not normal ..... evry player have little injuries but this not normal for fail player season , form , goals .... or team season. I hate my Injuries and i load my save.... ok play again this stupid match ...
  5. This is BIG bug for men tooo !!! Evry match affter my 3 subs in 45minutes to 70 minute ... i get injurie from random player ???? This bug from your game FM 18 !!! Evrytime .... 70% of my matches i pick 3 sub's fast i get injuries..... THis is BUG !!!
  6. of course problem not on my pc or my anti program or driver or update any programs... your update not working normal witch your game !!! I delete all editor data and graphics and game running normal. But this is YOUR PORBLEM, why released update before not fixing game and testing ?! ?! I don't more delete any files affter other patch , just delete your game and don't buy again from your company !
  7. I have problem witch your game on steam affter 300 hours gameplay started today but not working game !!! task manager - Fotball Manager 2017 17.3.1f939048 (update)Game still running but after loadings logos don't running start menu .....I downloaded DirectX last version and Net Framework reinstal game two times and one time on other directory...I deleting Cache folder and Preferences Folder... check validate game .... again nothing !!!
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