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  1. 1# What is the logic ? ( The player does not say for example, that the club's reputation is low. ) 2# How can I find choose out before a new contract happens ? Who did he choose the player ? 3# Why? Reasons? No matter how much money I offer as a salary, he will never be satisfied? THIS IS Barcelona ? but he is 15 old young in my team he is star but in other is young boy...stupid dude.... no get money ...****! Why ? This is bugg ? I think this is big ****ing bug. In Pictures 2# My offert for contract to player 52k !!! 1# Barcelona accepting contract only for 16k ! [ For On
  2. why new thread ? Your cloud just not working and have same bugs and same bugs. I have 7-8 save's in steam could after change Pc i don't see any of my save's in game ! Why remains lying and not working ? Your cloud just not working.
  3. the cloud not working nice ! You after so much time don't fix this ! NICE !!!
  4. Palacios BEAST only for 6.75m ! Dani Olmo 22.5m replace Isco I instant activate clause from Barcelona only for 29m .... but this is best player
  5. This is AI maybe ye but ....Arturo Vidal ... he is better defensive midfielder.
  6. What I expect.... 1. New & BETTER 3D graphics !!! - Don't use graphics from 2010 year, today is 2020 !!! Fifa 2020 graphics for matches !!! Add Unique voice commentary for matches !!! Are we playing Football Simulator or what? 2. Better Multiplayer Element - Stable, fast multiplayer !!! ( I in evry game hate this element, just not work and imposible to played vs other players in random game. ) 3. Random Generated Event's - in Game this Element is key for games from 2020 !!! {for not boring players in game) Events For Football Player's , for Staff's , For Fan's , For Stadiu
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