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  1. Palacios BEAST only for 6.75m ! Dani Olmo 22.5m replace Isco I instant activate clause from Barcelona only for 29m .... but this is best player
  2. This is AI maybe ye but ....Arturo Vidal ... he is better defensive midfielder.
  3. What I expect.... 1. New & BETTER 3D graphics !!! - Don't use graphics from 2010 year, today is 2020 !!! Fifa 2020 graphics for matches !!! Add Unique voice commentary for matches !!! Are we playing Football Simulator or what? 2. Better Multiplayer Element - Stable, fast multiplayer !!! ( I in evry game hate this element, just not work and imposible to played vs other players in random game. ) 3. Random Generated Event's - in Game this Element is key for games from 2020 !!! {for not boring players in game) Events For Football Player's , for Staff's , For Fan's , For Stadium ( repair ....) , Shop , Ivenstitor's , Media... Scout's 4. Shop Center, Club Marketing/Financial Side Better Vision , Club Hall of Fame/Museum - Let each player create unique Shop Center/Museum ... Where evry player in this game have own space for freedom !!! Create Unique Football Shirt's, Unlocked Ton's of Elements for SHOP CENTER. Player Building see inside your own SHOP/Museum. I think he had it in Premier Manager 98. ( this is key element for not boring game and evry year is game just SAME and COPY/PASTE ) And give for player's better vision on Football Club Finance's ! Hall of Fame & Control on Advertising - Give to player little things/elements for fix club budget's, to be more flexible! 5. Hard Transfer Market ( Not expensive, difficult and not predictable for player ) - Make transfer Market is HARD, HARD!!! Make Football Star's very Capricious ... this is 2020 not 2010 !!! ( This is Just idea - You Played Sims ? Put In Evry Footballer Star's with rating global star or Worldwide ... Unique Traits ( Negative or Positive this is random generated from game ) 6. Unique characteristics for Football Stars - What is diffirent with Real Wоrld and Game World ... Balotelli vs Belotti ? What is diffirent in pitch and in game world/social dynamics ? Only with Aggresion point in pitch ? Off-field in the game what is it like and how you will present us with good differences between the characters. Evry Player/Character make Unique Good or just Bad Boy ! Yes this is hard but this is key element in this game. A set of Elements not just Footballer point skill's in pitch. 7. Better SCOUT SYSTEM with Unique Talents for Progression - Searching young footballer's & Future star's... make this hard in scouting. In most cases make the player more confused. The player must follow the team play,rating's... the form of the player he is following. And not just to receive instant everything for player from staff! Make this game hard, hard for decision from player. Wrong transfers sometimes happen, right? ( Most of the time I'm looking for players myself not my staff's ) 8. Better Vision in Young Center & Training - Progression system where player have choice.... Many Players or Better young Players , much more thing's. 9. Goal line technology - Its never a goal! Improve Goal Line - What is this element in game ? For what add Goal Line in Game ? On repetition everyone will see this is Goal or not. To have some impact on the player - Surprise/Wrong decisions! You have to focus on that to make it realistic gameplay! 10. Better press conferences !!! More intereset for Player and not just skiped 11. Player Unique Motivation Bar for improved form ( except happy / unhappy ) and football pitch luck 12. Improved Agents Profile 13. Stadiums Editor & House , Manage Club & Features , Advertising Model's ( Car, Family , Happines , Building's ) - Lot of World Stuff for specific needs - Very Important Game need's Much much better customisation when creating a manager! 14. Better international management 15. Better Dynamics Work & Social Event's Let everyone put an idea, let's see these developers listen to their fans. As absurd as they may be.
  4. Very well said! I am asking myself the same. I personally mark it as a training bug. I have some of the best coaches in game, best in devision, increased my coaches to 13th, training coaches 4+ stars for all categories rating , coach workloaded light for all categories. all players play a lot of games equally ... but attributes falls. I'm a very disappointed ...difficulty keeping form of a player - many injuries too and invisible progress in trainings this makes the game so unfinished !!!
  5. This is not happend in real football .... No indication for high injuries from training or low condition. 2 months for Fekir and 2 weeeks for Isco. 50% injuryes from real footbal's ... no... this is not 50% ! And this is not just ... LUCK. I have only 23 players for frist team .... how to save 18 players or 20 players ??? How to rotation team and don;t have training injury or low condition players for matches ???? No chance .... Evry match somebody player have injury. All my injuries in this beta is from matches, no from trainings. Maybe i need 50 players for rotations for your gameplay !!! How to registration , maximum is 25 ! I like this Messi ... but never see in Real Football ... This is real history of injuries ? only in 2018 Messi have 4.... 2 little and 2 " normal " but season total fail for Messi ! This is not normal ..... evry player have little injuries but this not normal for fail player season , form , goals .... or team season. I hate my Injuries and i load my save.... ok play again this stupid match ...
  6. This is BIG bug for men tooo !!! Evry match affter my 3 subs in 45minutes to 70 minute ... i get injurie from random player ???? This bug from your game FM 18 !!! Evrytime .... 70% of my matches i pick 3 sub's fast i get injuries..... THis is BUG !!!
  7. of course problem not on my pc or my anti program or driver or update any programs... your update not working normal witch your game !!! I delete all editor data and graphics and game running normal. But this is YOUR PORBLEM, why released update before not fixing game and testing ?! ?! I don't more delete any files affter other patch , just delete your game and don't buy again from your company !
  8. I have problem witch your game on steam affter 300 hours gameplay started today but not working game !!! task manager - Fotball Manager 2017 17.3.1f939048 (update)Game still running but after loadings logos don't running start menu .....I downloaded DirectX last version and Net Framework reinstal game two times and one time on other directory...I deleting Cache folder and Preferences Folder... check validate game .... again nothing !!!
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