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  1. Hi there, just to confirm, did you follow the guidelines on the link below? https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-on-windows/social/server-connectivity-xbox-app-displays-blocked
  2. Hi guys, thanks for all the information provided once more. You would need to make sure that the firewall is switched on. To check if this is the case, please follow the steps in this link: https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-on-windows/social/server-connectivity-xbox-app-displays-blocked
  3. Hi there, could you provide a crash dump so we can check this out? You can find this in: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\gamepass\crash dumps Thanks!
  4. Hi there, thanks for your feedback. Have you tried a variety of hosts? Perhaps let your friends host and see if their lobbies are joinable?
  5. Hi @Tiger666, thanks for raising this. However, we cannot reproduce this on the latest code. If you do find any other potential issues however, please do let us know.
  6. Hi @Hovis Dexter, thanks for raising this however, I can confirm that this does not reproduce for us on the latest code.
  7. Hi @Tiger666, Do you happen to have a save just before the team meeting generates or just before Danny Rose is sold (ideally a save before he is sold). Thanks.
  8. Hi @jack1980reacher, in the save provided I can see that you are expected to win the league however, you are 6th and 25 points away from 1st place which means your Job Security is precarious so at this stage, it would be normal for the board to refuse any requests made (I can also see that there is a promise in progress to reach a points target). I've also checked for any unhappy players due to lack of football yet, I can't see any in this save. Are you sure this is the correct save?
  9. Hi @janrzm, the player would need to be assigned as the main penalty taker. So, if he has gone through half of the season and not had the chance to take them because other players did, then the promise would fail. Hope this information helps. Thanks.
  10. Hi @Vinnyvagus77, Could you provide a save game just before this news item is generated? You can provide a save by following the guidelines below: Thanks.
  11. Hi @Novem9, do you happen to have a save just before this interaction appears in the inbox? I would like to see if this still generates on the latest code. Thanks
  12. Hi @FrazT, have you managed to try to upload the save again? It would be handy if we could take a look at that save just to see what is going on as I do agree that this should not necessarily be a 'major criticism' Thanks.
  13. Hi @isignedupfornorealreason, could you provide us with a save before the player becomes unhappy? You can provide a save by following the guidelines below:
  14. Hi, could you raise any issues in the 'Other Gameplay' forum? Although, having a lot of money does not necessarily mean that the club's profile will be big. Thanks
  15. Hi, unfortunately I can't find the save. Please send again
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