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  1. Hi @zlatanera, thanks for this. We have tested this out and I can confirm that this is now under review.
  2. Hi, unfortunately we do need a save to check this out. If it does happen again though, please let us know. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, no problem at all. Could you provide us a save ideally just after a suspension, sending off or after him training poorly? This way we can take a look and see whats happening. You can provide a save following the guidelines below
  4. Hi @Edinton, if this does happen to reproduce for you with any other player please let us know and ideally if you could provide a save it would help us. Thanks either way and i'll keep an eye out for it
  5. Hi @Sebacid, do you have a save game before you made the promise to the players to qualify for the Champions Cup? Also, if you have a save just before you receive the news item suggesting they are unhappy, it would be appreciated. Please follow the guidelines below:
  6. Hi @brod_104, could you provide a save just before you submit the squad? Please follow the guidelines below:
  7. Hi @Edinton, do you happen to have a save from just before the player becomes unhappy? Perhaps just before the player is sold. You can provide the save by following the guidelines below:
  8. Hi @zlatanera If you do have that, send it over anyway so we can check it out. Thanks
  9. Hi @zlatanera, do you happen to have a save before you complete the signing of Ivan Michelotti? Thanks.
  10. Hi @Häynted, thanks for raising this. I have reported this to the coders so that this can be revised.
  11. Hi @Ramzy, that does not sound right. Could you perhaps provide us a save from just before the elections take place? We would like to check this out. To provide a save, please follow the guidelines below: Thanks.
  12. Hi @Weston, only on an older save game closer to that date you might be able to see it. I will simulate the game until October either way and see if I can get it to reproduce. Thanks for the heads up.
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