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  1. Hi @JayClays, could you provide us with a save so we can check this out please? You should be allowed to speak to the manager. Please follow the guidelines below to upload a save:
  2. Rob Heckman

    sending to leadership course

    Hi @myfunnygame, it is possible to send players on a leadership course to improve their leadership skills in the future. So this is not a coaching course as they are two separate courses.
  3. Rob Heckman

    message about scouting

    Hi @myfunnygame, this is now under review.
  4. Rob Heckman

    after promo to World Cup 2024

    Hi @myfunnygame, do you have a save just before that conversation generates so we can take a look? Thanks.
  5. Rob Heckman

    Team Dynamics

    Hi @StanBeal97, could you provide a save so we can take a look at this for you? You can upload a save following the guidelines below:
  6. Rob Heckman

    somehow promisd player same thing twice

    Hi @arsenalthebest, Do you happen to recall how you did this? Do you have a save before the first time you made the promise and one the second time you made the promise? If so, could you provide us with the saves by following the guidelines below:
  7. Rob Heckman

    conversation about new tech training

    Thanks for this information provided @myfunnygame. This is now under review.
  8. Rob Heckman


    In this case, it appears it was only letting you know that he was unhappy but with the club, not with you
  9. Hi @chriskirkup86, could you provide us with a save from just before you make the promise to your player? Also, if you could provide a save perhaps just before the promise is due to expire? If you are unsure how to do so, please follow the link below:
  10. Rob Heckman


    Hi @Tomanizor, thank you for that. Both of the issues first raised reproduce for us. In regards to the player becoming unhappy about not receiving a new contract, this does show on the Dynamics page but it could be that he is unhappy in general that the club have not provided him the contract. Unless you have had the squad approach you or the player himself regarding the contract. From what we can see, the Director of Football is just informing you that he is unhappy. Could you confirm if the player/squad have approached you regarding the contract? If so, could you provide us a save just before they do. Many thanks
  11. Rob Heckman

    Career Milestones

    Hi @Novem9, it highlights that the player was a runner up in the tournament, in this case the community shield. So not quite sure what you mean? Are you suggesting he won and it shows the incorrect data?
  12. Rob Heckman

    Moving stadium

    Hi @jokerz we are currently checking this out.
  13. Rob Heckman

    New contract when transfer listed

    Hi @Remez, if this does happen again please let us know. However, we will also keep an eye open for this. Thanks.
  14. Rob Heckman

    Moving stadium

    Hi @jokerz, when checking the save game on the 23rd of June it appears that you have now qualified for the Euro Cup and your home games will be played at the Stade Jean-Bounin in that tournament only. Do you happen to have a save around the time you were told about the move to the Jean-Bounin? Even if it is after as it would be good to check this out to be sure. Or perhaps a save mid-way into the 2020/2021 season having played in the league, Euro Cup and League cup. Thanks
  15. Rob Heckman


    Hi @Tomanizor, thank you for your information. We will require a couple of saves if possible. First of all, in regards to not being able to resign, do you happen to have a save from just before accepting the job at another club? In regards to the board accepting transfers, could you also provide us with a save from just before the transfer of the player is completed so we can see if the unhappiness still generates for us. Also, if you could inform us of who you are managing and which player the board have sold. If you are unsure how to provide saves, follow the guidelines on the link below.