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  1. Hi @TroutStout, we are aware of an issue with the "Join Online Game" screen and this is being investigated. For the time being sending an invite to your roommate or joining through the Xbox UI should allow you to join sessions. Thanks.
  2. Hi @Interista4 @danterry1411 @StayFrosty @Xwaxassassin, can you confirm whether the affected save files were appearing in the load game dialog but without a save file name? In other words, the save file was blank but could be highlighted/selected.
  3. Hi @Ozgun Ovacik and @Chris Evans93, out of curiosity, with the save game issue that you were having, were any of the affected save file names disappearing for you in the "Load Game" dialog? Thanks.
  4. Hi @NickKoop16, do you have a Windows 10 PC that you could possibly use to provide us with a save? If so, please follow the details below. Additionally, do you have a save that is just before the youth intake? Since you own FM21 on Xbox, you will be able to install it on your PC for free. If you are playing on console or switching between console and PC, then follow these steps: 1) Launch FM21 Xbox Edition on Windows 10 and sign into your account (this will start to sync data across from the console) 2) Once the title launches, load the affected file from the 'Load G
  5. Hi @unionjackboy, thanks for raising this! This is currently under review as I agree, saves, clean sheets or goals conceded should appear.
  6. Hi @JohnnyKelly, thank you for pointing this out. Unfortunately this is a known issue that we are reviewing. Thanks.
  7. Hi there @mcguire9019, can you confirm whether this occurs if say for example a player gets sent off or is injured? Any extra information would be great for us to try and reproduce this issue. Thanks.
  8. Hi @Tyson6127, am I correct in understanding that you are trying to take control of 2 managers at the same time (both West Brom and Wolves)? If so, the Xbox Edition does not allow users to "hot seat" therefore, managing 2 clubs on the same console is not possible. Although, if you relinquish control of one of the clubs are you still being blocked by a password?
  9. Hi @Weuu, could you try clearing your FM21 Xbox Saved Data through the "Manage Games & add-ons". You can do this by pressing the menu button on the Xbox UI and navigating to "Manage Games & add-ons". Please make sure to close FM before doing this too. Thanks.
  10. Hi @eggenstein, generally when we release updates we make sure to produce changelists which are available here via our General Discussion forum, however in some instances we may need to update the game due to technical requirements, licensing or minor fixes that have no impact in gameplay. In those instances we wouldn't produce any kind of in-depth changelist. Hope that helps.
  11. Hi @Stefan Jones, Sorry for the delay in replying! Thank you for the detail provided. In regards to some of the issues raised related to controller navigation, we are looking to continue improving this going forward. As for some of the other issues that you have raised, in future could you break them down and post them individually as it would be easier to track and go into detail as threads can sometimes go slightly off topic. There are definitely a few issues here that could do with some further investigation so I will raise those. There are a few points that you've raised
  12. Hi @Havard IRL, are you winning every match in that fashion? There have been examples of teams winning by such a big margin against smaller teams (although it is not common). The Xbox Edition also hasn't been abandoned, we are responding to threads on the forum and looking at customer's ideas.
  13. Hi @Chris Evans93, unfortunately I can't provide an estimated date as this is still being investigated by the team. As soon as we have some news we will be able to update everyone on the situation but unfortunately, it isn't possible at this stage. I understand how frustrating this issue is and all I can do is apologize for the inconvenience that this must be causing the affected customers. Thanks.
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