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  1. It is possible that you may have requested to improve the youth system therefore generating that promise to the board (which could make sense). As for the friendlies saving your job, did you try not arranging a friendly to see if you get sacked on our latest update that went out yesterday? Thanks.
  2. Hi @AurioDK, do you have a save displaying this issue so that we can check this out? You can upload a save by following the guidelines below.
  3. Hi @NicWar, apologies for the delay. This is currently being reviewed with inhouse tests. Thanks.
  4. Hi @Alchemist, I can see that there is a promise that was made to the board to play youth players. Do you happen to have a save just before that promise is made and can you recall how it generated? Thanks.
  5. Hi @TheNorthman, do you have a slightly earlier save? We would need it before this inbox item generates. Thanks.
  6. Hi @fmjonek, I have checked this out on our latest testing code and cannot get this to occur. Thanks.
  7. Normally a save just before the final game of the previous season should be fine (since the club vision meeting normally generates after) so I would expect somewhere in May 2022
  8. Hi @fmjonek, sorry by before I mean before it appears in your inbox however if you don't have anything earlier then please let me know if you see this again. Thanks.
  9. Hi @Bardzie if you could upload it, we would appreciate it as it might come in handy. Thanks.
  10. Hi @Darth_Torvaltz this sounds like a known issue that no longer reproduces on our latest code however to be sure we would need a save before hand to see if that objective still generates. Unfortunately I don't think there is a way in game to modify your club vision (only in the pre game editor).
  11. Hi @[KCKE] megaspoonz, do you happen to have a save just before the team meeting generates? Even if you can provide a save just before the last match of the season it would be helpful. Thanks.
  12. Hi @fmjonek do you have a save just before the player happiness generates so we can check this out? Thanks.
  13. Hi @Darth_Torvaltz, do you have a save just before the final match of the season? We would need this to see whether this issue reproduces. A save can be provided following the guidelines below.
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