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  1. Hi @Burtle78, Can you walk me through what you did once you first landed on the Store all the way up to the point you got error code 1? I am unable to reproduce this issue inhouse so I'm trying to figure out what could be the cause of this. Thanks
  2. Hi, could you provide me with the information requested above as this could help us identify this issue. Thanks.
  3. Was your friend's result also corrupted @Lynchyy? Do you happen to know if your friend exited his match? If you have any info at all that could help us reproduce this issue it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi @King Doobs, can you confirm what you did to resolve this issue? Thanks.
  5. Just to confirm, when you started the save, you were able to access the store up until 2027? If you create a new save are you able to access the in-game store? An AI manager shouldn't have an affect on the online store so I would expect it is an issue with your profile and the save game itself perhaps.
  6. Hi guys, this is something we are aware of and our hoping to resolve soon. Thanks.
  7. In that case can you confirm who Oliver Klopp is? Is this a player or a manager? Apologies for the back-and-forth, I am just trying to get as much info as possible as I need to try and figure out why this might be happening to you.
  8. Ok so just to confirm... Your current manager that you are controlling is "Oliver Klopp" however, you did not start the save in control as that manager?
  9. Very strange. Have you only added one manager to the save? For example, have you created a manager, retired him and then added a new one?
  10. Do you get the same error if you access the store from the start screen @SWFCWILL69?
  11. Hi, unfortunately I am unable to provide an exact ETA but we are working on getting it out to you all very soon.
  12. Hi all, apologies for the delay. This is still in process but we are working on getting a fix out to you guys as soon as possible. Thanks.
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