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  1. Hi there, indeed there is a workaround for this issue which is by pressing the left stick and enabling the cursor emulation. We are currently investigating the overall issue though. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, please try again now. We fixed an issue with online games on Friday so this should now be working.
  3. If they press the Menu button on their controller, they will open the Actions menu which will allow them to "Add a new manager"
  4. Hi @Michael1290, we fixed an issue with online games on Friday so could you give that another go and see whether the issue persists? Thanks.
  5. Hi @Kyzerrrrr, I am moving this post to the bugs forums as this is where this would belong however, ideally in future could you post each bug separately? There was an issue with online games which we believe we managed to resolve on Friday so if you could check that out again that would be very much appreciated. Are you the host of the session? If so, that would be the reason why everyone else gets kicked out as you have closed the game down. Thanks
  6. Hi @John Mckinnon, can you confirm whether this happens all of the time? Have you noticed a pattern with the players that are invisible? Perhaps yellow carded, slightly injured or are a substitute?
  7. Hi guys, I can see that a few of you are reporting the crash when entering matches. We are still reviewing this issue, and hope to have a solution soon. Thanks.
  8. Hi, yes. Unfortunately it would need to be on a save created on game pass rather than steam. Thanks.
  9. Hi there, this is currently under review. Thank you for raising this issue.
  10. Hi @SoloKingxRobert, this is a known issue that is currently under review. Sorry for the inconveniences.
  11. Hi there @The_Rock, unfortunately if you load a save from steam on gamepass we are unable to track those achievements. You would need to start a new save on gamepass with a new manager profile to start getting them tracked. Thanks.
  12. Hi guys, sorry about this. We are still investigating this issue but as soon as we have an update we will let you know. Thanks.
  13. Hi @Paprika56, this should be fixed now after we addressed it on Friday. Thanks.
  14. Hi there, sorry for the delay on this! Have you used the bank booster in this save? If so, do you know how much? Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, this sounds like an issue that we are aware of and are currently reviewing. Thanks.
  16. Hi guys, we are aware of an issue that was affecting online games which should have been resolved on Friday. Can you confirm whether you are still experiencing these issues? Thanks.
  17. I can confirm that this is a workaround for the privacy policy issue. Closing thread.
  18. Hi guys, this is something that we have seen raised in another thread and we are trying to reproduce the issue. If you have any precise steps for us to reproduce this issue then that would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Hi @Robbiecaldwell could you raise the player happiness issue separately? Could you also confirm since the latest update whether there has been an improvement to the injuries? Thanks.
  20. Hi @ryanperry320, whilst playing the match where the result ended up being different can you recall if you did anything different? Maybe did someone spectate your match or join the online game whilst you were in a match? Any additional info would be appreciated thanks
  21. @KevinMartinEV, are you able to test this with another screen to see whether the issue occurs? Does it always occur in the same section of the stands? This is something that we haven't seen internally.
  22. Hi @Mark poole, could you provide more information so we can attempt to reproduce the issue? Are you on holiday or is it just when you press continue? Does it occur when entering a match? Is it always at the same date? What teams, leagues and nations are selected? Any additional info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Hi guys, sorry to hear that. This sounds like a known issue that is currently under review.
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