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  1. the setting are also made as accordingly , as well as the option : '' user participation in their game terms and conditions '' , is open for everyone. I checked the old online-kareer and also i created a new one and still, i cant see the '' invite friends'' option.
  2. my friend invites me for a online kareer but wehn i click on accept , than nuthin happens , as well as when go on his profil on the xbox app, it starts the game but nuthin happens it stay in the main page. No errors are occuring , another friend can the online league without problem. Also if i start an online-career , i cannot invite my friend , the option for it is not visible, and as well my friends cant join my legaue . I can play alone , without problems , and also im able to so active online servers , but can not join if its open. i downloaded the xbox edition on my pc
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