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  1. it was around 2025-27 I started having the issue, if I have a new save it works and allows me to access the store
  2. it’s absolutely fine, aslong as I get a way to access the store it’s absolutely a okay!. oliver klopp is a manager been out of a job 4 years
  3. no i was never in control of “Oliver Klopp” always has been “William Cooper”
  4. nope that oliver klopp appeared during 2027 and then on I couldn’t access the store, i literally didn’t do a thing it’s so so so annoying
  5. i go and check before and there’s a guy called Olive Klopp i made the save private and offline from the start and never changed it
  6. yes I am, im still in my main account as i don’t have another account, it’s extremely annoying as my budget is always so low with high expectations but I can’t change it, if this can be helped thank you
  7. issue is I don’t want to risk losing the save as I’m in 2030 now
  8. How do I access the store now? i DIDNT even do a thing? online preference set to OFF at the start of the save and all the way through
  9. please can some people help? im fed up of having so little money when performing well for the club and need an injection of like £20,000,000 but it does this every time
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