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  1. Yes, everything this man said! Yari Verschaeren deserves much better stats, and it says he played 0 games for the full Belgium national team while he now has 2 games and 1 goal, a penalty, which on the beta he was only given a 7/20 for.. Also Sambi Lokonga is much taller, like between 1,85 -1,87. There is definetly much more inaccurate information. I believe Leander Dendoncker from Wolves is also taller then mentioned on FM. Can i ask WHO has sent FM so many wrong and inaccurate information and stats regarding the Belgian leagues and Belgian players? It kills the realism of the game..
  2. FM is all about stats. I stand behind this suggested feature. International management can be much better then it currently is.
  3. You did it mate!! I told you so before the season started Congrats!
  4. Best FM career story on the internet! I'm sure in a few years you will win La Liga
  5. Personally, i think Japan is the biggest miss, but i understand it's difficult with the licences. Let's get one thing clear here; the success of FM is mostly thanks to it's amount of countries to play in and especially the ability to play in lower, sometimes even regional or provincial leagues/divisions! FIFA, PES or any other game will never have this depth, and FM should keep on improving it. Nothing as satisfying as being the manager of your local football club, or turning a big city club in a lower division into a great to compete with it's city rival in the top division (for example Sevilla - Betis) England has a lot of divisions already. I would focus on adding the entire Spanish Tercera Division. FM is very popular in Spain, with Spanish youtubers and players on Twitch streaming and making videos of the game. Spain is THE football country of the last 15 years, club and country wise. Adding the entire Tercera Division will increase sales, no doubt. Those licences should not be hard to get! Germany and Italy also needs more lower divisions, idk about licenses here. Cyprus and Paraguay should be playable and have 2 divisions at least. There's more, but the above should be priority! Remember; strength of FM = lower leagues/divisions. Enough resources in Europe to make this happen. Can't talk about other continents.
  6. This is my opinion ofcourse, but i feel like there are too many unrealistic regen names. With this i do not mean the exotic a name can be with a certain nationality (multiculturality everywhere), more like; have you ever heard such a name in your life, anywhere? (Mostly refering to the lastnames of players, not so much the frontname) I'm willing to help in adding real existing lastnames into the game. For example Spain or Belgium. Thoughts?
  7. They already sell the game on disk in physical stores, so why do they do it then? They only need to sell the FULL database and game instead, being Steam independent. They are selling it in physical stores already, so why wouldn't they be able to do it? Not much of a change or work! And yes, most people have internet at home i assume, but does that mean the ones who don't should be excluded? Money is money, and even if there would only be 100 players who have no other option then playing the game offline, it's a loss! What you are telling me is another type of discrimination and comes to this; basically get internet or f**k *ff. I do not need internet for anything!!! And people shouldn't be obligated to get internet just to being able to buy a game.
  8. Nice story! Any bugs in the Belgian third, amateur and provincial league from Claassen, or does it work fine? I would love being able to play with Belgian lower division clubs!
  9. Nice thread! Do you know where i can download the Belgian lower divisions patch, and how? Thanks
  10. I've been following this journey since the start and i loved reading every bit of it! Keep going, i'm curious to see if some new supertalents come up A question; how and where did you download the Spanish third division/preferente patch? Thanks
  11. Hi! I was wondering why we can't buy the FULL game (Just like on Steam) offline, in a physical store like for example Media Markt or Carrefour. Now you can already do that, only it's NOT the full game. You still need to log on Steam and enter the code to be able to download the full game. I understand that there are updates and patches on Steam, which is great, but Steam should be optional. Why do i bring this up? > I do not have internet at home. I do not need it. I have data on my phone, but not internet at home. It would be nice to play the FULL version of Football Manager, internet-independent, simply by installing the disk on my laptop. If i want to add patches or update, i can always go to a bar and use Wifi. It should not be obligatory in order to be able to play with the full database. As you can guess, Google Stadia can not be of any use to FM players who don't have internet at home. It would be nice to see the game more offline-friendly for certain players. Thanks
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