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  1. Season 10 (2029/30) Review First Team Domestic Competitions - Another league title and another disappointing run in the cup. European Competitions - We had a fairly easy run in the UCL qualification stage and made it thorugh the the group stage for the first time. we finished 3rd (which is great) and slipped into the Europa League. 2030 youth intake - No description of intake given by HoYD in the preview. SUMMARY Records
  2. I think I might rest a few players for the second leg!
  3. I'll be just be building a tactic for the first few weeks. I can't enjoy a save until I have found a single tactic I know I can rely on and that suits how I like to play the game. I do wish I could just adapt as I work my way through a save, but i just cant do it.
  4. 1 Holland 2 Russia 3 Belgium / Greece Never managed in Ukraine
  5. I have heard others say this too. Have you considered buying a laptop riser with fan? I bought a Klim riser for about £20 and temperatures are a few degrees lower when I use the riser.
  6. Season 9 (2028/29) Review On the pitch First team: Domestic: Another excellent season in terms of league performance and another terrible 2nd round exit in the cup. With 5 games to go we remained unbeaten so I continued to play my top players in an attempt to complete an unbeaten league season. We managed to pick up back to back defeats though and missed the chance. Maybe next season... Europe: Not too bad again. We made it to the group stage of the Europa League but were again unable to do much and finished bottom of the group. Off the pitch Youth intake: Described by my HoYD as a potential golden generation in the preview. Players: SUMMARY Around the world (UCL = Barcelona; CL = Corinthians; Balon d'Or = K Mbappe(5))
  7. Turns out Messi is manager of Club Brugge in my game... and is looking forward to an entertaining game against my Inter Bratislava team. He will be disappointed. We spend more time kicking the opposition than the ball!
  8. That's @Padders. He goes so deep into a save that there are probably Klingons and Vulcans in the stadium.
  9. Only 6 games in to the season but the league table looks upside down, if the season preview is anything to go by.
  10. Season 8 (2027/28) Review On the pitch First team: Domestic: A really good season. We were dominant in the eague and managed our highest point haul to date, The cup was again not a priority and we crashed out in the second round. The board were not impressed. Europe: Not too bad. We made it to the group stage of the Europa League for the third successive season but managed to pick up just 3 points in our group and finished bottom. Off the pitch Youth intake: Described by the HoYD as an excellent group of players in the preview Players: SUMMARY Around the world (Euro28 = ; Copa America 2028 = ; UCL = PSG; CL = A Mineiro; Balon d'Or = A Ciobanu(1))
  11. Season 7 (2026-27) Review On the pitch Starting 11: Domestic: We managed to win the league and reached the semi-final of the cup. Europe: Very good season and similar to last season. We again reached the group stage of the Europa League via the Champions League. We then slipped into the Europa Conference League and quickly got knocked out when we came up against German opposition. Off the pitch Youth intake: Described by HoYD as a golden generation Players: SUMMARY Around the world (UCL = Atletico Madrid; Copa Lib. = Sao Paulo; Balon d'Or = Gabriel Jesus(1))
  12. That's a shame. I'm in my eighth season with Inter Bratislava and enjoying it so far. I have a favour to ask if you don't mind... I have a new stadium and it was named after Szilard Nemeth. He is the only former manager or player included as an Icon/Legend/Favoured Personnel in my FM20 save. I don't suppose there are any others included in FM21 for Inter Bratislava? Cheers.
  13. Yep, same here. My star player wants a new contract but every time I check the agent puts a non-negotiable buy out clause in there. I've been trying to offer him a contract for about 12 months and his current deal runs out in 12 months... so time is quickly running out!
  14. Season 6 (2025-26) Review On the pitch Starting 11: Domestic: We managed to win the league despite a late drop in form that saw us lose our last three games of the season. Quarter finalists of the cup but this remains a low priority. Europe: Amazing season that saw us reach the group stage of the Europa League (Via the Champions League qualification round) and then saw us slip into the Conference League after failing to get out of our Europa League Group. So, we played in all three competitions this season! Off the pitch Youth intake: Described by HoYD as a golden generation Players: Sale: The board sold our top prospect to Inter Milan. I protested but the offer was apparently too good to turn down. I have managed to force thorugha few board requests with the money that sale brought in (and the European money). SUMMARY Around the world (UCL = PSG; Copa Lib. = Palmeiras; Balon d'Or = K Mbappe (4); World Cup = France(4))
  15. Anyone else love using tackle harder individual instruction?
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