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  1. The online manual for FM21 says this for free kick taking (FM20 says the same): The tooltip in game (FM20, I don't have FM21) says: These are not consistent. Do we know which one is correct?
  2. Widzew Lodz (FM20) Season 13 (2032-33) - Review On the pitch Starting 11 Domestic: We managed a league and cup double. Europe: reached the group stage of the UEFA Champions League but finished 3rd and slipped into the Europa League. We made it as far as a 2nd knockout round where we were unfortunate against Napoli. Off the pitch Youth intake Players SUMMARY
  3. I've just had a second player say this now - this time my first choice striker. Might be a coincidence but I fined him 3 days before the message came in, and the other chap I mentioned was fined 6 days before the message came through. I started fining players recently, only in the last season or so, based on the something I read in this thread (or another thread on the forum).
  4. That's a shame. What I find a little odd is that he is 24 yrs old and has been my main creative mid for several seasons. He won the Slovakian league when out on loan and the Polish league several times in my team. I wonder if the league/team reputation improvements have caused this recent issue with handling pressure.
  5. Has anyone had this before? First time I can remember this happening in one of my saves.
  6. Widzew Lodz (FM20) Season 12 (2031-32) - Review The Widzew Invincibles On the pitch Starting 11 Domestic: PKO Eksrtaklasa - 1st, Cup - 1st Round. Finished the league season unbeaten (first time I have achieved this in FM for a few years) and with a higher goal difference than points. Knocked out of the cup by our fierce local rivals after fielding a rotated team. Big spending Legia continue to spend (£46m this season) and sack their managers (they appointed a former Germany national coach this time). We were a bit fortunate this season because Legia made
  7. He is valued at £2.6M. Has another 4yrs on his contract. He is unhappy and complaining to team mates because we rejected an offer from Man City. Barca come in with a £46M offer... do we accept? NEVER!
  8. Hope we can continue to convince him to stay. This is by far the highest bid we have received.
  9. I like the team name, and that's a very nice youth intake.
  10. Widzew Lodz (FM20) Season 11 (2030-31) - Review On the pitch Starting 11 Domestic: PKO Ekstraklasa - 1st, Cup - Winners. Big spending Legia hired a poor manager and had a terrible season so we strolled to success. Europe: UEFA Champions League - Quarter Final. We knocked Real Madrid out thanks to a lucky 4:0 victory in the first leg. What a win! Off the pitch Youth intake Players SUMMARY
  11. You sound gutted mate - quite understandably! I hope you find a save to get you back into FM21 again soon(ish).
  12. Some pretty nice gains in just 8 months. He's been getting 10.0 training ratings for weeks. Probably jinxed it now...
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