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  1. Today is the day I started seeing it that way. Not cool @Novem9.
  2. The xG model has been developed specifically for FM21 alongside SciSports -
  3. I'm sure you don't believe that such a complex, diverse industry can be summated in such a stereotypically binary fashion? For me, one of the brilliant things about games is they can be so many different things to so many different people.
  4. Not really anything to help with unfortunately. Highly Influential players are influencing others to become less Determined. 13-14 Determination is not bad at all, but if you want 18-19 across the board you'll need to stop those new players being influenced by others.
  5. Please head over to our Bugs forum, where there are instructions on how to upload https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
  6. It's possible that not all young prospects actually make it through, however I'm not sure on your particular circumstances. If you have the save, something @Andrew James may be able to shed a little more light on.
  7. @Andrew James is your man here. May need investigating as a bug.
  8. Player Traits can be picked up outside of Mentoring, although it's rare and harder to achieve than via the more usual coaching or Mentoring routes. All Player Trait transference, no matter the cause, will adhere to the same rules: the trait needs to be possible (not necessarily appropriate) for the player's position and attributes etc.
  9. For me at least, Leadership is no good if what they're leading with is poor attributes. I'd much rather have, for example, a player with high Determination and Teamwork and average Leadership as my captain than a player with high Leadership but nothing else. Of course, I'd then want to encourage them to grow into that leadership position, but that's another story.
  10. It is not something set in stone. Literally changing someone's personality can take time.
  11. 'Individual Roles' refers to the position/role in which they have been set to train via their own individual training.
  12. Attributes are development. So again, all else being equal, it's not going to mean he develops more or less quickly, just change in what way he develops.
  13. Obviously it's very important to stress the all else being equal bit here, which they never are, but yes, number of items trained (not just attributes) is inversely proportional to the amount of attention each item receives. Worth noting that not all items (or attributes) will be equal though, so even by itself it is not a linear scale. Whether an attribute increases or not also has a number of other factors feeding into it.
  14. Very kind, thank you. Delighted to hear you're enjoying the game! It is made visible in the form of a player becoming 'Jaded', which is denoted by the 'RST' icon. There's a few levels of this, the first being "slightly jaded", with specific descriptive text to accompany them and recommendations from your staff on any actions you should consider taking. Up until the point at which a player is visibly jaded, they are considered to be anywhere from 'fresh' to within the realms of 'normal' fatigue. This deteriorates with match/training workload (some scenarios excepted, see the brief train
  15. There is currently no way to see this. Fatigue is a hidden variable on each player which is made visible when it hits a certain point (the point you need to consider taking action), "Jaded". The goals of the Match Tactics session are "fully focused on preparing the team tactically for the upcoming match", so you'd hope it did more for Tactical Familiarity than a generic Overall or Outfield session! The amount of attention any single item receives (be that an Attribute or individual Familiarity) is determined, all else being equal (coaches, players, workloads etc.), by how ma
  16. lollujo has been winning the Streamer Showdown with them, whether that says more about the tactics or the opposition is up to you Ultimately I would say start with them and then tweak one or two instructions as you see fit, learning what it is you want and how to achieve it.
  17. In that scenario, no there is no difference. Obviously you'll want to ensure they aren't stretched too thinly though, which will be a risk if they are coaching across several different teams at once. Another advantage to specifically employing a UX Fitness Coach in this example is that they will demand significantly lesser wages than a full Fitness Coach.
  18. I think it's probably fair to leave you to experiment with that one and figure out what works best for you!
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