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  1. Isn't Youth Facilities exactly what you want to upgrade based on what XaW posted earlier in the thread? I used to think the same thing as you, that my squad's U18/U19s train at those facilities, but according to that quote that's not the case and it sounds like it could certainly improve the quality of the intake
  2. Great thread @optimusprimal82, I've enjoyed reading it the past few days since I stumbled upon it and I'm looking forward to more updates, especially when you get a better youth intake at some point! Btw, is this formation + squad overview your custom creation or there's some website/tool that you used for it? I really like it but I couldn't find anything similar, all that google comes up with are sites with starting 11 only and at best one substitute spot, but I like your version with 3 extra spots for each position.
  3. I'm looking for a way to play a save in the Caribbean (there are plenty of countries to choose from), and while there are several packs out there (by qwert2 and Timo@) that contain enabled leagues for them, none seem to enable the Caribbean Club Championship or the CONCACAF League which are a doorway to the CONCACAF Champions League, and without that there's just nothing to play for in the long run. I played this a few versions ago, a save in Saint Lucia, and it all worked decently well, but I think it was made by claasen who sadly seems to won't be doing anything other than Europe this year. If anyone has been able to make this work with the existing options or knows of another way, please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  4. I said it last year and I'll say it again - please @claassen post or PM me your paypal, I want to donate some money for your efforts. I love playing fringe leagues, especially in Africa, and I won't begin my main save of the year until you hopefully add them to your pack And since the editor is giving you a lot more trouble this year, it just seems like a fair thing for me to donate for this (even though I suppose SI might not approve, but hey, why don't they add and license all the leagues in the first place)
  5. First of all, I love this pack and I use it every year, so thanks @claassen ! Is it possible to donate some money to you for doing this every year? Secondly, I have a few questions that maybe someone here knows the answers to. I started the save in Reunion, a small African island country. Turns out they don't send a team to the African Champions League (like irl at the moment), but I was wondering is it possible that it changes mid-save? Or can it be edited somehow with the in-game editor or any other way? The Reunion champions just end up playing Indian Ocean Champions Cup the season after, which is far from competitive, so the save could get stale quickly. Although there is a local cup which leads to the French Cup which I found very interesting, so that might be a path to the Europa League at least but not sure if that will be allowed if it comes to it. The other thing is probably not directly related to the league pack here, but the team I chose (ASC Grand-Bois) is semi-professional yet I can't sign any players to a part-time contract, only non-contracts are allowed (still the case 3 seasons in), is that also set in stone or changeable (obviously if the team goes Pro that would change, but I mean before that, as I can't even make any money from selling players, they just leave if they become decent)? And lastly, with the finances being so strained, I was hovering around $0-10k, but at the start of season 3 I bought an Algerian 18-year-old for $2,500 but suddenly I went to -$50k balance overall. The expenses only said "Other - $47,000". So does anyone know exactly what that cost is for, and do I just need to avoid foreign players, or foreign youngsters or something third could be at work there?
  6. Just finished reading all 7 pages, gotta say I enjoyed it, it's like a book of sorts with surprising turns towards Brighton and Benfica, I had no idea where this was going when I started Also I must notice that most of your Benfica players don't really seem to be world class (with a few exceptions) and yet you've done so much with them. So it really must be down to good man management, using the right tactics at the right time and getting the very best out of everyone. I guess the same goes for your previous clubs, and it's really encouraging to see, congratz and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! Btw, do you adapt roles, shouts and maybe even formation during and prior to a match for specific opponents, or is everything preset and same throughout a longer period?
  7. Yes, that scenario would be ideal, but I do not have time for that. I did my research while progressing my save, thus spending my free time having some fun on my own and analyzing at the same time for another kind of fun-having while not botching my save. Putting the save on hold just to run these experiments is not fun, so if someone else has the time and the will to test it, I would love to see the complete results. What I did do is record progress and outcomes of over 70 "tutorings" so far, and as I wrote above the results from option 1 lean one way, while the results from option 2 lean the other way. Obviously that is not a huge sample and it involves many different players, but it is enough to show certain tendencies. From seeing the results I have no doubt that option 2 affects personality in a stronger way than option 1, while option 1 has on many occasions proven to help players start increasing their attributes (by very little, just one notch on the training graph) soon after tutoring begins, with nothing else changing in their regime (no change in coaches, facilities, playing time, and also no change in their professionalism attribute since it's the very beginning of the process) and with no movement in their training for a while before that due to their low professionalism and/or ambition and lack of playing time. All those things strongly imply the conclusions I stated, but if you need "scientific" proof, sadly I can't devote that much time. There are lots of other things that could be tested about tutoring, not only this, but also how "bad tutors" would affect players (my tests were only trying to help my young players), if there is a way to change a player's mind if he says no to tutoring and what it depends on. Then one could create a perfect tutor (with all max personality attributes) and a horrible tutee (with all minimum) and see if some personality attributes are affected faster, or are more likely to be affected when using option 1. Frankly I am a little surprised that no one has done that kind of research on this topic with so many years behind us since tutoring was introduced, and that it is not common knowledge by now. While my research may not be enough to submit for a doctorate, it's enough to learn tendencies and disprove that PPMs are the only difference. And knowing that PPMs are not the only difference, it's clear that both options have some advantage and it's practically hidden in plain sight - 'help improve game' and 'mentor off the field'. Otherwise, what most people seem to have accepted as common knowledge is that option 2 should be used only when you want to avoid transferring PPMs, which would be what, 1 out of 10 times? I really don't understand how someone can buy that there would be 2 options for something that important and that 1 of them would be used 90% of time and the other 10%. That always seemed like one of the worst explanations of any FM feature, and my assumption was that they both have some equally important advantages compared to the other one so I decided to test it while playing.
  8. I got all that from testing. Players who start getting tutored show signs of improvement faster (not only when their professionalism increases). Of course tutoring is about the mental side of the game, but PPMs are not taught at home over tea and biscuits. They are taught on the field, so obviously the two players work together and it's not unimaginable that it affects regular training as well - simply having a mentor on the field with him helps a player improve. That latter part is naturally only my theory for why it makes sense, and I'm open to other theories as to why it happens, but the fact is that it does and it's not what 'tomtuck01' said about professionalism increasing.
  9. To quote you from above - you are wrong, simple as that. Using option 2 is much more likely to make an exact copy of the personality of the tutor in one single process (180 days). Option 1 will much more likely only slightly nudge each attribute towards the tutors' values instead of making an exact copy (meaning less change in personality attributes). That's a big difference right there. I know that the popular belief is that what you are saying, which is one of the reasons why I even started researching this as it seemed to not make much sense that the PPMs are the only difference, but no, that's not the only difference.
  10. As I already said in my first post, what you are describing is Option 2, and I even provided an example. Option 1, however, has less effect on the personality attributes in the majority of cases and the results of training are visible fairly quickly and even in case of average professionalism, so it's not the case of professionalism increase (depending on if tutoring is successful or not) Both option 1 and 2 change personality attributes and help with player development, but option 1 focuses more on immediate progress (training and PPMs), while option 2 focuses on changing the personality. That's what the difference is between them, it even says so in their describing text (help improve game vs mentor off the field). Then PPMs wouldn't transfer, you have coaches for them too. It seems pretty straightforward to me that having an experienced player help a youngster during training will make him improve faster. That's exactly how PPMs are transferred as well. During all that time coaches still do their thing. And everybody's happy.
  11. Well you are either misunderstanding or you are the one that is in the wrong. And I never said directly. Yes, Determination is the only visible attribute that is changed to match the one of the tutor. But what I am saying is that being tutored helps the player train better, so his attributes (his current ability) will increase faster just because the quality of training is better.
  12. Based on my empirical evidence it does, the players who were tutored by option 1 showed faster signs of improvement in training (when the tutoring was successful). Of course the tutoring can be unsuccessful with both options, so nothing or very little improves either way in that case. But what do I know, maybe you had a look at the game's code. If that's the case I'll stand corrected.
  13. I've done some research on this and here's what I've discovered so far: Option 1 (help improve his game) actually helps the player in training - helps him improve faster in all of the visible attributes, as he presumably trains with the tutor. It also still affects the personality (hidden attributes + determination), sometimes a lot but sometimes only a few "points". And as some others mentioned above it transfers PPMs occasionally. Option 2 (mentor off the field) only changes the player's hidden personality attributes and determination, and it has a much better chance of changing those to match the tutor. F.e. with option number 2 by using Messi as a tutor you are more likely to create a carbon copy of his personality (one of the best personalities in the game), so the young player would have high determination, professionalism, ambition and pressure - all of which are important for the probability of his improvement and the way he will perform on the pitch. But keep in mind this won't change his training or help him play like Messi, he will just behave like him off the pitch. However, by increasing a player's professionalism and ambition you automatically help him train harder, so he will improve faster. Inversely, if the tutor has some personality attributes that are worse than the tutee, the young player will more likely have his personality "ruined" if you use option 2. So in that case it's better to use option 1 just to help the player develop and hope his good attributes don't go down too much. Consistency actually is not one of the personality attributes and it cannot be changed by tutoring. The only way consistency increases is if your player is experiencing first team football for a prolonged period of time (multiple seasons). But it cannot improve much, so a player with consistency 4 at a young age will never become really consistent. From what I've seen top teams' starters usually have consistency above 14-15, so it makes sense that players with low consistency would either star for mediocre teams or be backups in top teams. I don't have enough data to say how much consistency can be changed at most, but if you want it to increase you will have to get the youngster to play first team football (maybe on loan) all the time, and he needs to play well.
  14. I just wanted to give props to FuryG, been playing this for a while as I like trying new leagues with every version and it works like a charm. Quite a complex system at that, many hoops to jump through to get promotion
  15. Absolutely agree. Being a stats freak myself, this game has been disappointing me in that aspect for years, but I keep hoping that will change with each next version...
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