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  1. you extract the .rar file and put each file into the editor data folder separately once extracted
  2. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    A lot of corrections needed in Capital Football and Northern NSW divisions Canberra City and CU Academy are no longer in NPL and FFA COE is now extinct. if you need help with them feel free to give me a PM I've got all info
  3. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Jordan Thurtell will be playing for Canberra FC this season Should also set after playing career is over he will be a goalkeeping coach https://www.fourfourtwo.com.au/news/thurtell-takes-on-new-goalkeeping-academy-482216
  4. Matthew Halliday (5119956) Move to Adelaide City (122985) Also make captain of the club
  5. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    No worries mate, Yes it is a bit of a pain that the clubs had stopped using SportsTG this season in favour of 'myfgc' but as I am relatively local I can get around the grounds. I've made spreadsheets for FGC as well as Football Brisbane with player info on it for my own database but if you would like it to expand the leagues feel free to give me a pm
  6. [Oceania] (Official) Data Issues

    Michael Willoughby (88022675) Should be moved to Mitchelton FC (432161) Updated history 2012: Western AFC ?/? 2013: Coastal Spirit ?/? 2014: Coastal Spirit ?/? 2016: Mitchelton 21/0 2017: Mitchelton 20/0
  7. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Following Players should be moved to Wollongong Wolves (15035971) Brendan Griffin (15016610) City of Birth: Wollongong Christopher Price (15003330) Darcy Madden (15037628) Hayden Morton (15024843) Hristijan Tanoski (15055206) Playing Positions: ST, AML (Natural) Date of Birth: 30/5/1994 Sean Eve (89054828) Steve Hayes (15003333) Luke Kairies (15020736) Michael Robinson (15016918) Playing Positions: DC (Natural) Changes to current players Peter Simonovski (15038536) Should be Peter SIMONOSKI (no v) Playing Positions: ST, AMR, AML Date of Birth: 10/7/1993 Bul Juach (15082080) Playing Positions: ST, AMR, AML Aman Hadid (15022986) Should be set as Free Agent
  8. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Tom Boland (15025467) Date of Birth: 21/2/1991 City of Birth: Lismore Current Club: Narrabean Football Club (club currently not in db) Add to history 2016: Narrabean ?/? Playing Positions: ST, AMC (Natural) MC (Accomplished)
  9. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    @gmcker here are some data updates relating to Football Gold Coast Josh Riis (15047672) Has signed for Gold Coast United for 2018 season Chris Broadfoot (15019717) Move to Gold Coast Knights 2017 Stats: 16/2 Andrew Barisic (15001610) Move to Gold Coast Knights 2017 Stats: 20/27 Jerome Ndayisenga (15065031) Move to Mudgeeraba 2017 Stats: 19/10 Morgan Saunders (15065226) Move to Mudgeeraba 2017 Stats: 27/49 Jack Littlejohn (15052731) Move to Surfers Paradise Apollo
  10. [England] Free Agents

    Adam Powell (29102173) Move to Broadbeach United (15025426) Kieran Duncan (29128949) Move to Tweed United (15054883) Luke Kanjor (89017071) Move to Monaro Panthers (15045261) Second Nationality: Nigeria
  11. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Izach Clements (15078464) Should be moved to Belconnen United Playing Positions: DC (Natural) DRL (Accomplished) Rory Larkin (15078472) Move to Tuggeranong United Rashad Farid (15078477) Move to Belsouth FC (club currently not in db) Misko Naumoski (15078475) Move to Gungahlin United Jordan Lamb (15078466) Playing Positions: DR, DL, DM Ivan Pavlak (15009063) Played majority of 2017 season as a DC. Set it at least accomplished (if not natural his attacking days may be over?)
  12. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Alex Tobin (123013) Is now a technical director at Hills United Brumbies http://www.hillsnews.com.au/story/4919521/tobin-in-the-stable/?cs=1454
  13. [England] Free Agents

    Roberto Del Borrello (89044136) Should be at Perth Soccer Club (130266) Also as far as I know he is Australian born in Perth. No English nationality. Also add to history 2014/15: Braintree (Unknown Apps/Goals)
  14. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Geveen Ratnayake (15078378) Should be set as Free Agent Second Nationality: Sri Lanka David Arranz (129005) Should be set as Free Agent Toby Richter (15055471) Should be moved to ADFA Vikings (club currently not in db) Zach Munster (15056844) Should be moved to Sunshine Coast Fire Adam Perakovic (15078368) Should be moved to Burdekin FC Conor Nolan (15078372) Should be moved to Woden-Weston Nick Rathjen (15078373) Should be moved to Gungahlin United Playing Positions: DR, DC, DL, DM Nationality: Australia (USA Second Nationality) Michael Rinaudo (15078383) Should be moved to Gungahlin United Playing Positions: AMR Nationality: Australia (Italy Second Nationality) Nick Rolls (15078384) Should be moved to Belwest Foxes (club currently not in db)
  15. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Tasuku Sekiya (15074698) City of Birth: Kanagawa-ken Playing Position: ST (natural) Grant Lynch (15082375) Date of Birth: 4/8/1993 Hair Colour: Blonde Idriss El Hafiane (15067855) Date of Birth: 16/5/1993 WIll Angel (15058844) Playing Positions: AMR, AML, DL Jason Madonis (15024871) Playing Positions: DR, AMR Yianni Fragogiannis (15082509) Playing Positions: DC, DR Bul Juach (15082080) Playing Positions: ST, AMR, AML