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  1. Steady progress with this, 3/8 NPL competitions done with players now. Still a long way to go (62 clubs still to be completed - Roughly a bit over 2500 players to be added to the database) I would like to release the next version by the end of the month but realistically this may not happen. I'd also like to start on a fantasy expansion database as well.
  2. This is a regular occurrence for me, I just reloaded the database until it verified properly. Don't think there is anything wrong that you're doing just the editor being very buggy this year.
  3. Yes all state cups will come in a future update. Right now Im adding all players to NPL1 clubs (Big job have got 2/8 states done so far)
  4. Weiry

    FM19 Editor

    Anyone else having an issue with positions not showing up on the clubs' player list? All other details are there except this one. Even tried to remove the column and add it back but still no luck. Not a major issue but it's nice to have everything all in one place instead of having to go to the player profile and see his position that way.
  5. Weiry

    [Australia] Data Issues

    These two are most likely due to the researcher not inputting a date of birth for the player so the game randomly generates it
  6. Thanks, I'm not sure how this will get fixed while keeping it realistic but I'll do my best Yes this is a big issue with FM this year, originally I was just going to do the Lower League players stats and keep the A League players the same. But seeing that NPL players might even get rated higher I'll have to sort out A League squads too Ok thanks for those details. I'm currently working on the leagues by alphabetical (Capital Football is nearly 100% complete).
  7. Thanks was unaware of this as I hadn't even looked at players/clubs yet. This should all be fixed in the next update
  8. At the moment it is not set up for different league/finals winners but maybe in the future I'll sort it out. This is only a very early version of the file. So at the moment only league winners are displayed. What do you mean "correct teams will play with 1 and 2 not playing the first match"? Send me a PM if you can help out with the database in anyway
  9. Ok that's good mate. Thanks It is based off 2018 season structure and clubs (squads etc.) But in game it starts in 2019. I'll probably do a massive update when the season starts next year with new structure and players etc.
  10. Help with the database is stuff like adding league histories, club histories, player histories into the editor. Small details but it'll make the database a lot more real and in-depth. I'm also interested in reading recommendations of club reputations, player abilities etc in certain competitions as in some States my knowledge is not great/would be good to hear from a local If anyone's interested in helping with the database. Feel free to give me a PM.
  11. FM19 Australia Football Database v0.1 The v0.1 makes the Australian NPL (2nd tier) playable. This is for players who are wanting to start their managerial career in the NPL but may only want to spend a season or two before moving onto bigger and better things. If you are wanting to do a long term save in the NPL/Australian Lower Leagues I suggest waiting for future updates. What Does This File Contain? All NPL1 Competitions Playable (NPL Capital Football, NPL New South Wales, NPL Northern New South Wales, NPL Queensland, NPL South Australia, NPL Tasmania, NPL Victoria, NPL Western Australia) Correct clubs and finals structure from the 2018 NPL season NPL runs from February to August (Only way for file to work realistically was to push the the end month forward 1 month) A League runs from October to May Notes Holidayed to the end of 2024 season all works perfectly This is a vanilla version of the project - I’ve made no changes to the clubs except for giving all of them semi-pro status. The rest is the default FM database. There is no NPL Finals Series included in this database. This competition will hopefully be added in the next update. Tips If you are wanting to start in NPL. I suggest selecting the “Early Pre-Season (26/11/2018)” option on the setup screen Add Players to Playable Teams Next Version/Update All NPL1 clubs will have full playing squads and added staff (from 2018 season) Added League Histories for NPL1 competitions Updated Kit Details and Reputation Changes for NPL1 clubs NPL Finals Series Added Level 3 will be playable Download -------> https://www.mediafire.com/file/6c6066kn3350sct/Australian+NPL+Database.fmf
  12. First issue has been fixed But the second issue regarding fixtures not being generated in the second season is still present . I'll play around with the start/end dates but if anybody has any other suggestions please let me know.. I really want to get this version out tonight
  13. Weiry

    FM19 Editor

    I got this error message too. Fixed it by going through each competition and setting "number of legs" to 1.
  14. OK so two things stopping me from releasing the first very vanilla version of this project: 1. The NPL Victoria Finals are not played - this is very strange as all the other states work fine and I don't see any errors I've made within the editor. 2. Season 2019 runs perfectly but then there is no schedule being generated for the 2020 season. 2021 season fixtures are generated instead (So a whole year is skipped....) If anyone has any ideas/solutions to these issues I'd be very appreciative. Didn't think I'd be hindered at Level 2 when starting this project
  15. Hey mate I'm also having trouble with the NPL Finals Series the wrong clubs are being selected... If you want to collaborate on the project feel free to give me a PM as it looks like we're pretty much doing the same thing haha Edit: Just had a quick look and see that the NPL leagues run through Oct to May. In my file I've got it so they run from Feb to Sep like in real life. I'll upload my file tomorrow