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  1. Weiry

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    HR Estonia Artur Rattel (47024988) and Erkki Junolainen (31001374) should be moved to Riverina Rhinos (15081810)
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/un3v2b4c4gabeta/Win_One_Take_One_International_2020.fm/file
  3. If someone wants to takeover the game then of course I will upload the save Any takers?
  4. Unfortunately I don't think this will continue (on fm18 at least.) Completely lost interest during the world cup and now with work and other projects I don't think I'll find the time to get it back up and running. Thanks for participating everyone!
  5. Weiry

    Set Competition Level Lower Than 20?

    Using the Resource Archiver 2018 (which you get from steam) I extracted the 'comp editor' file and found the 'comp.xml' file (which is located in format->database) Cmd F and searched 'competition level' and changed the max_value from '20' to '24' (I'm sure you can go higher than this but it's all I needed) saved went back into archiver and archived the comp editor. Started up the editor and it works perfectly. It's similar to how you enable to change a nation's continent but instead of nation.xml you open comp.xml Hope this helps
  6. Weiry

    [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Merrimac (15025449) Kemblawarra Fury (15075031) Mark both as extinct
  7. Working on an Australian database and I'm up to the 21st level but when setting the competition level in the competition tab it always keeps resetting to 20. I left it unticked and tested but I just get 'competition has wrong competition level set - should be set as 21 in competition tab' Now it says in the guide that 20 represents the bottom however, I see Dan's English database going down to Level 22 and even loaded his up and in his competition it has it correctly set at 22. So pretty much what am I missing and how do I 'unlock' the ability to go lower than 20? EDIT: nevermind played around with the resource archiver and found the file I needed. pretty simple after that
  8. Always enjoy the time just before the tournament starts when you read up on all the countries and make your predictions. Devastated when it finishes and you realise you have to wait another 4 years
  9. Weiry

    Who will win the Final

    I picked France at the start of the tournament to win it but everybody loves an underdog win! (plus there's a big Croatian community here in Australia)
  10. Weiry

    [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Jaiden Walker (15048257) Is playing at (Lismore) Richmond Rovers (club currently not in db)
  11. Weiry

    Round of 16: Croatia vs Denmark

    also came here to post about this. why didn't the liney speak up? If this rule applies in the lower reaches of Australian football then it should also apply to the biggest stage of them all!
  12. Weiry

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    1-1 in the 2nd half #shambles #southgateout
  13. Weiry

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    Panama fans really celebrating here
  14. Weiry

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)