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  1. HR Cyprus Jordan Maricic (15069945) please move to Adelaide City - join date 1/2/2020 - expires 30/9/2020 - part time contract
  2. HR Papua New Guinea Obert Bika (88025908) and Obert Bika (88025966) are the same person
  3. I had in the past with a few WA clubs but in this version no unfortunately however it is something I may look at again in the future.
  4. Yeah only the standard FM20 database players are in. Although I do have most player information for L2 to L4 clubs + some lower leagues in the same region but it would take a lot of time to add all this into the editor. However it is quite easy to add yourself into the game if you want
  5. HR Tonga Jacob Kilmartin (88025898) and (88029182) are the same people
  6. When I eventually get back on I will definitely be doing this
  7. It is possible but it will take some time due to the virus. I probably need an upgrade anyway but I will try to recover the hard drive at least.
  8. Yes I'm afraid so, unless I completely start over again once I buy a new PC. The bad thing is I only had 3 more divisions to add and then it would have been completed and released. Anyway I probably won't be able to release any new nations for awhile and may just wait for FM21 to continue the project.
  9. It should be done at the end of this week at the very latest.
  10. My FM20 file is pretty much what option 1 is + most of the general goals - kits and stadiums all correct, I also have most player info for all NPL and some other regional league clubs in excel spreadsheets and it would be easy to make option 2 with it already. Option 3 would also be easily done with my file (saves you having to add 1000 clubs, stadiums etc. to the game) It will most likely carry it over again in FM21 so if you'd like to help with that then it'd probably be a lot easier (instead of having 2 Australia DBs with the same premise) It's up to you though.
  11. That is very strange and there's no logical explanation as to why Meshakte are getting put into Europe other than some in-game corruption between UEFA and the Georgian FA I haven't gotten around to looking at the file due to the holidays but will have a look later in the week.
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