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  1. FM19 Australian Football Database v1 After a long wait I can finally officially release the v1 of this database! I have tested until 2025 and have seen no errors (if you do see an error please let me know so I can fix in time for the next version) What does this file contain? 44 playable leagues in Australia from around the country (down to level 9) Over 4000 players and staff added to NPL1 clubs (most with correct positions, date of births, nationalities and realistic ratings) Added state cups (Waratah Cup. FFSA Federation Cup, Football West State Cup, Football West Amateur Cup, Milan Lakoseljac Cup, Dockerty Cup, Capital Football Federation Cup) Added finances to all playable clubs Added stadiums to all playable clubs Correct kit colours for all playable clubs Added stadium/youth facilities ranks for all playable clubs NPL Finals Series added Tips You MUST choose either Start of 2018 Season or Start of 2018 Pre-Season (the two later dates) for the season to generate Next Version A further 90 leagues will be added More players and staff added (looking at 10 more leagues to add full squads for in this version) (Maybe) Correct FFA Cup Structure DOWNLOAD -----------> https://www.mediafire.com/file/arwe08t5o1gabjz/_v1+Australia+2018+Pyramid.fmf
  2. Agreed, I have research/information compiled for every NPL club in the country as well as some of the lower leagues outside of the NPL brand. So it shouldn't be hard to get this information into the game as well as keeping it up to date
  3. Yeah sure that would be a good help thanks
  4. Importing is a bit hit and miss with the editor and there are some things I'll have to redo for sure. I'm hoping that the players, stadiums etc carry over as they take up most of the time. I'll be updating this file throughout the year with additions and season updates. Hopefully in FM20 it won't take as long as it is taking now - this is the first year of a (hopefully) continuos project
  5. Will be out either saturday night or sunday morning After that I'll add more leagues and players in for the next version
  6. I'd suggest either the 2018 Season Start (Which is actually 2019) or the 2018 Pre-Season Start. Simmed both of them without any issues. The other two are the default so probably caused issues when I changed the update day.
  7. @Samaroy I holidayed and the second season does generate (I took charge of Knox City to make sure it wasn't a level issue too) It must be another database you're using sorry mate. Also it seems the staff wages is the main issue for our financial problem. I also fixed up the weekly wage values as @SweetDee69 suggested and it should be more realistic now. Now I need to figure out how to fix the staff wages and then the finances shouldn't be an issue hopefully.
  8. I'm not an expert but as far as I understand there probably is conflicts with the database IDs and changes etc. I'll give it another holiday during the Australia game tonight and see if it goes past the first season (If it doesn't then I have no idea as I haven't changed any rules where before I could make it to 7th season)
  9. That's strange as the test worked fine up until 2025 when I stopped simming. Are all the leagues broken or just yours?
  10. Yes this is correct and even most NPL players are on appearance basis. But I don't think it's very realistic having players move all over the place which will most likely happen if I set it to non contract. I can always try and give it a go though.
  11. Think I'll go down the route of giving each player a set wage. I'm guessing 700 is just the default as every player in NPL1 is on 700+. Will also make all the 20s and 18s players Amateur like in real life. Will test with one club and if it works with them then I'll do it with all of them. Fingers crossed this will work
  12. I wonder if fiddling with the remaining wage budget will sort the clubs losing money problem and maybe putting a maximum wage allowed (for lower level teams at least) could work. Could play around with contract types as well.
  13. Club rep should be right and I don't want to particularly drop it as with a database as big as this and with so many clubs there should be a big difference from the top to bottom.
  14. Yes will do that, and will also add all the correct ages by the time the official version is ready. Still the issue with the minimum wage seeming to be 700 for part time contracts. I don't want to make everyone non contract as I'd like players to stick to one club each season (like in real life)
  15. There seems to be an issue with player wages where all the players are on at least $700p/w. Obviously that isn't realistic at all. So I'm not sure how/if it's possible to lower this in the editor. I could always set a wage manually for each player but that's far from ideal.