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  1. Also played for FFA Centre of Excellence for the second part of 2017
  2. Have a look in the Advanced Rules of Korea there will probably be a tab along the lines of 'Continental Cup' within the K League
  3. Try Smart Shirt Designer less templates and options but it does the job for beginners
  4. Never seen all teams dropping down a status before maybe it is due to the clubs' finances?
  5. This file fully activates the Hungarian football league pyramid with the correct structure and rules for the 2019-20 season. Nemzeti Bajnokság I to Megyei IV. osztaly are playable for Football Manager 2020. Leagues included are: 1. Nemzeti Bajnokság I 2. Nemzeti Bajnokság II (19 teams first season, 20 teams second season onwards) 3. Nemzeti Bajnokság III (Nyugat, Kozep and Kelet) 4. Megyei I. osztaly (20 Divisions) 5. Megyei II. osztaly (32 Divisions) 6. Megyei III. osztaly (58 Divisions) 7. Megyei IV. osztaly (13 Divisions) As well as: Magyar Kupa and 20 Regional Cups (For Magyar Kupa Qualification) 1188 real life Hungarian clubs added to the database (bringing total clubs to 1626) All stadiums are correct from the 2019-20 season while some kits have been randomised due to lack of sources. I suggest adding players to playable teams for Level 4 and lower level clubs. If you notice any errors or bugs with the database please message me and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible. You can find many more complete football pyramids over on my steam workshop - follow me to keep up to date with updates as well as subscribe to the Complete Pyramid collection to access all files in one click - including nations that are only available through steam - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1936303686 Hungary Complete Pyramid (7 Levels Fully Activated).fmf
  6. You can't 'create' a nation but you can replace/overwrite one that is existent in the database using the FM20 Pre-Game Editor - If you also want to change the continent then you have to download the FM20 Resource Archiver and follow the steps in the original post in this thread
  7. No that shouldn't matter. That is strange, are you running any other databases alongside this one? That's the only other thing I can think of. Is it all competitions or just a few? I simmed to 2035 and all competitions ran fine for me when I tested the file.
  8. Yes I'm still planning a full pro/rel database and it will be released after the winter update so February at the earliest. As for making A League teams go into the Championship yeah it is but you would have to make the A-League and clubs a part of the English pyramid. Would be a cool database though
  9. Haven't had that happen to me before and no one else has mentioned it. It might be due to the start date you used at the setup screen?
  10. Yeah that is my theory too but that may very well be a bug and should be looked into - you could try to set it as a normal affiliate club but keep all the same options ticked and try but it is no guarantee that it will work
  11. Go up top to "Rules" -> "Test Rules" -> "All" and once it is done verifying save your file and then try to open it in game
  12. Can't you just "save editor as" and select the existing workshop item and "Update on Steam Workshop"?
  13. Updated file in the OP: Vtora Liga now goes back to 18 teams for 2020/21 season onwards (17 teams first season) like in real life also fixed a few teams regional divisions that I missed before.
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