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  1. Another feature request for the pre-game editor I'd like implemented in future versions of FM is to select 'interchange' as a sub rule. A lot of lower leagues don't have a limit on substitutions and players often are subbed on and off multiple times in a match. This should be quite a simple and nice feature to add. You might be winning 3-1 and take off your star striker and then your opponents get back to 3-3 so you sub your striker back on to win the match etc.
  2. As somebody that creates lower league databases pretty much every year I think it would be great if there was an option to mass add or add multiple entries to the database at the same time whether it be people, clubs, cities, stadiums etc. Adding 5,000 people manually is a massive task and takes a lot of time that could used to 'perfect' other areas of the database. I'm not even sure if I'll purchase FM20 and just keep working on my FM19 file (I'll probably cave so don't worry SI ) It doesn't have to be the most extensive feature either I'd be happy with a maximum limit of say 100 entries each go and only basic information like name, date of birth, nation, club, position and ability ratings. OR create a new tool that allows this and the user can export/import into the editor. I'd happily spend 10 or 15 dollars to save so much time.
  3. On the old club's profile you should be able to use the 'new club' option to carry over history etc
  4. Craig Metcalfe (15001571) is at Italo Stars (Full name Lismore Italo Stars) the club isn't in the db
  5. You have to use the FM Resource Archiver (download in tools) to extract the xml file
  6. HR New Zealand Rick Muir (88025587) is at Byron Bay FC in Australia. Position is also M (C.)
  7. Your best bet would be over at fmfan.ru I think I saw 7 Tier and 5 Tier databases over there for FM19 as well as other neighbouring nation leagues going down quite far on the pyramid. I'm sure there'll be ones for FM20 posted over there when it's out too.
  8. Just looking at the screenshots it appears you have put the "Albanian First Category" in the "Secondary Divisions" Instead you have to add it in the "Divisions" tab.
  9. Weiry

    All Star Cup

    Damn. Hopefully they fix it for FM20 as a "League World Cup" would be pretty cool to create
  10. How do I go about setting up an "All Star Cup" where the best players from the top league of each nation represent said league in a knockout and/or group format? Is this even possible? Thanks in advance
  11. Yeah it's been increased from 90 to 100 to go along with the narrative that Football is now pretty much the main sport in the country
  12. Go to player and then on the dropdown bar select start editing. It will allow you to change any of the attributes
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