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  1. Celtic should be set as an affiliate club of Nerang Eagles -
  2. thanks for this. Though I don't think this is fixable unless I change the year in history and that is not very ideal...
  3. I can't estimate. It is a big job but hopefully sooner rather than later. Some Level 3 competitions have restructured this season meaning it is hard to find what the end of season finals will look like. There is 22 competitions in level 3 that I have to add rules to as well as various cup competitions.
  4. Yes I plan to add all league and state cups for next version. However the state cups won't be fully realistic for next release example only npl and l3 teams compete and there won't be qualification for FFA Cup for winner...
  5. still a bit off hopefully by the end of next week it will be done
  6. well the main point of the database is to manage outside of the A League but I get your point that there should be an option. For the next update I will add alternative start dates
  7. this is what happens in real life. The A League runs from 16/17 season but the rest of Australia football is only played during the 2017 season
  8. hopefully yes, My main priority is to fill the NPL1 teams with players first though
  9. Not at the moment but when I add Level 3 to the database there will be I hope to get Level 3 done by the end of the week I have got all the clubs done just need to add competition rules. Next release will most likely feature: Level 3 More real players added to the database
  10. DOWNLOAD HERE First Version (Beta Version) The First 'beta' version of the database includes The first two levels of the Australian pyramid. The Hyundai A-League and the 8 National Premier League Competitions are all playable in this version. Also included is the NPL Finals Series which takes place at the end of the season. All competition rules and clubs are correct as of the 2017 season. The NPL Capital Football Is Fully completed and each club has a squad of 29 Players all with mostly correct information. Head coaches and some other staff are also added and kit colours are also correct. The NPL New South Wales has 4/12 clubs correct in terms of players these teams are APIA Tigers, Blacktown City, Bonnyrigg White Eagles and Hakoah Sydney City East. These clubs have a squad of 30 players with mostly correct information. The rest of the competitions are unchanged. special thanks to clubs and players from NPL Capital Football for supplying information for the database. Download Instructions: 1) Click link below and start download 2) Once download put the file in your editor data folder. Location should look like this Sports Interactive->Football Manager 2017->editor data 3) Start new career game 4) Use 17.3 update and select 2017 National Premier Leagues file from dropdown menu 5) Select your preferences (I suggest Add Players to Playable Teams for now and Add all players based in Nation = Australia) 6) Enjoy! DOWNLOAD THE FIRST BETA VERSION HERE
  11. The Football Manager 2017 Australia Football Structure I am proud to announce that I am back for Football Manager 2017 to produce the FULL Australian Football Pyramid. This database will include FIVE Levels of the the Australian pyramid with potential to go even further down the pyramid. I am also hoping to get a fully working FFA Cup with correct qualifying structure. The Structure For now I will only be going down to Level 5 but there may be a possibility of going deeper in the pyramid. The above image is a list of the competitions that will feature in this database they are grouped into their respective levels. Accuracy of the Database I hope to get the database very accurate with correct players, coaches, colours and history. According to a tester already that 'the results are scary, and are very close to what has happened in real life this season' I hope this reaches through all the divisions. How Can You Help? I am always looking for help. If you are a member of a club featured in this database then feel free to help with the accuracy of your club and competition. I am also looking for help with testing the database. This is easy as you can just give feedback in this thread. DOWNLOAD LINKS ON NEXT POST ENJOY!!!
  12. For those interested i'll be releasing a beta version tonight it will include NPL1 competitions correct rules and NPL Finals Series. Really wanting to get this done but if not there is at least something... Will post in the download forum
  13. there are a few over on FM View, It is in FB kit style though but there is kits for Senegal, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Gabon, Ivory Coast etc etc
  14. Sorry for lack of updates I have been working on this still. all competitions are created now it's just a matter of adding clubs and rules I can't set a date for release but I hope to get at least something out by the end of the month
  15. am having some problems with this save and fm in general so sorry for the delay (again!) I have some free time tomorrow so I will get the 2019 Asian Cup out then