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  1. yes I did this and it worked too but when I holidayed in game at the end of the season the finals and promotion playoff never loaded (unless that is a problem with how I set it up?)
  2. ok no worries mate https://www.mediafire.com/file/untck15iw8c94f4/2017 Australia Pyramid Level 3 _0BEB8F83-6AC9-4A84-B340-1F376BFB82F6.fmf this is with fm17 by the way and the competition in question is Playstation 4 National Premier Leagues Victoria Thanks!
  3. thanks for the help mate but I am not using the take stage results... I did add the extra league games and it worked but when I test in game the competition stops at stage 0 when it should also have a finals series as well as a promotion playoff. Any more ideas?
  4. I get that error message when verifying advanced rules and have no idea how to fix this. This is with FM17 by the way... Any help is appreciated
  5. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    I did the NPL NNSW last year so here is some more info/additions to make. Paul Bitz (15078551) - Missing DOB - 17/8/1987 Shane Paul (15078217) - Missing DOB - 13/3/1987 Grant Brown (15078040) Missing DOB - 3/10/1993 Thomas Spencer (15078043) - Missing DOB - 10/10/1984 Joseph Cadic (15078115) - Missing DOB - 9/6/1991 Corey Fletcher (15078109) - Missing DOB - 23/9/1987 Kannon Ford (15078117) - Missing DOB - 1/3/1994 Josh Witherspoon (15078116) - Missing DOB - 3/6/1998 Nate Cavaliere (15078665) - Missing DOB - 21/7/1993 (ALSO MOVE TO EDGEWORTH EAGLES) Ben Martin (15078312) - Missing DOB - 28/1/1989 More to come.. But if you need help with the transfers and addition of new players please pm me I already have all info
  6. I would like to do this for as long as possible. A bit of a fun way to finish off FM17
  7. Thanks guys, just need 5 more people.. I have holidayed past the 2018 World Cup and here is the results: Edinson Cavani Player of the Tournament with 11 Goals in 7 Games.
  8. WIN ONE TAKE ONE INTERNATIONAL GAME The Return.. OK, the last Win One Take One game went quite well until I ran into some IRL issues so why not give this another try?? The original thread can be found here - This details the rules and what the game is about but to summarise: Using the In Game Editor and National Teams Winning a match = You get to take a player from the opposition into your nation Drawing a match = The worst rated player from each nation is switched Losing a match = Your lowest rated player is moved to the opposing nation Germany and Japan are both off limits (Don't have their national teams - if you beat them you still take one of their players) Failing to submit your selection within 24 hours results in a strike (Three strikes and your out) You can select any other nation from Brazil to Bhutan! For the members that played last time - I will give you first choice as to what nation you would like to be (So you can choose to carry on as your nation you had before) This time the game will start after World Cup 2018 (So everything is even and mixed up a bit) I will post the first update once we get 8 members into the game. I will be selecting Armenia as my nation (because who doesn't love an underdog story?)
  9. thanks for this. Though I don't think this is fixable unless I change the year in history and that is not very ideal...
  10. I can't estimate. It is a big job but hopefully sooner rather than later. Some Level 3 competitions have restructured this season meaning it is hard to find what the end of season finals will look like. There is 22 competitions in level 3 that I have to add rules to as well as various cup competitions.
  11. Yes I plan to add all league and state cups for next version. However the state cups won't be fully realistic for next release example only npl and l3 teams compete and there won't be qualification for FFA Cup for winner...
  12. still a bit off hopefully by the end of next week it will be done
  13. well the main point of the database is to manage outside of the A League but I get your point that there should be an option. For the next update I will add alternative start dates
  14. this is what happens in real life. The A League runs from 16/17 season but the rest of Australia football is only played during the 2017 season