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  1. Got Nations M to Z all verified today which means all the files in this pack are compatible with the 21.3 update. Part 2 can be downloaded in the OP or here: Once again enjoy! 21.3 FM21 Complete Pyramid Part 2.zip
  2. Hey guys, Am currently going through and verifying all existing files for the 21.3 update at the moment I have completed 79 files (all nations from A to L) the rest of the files will hopefully be updated and released in the next few days then I'll look at doing a few more nations not already in the megapack (some will be the complete pyramid while some will just be down to a certain level and be known as a "Work in Progress" file) Part 1 of the 21.3 compatible files can be downloaded in the OP or here: Enjoy! 21.3 FM21 Complete Pyramid Part 1.zip
  3. Thanks for this info, I'll make sure it is fixed in the next research cycle
  4. I could be wrong but I believe as it is only a loan Danzaki can't be added into the game due to the licensing issues with Japanese clubs.
  5. I haven't gotten a chance to fire up the editor since the update. If someone could provide me with a list of nation that no longer work then I'll hopefully get a fix for them by this weekend.
  6. I think this would have to be an issue with the default French Cup rules (which I haven't touched)
  7. No not yet maybe in the future though I don't have time to add real managers but they tend to generate fake managers after a few weeks in save
  8. Added Part 5 to OP can also be downloaded here - https://www.mediafire.com/file/ilw24hx2u07miv6/PART+5+-+FM21+Complete+Pyramids+by+Weiry.zip/file Just a small update fixing all the nations that were incompatible with the latest FM update I also added 5 new nations taking total to 155. They are: Ghana (2 Levels) Mayotte (2 Levels) Senegal (2 Levels) Saudi Arabia (3 Levels) UAE (3 Levels)
  9. The issues have occurred due to the latest update and will be fixed shortly
  10. HR Bangladesh Henry Chindo (23193901) is missing date of birth it is 16/3/1993 Should also be released from his contract He hasn't played in Bangladesh since at least 2015 Also it looks like he has been playing in Turkey for the last few seasons doesn't appear to have a club anymore but this site may help with updating history - https://www.tff.org/Default.aspx?pageId=526&kisiId=1844495
  11. Part 4 is now up for download in the OP or can be downloaded here - https://www.mediafire.com/file/p1aa6kdlsl3l0rn/PART+4+Complete+Pyramids+by+Weiry.zip/file Includes another 55 nations + updated Malta file (thanks to @Monsfor helping me get more realistic) Leagues available in Part 4 are: I am going to take a break from editing and this project now. Upon the release of FM21 I wanted to dedicate my time of playing FM instead to the editor and to continue building this "Complete Pyramid" project that I started last year. I gave myself 20 days to get as much files done as possible. It has been 22 days now and I've gotten 150 nations done (last year I did 107 throughout the whole year!) Thanks to everyone that has used/is using my files as well as helped out with the research side of things. I know not everything is perfect and there is some things that can be improved upon but right now I am happy with what has been achieved. I'll hopefully get back to editing and continue to add to the collection soon but right now it is time to play the game (first I need to work out where I'm going to manage )
  12. This has happened to me with my Nicaragua file. Did you manage to fix it? or is this a known bug? 3/3 levels verify, editor test runs smoothly for 20 years but still can't select the nation to make it playable. _nic2.fmf
  13. The goal of this project has always been to create the entire pyramid of each nation (that is at least researchable) and almost all the nations you've listed here have quite extensive pyramids that would take a few days to build (adding all the clubs that are missing from the base game, stadiums and making sure structure is right etc) Of course I could just add down to a certain level and call it a day but those type of files already exist and I try to do something different and if you're really missing those leagues then check the steam workshop most of them are probably compatible with my files. BTW I'm by no means saying that I'm never going to do those leagues (I'd love to for my own personal use) but it takes time and that goes for any other nations missing from this pack.
  14. In all my time using the editor I have never seen this before: All three league levels verify successfully - I also tested using the editor until 2030 and it is seemingly perfect. I can select the file when I start a new game but when I go to add the nation as playable it is nowhere to be found and when I proceed and try to add it during the save Nicaragua is greyed out. Something to mention - In the part where it lists the Division Levels is says that all the leagues are not verified even though the top right says "3/3 levels verified" and when I try verify again they all say they're verified. The Nicaraguan leagues operate with an opening and closing stage but so does Haiti and I set it up with no issues so this is very odd. So is this a bug or am I overlooking something obvious? _nic2.fmf
  15. I try to get the rules and structure as realistic as possible. Obviously I'm not an expert on every league in the world so if you spot any inaccuracies then send me a message and I'll make the necessary amendments. Yellow card rules are difficult to find so most are just 5, 10, 15... I also add all the missing clubs to the database ensuring that all divisions have the correct clubs in them from the most recent season. As for continental competitions, I might do them but first I'd like to get the majority of nations done.
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