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  1. Will try. Would be great to have a reliable AR for that country, though.
  2. Added ca 20 players now. Will be checked again in the future. That will be done during summer to assure the most accurate and updated data. Weiss's issues will be dealt with as soon as possible.
  3. OK, seems that helped, at least for now. During the weekend I'll test, how will it survive creating a new game and saving it
  4. Thank You for the idea. Yes, I use custom graphics. Facepack from Sortitout and logopack from TCM. Worked perfect before the issue happened, no changes in them had been made. After removing from Sports Interactive folder, the problem still persists.
  5. Thanks, it hasn't helped. But in the folder I've found log files, I suppose they might be useful. logi.rar
  6. 1) Yesterday evening I created new game, played few in-game days, everything worked perfect. I saved and left the game. 2) Accidentally I ran the game again, clicking it at the taskbar. As I didn't need it - tried to close it immediately, before the game loaded. First - right-clicking and choosing "close the window", as it didn't work - directly from the Task Manager. Never had any problem with that in the past. 3) I found a new interesting data add-on to test. I've put the file in the editor data, then tried to start the game. No way. 4) The game starts as usual, but when it reaches the loading_wait screen, it stops. The white circle rotates infinitely. I also get two sound signals, similar as with some error message. But no window with error info opens. Nothing more is done in the game, the main screen doesn't load. What I've tried: - removing the new add-on file. Nothing changed (and I haven't expected, as erroneus add-ons usually give problems at later stages, when the save is being created) - verifying the files through the Steam - it resulted with some actualisation of 40 MB, as a result - nothing has changed. - removing the game and reinstalling it. Nothing has changed, the problem still appears. Only idea I have more is to reinstall it in a different folder. Disk format is not considered as a solution. Any ideas what could go wrong, and how could I solve the problem? Thanks in advance!
  7. Indeed. In my DB (AFAIR, the author is altoch, although I can't find it in their forum right now) Veles has B and C teams, although better to say - feeder teams. DYuSSh75 and its reserves, both playing in regular leagues (4th level Moscow and 5th level Moscow) - and it seems it's also in real life like that, as these teams are listened at the rsssf.com in these leagues. The calendar for the feeder teams is somewhat hidden, but you can see their matches entering the league name in the "Matches" section, as well as ticking the B and C team in the filter section - then all the matches are showing up. I agree only, that U-21 calendar for the team is not generated, not sure why - maybe in real life these players are playing for the feeder clubs, as the shortcut mean "Child and Youth Sport School".
  8. Are You sure we speak about the same DB? I've just started a new game and checked. Only cases, when B and C teams appear, is when they indeed play in the lower leagues - either playable ones, or the highest unplayable. In other cases I see only standard U-21 and U-18 teams.
  9. As I'm playing in quite a similar manner: There exists some update for India, although IIRC only till level 2 or 3. For Poland - an excellent update from the local Polish community contains all the structure and clubs till level 9. However only level 6 is playable, as trying to add level 7 results with game crashes, and it seems that at the moment implementing lower levels with real rules and structures is impossible. Russia - Russian community created their update down to level 5. Further extension is not being planned.
  10. Do You have any reliable info on the Uzbek club finances? I agree, that Derdiyok will be earning such a lot of money, but I couldn't find any serious info about Paxtakor's finances as a whole, and I'm not sure, if Derdiyok is paid from the club budget, or just one of the sponsors (either private or government) decided to cover his wages. If I find some confirmed data, I'll try to include it, but in that case I won't be guesstimating, as it might be too far from the reality.
  11. Just to be sure - should the regional leagues be available to choose at the game start, or they are just in the unplayable background?
  12. We're in touch regularly. If I had something more about UZB, KGZ, TKM and TJI, it already would be included in the game. The lower levels info are very partial and as for now I was unable to get the whole structure of them (although I know they exist).
  13. Australia - lower leagues - exists to D13, IIRC Japan - exists to D5 or D6 India - lower leagues - this is probably missing Maldives - exists, of SangueBlu, with all of his files' pros and contras. Sri Lanka - seems Timo already did it. Also files of SangueBlu and Chico exist. Syria - exists of SangueBlu, with note as Maldives Mexico - lower leagues - at least three files exist, of Tonao American Megapack, of SangueBlu and of Chico. Nicaragua - included in the Tonao megapack Trinidad & Tobago - included in the Tonao megapack The choice is just Your preference, whose ones fit You the best
  14. That's strange. Yesterday I've even deleted the Trinidad file, installed the new one, and the problem appeared. Today I've repeated it with the file from today, and it works Anyway, the problem seems to be solved
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