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  1. Thanks for that, but the thing is something more complicated. In theory, all-white kit might be, indeed, an away one. But the problem is, that it has been never used in that season in any official match (I've seen photos from all, or almost all of them). The only real difference between home and away kits used by Neftçi in reality in in shorts (which are either black or white). This has been portrayed in the DB. The all-white could and will be set at the moment only as the 3rd set, to prevent it from being regularly used in the game (as I prefer reality to officiality). If the situation change
  2. The "Kyrgyz Republic" is a long official name, "Kyrgyzstan" is a short one. I see no reason of changing it for long one, as f.e. we use North Korea instead of Democratic People's Republic of Korea or Russia instead of Russian Federation. Even the constitution of Kyrgyzstan uses paralelly both forms, not mentioning official government websites. Also, the United Nations mentions this country among its members with a short name. Therefore the country's name in the game won't be changed, unless we start to use official long names for all countries, EOT.
  3. That's the same stadium, as Banants has changed its name to Urartu. But you're right, the name should be changed too, thanks for spotting that. It's done now.
  4. I'd also like to have it updated (BTW first two divisions means - almost - all clubs). But to update it at a rational basis, a solid AR living in these countries would be required, in other case it will be a very rough guesstimate only. At the moment such ARs are unavailable, but we still work on finding them. Club facilities seem to be the easiest of this pack, and we'll work on it for sure. Youth coaching and recruitment are harder to get.
  5. Eskilstuna data added. As for the NT and club career before - it sounds interesting, but might be not precise. If it was 29 years before from 2018, it would mean 1989, when no Georgian national team existed (first unofficial matches in 1990, official ones from 1992). Unfortunately, Georgian teams (event national team) rarely care about informations about physios and doctors. I have found an interview with him, when he claims, that: between 1990 and 1995 he had worked with Georgia U-16, U-18 and U-19, but gives no exact dates. Might be parallelly all of them, might be separately. From 1995
  6. Indeed. The caps were made up-to-date in players' profiles, but not for records. Thanks! Changed also for ex-USSR Central Asia too.
  7. Nope. He's Kazakh, and is should be transcribed from Kazakh, not Russian, please deal with it. Бақтияр Батыржанұлы Зайнутдинов, this is his real name - even if in Russia he's indeed known as Бактиёр Батыржанович Зайнутдинов. 3) Да. В этом сезону расформирован. Если у Тебя есть потверждение, что с 2021 команда не возобновится в 2 или 3 дивизии Казахстана, так и сделаю его расформированным в базе. На этот момент считаю вполне возможным, что Иртыш возродится с наступающего сезона и из-за етого не хотел терять команду вообще из игры. 8) Что касается Иртыша опять - как предлагае
  8. Yes. Accidentally when the kit colours for 2020 season were set, the text was left as white on a white background and that might be the probable cause of the issue. It's now reported and hopefully will be included in the release. Thanks for pointing that!
  9. We don't provide logos for non-licensed leagues, AFAIK. But I see the possible reason for that all-white logo and will try to change it for the release.
  10. Confirming. He's in the DB, he's in Ararat, he has Armenian nationality added.
  11. But he should have 200, if the Previous Names are properly set in the DB? Or am I wrong, and currently it doesn't work like that?
  12. The purpose is not to have Ilbirs Kant in the previous tables and player careers for years, where Ilbirs Kant didn't exist (but Ilbirs Bishkek did).
  13. I see, what you mean. That's a little complicated, with all thin differences between nationality and citizenship. Even if at the moment he might not have Nigerian passport, if he decides so, in any moment he could have due to his father (losing Ukrainian, probably, though), and play for Nigeria. If we removed Nigeria - he would never could do it in the game, unless moves to the Nigerian league, which is impossible. Of course I realise both solutions are not ideal, and I see here a place for discussion. Anyway thank you for the comment!
  14. How? In D2 there are 18 teams now. 3 get promoted, 1 get relegated. That leaves 14 teams. There comes 1 relegated from D1, and 3 promoted from D3, making it in total 18. In D3 there are 19 teams now. 3 get promoted, that's 16. 3 get relegated from D3, so 13 remain. One comes as relegated from D2 - so 14. And 4 are promoted from D4 (1 from each group), which makes 18 next year in total.
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