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  1. Thanks for the info, will be corrected. On January 3rd there were info about the transfer, that it already has been confirmed, but it seems later the transfer fell down.
  2. Just in case for the future - could it help, if the country is turned off for one year, and then added again? Or the problem will appear again and again in a such case?
  3. Alsancak Yesilova SK is a team from separatist Northern Cyprus, which is not internationally recognised. Therefore clubs from there are not present in the DB, and the players signed by them might be set as NfE in the DB.
  4. Thanks for the info. Must be some bug in the game. In both DBs (sent in September and received lately), it seems it's written correctly (look at the attached screen). Please report it in the bugs thread.
  5. Seems he's got involved in some DoB falsifying group, and that might be a reason of his ban (with no better possibility of making it in FM). https://www.record.pt/futebol/futebol-nacional/detalhe/quinze-suspeitos-de-falsificacao-de-idade-ou-contrafacao-de-documentos
  6. I will provide more info about the structure as soon as it is decided for the new year. At the moment it's impossible to reflect D4 properly, as it's not yet decided, how many groups there will be in D5, and what will be the relegation rules (not mentioning D6...) - that would be known in March
  7. I'm pretty sure there should be soon a lot of good updates at the Russian forum. Maybe not as good as claassen's (as they were perfect!), maybe some of them not as good as for FM18 (due to incompatibility), but still of a very good quality and worth being used.
  8. It seems You are, as you've confirmed the request at the TT as done.
  9. Has been reported to the UAE HR, and confirmed by him to be done. Don't know, why it isn't in the game.
  10. In the next DB IT will be seriously reconsidered, as now it's too late for such changes. But thanks for any suggestions!
  11. I guess that the exclusive licence issues of J-League might be the cause, and if you like to see them in the game, you'll have to wait for a solid add-on made by fans.
  12. And as for Odemis, And that should be reported to the Swiss thread rather, as he plays in Nyon now.
  13. Translating: I was able to use 7th foreign player in the match. In reality the limit is 6 foreign players at once. Russian Premier League.
  14. We'll try to improve it before the final release. It might not be possible, but we'll try Any help is welcome, and I'm sure @Kanwulf will appreciate it.
  15. We have no problem with Georgian language and Georgian league. As for the players You've mentioned, exactly Kvaratskhelia, Kharabadze and Davitashvili are in top 5 of Georgian league players in spite of their potential (Kvaratskhelia and Kharabadze even top 2). Maybe they will develop better than they are rated now, there's always a risk of misrating. Kutsia is also rated quite good in terms of PA. As for the CA, personally I think they are not that bad as for their age. Ever more, Davitashvili and Kvaratskhelia still have played almost nothing against senior players, and seeing them only at the youth background might be misleading. Anyway, I'm not stating that some slight increases are a bad idea, if they keep their play, they would be uprised for sure in the winter DB.
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