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  1. Thanks, fellas! Good to see you, too! Just don't tell my Probation Officer, ok? He gets a little too "friendly" with his nightstick, if you know what I mean.
  2. Uhh...I love managing in Africa...
  3. The supporter's shield is whomever gets the most points, across both the Eastern and Western Conferences. Because REASONS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supporters'_Shield
  4. Folks, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This save continues. However, going forward I will not be cross-posting updates here on FMCU. The 2038 campaign will kick off later today, with all updates over on FtCS, and highlights on Twitter (@FMCheapSeats).
  5. Goose hasn't been properly used internationally, either. Hopefully he can bang in a few goals for us...although I haven't even assessed the squad yet. I found Kitawi by looking through national teams (senior and youth) for talented young players -- he was already a full international when signed. As I recall offhand, I may have first seen him in the youth national teams.
  6. A reading from The Book of Zlatan: There is no end to fraudulence. There is no beginning. Fraudulence can neither be created nor destroyed. Fraudulence can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. The Word of the Zlatan.
  7. Agreed that it is likely too soon for a serious CL challenge. We're not far off from one, unless I do something stupid and transfer list half the squad. Exactly my thought re the national team job. The quality is improving slowly, domestically. But my initial plan is to have a 2nd XI that has a number of promising Georgian youth, even if that means we aren't steamrolling the competition. It won't happen overnight (obviously), but I think that's the direction I need to go.
  8. Fair. I just loved all the random teams we'd play, some of whom -- even after years of playing this game -- I had to Google. And I love having another set of games, so that I can build a proper 22-25 man squad, and rotate meaningfully.
  9. That league table is looking saucy. Great stuff in the Conference League -- I really can't say how much I love playing in it.
  10. December 2037 - Season Review. Just when I thought our focus was going to be exclusively on the final push to claim a Champions League title... I hadn't expected the Georgia position to open up at this juncture. It has been out of my mind. But once it did, there wasn't any doubt. The time is more than right to take over. The question now is how I blend the 2 positions, to most directly address the objectives in front of me. During the Georgian winter break, I plan to assess the domestic talent, to determine who needs to be brought on board at Duruji Kvareli for the purposes of development and re-training, to play our tactics. (I have yet to see what players came though at other Georgian clubs this year.) I can walk and chew gum at the same time. Of course, typically when I'm managing a national side, I can reasonably expect a pool of talented prospects to nurture. The pool in Georgia has not been very deep, thus far. One final comment -- you'll note that I will be using a new tracker going forward. Some of the fields we've been tracking simply aren't interesting at this point. Is anyone truly concerned about which league Duruji Kvareli is playing in, or what position we're predicted to finish in? Likewise, there is little point in continuing to track our facilities, now that they've been maxed out. I'll continue to reference what is happening with our facilities, of course, but we need to make room for the information we'll be tracking with the national team. Goals for 2038: Make a run in the 2037/38 Champions League knockout rounds. Reach the 2038/39 Champions League knockout rounds. Identify promising Georgian youth prospects to sign and develop. Not embarrass ourselves in the 2038 National League. Squad | Erovnuli Liga | Transfers Finances | Income | Expenditure
  11. November/December 2037. The lads are brilliant on Matchday 5 against Hoffenheim, annihilating ze Germans 4-nil on the counter, to ensure that we progress to the Champions League knockout rounds. We close out the 2037 campaign at Kursha Road, hosting Celtic. We are ruthless, putting 4 past the Scotsmen. Precisely the performance we wanted to cap off a brilliant year. 5 wins from 6 in the Group Stage, seeded for the knockout rounds to come.
  12. November 2037 - Georgian Football Federation Headquarters, Tbilisi. Interior. A crowd of reporters mingles amiably, chatting amongst themselves while enjoying the meager snacks that have been laid out. The press conference called by the Federation was due to start 10 minutes ago. Justin Bieber’s latest single, Dance Like You Mean It, blares from an 80’s-era boombox sitting in the corner. Rumors have spread throughout the city. After the resignation of the national team manager, Davit Shubitidze, at the conclusion of yet another unsuccessful World Cup qualifying campaign, many expect that his replacement will be announced today. But nothing is certain with the Federation. Yesterday, they called a press conference to discuss planets. Accordingly, the reporters aren’t sure what to expect. Worst case scenario, they figure, it’s an afternoon of free salty snacks and double-entendres about Uranus. The Federation’s press secretary gathers everyone’s attention when she stops the Bieber, mid-chorus, putting on a new tape. As the first notes to the unmistakable introduction to Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger begin, the assembled reporters perk up at the newfound professionalism on display. This feels different, somehow. Perhaps the afternoon will not be wasted, after all. As the first chorus hits, Zurab Dzagania, the President of the Federation, emerges from behind a curtain, gyrating and thrusting his hips. A one-man Conga line of what he perceives to be pure sensuality. He gamely attempts to mimic Survivor on air guitar, but his technique is lacking. The mark of an amateur. Sensing the awkwardness in the room (not to mention the waves of emotional trauma that witnessing Dzagania’s dancing is bound to induce), the press secretary cuts off the boombox, ignoring Dzagania’s murderous glare. As Dzagania steps to the microphone, Zlatan Ibrahimovic steps from behind the curtain. Audible gasps are heard throughout the room. The football correspondent for Georgia Today scribbles furiously on a notepad, leaning in towards towards another member of the assembled press, for once forgetting to sneer at the hipster “blogger” from Kvareli seating next to him. “Why…why is Zlatan here? Of all people?!” The blogger chuckles warmly. He doesn’t have a clue. “I dunno, Giorgi. Zlatan… He’s just awesome like that.” The correspondent’s mind won’t stop turning, as he considers the possibilities. “Best. Press. Conference. Ever.” The blogger chuckles again. The press conference hasn’t even begun. But he knows why everyone has gathered here today, thanks to a well-placed source at the club he supports. The club from his hometown. The club which has turned the footballing world on its head. “Buckle up, Giorgi. It’s about to get… Tasty.” Giorgi looks over at the blogger, realizing that this isn’t going to be just another diatribe about whatever fancy has caught the Dzagania’s attention. He begins to suspect that there’s something he’s missing. Something is afoot. Something that is, somehow, connected to Ibrahimovic. Could he be…?! No. Ibrahimovic managesthe Lyon U19s. The correspondent stops taking notes. This isn’t a story about Ibrahimovic. No. Something more is happening. The words pour from Dzagania’s mouth. An endless stream of platitudes, punctuated by impromptu karate to emphasize certain points, seemingly at random. All overseen by the serious look on Ibrahimovic’s face. An echo begins to ring in the correspondent’s ears, as Dzagania’s voice rises, an urgency taking hold, the sweat cascading down his face as his karate kicks reach ever higher, much to the approval of Ibrahimovic. At a glance from Dzagania, the press secretary puts another tape in the boombox, pressing play. The music is unmistakable. The correspondent cannot help but rise from his seat, swaying in time with the beat as John Parr’s sultry voice begins to croon the opening lyrics to St. Elmo’s Fire. The curtain parts as the chorus hits, to reveal none other than Giorgi Amirani, the man who in 16 years has taken Duruji Kvareli from the backwaters of Georgian football to the heights of Europe. The man now tasked with leading the Georgian national team towards a new horizon, underneath the blazing sky. Where the eagle’s flying, higher and higher. For nearly 16 years in-game, the focus in this save has been exclusively on Duruji Kvareli. Taking the club to the Erovnuli Liga. Achieving domestic dominance. And working towards establishing Duruji Kvareli as a force in Europe. But there has always been a second element to this save. Arguably, a much more challenging element. Taking over the Georgian national team, and bringing the Crusaders to glory. The first time the position opened up, in 2029, the Georgian Football Federation determined that Amirani was not the man for the job. This time, they did not hesitate. Shubitidze resigned on November 16, 2037. Six days later, the Federation approached Amirani. After finishing 3rd in our World Cup qualifying group, Georgia are ranked 77th in the world, alongside the likes of Kenya, Jamaica and Israel. Truth be told, Shubitidze did well. Georgia had a rough end to the qualifying campaign, but managed to reach the 2036 Euros. They have also done well in the Nations League, finishing 2nd in their Group during the 2036/37 Nations League B. Our mission is to take the next step. To take Georgia as far as we possibly can. This means that our focus will necessarily need to split in two. Conquering Europe with Duruji Kvareli, while also building up the national team. There are a number of familiar faces in the squad, including current Duruji Kvareli players Vasil Kantaria and Irakli Kurashvili. Amirani will also be reunited with Levan "Goose" Akhobadze, a Duruji Kvareli legend. Other former Duruji Kvareli players include Manuchar Kurashvili, Luis Lorente, Erekle Jibuti, Giorgi Rotiashvili, Murman Akhalaia, Besik Chichinadze, Davit Abulashvili and Davit Gogitidze. To take this squad to the next level, we will need reinforcements. To date, my recruitment efforts at Duruji Kvareli have been focused on securing the brightest possible talent, with little concern for a player's nationality. Now, we need to make sure that we sign and nurture the best young talent in Georgia. Retraining players will be necessary, since we will be playing my Nagelsmann-inspired PM Haaienmes, PM Haaienhamer and PM Haaientand, which are collectively detailed in Those Who Do Not Move, Do Not Notice Their Chains and The Dirty Half-Dozen. One final note, before we push on. Although I'm not writing a narrative in this save, I couldn't resist. The Zlatan has not been willing to join the revolution at Duruji Kvareli, but he has agreed to take over as my Assistant Manager with the Georgian national team. It has been a long time coming. 16 years, in-game. But I couldn't be more excited to enter this new phase of the save.
  13. November 2037. We take Dinamo apart on Matchday 4, a 2-nil win ensuring their elimination from Europe. At one point, they were the Eastern European giants we longed to be. Now, we're the two biggest Eastern European clubs in the modern game. We've eclipsed them indirectly, in the coefficient rankings. And now we've taken them down, head-to-head.
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