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  1. They can make me do it, but they can't make me do it with dignity. Stade Rennais March 2075 Mini-Update That wasn't quite in the script, but I'll take it. Compete dominance at home in the 1st leg, with virtually nothing to show for it...followed by a solid defensive performance, in a European tie away from home? We haven't seen much of that this year. Like I said, I'll take it. As it stands, the Belgians are the only thing between us and a European semifinal. We've also got 8 matches to gain an edge on Dijon...who we'll host in early May on matchday 35. Dijon have won 11 straight Ligue 1 titles. We're the last team to bring it home, back in 2061/62, what was at the time our 9th title in 11 years. The usurpers must go down. Hard.
  2. Young man, there's no need to feel down... I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground... Stade Rennais February 2075 Mini-Update Relegated to the Europa League, we need to make the most of it... A run to the final would do our coefficient (and confidence) a world of good. Up first? Young Boys at the Wankdorf. Once the juvenile jokes had run their natural course, I realized something about my squad selection. I'm afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, if you will, so early in the second half I was afraid I had something of a mess on my hands. I told Kononenko to stop effectively hiding his thunder, and with deep, deep concentration and great focus, he'd be able to achieve an erec... Errr....find the man inside himself...his own Leather Daddy. And now we'll see if some sparks fly... ALL HAIL DOROTHY!!! Hey...WHERE THE **** ARE MY HARD-BOILED EGGS?! This post has been brought to you by Dr. Tobias Fünke.
  3. I don't have a girlfriend. But, I do know a woman who'd be pissed if she heard me say that. Stade Rennais December 2074 Mini-Update Les Rouges et Noirs are doing their best Jekyll & Hyde impersonation. We're on form (generally) in Ligue 1, and have beaten Dijon twice this year. On the other hand, our European form has been...what one might charitably describe as "inconsistent." I shouldn't have laughed at the Austrians. Buggers showed up with a point to prove on matchday 1, securing a draw. Those dropped points would prove costly. At home, we were indomitable -- with 3 massive wins, including a 5-1 drubbing of West Ham. But our away form was dire, including a 1-5 reverse in London. Leaving us 3 points clear of Inter on matchday 6...heading to Milan. They raced out to a 4-0 lead, taking the head-to-head advantage, which meant we had to press for a goal. Oh, we got one. Problem being, they got another 3. Buried, 7-1. Possibly the biggest loss of my career, as we crash out of the Champions League. Perhaps we were too aggressive, but at least we went down in a blaze of glory. Yeah, I just started singing the song, too. Bon Jovi, you ****ing genius. "Shot dowwwwnnnnn...." Into the Europa League we go. We have to be one of the favorites. Up first? A trip to the Wankdorf in Bern.
  4. 99 pages of nonsense on the board, 99 pages of nonsense... You take some meth, write some more...100 pages of nonsense on the board... To prove we're back...here's the Champions League draw we just pulled. Brutal group. West Ham have been one of the top clubs in Europe for ages, having won 11 of the last 15 PL titles. Inter are a tycoon-fueled beast, having won 3 of the last 4 Serie A titles behind the talents of mustachioed Walter Jofre and Ivorian Brice Kone. The poor Austrians...
  5. I'm going to get a session in today, so progress is coming. Between work and family stuff, I haven't had much time the past few weeks. The save must go on!
  6. If only they'd had Parfait to come off the bench for a late equalizer against Italy...
  7. Indeed! It would have been a long four years with the Ivorians... Lots of wins, but kind of stale. I've been working and what little time I've had to play FM has been instead spent on EUIV... This save isn't done, though
  8. Loving the introduction and premise... '58 twas a glorious year! Shame it ended in such tragedy, though...
  9. My name is Zdeněk, and I am Zeman for ze job.

    I love it all, especially the facegen and Swedish start.
  10. Got to love this...Liverpool is now a League One side, while Alessandria is in Serie A. Up is down, left is right... A related fun fact...Alessandria's manager was on Telleus' staff at Fenerbahce, having been signed to manage the U19s more than 20 years ago:
  11. Thanks, man -- they were as strong as any side I've had at a World Cup final, that's for sure. 8 years of fun
  12. As I've said before, this save has been an incredible read from start to finish. Top quality, all around, with a level of detail far beyond what you'd normally see! Will be looking for your 18 save!
  13. Thanks, man. The Ivory Coast was easily one of the highlights of this save!