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  1. ManUtd1

    [FM15] Ur Gourdoner Melldroad

    I'm looking my time at Nantes, even if I've been swamped over the last week or so and unable to play. Followed. Good luck!
  2. As good as Kirienko is...this offer is insane. And I've got youth to promote. I may push 31 year-old Corulo out the door, too...he's immense, with United, Sampdoria and Monaco sniffing around... But if we're going to push youth forward...there are no half-measures. [Edit: A bit surprised to not have a mutiny after his departure...]
  3. This is outstanding. They won promotion from the Segunda B in 2041.
  4. For a world class keeper, no less. One I'd originally brought to Gladbach, and then signed for the Italians. Sorry not sorry, Cristiano...
  5. Iker has gone off the rails. Something about his trip to Portugal didn't go well. When Zlatan pressed him for details, Iker became evasive and just mumbled something about how Louis was very angry, dissatisfied, and waggled his bollocks at him while refusing to pay for "delivery." Now, on the eve of our big match against hosts Belgium, Iker is distracted. Talking about starting a new business. Something with less risk. Zlatan is convinced that Iker's girlfriend has him trafficking women across the Continent. While I see where he's coming from, I can't believe that of our San Iker, no matter how despondent he has been at times since Sara left him for De Gea. Nevertheless, I authorized Zlatan to snoop around on his laptop, just to see if there was anything to be found. So, while Iker was out this morning, Zlatan did just that. "The Zlatan thinks we're good, Boss." "You didn't find anything?" "Nothing about van Gaal or the women, no. But the Zlatan does think that Iker is planning to start a new, wholesome business." "He's leaving us, leaving football?" "Maybe, Boss. Maybe." "What makes you say that?" "Well, his search history was very clear about it, Boss. It's going to be some Asian bakery of some kind." "I don't understand." "Lots of searches for 'Asian' and 'cream pies,' Boss." "I... Just... Let's give Iker some space, yeah?" "All this thinking about pastry... The Zlatan could go for an eclair, Boss. Do you want the Zlatan to bring you anything?"
  6. The Euros have barely kicked off, and our summer transfer business is all but done with 5 confirmed signings. Bremmer was not planned, but once my DOF (none other than Cesc Fabregas) alerted us to the fact that he'd requested a transfer in search of more playing time...we jumped all over that.
  7. So...Casado, my 29 year-old backup shadow striker, demanded a move to United. I said, ok...if they pay us $104M. And he was perfectly happy with that. Frankly, I'd be over the ****ing moon to get that much for him... (The fact that Nantes bought him from City only makes it more sweet. )
  8. You're no messiah. You're a movie of the week. You're a ****ing t-shirt, at best. Netherlands Squad Review, June 2044 Belgium 2044 is imminent, so we need to take a look through the Dutch squad and see where we stand in preparations both for this tournament and the World Cup in 2 years' time. I do not have a lot of time, so this will be quick. We are NOT playing the overload tactics at this point -- just the standard Drakens Blod and Grapefrukt Diarre tactics. Without any further ado, here's the squad... Goalkeepers In goal, Leurink is the starter, just pipping youngster Kok to the spot. Jonker is a very capable backup. We're set here for 2046. Defenders My starting centerbacks are Moonen, van der Meulen and van der Wal, with Oppong and Nnamani on the flanks. The 2nd XI are Merrelaar, Stockentree and Ziljer in the middle, with Visser and de Koning out wide. Stockentree, Merrelaar and Moonen are my only concerns in terms of age...their roster spots at the World Cup will depend on whether they start to decline -- or someone else rises up -- before the World Cup. Central Midfielders Leeds standout Wehrmann and Steinmann will start in the midfield, with Toet and Schaap in the 2nd XI. Very solid here, with Schaap's age the only possible concern for the World Cup. Attacking Midfielders Up top, Muhren is the shadow striker, with Setiawan on the left and Broekhuizen on the right. Rutten and Kloos are very solid backups, van Delft...less so. Van Delft likely won't be at the World Cup...he's 31 now and just not good enough. Setiawan and Muhren will be 32...if they start to lose pace, it could be a problem. Final Thoughts This squad is very good, no question. Not as good as the Portugal and Croatia squads I had previously...but... We should be more than competitive, and are capable of making a solid run. The big question mark for me is who will decline over the next 2 years, and who from outside the squad will develop to the point that they're worthy of going to the World Cup.
  9. Time for the annual jaunt around Europe...before we take a look at the Dutch squad and head to the Euros. Messi's Leeds United claimed the title in England, with 103 points. Kostas Tsamouris' Gladbach won the Bundesliga. Eddie Howe's Real Madrid did their usual thing, running away with La Liga. Ronaldo's Sampdoritos continued their reign of terror in Serie A, wihle Angel Correa's Partizan did the same. Henkinet's Club Brugge won their 3rd straight Belgian title. Jordan Ayew's Shakhtar did Shakhtar things. AEK claimed the Greek title, their first in 9 years. And in Sweden, Örgryte seem to be building towards a dynasty of sorts...2 straight Allsvenskan titles and leading as we near the midpoint this year. Finally, Leicester City won their 4th Europa League title without a manager, with that void subsequently filled by Partizan's Angel Correa.
  10. He's a nut-bag! Just because the ****er's got a library card doesn't make him Yoda! Nantes / Netherlands -- 2043/44 Season Review The best start to life in Nantes that we could have realistically asked for. A domestic clean sweep, all 4 titles. The deadliest attack in Ligue 1, with the 3rd stingiest defense. Our sights are now set higher...some older players must move on. We have youth to promote. Casillas claims to be on the verge of a big-money deal...something illicit, he won't tell me what. That good-for-nothing girlfriend of his is involved, I'm sure. Some get-rich-quick scheme. I could have sworn I saw him talking to Louis van Gaal the other day, and now he's claiming that they have to drive down to the Algarve for some reason. We've got the Euros in a few weeks time, Iker. By all means, drive to ****ing Portugal. Goals for 2044/45: Make a run at Euro 2044. Defend our Ligue 1 title. Make a run in the Champions League. Squad|League Overview|Finances Overview|Income Detail|Expenditures Detail|Transfers Ligue 1 Fixtures (1)|Ligue 1 Fixtures (2)|CdF Fixtures|CdL Fixtures|Champions League Fixtures Champions League Review Another Roses Derby in the Champions League final, this time in Cardiff. Mukiele's United versus Messi's Leeds...and for the 2nd year in a row, Leeds came out on top. Dirty, Dirty Leeds are singing a new tune, yeah?! With Bordeaux reaching the semifinals...could we have another emerging team in France?! Challenge Overview
  11. An emphatic win on matchday 37 seals the Ligue 1 title...the last game to be played at Stade de la Beaujoire before our move to the Jose Arribas. The club's centenary season, ending in style...their first league title in 43 years. And over the course of the final weeks, Poutain-SG is the one who stumbled...not Les Canaris. Tactically, we can improve...we are too wasteful in front of goal. But we nevertheless will finish as the top scoring side, with 90 goals to our name...32 against, the 3rd best defense behind the Parisians and Marseille. Not a bad first year back in France...but we are hungry for more.
  12. Having helped right the ship in France, Zlatan is back to Amsterdam to work with Iker. Belgium 2044 is right around the corner.
  13. First match back from the international break. 20 minutes before kickoff, Zlatan wrestled a wolf in the locker room. Suffice to say the lads were motivated.
  14. Two straightforward wins with the Dutch...the plane back to France is a bit surreal, as I watch Zlatan prepare to confront the squad. There's a lot of cursing and martial arts involved, it seems.