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  1. Almost forgot to glance around Europe really quickly...kind of a boring year...and I'm already into the Euros. United... Inter... PSG... Madrid... Partizan... Olympiacos... Hammarby... The only 'surprise' winner was Gent. In the Europa League, the Smurfs outlasted Dortmund on penalties.
  2. Borussia Mönchengladbach / Croatia -- Croatian Squad Review, June 2032 2 years from the last World Cup, and we've seen some changeover. Some of the players I'd identified as likely members of the 2034 squad have fallen off and been replaced by others...others have stepped in as squad players or into the 1st XI. Per usual, I did not schedule challenging pre-tournament friendlies -- I just wanted to get fitness up a bit and see how we were jelling. We're much better off than we were 2 years ago, no question. At this point, I think 90% of this squad will be on the plane for the World Cup in 2034. Goalkeepers Trbuhovic is still my starter in goal, and continues to feature for City. Kalaica is a more than capable backup. Roguljic replaces Levacic as the third-string, young talent. Again, we are in great for 2034. Defenders The starting CBs are Alvir, Kznar and Brekalo -- the 1st 2 having been in the 2nd XI 2 years ago. Loncaric, Zivkovic and Kramaric are the backup CBs, with the latter 2 having just dropped into that role. Nemanic and Pavicic are the starting wingbacks, with Bagaric and Gluic as their backups. So good all around. Ready for 2034. Central Midfielders Midfield...2 years ago I was really frustrated by this group. Mitrecic and Peric remain from that squad and will start. Brcic and Smoljan have come into the squad and are sharp -- they'll push for starting roles in 2 years. Attacking Midfielders Up top, we've got Janjis flanked by Antic and Mocinic (who replaced Matic in the 1st XI). This is an exciting group, no question. In the 2nd XI, we've got Sutalo flanked by Matic and Juric. Final Thoughts This squad is definitely better than what we went to the World Cup with, 2 years ago. Tons of talent. Lots of promising youth. We should make a run here at England 2032.
  3. I'll just leave this here for @oriole01...this means that Dortmund sneak in, despite having finished 5th in the Bundesliga (and losing the Europa League final on penalties to the Smurfs).
  4. No question...usually that's the least of my concerns in Europe. Regardless, it was a great run. We should be set for greatness here...I'll do a full squad review after the Euros.
  5. Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep. Borussia Mönchengladbach / Croatia -- 2031/32 Season Review A year of progress. We didn't set the world on fire, but we improved our position in the Bundesliga and romped around on the continent for a bit, almost reaching the Europa League finals. This young team is coming together and bound for greater things. Drake has been acting strange lately. I'm not sure if it is the diet Ilse put him on (I don't care what anyone says, 15 grapefruit per day is excessive), or if something else is bothering him. His insistence on sleeping during the day is certainly challenging in various respects. Although, when is forced to go outside during the day he insists on wearing ridiculous, wrap-around sunglasses...we've taken to calling him 'Bono' which he doesn't appreciate. Apparently, Ilse is adamant that U2 and all things Bonocore are "reflections of Nalt" which we assume is bad. She loses her **** when we call him Bono, so obviously we do it all the time now. Fortunately she isn't joining us in England for the Euros...big tournament for Croatia as we build towards the World Cup in 2 years' time. Goals for 2032/33: Make a run at Euro 2032. Reach the Champions League knockout rounds. Squad|League Overview|Finances Overview|Income Detail|Expenditures Detail|Transfers Bundesliga Fixtures (1)|Bundesliga Fixtures (2)|DFB-Pokal Fixtures|Europa League Fixtures Champions League Review What a boring final...Deschamps' Barcelona vs. Mourinho's United. While there was some delicious joy to be found in Barcelona eliminating Messi's Partizan in the semifinals...I can't help but feel meh about this year's edition. Especially with Mourinho claiming his 4th Champions League at United. Nice realism, SI... Challenge Overview
  6. Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep. Borussia Mönchengladbach / Croatia -- May 2032 The mother****ing Smurfs. We did the business in their ****hole of a stadium, and snatched an early goal in the 2nd leg to give ourselves the advantage on aggregate...only to not put another shot on frame all night. Utterly unacceptable. We're out. But we've learned much about ourselves this campaign...we have every reason for confidence going forward...even if we'll take things up a notch next year, having qualified for the Champions League.
  7. Why can't I just eat my waffle? Borussia Mönchengladbach / Croatia -- April 2032 While we may have crumbled under the pressure in Sevilla, we stood tall back in Germany. A strong start, and clutch finishing at the end. Sevilla were their own worst enemies and we capitalized on what they gave us. We cannot hope for such generosity in the semifinals... We draw the Smurfs.
  8. ManUtd1

    Serenading Sofia - The Final Attempt

    You can definitely pull this off, especially if Dortmund give you a little bit of help.
  9. Why can't I just eat my waffle? Borussia Mönchengladbach / Croatia -- March 2032 Utter dominance in two meaningless friendlies, as we look towards England 2032. The "Football is Coming Home" memes are beyond out of control at this point. A solid year, as we inch closer to a Champions League place -- 7 points clear of 5th with 7 matches to play. We're a young side with tremendous potential. This is only the beginning.
  10. Kidding aside, you're making me miss managing in Turkey.
  11. Somewhere in the Algarve, there's an erect, elderly Dutchman.