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  1. Tremendous run of form! Sekyere is a beast.
  2. Thanks! These 4 are definitely right at the top of my list! Hey, thanks! Reims is in Ligue 2 which is very intriguing... Especially since Messi is going to be down there with Saint-Etienne... But at the same time it might be too early to go back to France.
  3. Meanwhile, fresh off of his sacking at Barcelona for dragging them into a mid-season relegation scare, the Midget Beast is taking Saint-Etienne into the relegation playoffs against Angers... And losing the first leg at home, 3-1.
  4. This is delicious. City had finished in the bottom half 3 out of the last 4 years, 16th in 2048/49. So, this was coming...
  5. No kidding... Posting screenshots is awful right now. After the World Cup, I may take a brief hiatus while the keyboard gets fixed. I've got some ideas about where I want to go next, at least...
  6. Doughnuts?! I told you I don't like ethnic food. Celta Vigo / Belgium -- 2049/50 Season Review It seems like yesterday when we rocked up in Galicia, full of coffee, jelly beans and RedBull. But our task here is complete. Real Madrid have been taken down a peg, the Champions League is ours, and the donations have been laid for sustained, long-term success. Our work here is done. Well, almost done. Zlatan is giving the basement a heavy wipe-down to remove any lingering evidence of Taylor Twellman's...ehhh...residence. He'd better finish quickly, because we're off to Belgium for our final preparations. Argentina 2050 is imminent. Goals for 2050/51: Wait for the "right" club job to open up. Challenge for the World Cup title. (Again, I apologize for the lack of quality screenshots. A bare handful of phone pics will have to suffice until my keyboard is working again.) Champions League Review This is documented above. Celta complete their quest, while Mukiele solidifies his reputation as a specialist in Champions League failure. 0 for 5, Nordi. 0 for 5. Challenge Overview
  7. Champions League Final, May 2050; Ataturk Stadium On paper, this was going to be a big ask. Monaco have more experience, more titles to their name, more... Whatever. None of it matters. We play in our counter-attacking setup, looking to contain their attack and hit them in transition... And Mukiele's lads go down hard. 5 finals, 5 losses for Mukiele. 3 of them at my hands. **** it, Nordy. I'm your hat daddy now. Given the issues with my laptop, I've given Jamie and Gary the evening off and am stuck with subpar screenshots. Never fear, Gar-Bear, Jamie-lad and excessive screenshots will return in due course.
  8. iMario, First of His Name, definitely has a place in the FMCU Pantheon of Gods, next to urCristiano, The Midget Beast, theZlatan and ourAjax.
  9. For twenty years, Madrid have dominated Spain. The last two years we've been positioned to dethrone them, but fell short in the final stages. This year, Madrid blinked, losing away to Sevilla and Barcelona on matchdays 36 and 37, handing us the title. But that's not enough. We've got a Champions League final to play. A chance for immortality.
  10. After a disappointing 2-nil reverse in Yorkshire, we needed a massive result at home. Zlatan was stalking the sideline all night, per usual, urging the lads forward with each suggestive thrust of his hips, his three-piece suit lying in tatters all around him, much to the dismay of the fourth official. We'll face Nordi Mukiele's Monaco in the final... The man who led Manchester United to 4 straight finals from 2043-46... Losing all 4, including losses to my Leeds and Nantes sides. Can we make it 0 for 5, for ol' Nordi? (Really need to get my keyboard fixed (see above) so I can take proper screenshots, and avoid these craptastic pics... Ugh.)
  11. I hadn't thought about it that way... Speaking of psychological harm, my laptop is acting up. The keyboard won't work, the battery is acting funny... But otherwise everything works great. It's still on warranty so I'm looking into getting it fixed ASAP. I can play for now, but cannot post screenshots. So... Yeah. We'll see how this plays out.
  12. I literally did this last night. Soup snakes.
  13. The World Cup kicks off in less than 3 months. I feel the way bank robbers must feel before they go out on that last, big job...you know, the one where they all get killed. That is to say, I'm feeling optimistic... Yeah, we watched Heat last night. Epic stuff. Got the blood pumping. I'm basically De Niro, for all intents and purposes. Zlatan thinks he's Val Kilmer, but that's only because he wants to **** Ashley Judd. Drake? He's the Irish Danny Trejo, clearly.
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