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  1. Thanks, guys! It's the save that never goes on and on my friends! It's the save ... that ... neeeevveeer ennnndds!!! Not quite incommunicado yet, but my laptop is thousands of miles away...calling to me...
  2. At the airport. Didn't get through the CL draw, but spent a fair amount of time bargaining for Scottish talent and getting the squad sorted. I'll be ready to roll once I get back next Sunday.
  3. Brilliant start -- can't wait to see where this goes!
  4. Hahaha thanks, guys! I hope to get some substantive update in least through the Champions League draw. We'll see!
  5. I would have put Gustav in as a coach, but there seems to be a minimum age of 23...and I didn't want to wait 8 years to introduce him properly! I did add this in! They're: Biologically, 1/2 Swedish through Hakan (thanks to Apples obtaining legal rights to Hakan's "guys" in the divorce) Biologically, 1/2 English through Emma Granted Italian citizenship through Apples, their adopted mother Granted French citizenship for having been born and resided primarily at the chateau outside of Saint-Etienne all of their lives While that may make zero sense in the current political environment, the world is far more tolerant in 2051.
  6. Hakan has been making offhand comments for years! They turned 15 last spring, and will continue their footballing education with Monaco's U19s. Linus has always been the better player. Gustav is more cerebral, destined to become a coach if Hakan has anything to say about it...although my coaching staff seem to be rather impressed with him...trying to suck up to the new boss, no doubt. I've had this in mind pretty much since Apples left Hakan for Emma. [Yes -- I used the in-game editor to change their names/birthdates of two kids in Monaco's U19s, and set a relationship status with Hakan and each other. No further edits of any kind.]
  7. I haven't felt that good since Archie Gemmill scored against Holland in 1978! Monaco / Scotland Brief Interlude While the Hakan Telleus era at Monaco has officially begun, I'm off for vacation first thing tomorrow with no laptop access for over a week...and no internet access beginning Saturday. I'm hoping to make a little progress tonight, but substantive updates are likely not going to happen for 7-10 days. I'm excited about Monaco (more so than I expected), since I think it makes some sense in the narrative -- both re Hakan's personal life and to really push the Scotland national team forward.
  8. Good luck, man! Rijeka should be a good matchup.
  9. Good luck!
  10. Thank you, Thomas. That Bob guy wasn't working out. I mean, his sheer incompetence. Thanks to him, the press is out there talking about West Ham being eliminated from FA Cup last Spring...shortly before we won the ****ing Champions League! I would say to him, "Bob, you've got to control the narrative." He just didn't "get it." This story is the perfect example of his ... you know what? Nevermind. I'm done talking about him. It's in the past. Glad to have you aboard, Thomas. Care for a Fresca?