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  1. The option to start learning a foreign language with a view to becoming manager of a team in a country that speaks that language - like Conte learning English with a view to getting a job in the Premier League before becoming Chelsea manager.
  2. Celtic's Andrew Gutman should be at Cincinnati on loan until 31/12/20, not 31/12/19.
  3. Guilty as charged! Some local geography knowledge certainly helped but I definitely spent a lot of time on Google Maps Good luck with the challenge!
  4. Darren O'Dea is still at East Kilbride. He was appointed Celtic U18s Manager on 15th September.
  5. Southampton's Stuart Armstrong should have Inverness, Scotland listed as birthplace - not Invercargill, New Zealand.
  6. Stuart Armstrong has Invercargill, New Zealand listed as birthplace instead of Inverness, Scotland.
  7. Hi, In the holiday pop-up window, it would be great to be able to set team selection guidelines for your assistant manager in the same way as you can when asking him to 'Quick Pick' the team in the Squad page. Now you can only choose to play with the selected tactic or selected team, but being able to add in things like condition/fitness, minutes played in last match etc. - like you already can in Quick Pick - would save on having to return from holiday every match to rotate effectively.
  8. Some amazing team names in that league Are Strykers II your B team? Weird that they're in the same league.
  9. Enjoying following this, kutgw! How do you set up tactically?
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