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  1. The option to start learning a foreign language with a view to becoming manager of a team in a country that speaks that language - like Conte learning English with a view to getting a job in the Premier League before becoming Chelsea manager.
  2. Guilty as charged! Some local geography knowledge certainly helped but I definitely spent a lot of time on Google Maps Good luck with the challenge!
  3. The problem isn't with it defaulting to EoS/SoS, rather that it doesn't go down to Juniors already at the point of manually selecting. When I had this problem I hadn't deleted the previous version of the file until after Steam/FM were already open. Make sure the old one is deleted, and close everything and start up again. Anyway, it's some power of work @Morrissey, thank you!
  4. Had done both of these and no joy. Try again a few hours later and no problem at all... Classic FM!
  5. Holy **** man, what a season! Hope you can finish it off, the suspense is killing us!
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