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  1. August 2027. Life's a laugh when you're sitting on top of the table. We are not perfect. We are fallible. Yet we continue to march onwards towards possible promotion, playing silky, saucy football. The media have ben aflutter about possible attempts to sign me away -- the first major one comes in from Meshakhte. Tempting, insofar as they play in a massive, crumbling concrete cauldron that pays homage to an era long since passed. It is an easy "no," though, thanks to their seemingly inevitable relegation from Liga 3 -- they sit 15th and have a uniquely awful squad. But the rumors persist, as other managers are given the dreaded vote of confidence. As much joy as I've found here at Gldani, the question remains whether the ****s at the GFF will tolerate a Tbilisi side rising up to challenge their favored sons. Or if we must march on the capitol (figuratively), from an outside setting. Only time will tell.
  2. I wish I could be mad at Sergi. Truth be told, I'm not even a bit bitter. He performed for me during my tenure at Duruji Kvareli. No one in the back line did. But Sergi? He's good people.
  3. Meant to highlight our other signings -- Saba Goglichidze, Giorgi Metreveli, and Shota Igitkh...Igit...Ig...Isn't going to be playing for me. Suffice to say, my coaches rate Saba and Shota. I don't. Also, my coaches are idiots. These 3 provide much needed depth/coverage in our 18-man first team squad, but that's all.
  4. April 2027. Like Abuli before us, we are taking Liga 4 by storm. We're in form. In stride. Romping to 6 wins from our first 8 matches. Credit in part to Beka Bunturi, a Samgurali academy graduate, signed on a free after his contract with Liga 3 side Machakhela expired. He's performing well, even if the end product isn't quite what it needs to be. With 22 matches to play he has time to come good on that xG.
  5. It is never too late to be what you might have been. 2026 Season Review - Gldani Tbilisi The sweet taste of success lingers in my mouth as the sun rises the morning after our triumph. I can't sleep. The lads have finally made their way home for a well deserved rest. An epic campaign that will forever live in their memories. We have a big task ahead of us. Many of the clubs in Liga 4 are fully professional, whereas our lads have to hold down second jobs to pay the bills...at least, those who don't live with their parents still. Lest anyone think that a repeat of Abuli's title-winning campaign at the first asking is in the cards, they'd best remember that those ****s were fully professional even in the 5th tier, thanks to obscene investment from their owner. That we have the talent to compete in Liga 4, I have no doubt. It's the challenge of competing as semi-professionals that gives me pause. Our primary target is a goal-scoring attacker. We need to be more ruthless.
  6. That, and you can shout "git yer lazy *** the the Hoog, you daft ****" at underperforming players. Which really rolls off the tongue.
  7. A full-blown season review will follow, but this says it all. Especially when contrasted with the 2025 campaign when we couldn't keep a cleansheet to save our lives. Literally and figuratively.
  8. December 2026 -- Georgian Regional League, Group A, Matchday 39. Enguri sit 7th, a remarkable showing following their promotion from the lower leagues. They are no pushover. But we need to seize the moment. Tsilosani takes the initiative with a mazy run and speculative blast in the 11th that finds the back of the net. We aren't playing well. We are tentative. The weight of the moment perhaps resting heavy on our shoulders. The pressure may be getting to Liakhvi as well, who are level despite scoring early in a must-win situation. Kaldani rises to claim our 2nd off a Samadashvili cross after Mchedlishvili played him in behind the lines. We're 30-odd minutes from promotion, regardless of what happens in Gori...and Samadashvili claims his due 10 minutes later. It's 3-nil, as news begins to filter through the ground that Liakhvi have claimed the lead. It matters not. We're going up, lads.
  9. One match. Win or draw and we are promoted. Lose...and we will need some help from Imereti, who travel to Gori to face Liakhvi.
  10. Full credit to the Magharoeli lads, who didn't know the match was over at 6-1. For the second year in a row, this looks poised to come down to the final matchday. And I don't like it.
  11. This is one agent earning his 10 percent. Trying to flog a genuinely terrible kid from the 3rd tier in the Maldives to us, a 5th tier club in Georgia. Got to admire the hustle. And seriously, fellas. Find someone who looks at you the way Mikael looks at Mohamed.
  12. November 2026. 4 matches to play. 3 points back after dropping points away to Algeti and Chkherimela. ****.
  13. The best player in the Class of '26 is a 5'9", 136 pound "wide target forward." Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, I see that incredulous look on your face. I agree.
  14. October 2026. The last time we squared off with Liakhvi in Gori, the ****s drew two reds in quick succession, facilitating a 4-nil rout. We cannot county on their self-immolation this time around. The early stages are ours, but Liakhvi strike first after we fail to clear our lines on a corner. Ghaghanidze draws us level minutes later, hammering a header into the back of the net from 5 yards. The modest crowd senses blood in the water, and when Kobiashvili draws his second yellow in the 41st minute, we know that this is our moment. Or is it? We concede on a set piece shortly after the half. Sloppy. Arrogant. We must be better. Though chances begin to fall our way, we do not take them and only manage to equalize in the 76th, Samadashvili curling one into the top corner. It takes until the 91st minute. Much later than anyone would have liked. But Dzagania smashes one into the back of the net off a neatly-worked free kick. Level on points, with the head-to-head tiebreaker in hand. Top of the table.
  15. October 2026. Liakhvi draw two on the bounce, while we hold serve. Setting up a promotion six-pointer in Tbilisi, as we sit 3 points off the pace. A far cry from last year's debacle. Though the Board had no expectations, it is hard not to think about promotion and what it could mean -- last year's champions, Abuli, sit atop Liga 4. The margins are thin. But only one team can go up. Our key players are all signed on through the end of next year, so this core group can and will remain together -- the only exceptions being Chachibaia in goal (Torpedo won't negotiate an extension just yet) and Mchedlishvil (who has an offer on the table). Tsertsvadze knows we are the side with potential, and has agreed to join us a permanent deal at the end of the campaign. 8 matches to play. We can seize the momentum with a win on Saturday.
  16. September 2026. Two signings over the summer transfer window bolster the midfield -- Giorgi Tsertsvadze and Irakli Melkadze, who step into the 1st XI as our mezzala and BWM. They do the trick, as we begin to steadily turn draws into wins...with additional draws sprinkled in for good measure. With 12 matches to play, we sit 7 points off the top. Unbeaten, with the best defense in the league...but with 15 draws from 27 matches. Promotion is not beyond the realm of possibility if we can be more clinical in the final third.
  17. March/April 2026. After our barnstorming start to the year, we had high hopes. Yet we've only won 1 competitive match. Mind, we've only lost 1, and that was in the Cup. Match after match. We conspire to mediocrity. One draw begets another. Our tactics should be starting to gel...in theory.
  18. February 2026. Our brilliant start to the pre-season continues after the Gareji friendly, with wins over Liga 3 sides Sabutalo-2 and Spaeri, as we sign Giorgi Chachibani from Torpeo on loan...only to lose to Vazisubani. Is that 1 anomaly, or 3...? The real season kicks off next. Time to take care of business, lads.
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