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  1. HawkAussie

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    You are crazy with 10 up front.
  2. The whole English side of the forums right now as I see Ajax winning the league once again.
  3. HawkAussie

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    To be honest, I am relieved that this English meme is now dead because of the lost. But at least they can say that they had a good performance to get to the semi-finals.
  4. Some anime are odder than others and some are just worthy of being gifs. But with so many gifs from the animes that I have watched. It about trying to find the right anime gif for this situation to post with my reaction.
  5. Why does Australia always have to get the tough draws in these World Cups? I called rigged
  6. HawkAussie

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    I didn't believe it before but now I do feel like it might be heading home to England with the trophy.
  7. How is the wiki aspect of the save going at the moment?
  8. Let's party on Roma failing to keep you on and flopping in Serie B.
  9. HawkAussie

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    Talk about banging those goals from the shots like bullets to a gun.
  10. Now if only you could go back in time and start from the beginning in this game. Like 1880s beginning.
  11. Nah, it was a terrible start. It needed to be double digits