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  1. After 10 years with FM, my first career update

    You posted the same message twice
  2. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    Here is the Regionalliga database that I got to get the fourth division as I don't think there is one on the SI editor page. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=795100763&searchtext=Region
  3. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    July 2019 So the start of the season is a shaky start for us as we got off to our worse start in history as we finished up 1-1-1 which is better than I could hope for with our start that we got. First up we defeated Cottbus 5-1 in the opening game of the season after we changed our tactic midmatch to go into a strikerless formation and it worked. I just don't know why I didn't went with this tactic sooner because we then fell 1-4 and 1-1 against the newly promoted team in Kassel. So a little bit of a shaky start for us as we currently ranked in 9th place after three games but its way too early in the season and anything can and probably will happen.
  4. Rise of The Phoenix

    Are you sure you know replaying the matches with that form
  5. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    2019 Pre Season So once again, you can say it was a good window for us I assume with four going in while six went out of our squad and I feel like we continue to strengthen our starting 11. Now I felt we needed a new striker as Felix Brugmann wasn't cutting it for us, so we brought in this striker which has alright finishing and acceleration. His balance isn't good as I want it to be but with him playing as a possible advanced forward for our new tactic. This was to aid our defence and look at that strength and jumping reach with them being in the 15+ range which will be good for us as we did lack jumping in the defence and hopefully he can fill in that space there as we will play him as a defensive centre back. Also look at the height as he is a tall person in there. A player that might not get much game time in this team but more of a backup option in case stuff happens to our main AM players. Now, this player is what I would call a steal as I got him a free agent from Luckenwalde and quite frankly, this person could easily be a beast in the midfield and hopefully could be the signing of the season. A mix pre-season for us as we took on higher ranked teams with the only friendly win being against Grimma which we demolished 4-0. Looking at the first three matches of the season, we have two home games including a game against newly promoted Kassel. Of course, here is the odds for the season and look how high as we hopefully finish higher than 7th.
  6. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    2019 International Starting our journey off in Africa and Senegal took out the title as they defeated Cameroon in penalties to secure Senegal's first title in history. The knockout stage though didn't really see any surprises in it. Australia has taken out the Asian Cup for the second time in a row after they defeated surprise packet Oman in the final as they easily defeated them 5-1 in the final. Jordan was another surprise team in the knockout phase as they made it to the semifinals before falling short to Oman. Also we had the battle of the Koreas so yeah. Brazil has taken out the title in the Copa America after they defeated Argentina 2-0 in the final. Really nothing else can be talked about, unless you talk about the shock Group Stage elimination of Uruguay.
  7. [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    Who is going to be that takes it out.
  8. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    2018/19 Europe We start our journey in England, with Arsenal yet again taking out the title with an almost perfect season in the league with the only blemish being against Chelsea who came in 3rd. West Bromwich is surprising everyone as finished in a Europa League spot yet again while on the other end of the scale we have Norwich, Swansea and Leeds going down. All I can say is basically PSG won yet again while a club I have never heard of finished in 6th. In terms of relegation two of the three teams that got promoted went straight back down with only Stade de Reims being the odd one of the three. Borussia Dortmund took out the title in Germany by nine points over their near rival in Bayern Munich, while Red Bull Leipzig finished in the Champion League spots. Also, our affiliate club also got into the Europa League which is good as Hertha BSC and 1. FC Koln got relegated with the luck not going their way. It was a Juventus title yet again as them and Napoli traded places after Napoli won the title this year. The three Italians team that got relegated was promoted this season so it was a short stay for them. A close run at the top sees Barcelona end up as champions by three points over Real Madrid while the big shock have to be Athletic Club who finished in 10th place. In the Champions League, it was an all English final with Manchester United coming out on top by a single goal over Arsenal and showing why England is so dominant in the Sport Interactive scene and the possible bias to them. All we can see is Chelsea took out the Europa League and Basel doing a wonderful job to get all the way to the Quarter Finals despite the league not being loaded in and also a dream run of Toulouse FC to making this far in the Quarter Finals. Here were the European results and only three teams actually competed in the Group Stage of the Champions League and stayed in with one team (Bayer Leverkusen) qualifying through to the knockout stage. In the other leagues, we had four different winners and three promotions into the top tier with Alaves, Fulham and Middlesbrough all qualifying into the top tier while 1. FC Koln and Leeds United relegated. Other than that not much has changed at all.
  9. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    2018/19 Club That graph in the league positions section really just staggered as we couldn't get the critical wins to have a chance at being promoted. On the other side, our attendance is starting to go up which is always a good factor in a team which is starting to develop into a mid-rank team. I have to say well done to Nick Hallbauer and Christopher Kracun for getting into the overall best eleven as they have been our main players in this team for the past year. Other than that, not much has changed. Again season awards not really much of a challenge with Daniel Becker and Mele Temguia both winning the main awards for the night. For Mele, that will be the last time we will see him win the young player of the season award with him being over 23 now.
  10. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    May 2019 Only the two games for the month and all I can say is thank god that this year is over as we just fell in the second half of the year which will mean I will have to go the drawing board and just see where it did went wrong. Also it might be a wise choice to get some rid of my underperforming players whose contract is running out or won't be going into the side for next year. And here is the final standings for the year and RBL II will be heading to the playoffs (at the time of writing this) as they finished over Jena by seven points. On the other end of the scale, we have Bautzen and Meuselwitz being relegated into the tier below. Special mention to Schonberg who was predicted to finish 16th and to get 6th is a brilliant achievement for the team.