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  1. OMG, Austria as the number one ranked nation in Europe. That is a complete shock.
  2. This career is so close to the first page in most replies on this forum.
  3. How is the international competitions going on with that save as I am thinking that Austria must be doing well on international competitions?
  4. HawkAussie

    [FM19] Sicilian Glory

    Welcome to the forum and this is a good start for season two.
  5. @Makoto Nakamura Here is a visualisation of the world that you have done so far if you want it.
  6. @lynagh But then what is the fun in that as I think Makoto wants to compete in every country and claassen updates haven't done that yet.
  7. Will you get to the end of A before this month is over because its looking like that it might be the case.
  8. Why didn't you just put promotion in place for the Australian leagues (even though we don't have it in RL)
  9. What has happened to Malmo in this save because they did well in the previous edition
  10. Why didn't you modify the cup so that it wouldn't feature 2nd teams in it.
  11. I will laugh if somehow your team wins the Champions League from here.
  12. Not going to steal the youngster when you have the chance.