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  1. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    And here was the youth intake for 2018 with midfielders being the main players for this year.
  2. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    February 2018 This month was an ok month for us as we got the wins that we required against Bautzen and Schonberg but in the game against BFC Dynamo we seemed to struggle as we couldn't break through before Dynamo scored the winner. So we lose yet another point in terms of the gap between us and Red Bull Leipzig II and I feel like we won't be able to reach that 14 point gap that we need to chase down. Of course I can't give up but it's looking less likely that we will get the points needed.
  3. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    Mid-season break So my full transfers for the window and we lost two players to free transfers while we brought in two with Cros and Kracun coming in to basically strengthen our squad. His marking isn't something I would scream about but his acceleration and agility is something I think can help us in the backline. I think just looking at this, I reckon he could go anywhere in the midfield portion with his passing and teamwork being the best qualities for him. I could say that is was a good mid-season break for us but we were shaky against the two teams that were in the same division as us but a win against the other opposition wasn't removed our form. We only hope now that we start chasing down these points.
  4. FM17 - Uni is over, time for a gap year!

    WTF has happened in international football is beyond me.
  5. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    2017/18 Europe update The Champions League didn't really see many surprises with the only main one being that Dortmund finished third in their group and Italy struggling this season with only Juventus making it to the knockouts. The obvious big team that is here has to be Chelsea who will be taking on one of the eligible teams in Partizan while Fenerbahce has Liverpool this round.
  6. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    No wonder they are dominating the league especially with their GK.
  7. #hailthemannotthedog Well Done on finally making to the big time.
  8. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    December 12, 2017 Chapter 11: Trip to the Netherlands As we headed into a mid-season break I needed to reflect on what I was doing wrong as we seem to not be getting the critical wins that define a season which was something that we had during last season. This season, on the other hand, has deemed to be a failure for me with the team being so far behind the leaders. There is one thing that I do have and that is the fact that we were in a similar position to this last year and we got so close if it wasn’t for a few mistakes in the last two games of the season we might have actually got a chance of being promoted. There are a couple of factors that could be led to this problem. For one, Felix Brugmann who was our top goal-scorer last year has seemed to be struggling this year as he is on a big fat ZERO goals from his appearances. Another possible reason is the gap between top and middle is opening not closing as I hoped with the main front runners seeming to be stronger than last year. Which could be a reason why we are struggling with good form and the fact that we have gone with the same tactic could be another factor. Either way, at least a trip to the Netherlands to watch Feyenoord play in the Third Round of the KNVB Cup can at least clear my mind for now until I have come back in January for the transfer window and that is not going to be fun for sure.
  9. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    First coaching badge for me which will be good.
  10. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    November 2017 Ah, a mixed month for our team with the highlight being the domination of Jena 4-1 away from home. But that is where all of the positives lie as we were bad in all of the other three games in games we really should have won. Especially the game against Nordhausen who hasn't got a manager. With a two month break until the next game, I need to work on this tactic to catch up to the leader in Red Bull Leipzig II. With us down to thirteen points gap with thirteen matches to go we really need to get on a good run if we will have any chance of being promoted to 3. Liga. The only question is can anyone stop them as they have hit brilliant form at the right time.
  11. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    There it is. I think that is a hard Brexit.
  12. [FM17] Am I Mad or just Crazy, A Europe Challenge

    October 2017 This month was lot better for our team as we completely dominated the teams except for Red Bull Leipzig (why oh why). Other than that game, I felt like we can defeat these lower ranked teams it's just the higher teams like Leipzig II that need to work on. The battle for the top has a new leader with Cottbus having their first loss of the season while we slowly start climbing back up the ladder as we move to 8th at the half way point of the season. On the other end of the scale, we have Altglienicke who has scored one point (hooray) for the whole season to date.
  13. Yeah, so I usually have my format as DD/MM/YY not that way that he has done it.
  14. Ahh, I just noticed that it is in the MM/DD/YY format which I say is annoying for me.