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  1. That is fine on that point and yeah, this is one that I think many people would be sad to miss. But at least you did enjoy the save and the world that was created and if this doesn't get into a Hall of fame or something similar then I don't know what will
  2. Nooo, why does this save have to end. But well done on making it this far and to be honest I just can't think of the amount of work that it took to get it all of the way to this. Maybe as a little salute maybe share the final stats of this save and maybe a file download if people want to keep playing it.
  3. The Dark Knights Rise - Murciélagos F.C.

    Where is the number to get the officials to be bribed as you are smoking.
  4. Has any of your clubs that you left, won the Club World Cup in the same year as when you left?
  5. Not only that, but just maybe we could see the longest save in terms of years on this save. As 63 years have to be right up there on the list. There could be the possibly that we are seeing a world record in terms of time played.
  6. This thread now has over 1000 posts between this and the second place thread.
  7. [FM17] Friends in Arms - The Ritsmal story

    2016/17 Review So as you can see from this post, I took control of a team called Drukpol which competed in the Bhutan National League and was offered the role with five games of the season and with us being on top of the table. So it sounds like it would be an easy trip to Bhutan and back. Sure enough, it was with us taking out the National League by six points over our nearest rival in Phuentsholing. This is our squad that we have and you can see that we didn't have many in terms of registered players which made me have to use the grey players but hopefully from next season onwards, we should be fine in terms of that.