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  1. That is just another way to call it the Youth Challenge because that is what it is.
  2. You obviously didn't about FIFA cancelling the Confederations Cup after 2097 did you?
  3. Especially with cricket duties in there as well.
  4. How much of a murder did Forest Hill take in those matches.
  5. If you were going to add the Club World Cup, that would mean adding the Brazilian, Argentinean, Ecuador, DR Congo, Moroccan, Japanese and Emirates leagues to the game. It would be more realistic if he did an Asian save than going through that torture.
  6. So one day around November, I wondered what the world will be like if the football world only allowed one team per city instead of having multiple teams in the same city on the FM20 database. That is what I have done with the highest team ranked in that city taking the spot as that city's/town entry for the football world. If a city had multiple teams in the same division then the team that finished higher would be the team that represents the team. So in the database to date, the features are currently: - The top six leagues in England (reduced from 20/22/24 to 18 or 20 teams) - Modified FA Cup format that onlys features the top six divisions - Modified prize-money compared to base game to boost lower ranked teams England One City/One Team For now I have only completed England and depending on interest, I might have the rest of the top 10 leagues + Scotland (as Scotland broke while creating the England database for some strange reason).
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