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  1. I'll add 2 if that's allowed (it is if I've read correctly), so we have a bigger number of players Name: Alexandru Rueda Position: MCR Nation to start playing football in: Romania Country I Vote For: Eritrea - I know it's not winning, just a bit of fun and the second one: Name: Sander Rutjens Position: MCL Nation to start playing football in: Holland (Netherlands) Country I Vote For: (Eritrea again, I guess, not sure if this'll be counted as one or two votes)
  2. [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    The multiple failures were obviously your fault - you simply couldn't go up before. Your first season up had to be 2049/2050
  3. Another amazing season! And top of the AT goals as well
  4. Oh man, completely forgot about this... but glad it's going so well for Viljevac, and may he stay in mediocre clubs like Pachuca and Alaves forever
  5. I'm very pleasantly surprised with my player's success this season :O (lol 2 starts though)
  6. I'm quite happy with the 5th place so far, Viljevac is doing alright - except in the league, 8 in 28... but eh, he's 15. And I hope he'll get some games for Celta's B team next year! Also, how did Zagreb do in the league? Any chance they went up?
  7. Aaaaaaand here I am! (note: I don't own FM17 and the free weekend expired So I can't check if what the clubs are called on the game and if one of the personnel is even on the game) Name - Zdravko Viljevac DOB - 28 July (2001) Nationality - Croatian City Of Birth - Zagreb Starting Club - Zagreb (NK Zagreb, NOT Dinamo) Height - 188 cm Weight - 80 kg Favoured Foot - Right Person data attributes - Max total 100 points from the following: Adaptability 20, Ambition 13, Controversy 6, Loyalty 11, Pressure 4, Professionalism 18, Sportsmanship 16, Temperament 12 Mental data attributes - Max total 175 points from the following: Aggression 8, Anticipation 10, Bravery 10, Composure 17, Concentration 8, Consistency 16, Decisions 6, Determination 19, Dirtiness 3, Flair 15, Important Matches 11, Leadership 3, Movement 6, Positioning 7, Team Work 11, Vision 6, Work Rate 19 Physical data attributes - Max total 110 points from the following: Acceleration 14, Agility 14, Balance 6, Injury Proneness 2, Jumping Reach 12, Natural Fitness 16, Pace 19, Stamina 17, Strength 10 Technical data attributes - Max total 165 points from the following: Corners 7, Crossing 8, Dribbling 16, Finishing 20, First Touch 10, Free Kicks 14, Heading 13, Long Shots 19, Long Throws 6, Marking 3, Passing 9, Penalty Taking 14, Tackling 7, Technique 9, Versatility 10 2 Favoured Clubs - NK Zagreb, NK Lucko 2 Favoured Personnel - Dejan Lovren, Ante Cacic 2 Disliked Clubs - Barcelona, GNK Dinamo Zagreb (no idea what their name is on FM17, it's the Croatian Dinamo club) 2 Disliked Personnel - Igor Stimac, Arsene Wenger (note: if Stimac is not in the game, put Guardiola instead)
  8. Hi there, is there space for another one? It IS still Sunday, but I don't have the time to do everything(or rather, anything, the studying caught up to me) right now If there is space, I'll do everything as soon as I'm home tomorrow.
  9. Free For All Challenge

    Looks interesting, might give it a shot! Am I allowed to play this with FM 2015?
  10. Same question here. (except that my idea is going with a nation ranked as low as possible)
  11. Croatia vs Spain I think bruv. Czech them Turks out too.

    Perišić! :O Our revenge for 2012, maybe?
  12. Croatia vs Spain I think bruv. Czech them Turks out too.

    Oh lord, Subašić is my hero now, saves us from conceding from awful refereeing And also, if that can be a penalty, then the keeper can be off his line as much as he wants...
  13. Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 3

    Sunday 19th June 2016 Romania 2-2 Albania Group A 20:00 Switzerland 1-2 France Group A 20:00 Monday 20th June 2016 Russia 0-1 Wales Group B 20:00 Slovakia 0-0 England Group B 20:00 Tuesday 21st June 2016 Northern Ireland 0-1 Germany Group C 17:00 Ukraine 1-1 Poland Group C 17:00 Croatia 2-2 Spain Group D 20:00 Czech Republic 0-1 Turkey Group D 20:00 Wednesday 22nd June 2016 Hungary 2-1 Portugal Group F 17:00 Iceland 1-0 Austria Group F 17:00 Italy 2-0 Republic of Ireland Group E 20:00 Sweden 1-2 Belgium Group E 20:00
  14. Czech Republic vs Croatia - KO 5pm

    It will inevitably happen again, I'm 100% sure(unless there are changes in our association). But maybe not in this Euro. About your other point, Croatia potentially winning... yeah, not so sure. Today you could see(if you watched) how much we depend on Modrić, so if he's not playing we might be doomed. We can/could come far, but winning might be a bit too far.
  15. Czech Republic vs Croatia - KO 5pm

    As a Croatian, I hate our association and wish all the worst upon Mamić and company - but I support our national team. And I sincerely (read sarcastically) thank all of our wonderful fans who will inevitably get us kicked out and banned from Euro. Cheers guys!