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  1. Mate, you didn't read what I said. I've signed them, I signed over 10 of them, the board just isn't happy because they're not good enough for the first team. I can't invent better Liechtensteiner players. And regarding the other response by @Spurs08, I didn't really want to raise it as a bug because it IS a feature, the Vaduz board, being the only professional Liechtensteiner club, should expect me to try and sign Liechtensteiner players. But I'm thinking I'll actually do it eventually if nothing changes in-game
  2. As the title says, I'm managing Vaduz in Liechtenstein, attempting to see if it's possible to qualify for the Champions League with them. I'm in the 5th season right now, and I have built a relatively good team, winning the Swiss league last season and only being eliminated in the quarter-final of the Conference League, against the eventual champions, by a goal in the 86th minute. However, the board absolutely hates me and my job security never went above B even while doing all this. They insist that I sign Liechtensteiner players and don't let me remove that from the club vision, and even after I've signed about a dozen in the last couple months and there are literally no Liechtensteiner players who could be good enough to even be a backup option who don't absolutely despise me for releasing them earlier, it hasn't changed from ''Devastated''. It's gotten even worse this season, as the board has cancelled every transfer I tried to do which didn't involve a Liechtensteiner player, even when it was a player who is clearly too good for the team and could easily walk into a much stronger side. How do I go around this? Signing a dozen useless players who are just eating away at my wage bill hasn't pleased them at all, because they want better players (AND NONE EXIST), and now they aren't even letting me improve my team, it's like they hate success.
  3. First of all, thank you for the response, I really appreciate both the extremely hard work you put into this database and the fact you're always here to help with issues I let Etafia go to Empoli because he was becoming useless and just complained all the time, and he was still valued at 0 after he went, so yeah, as you said, it's related to him. Secondly, I was intrigued by this so I wanted to look up all the players from this list in the game - I was especially intrigued because I had run into Dragan Tadic before and he actually had a value (of 550, but a value), and he still had it when I checked. I had also previously seen Carlos Edwards and Erik Huseklepp, both valued at 0, and they do seem to be hardcoded for some reason as they were still valued at 0. Actually, all but 3 of the players on your list were valued at 0 in my save as well, so it seems like all of these except the aforementioned Tadic, Diego Villar and Christian Cellay are in fact hardcoded to have a value of 0. I have even less of an idea than you, but it's good to know and to have a list of players I should ''avoid'' long-term (but are really quality short-term signings), hopefully it helps somebody else as well Really interesting stuff overall, the game works in strange ways
  4. Hi, sorry for the double post but I'm not sure if I should submit this here or in the Bugs area - trying here first. Is there some reason this goalkeeper is valued at 0? He is one of the best players at the club, has a release clause to foreign clubs of 11,25 million and his asking price is 10 million - but his value refuses to move from 0. Every player at the club has some sort of value, we're not too small, that's not the problem. The problem is that teams keep unsettling him by bidding 0 (non-negotiable!), and even if I can solve that by telling him I'll let him go when his release clause is matched, his contract only runs for one more season and he refuses to sign a new one because he keeps getting unsettled - which means that I am almost destined to lose him for 0. But he really shouldn't be valued so low.
  5. Thank you very much for the file! When it comes to Croatia, yeah, I'm not surprised - it's a small league, and Slaven Belupo is a small club in that small league, it would've been strange if the researchers actually included their youth team. However, I'm pretty sure you did do that for Croatia, at least to an extent, because some players who I weren't expecting to see are included - the Sharbini brothers for example, I'm not sure about Ahmad, maybe he had made a professional appearance by 2003, but I know for a fact Anas didn't until 2005-06. And of course, people like Vida, Perišić, Rakitić are all included as well And yeah I noticed more examples of the duplicate people later, Hrvoje Čale is both a coach and a player and old man Prosinečki is still managing Bosnia Ok editing again instead of spamming posts - not sure how VAR enabling/disabling works, but it still exists in Europe, I was bit surprised to see my goal disallowed with VAR in ''2004'' :P
  6. Just started a save with Slaven Belupo Thank you for the amazing work mate, this database is perfect... I love it. Well done, seriously, amazing job! Question: do you maybe have a database file, (FMF or XML) with all of the leagues? It's small as I know external tools exist, but I kinda wanted to start with attribute masking disable to explore the database first Also, to not spam posts, I will include this in the edit - Slaven Belupo is slightly confusing. Vedran Purić is the record appearance holder and he's at the club as a coach, which he is in 2020, with his real age, but his career history says that he was at the club in 2003-04, and a duplicate version doesn't exist. So just to ask, does he just not exist on CM03/04 or was there some other reason he didn't get aged down and included?
  7. I usually just read in peace (and I'm really enjoying this career, by the way), I prefer lurking on these forums and occasionally popping in, but this is an issue I have quite often with most games on Steam so I hope I can be of some help. Steam often messes itself up, especially when the game is installed in a folder which isn't the default Steam installation - if that's the case, just go to Steam > Settings > Downloads > Manage Library Folders - if your installation folder is there, confirm, close and restart Steam; if not, add it, confirm, close and restart Steam. If it's still not working, click to ''install'' the game again, it will do something like locating existing files and the installation will be done within minutes as it'll realise the game is there again. This worked for me every time, hopefully it does for you as well
  8. Hi. So, let me set the scene. I'm playing a holiday save with a... strange, to say the least, database. Every nation has a 200 youth rating and 10 clubs set to 20/20/20/20, and I'm basically doing an experiment of sorts to see if the same powers dominate the World Cup or some new nations come up. And now onto what happened: Azerbaijan appointed Arif Daşdämirov as manager at some point, and he led them to a 2nd place in 2026 and an actual World Cup win in 2030 - and then he resigned and promptly retired. And I'm wondering, is this supposed to happen or is it some bug related to so much database editing? I understand it in a way, Azerbaijan is weak when it comes to reputation and winning a World Cup, especially with such a tiny nation, is a massive achievement and he's ''on top of the world'' with nowhere to go from there... but he's 43. 43! There are players still active at 43, and he was a manager who retired after his first job, not even trying to defend the title or anything - I understand the game looks at it through reputation, but with a squad strong enough to reach two finals in a row, why wouldn't he try to reach another? Or take another job? Has anybody else had something like this happen? (also, if anybody's interested - Azerbaijan came 2nd again in 2034, managed by Nuno Espirito Santo)
  9. Media was mentioned before, but I just have to mention this. FM15, journeyman save, I'm about 55 seasons in, I've won the World Cup, UCL, basically every big tournament, but EVERY TIME the media has to mention how I lost to Legia in 2017. While managing a newly-promoted club in Lithuania (won the cup). So humiliating... (due to reputation changes, that Lithuanian club is now seen as better than Legia, I think that is why it's "humiliating") Also, a new board after a takeover wanting to sack the most successful manager in the club's history
  10. It's Izolator Boguchwała (picked them because I found the name funny) - have you heard of them? Oh, tough luck mate, that's awful I'd say that's on the schedulers and not on your boys though
  11. Of course you are, just don't give up! Well... that's a shame, you probably can't see how ''my former team'' is doing, as I really doubt they found a way into III Liga How did the youth cup match go?
  12. Just read through the entire thing as I have a weird love for Polish leagues - you're 100% going to win the title in the near future, that last season was just a blip, good luck for the remainder of the season! BTW, how far down the leagues does your database go?
  13. Yeah I'd be up for that. Would be fun to participate in this again
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