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  1. Getting missing team errors when trying to load up the database. Anyone know how to fix? I have no other editor data enabled so it can't be a conflict?
  2. And it happens again... This time I had a bit of a break before playing my first European games as I entered in to a later round. I got in 3 friendlies in this time, as well as 9 days of rest with no games before playing the Europa League game - and STILL the condition does not go up. This needs to be fixed ASAP. It makes managing in Gibraltar impossible...
  3. https://streamable.com/ke42z Should have been a handball. No idea why I wasn't give the indirect freekick here...
  4. So this is essentially going to cripple any chance I have at signing non-Gibraltarian players? Do I get points for both of these, or just one of them:
  5. Under the "appeal bid" section: "...top 50% of all transfers to the Premier League...". I just had the same thing again come through the news too:
  6. So just got this Brexit news though... Why is it saying "of all transfers to the Premier League". I'm not in the Premier League. Please tell me this is a visual bug and isn't actually happening? Why am I being compared to teams in the Premier League?
  7. This has been happening for years now. When players come back from holiday during the summer, the Europa League games get played about a week later. This means that there is no time at all for friendly matches even if I wanted to play them. My players have about 90% condition for the first leg, which isn't an issue, however their condition doesn't go back up - like, at all. I play the second leg with about 70% condition on my players because it doesn't regenerate. The team I'm playing against (Coleraine) has full condition no problem, despite their league being fully loaded, and them having a full team of players (rather than "grey" players). It is absolutely ridiculous. Both myself and Coleraine are semi-pro, both have crap facilities, both leagues run from August-May, so there's no reason why I'm the only team that ever suffers from this. It's absolutely ridiculous that I have to get knocked out of the 1st Prelim round every single year because of this stupid bug. I would play friendlies before my first leg, but I don't get nearly enough time to get 3-4 friendlies in (I only get about a week before the 1st leg). If I were to play a friendly or two during that week then my players would have about 60% condition for BOTH legs, rather than just the second leg. Either make this BS happen to all teams, or don't make it happen at all. Simple.
  8. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I didn't get a notification for some reason. I have text size set to 85%
  9. I'm used to small nation management, so I am used to the format of how it works, but I just got thrown a curve ball. I am managing Glentoran in Northern Ireland on my Journeyman save and I just qualified for the Champions League for the first time. I went out in the first qualifying round as expected, but instead of being put in to the 2nd qualifying round of the Europa League, I got put straight in to the 3rd qualifying round. here is a screenshot: Last year the team who won the League (Ballymena), got knocked out in the Champions League 1st qualifying round too, but they got put in to the Europa League 2nd qualifying round: And the Europa League 2nd qualifying round is getting played, here is the screenshot of that too: Any idea what is going on here?
  10. Anything on this? There have been a couple of game updates since I posted this and the issue is still there.
  11. Damn. That's a bit of a weird one to remove though right? Dribbling in real life is easy to train. We can't train dribbling individually, but we can train things like anticipation and off the ball? What is the reason for it being removed?
  12. It would be great if you could save snapshots of a players attributes and information in-game, so that you can look back at older snapshots to see how much he has progressed, what has changed etc. I currently do this with screenshots, but being able to do it in game would be great, and I can't imagine it would be too difficult to implement either. For users, there could just be a dropdown menu that says "snapshot", with the option of "current", followed by all of the previous snapshots you have of them. Here is a crude picture that I drew of this menu: By selecting a date, you can browse their profile as if you were viewing it on the date that you took the snapshot. Snapshots also wouldn't be taken automatically as they are with "Keep History After Retirement...", and all players would require a manual snapshot being taken, or have the option of taking an annual, bi-annual snapshot.
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