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  1. When searching for players, and adjusting the search parameters, it updates the results every single time I change something. So if I want to change the age, position, current wage, and personality, I have to wait for the list to update between each one of those. Instead, I propose that the list doesn't get updated until I have finished selecting all my search parameters. You could simply add an "update results" button or something on the scouting window that we can press when we are finished updating the search parameters.
  2. The formation defaults to my first team squad. I know I can choose the formation and whatnot, but I don't want to manage my reserves and youth squads formation, roles, and team selection every single time they play a damn match. I just want the manager of those teams to take control like they did in FM19 and change what they want each game...
  3. Transfermarkt has him as 180cm: https://www.transfermarkt.com/jude-bellingham/profil/spieler/581678 You can also look at any highlights on the Birmingham City youtube channel and see how tall he is to those around him, and easily see he is a lot taller than 5ft6, unless all of our team are around 5ft6 also...
  4. Another thing I just noticed. Jude Bellingham is 5 ft 6 in-game, but he is actually 180cm - 5 ft 11.
  5. Some Birmingham City issues for you: Birmingham City pay Aston Villa £150k after Dan Crowley makes 10 appearances, but we bought him from Willem II, and they bought him from Arsenal. Makes no sense that we have to pay Villa? Also, so far this season in real life, Crowley has mainly played on the wing - as has Fran Villalba. However Villalba doesn't have any knowledge of playing on the wings, and I think this is a little unfair seeing as he has been playing very well this season in this position. Kristian Pedersen also has no knowledge of playing at DC despite him playing there multiple times for us over the last couple seasons.
  6. Getting missing team errors when trying to load up the database. Anyone know how to fix? I have no other editor data enabled so it can't be a conflict?
  7. I'm used to small nation management, so I am used to the format of how it works, but I just got thrown a curve ball. I am managing Glentoran in Northern Ireland on my Journeyman save and I just qualified for the Champions League for the first time. I went out in the first qualifying round as expected, but instead of being put in to the 2nd qualifying round of the Europa League, I got put straight in to the 3rd qualifying round. here is a screenshot: Last year the team who won the League (Ballymena), got knocked out in the Champions League 1st qualifying round too, but they got put in to the Europa League 2nd qualifying round: And the Europa League 2nd qualifying round is getting played, here is the screenshot of that too: Any idea what is going on here?
  8. Damn. That's a bit of a weird one to remove though right? Dribbling in real life is easy to train. We can't train dribbling individually, but we can train things like anticipation and off the ball? What is the reason for it being removed?
  9. It would be great if you could save snapshots of a players attributes and information in-game, so that you can look back at older snapshots to see how much he has progressed, what has changed etc. I currently do this with screenshots, but being able to do it in game would be great, and I can't imagine it would be too difficult to implement either. For users, there could just be a dropdown menu that says "snapshot", with the option of "current", followed by all of the previous snapshots you have of them. Here is a crude picture that I drew of this menu: By selecting a date, you can browse their profile as if you were viewing it on the date that you took the snapshot. Snapshots also wouldn't be taken automatically as they are with "Keep History After Retirement...", and all players would require a manual snapshot being taken, or have the option of taking an annual, bi-annual snapshot.
  10. It's a legend that has been passed down from year to year. There are players that swear blind that the AI always cops on to their tactics after a season or two, and other players who say that the AI doesn't learn like that. I'm currently playing a Birmingham City save. In our first season in the Premier League (2018/19), we finished 13th - comfortably away from relegation - and won the EFL Cup, meaning we are in the Europa League this season. However, the second season has started awfully, with bad performance after bad performance. I spoke to some people and they also echoed the whole "the AI figured you out" sentiment. However I also have a Cork City save that I am in the 7th season of. In that save I have used the same tactic all 7 seasons, and have only improved my performances season by season winning the title every year, and advancing further and further in Europe. So why would the AI figure me out when I am Birmingham, but not Cork? It would be really great to get an official answer on this one, as I have been hearing this "rumour" since I started playing FM in 2012, and no one seems to have an official source on it.
  11. I really would like to press the issue a little more. Having it for regens would definitely make the game feel a little less repetitive once the world is mostly made up of regens. We have regens being gay, so why not have even more realism in the game by adding the original list of events in this thread? Or was it just that adding in gay players to FM was a media stunt to receive easy applause from the wider community, and to help market the game through the media that would pick the feature up and write about it?
  12. Just went through my current save and added a few leagues. It gives the date they will be added but that's it. It dawned on me that it would be a nice QoL feature if we got a message through in our inbox that told us a league is now playable (or the opposite if you removed a league). Sometimes I forget that I made these changes, so it would be a very welcome reminder.
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