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  1. What happens if you run the same game again is a completely separate thing. The game is essentially probabilities stacked on top of probabilities, so naturally games can be extremely different. When you see the highlight of the game kicking off it's already over behind the scenes. When you or the AI manager make a change, a new .pkm (the format for storing an FM match) is made with a numbered suffix. These are 11 .pkms from the same FM18 game. The result are, respectively, 5-2, 3-2, 2-2, 1-3, 0-2, 0-2, 0-2, 0-2, 0-3, 0-2 and 0-2. The last .pkm is made up of moments from all the others plus everything that happened after the last change. I'm sure that with more patience and effort one could make a more illustrative image of the timeline as it branches, but this makes me believe option C is the most accurate answer. Though I must retract my earlier remarks about only a half being decided, I believe that is actually incorrect, the entire match is simulated when you press kickoff. Though since you can't avoid halftime team talks, I don't think there is any way of avoiding the creating of at least 1 branch. (lowest I have seen is 2)
  2. I imagine the technical difficulties would lie in making highlights, but making the actual simulation live seems simple enough, just add large waits so that what currently takes a second takes 45 minutes. That missed one on one would still be missed, and you'd know it at the same time as you do now. What would be gained?
  3. I was considering making that analogy because even live television isn't exactly 'live', but decided against it because reality doesn't have any bugs bringing alternate timelines to our attention. Does a 1 second delay mean my champions league game is 'scripted'? Does it really diminish your excitement to know that your 'live' game might be a second behind? That you might not be cheering in you living room at the exact moment someone else is?
  4. I honestly don't get why it matters to you, I thought it was kind of novel but it never took anything away from the game. You only observe one timeline (bar bugs) and you can change the outcome/rest of the match, there is no functional difference between the current method and doing it 'live'. At the start of a half you throw a dice and it lands a six, the game show you highlights of the dice tumbling around and then reveals the result, a six. If you make a change the dice is recast and a different outcome can be achieved. It is observationally equivalent to a 'live' simulation.
  5. When you start each half the match engine simulates the next 45 minutes, if you make any changes it re-runs the simulation from that point on until halftime/match end. Yes, the highlights you see are all of the past, that doesn't make them any less useful however since you can still change the future, the actual match engine simulation takes only about a second. 'Scripted' is used a lot these days to imply that the thing is rigged or deterministic, it is not. Think of it as creating a new timeline every time you make a change (that bug where the game records the wrong result? Yep, it's a time-traveler!), if you hadn't made that change your midfield would have continued to be overrun and you would've lost.
  6. The way I understand FM’s attributes is as an ordinal ranking, higher is better but there is no indication of how much better. It is, and I believe the developers have said as much, meant to rank professional footballers against each other. You could trivially multiply each attribute by 10, and then 1 might be stumbling about or always loosing the ball when first touching it. But what is the point of doing that? A player always losing control of the ball on the first touch would certainly be gone from the professional pipeline before making it as far as age 15, which is the youngest age simulated in FM. Understandably the scale is normalized to the players included in the game. Presumably, the underlying match engine is probabilistic and the effect of an attribute increase diminishing, that is the difference between 1 and 2 is greater than the difference between 19 and 20. Naturally, SI keeps the inner workings of the match engine to themselves, but I imagine a passing of 1 to be significantly above a 0% probability of getting the ball to its intended destination, and a 20 to be significantly below 100%, the latter closer to 100% than the former is to 0%. It is easy to see then that the anecdotal YouTube clip isn’t informative. Consider two coins being tossed, one is weighted always turning up heads, and the other is honest. Proponents of ‘attributes do not matter’ would have us believe that in the case of the honest coin turning up heads as well that something hinky is afoot. I imagine it’s the same people who after the 2016 US Presidential Election derided pollsters because everyone knows that an outcome with a 30% probability of occurring occurs 0% of the time.
  7. That's not true at all. You can change the tactic in the Development Centre but only if you delegate. To change a tactic for the youth team, load a tactic for your main team, delegate the youth team, set the tactic to the one you loaded in the Development Centre, the tactic should stick even if you assume control of training again.
  8. Delegate control of youth training, then set it to the youth managers preferred tactics through the development center, then take over control again. Yes, currently taking control of training means ceding control of tactics, for reasons only SI is privy to.
  9. When searching for staff one can select a role and the game selects the relevant attributes. This is of course very useful as it saves remembering what attributes certain roles need. However the game inconsistently allows you to select attributes for Head physios or Head Sports Scientist, when they are the same as for the non-head roles. When filtering for staff though, the head roles are omitted. When selecting attributes the game shows different roles although they need the same attributes, but when filtering for staff desired role the Head and Chief roles are omitted. Paradoxically the game allows you to choose the role when it doesn't matter (attributes), but doesn't when the choice would matter (Staff wanting only Chief or Head roles). I'd suggest truncating the options when selecting roles for the purpose of attributes into Head Physio / Physio, Head of Sports Science / Sports Scientist, Chief Scout / Scout and Chief Data Analyst / Data Analyst, making it clear that the attributes they need are the same, Secondly if staff have significantly different desire to fulfill Chief or Head roles versus ordinary roles, make available an option to filter for only those. No sense burdening a user who is looking for a scout with people who only want a Chief scout role.
  10. Currently the 'Keep Scout Report up to date' is for all shortlists, making it per shortlist would allow a user to have multiple shortlists without burdening scouts with reports on players that might be just outside of reach, for example in wage. One could have a large general shortlist that would be useful despite moving between clubs, or that would be useful if one was just a little bit richer after a season or two, and one much smaller shortlist just for potential targets at a current club or for the current financial grasp.
  11. Are you talking about the addition of being able to limit a youth players game time, or about the notification for selecting the U19s match squad? I just want to say I'm not arguing for the removal of anything, except the needless clicks to perform actions that was previously done with less. Ostensibly the primary purpose of the notification is for making senior squad players available for the reserves or youth teams, but the function for this is very small and hidden away in the dropdown menus in the top right. With the menu closing every time a player is made available, depending on how many players you want to make available it might simply be quicker to use the squad view instead. I can't think of a reason why I would limit my U19s players game time, but for those who can, it is currently very cumbersome having to switch to the List section every time you set a players game time because the game sends you to the Pitch section. In fact, for some actions, depending again on the amount of players, it would be quicker to simply go to the U19s squad and use the menu that pops up from right clicking.
  12. Attributes are for footballers only, you can't use it to compare a non-footballer. A workrate of 1 is the lowest workrate of footballers, it could well be way above the average non-footballer.
  13. I was recommended by a moderator to post it here since this is apparently intended behavior rather than a bug. The most useful parts of the "Available first team players for Under 19s match" inbox notification is hidden within the dropdown bars at the top right. Not only does this in itself require one more click than last year, the menu also closes after selecting a player, so to make multiple people (but not all) available you have to repeatedly open the menu further exacerbating the issue. Additionally the menus could be enlarged to require less scrolling. In comparison the FM19 one was much more user friendly. A new feature it seems in FM20 is limiting how much time a U19 player plays for a game. This is done by entering the List section and dropping down a menu, then selecting the desired time. Yet after selecting one of the options you get sent from the List section to the Pitch section, so like above if you want to select it for more than one player you have to repeatedly enter the List section adding pointless clicks. I'd suggest not closing a menu the user opened or sending the user to another section he already clicked away from.
  14. Yes, you simply change the training into the position you want him retrained as. The role and duty only influences which attributes will likely grow, pick the one with the attributes you want.
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