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  1. Pretty normal if you do well in both the domestic and international cup, I had 9 in September last season but I got knocked out of the Brazilian Cup in the quarters so I imagine the 2 extra games of the semis would have given me 11, instead I got a full week off between the 22nd to the 30th. I have had 11 once before. I used 27 players across all competitions that season, which includes a few youngsters who only got a few state championship games, winning the league, the Brazilian Cup and losing the Libertadores in the quarters.
  2. Summary: Senior Team player stuck in U20s training unit Description: 18 year old Guilherme Luis is a backup player for the first team. He can be moved from Attacking Unit to Defensive Unit, but he is stuck in the U20s where he should not be at all. Steps to reproduce: Not available. Files Uploaded to SI Cloud Service: Senior Team player stuck in U20s training unit.fm The player in question. Senior team training units. No Guilherme Luis. U20s training units. A Guilherme Luis who doesn't belong. Player also cannot be added through the Add/Remove Reserve or Youth Team player to First Team training button.
  3. Sadly, no. You use to be able to set training 3-4 times a year, now it's every week. It might be more realistic, but it's a PITA.
  4. Once a game has been bought it is in your Library, you don't need to go to the Store to install it.
  5. Jesus christ, not again. I don't know if the rendering changes in FM18 changed anything, but this has been broken in one way or another ever since. How I think it should work: If the game window is not focused, countdown unless the window is focused. (FM16) If the game windows is focused, countdown unless registering a key/mouse press. (FM16) How I think it should not work: Intermittently pausing countdown if the game window isn't focused. (FM18) Cancelling the countdown on mouse movement. (Pre-19.2 behaviour) Not cancelling the countdown on key/mouse press. (19.2 behaviour)
  6. When talking to staff or a player the 'Use Existing Terms' button is now placed in the upper right corner. However when given the option to negotiate a contract through the inbox, the button is placed where it was in previous Football Manager games, at the bottom left.
  7. Crossing can be trained for all players with the following training sessions: General > Overall, Outfield, Attacking. And for the attacking unit only with: Attacking > Attacking Wings Defending > Defending Wide Technical > Chance Creation Dribbling can be trained for all players with: General > Overall, Outfield, Attacking, Possession. And for the attacking unit only with: Attacking > Attacking Wings, Attacking Direct Defending > Defending Disengaged, Defending Wide Technical > Ball Distribution
  8. First of all a display of the default right sided free kick set piece instructions. Of extra note here is keeping back a player position usually occupied by a tall and good header the right Centreback instead of the left Fullback. The common theme is putting the right sided defensive players on the left side of the pitch, resulting in needless crossovers to get back into the regular defensive position once the set piece is over. A second issue is players not following these instructions. I believe this to be a right sided Direct (Small Chance of Shot) free kick. The default, as we have established, puts the right sided defensive players on the left side and the left sided defensive players on the right. This is a picture of my formation so that you can see player names and numbers. From this you can see that only the Right Fullback, Venturini (5), is following instructions. The Left Fullback, Serpe (13), is supposed to be on the right but is on the left as well. The Left Central Defender, Abate (43), is supposed to be on the right but is on the left. The Right Central Defender, Sapori (31), is on the right but is supposed to be on the left. Even if the right sided default instructions are terrible, resulting in needless crossovers, I still expect all my players to actually follow them. A bonus to the terrible set pieces include attacking corners from both sides. The right side, choosing to keep in defense the traditionally tallest players in a team, the right and left Central Defender. And the left, keeping back the Right Central Defender in favor of sending in the commonly shorter Left Fullback. ME1914 - Rimini v San Marino.pkm
  9. Currently the 'Action Zones' Between Highlights Panel shows overall stats (Bottom of first screenshot). Is there any way to have the options of the one in the Analysis tab and make it show stats for the last 5 minutes? It would be infinitely more useful than one showing 80+ minutes old stats.
  10. After a throw-in my right sided CM decides to hug my left sided fullback. A free kick sees the opposing keeper collect the ball. My right sided fullback however, despite ample time, stays on left side of the pitch hugging my left sided fullback. Go Ahead v VVV.pkm N.E.C. v VVV.pkm
  11. First time using the new upload system so I was worried I had made a mistake. The new system is much better than the old FTP.
  12. I hope it's not intentional as it makes every 4231 look like the 2 DM variation. Interestingly enough, if you look at the Stats > Formation screen in a game the CM position seems to revert to their pre-FM19 positioning whenever a substitution/tactical change is made. Whether the former or latter is the bug I don't know.
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