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  1. was a big problem in my fm19 Hound Dogs (RIP) save too, constant offers from middle-eastern clubs unsettling all my players shortly after going pro
  2. will it tell you in the intake preview if there's a son in there?
  3. With the youth intake system being revamped, how exactly does getting a son work now? I used to just reload an intake til I got one but now that players are predetermined months in advance, is it still possible?
  4. Not sure if this is the right place, but Union St.-Gilloise should start in the Belgian Cup 6th Round in 2019/2020 in place of KV Mechelen who were banned from the competition for one year
  5. If you want to tell the KV Oostende researcher to contact me, I'd be happy to help them with anything needed. I also have a direct line of communication with multiple people in and around the club.
  6. One more thing, Andrew Hjulsager should not start with an injury.
  7. Nicolas Lombaerts (KV Oostende) should be in the reserves team, transfer-listed, "not needed" as squad status, his wage is only €19200/w, he was sold from Zenit for only 1.4M and Zenit have a buy-back clause of 1.4M on him.
  8. Idrissa Sylla (Zulte-Waregem) should be on loan at KV Oostende https://www.transfermarkt.com/idrissa-sylla/profil/spieler/11000
  9. Jelle Bataille (KV Oostende) should have way better crossing than just 10, probably like 14 or 15. He's been constantly putting in inch perfect crosses all season so far and whoever the researcher for KV Oostende is should really know that, or they're doing a pretty bad job at researching this team.
  10. When creating a club in the editor I saw that some things like facilities and season ticket holders can be set to -1, what exactly does this do?
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