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  1. Hi, was this added in today's update under this line?
  2. There's a team in the database "Fission Rovers FC" which doesn't seem to have ever existed IRL, not a single thing about them on the internet apart from them being in the FM database. Seems like some kind of weird mistake by a researcher years ago. Doesn't really affect anything but thought I'd mention it anyway
  3. I could have sworn I tried that set-up, but I must be misremembering, could you upload that edited file please? Thanks a lot for your help
  4. Advanced rules > Rock Cup > stages > Stage 0 - cup (Cup) > teams It's the 4th option I'm trying to call the reserves with Gibraltar.fmf
  5. I'm trying to get Gibraltarian reserve teams into the cup, but no matter which option I try (Get all/best/random teams from division - reserves league, Get reserve/B teams from division, Get best reserve teams - use reserv league/cup,...) the game just won't put the reserve teams into the cup. It's not even letting me select the reserves teams using "get specific team", when I click a reserves team to add it just reverts back to 'Algeria'. Any help?
  6. I got it to work sort of in that way. Instead of pulling all the teams onto the team list and trying to sort that, I've just pulled the winner and runner up from the cup onto the list first, then all the other teams, and just not sort the list in any way. It works.
  7. So I've remade the Rock Cup (Gibraltar) to include a few more teams with a different format and rules, but I have one issue. For the first round I'm trying to give byes to the winner and runner up from the previous year's Rock Cup. I have it set to pull the top two teams from a list, with that list being sorted on Last Position - ascending (as shown in the image attached) in the Cup stage. Now the issue is that it's pulling the top 2 teams from last year's league instead of the cup, even though I have the "Last position" check set in the cup. Any help?
  8. Is there a way you could add this onto the existing Gibraltar league instead of replacing it? In a 2nd and 3rd tier
  9. Just as a note, the Gibraltarian league is now only one league, as opposed to two tiers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_Gibraltar_National_League
  10. Fix your attitude before demanding anything tbh. If it was that simple a fix they would have already fixed it. They said they're working on it so stop your entitled whining and be patient.
  11. was a big problem in my fm19 Hound Dogs (RIP) save too, constant offers from middle-eastern clubs unsettling all my players shortly after going pro
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