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  1. Hey I want to do an A-League (Australian first division) save, but would like to get rid of the salary cap. I tried removing it in advanced editing, but even when I take it out of the squad selection rules, it doesnt change anything in game. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. I installed a Logo pack recently and I had the logos working fine. I moved the Sports Interactive file out of my OneDrive and then back into the Onedrive (Space reasons), but after I moved it back into the OneDrive, the background/skin of the game is set to a flag of whatever nation I am managing in. I have contacted the owner of the Logo pack and he says he has never seen this occur before. I have deleted the Logo pack (in the graphics folder) and any other files that came with the Logo pack, but this has changed nothing. I have also cleared the cache and set preferences to default, restarted
  3. Hi it has been sent as FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.07.26 18.55.02) Yes I have been using a custom database Thanks in advance
  4. So when I was holidaying and suddenly the game crashes a few years in. It makes me exit the game and then when i reopen the game and go to the latest save file it would crash on the same day. Would be great if someone has any info on how to fix this issue
  5. For some reason, amateur players at amateur clubs in the Australian Lower League Database i am using all of a sudden start earning 1200$ Aud (Australian Dollar) no matter their agreed playing time, ability or place in either the senior or youth team. This happens at every Amateur club in the game but not at any Semi-Pro clubs. \ Would appriciate any help on how to fix this or how to stop this from happening.
  6. I thought that but there is no correlation between any of the times that the players wages are increasing
  7. Does anyone else have the issue where players will start earning 1200$ randomly even though they are on amateur contracts?
  8. Basically I'm playing with an Amateur team (in a created database) and of course all of my players are on Amateur contracts but for whatever reason they suddently start earning 1200$ (I have it set to the Australian Dollar) while they are still on Amateur contracts. It resets back to earning nothing when I give them a new contract, but every month or so two new players will start earning 1200$. This appears to be happening at every club, with some in debt of around 600,000$ while being an Amateur club. If anyone can advise me on how to stop this from occurring it would be greatly
  9. I was playing with a team in the WA Amateur Div 4 and after the first season the WA Amateur Div 3 only has 5 teams with half from SA. There was also a Adelaide team in the WA Amateur Prem. Great database btw, just thought I bring this up
  10. So when I try to test the rules of the nation rules i have created, the Four level always comes up with '(Team) has no squad selected for (date)' even though I don't have any squad selection rules or dates. It would be great if anyone had an idea how to fix this, thanks zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-after rules.fmf
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