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  1. I did not find any references to the ban on the purchase of goalkeeping legionaries in Egypt. It looks very hardcore
  2. Is it possible to create an update that would not endure the World Cup from Qatar? To be there in time all these super-modern stadiums were built and everything went on its own (bypassing the unbroken license). And thanks for your great updates, claassen. You are the best!
  3. I start new game in MLS (Houston Dynamo) and I can send my footballer in farm, but I don't can move player from farm to my team - only through the transfer (cost 0$). Is this bug?
  4. file "FM 2015 v15.1.3.572980 (2014.11.19 03.35.03).dmp" on your FTP only default/only hardcore no updates no skins no pics ... no satisfaction already in 2029...
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