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  1. Wannachup Skin, not released for this year yet. I'll be messaging the author's of a few other skins though and sending them what they need to include it their skins.
  2. Hey @Foss, Jason Geria is missing from JEF United Chiba. He's in the FM18 database at Melbourne Victory so should be able to copy him over.
  3. The past winners record in FM is correct. What you're looking at is the regular season, which Central Coast did win. If you click the drop down box at the top and select Finals Series you'll see it has the Jets listed as winning the 07/08 Final.
  4. @Alix.Humphries Just downloaded the new update and the salary cap, foreign player limit and minimum salary issues are all fixed! All teams are now under the cap with the correct players with Designated Player contracts too. Thank you for taking the time to get these issues sorted for everyone.
  5. I posted about this and the salary cap in the league specific issues thread. The QA guys have logged it.
  6. Yep, Just uploaded one from 5th November. The filename is "Cohan Brew - TPI (v02).fm". My earliest save is from 29th October, let me know if you need that one too.
  7. Sure, just uploaded it. The filename is "Cohan Brew - TPI.fm". Also, I'm not managing in the A-League on the save where this happened, if that helps at all when trying to track down the cause of the issue. I do have it added as a playable league though.
  8. Some clubs are also registering squads that are over the salary cap.
  9. Thanks. I was just looking over the A-League rules and noticed something else. Not a major issue but the minimum wage for players 16-19 is $41,000 and 20 and over is $55,000. These should be $45,686 and $61, 287 Source
  10. The A-League salary cap should be set to $2.928 million per year, not $2.6 million. The foreign player limit should be set to 5, not 4+1 Asian player.
  11. The A-League teams reserve squads play in the National Premier Leagues, the level below the A-League on the Australian football pyramid and the Youth squads play in the National Youth League. The A-League is played October to May while the NPL is played February to September, this obviously creates an issue in FM. To deal with this the reserve sides are set up as different clubs with affiliate status with their respective A-League clubs. One problem with this set up is that A-League clubs will regularly loan out players to other clubs' reserve sides which is very unrealistic. The other issue is that a lot of players are in both the reserve squad and the youth squad in real life. In FM, some of the players are contracted to the A-league squad and in the youth squad and some are contracted to the NPL team. This means that you have to transfer them from the NPL team and sign the players to have them play in your youth squad. The players sometimes turn down your contract offer or want a first team contract, which makes no sense because in real life they are already on youth contracts with that A-League club. I think that the best way to go about this is to have all of the players on youth contracts with their respective A-League clubs and have them loaned out to the reserve clubs, that way you can just recall players that you want to move to your youth or first team. I'm not sure what can be done about A-League clubs loaning players to other team's reserve clubs though.
  12. That's all fine having it unplayable. The issue is though that because they're separate you have Western Sydney sending their youth players out on loan to Sydney FC NPL, which is obviously very unrealistic.
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