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  1. Thanks mate. For the substitution rule, if it's set to 3 from 7 and you also have the match squad rule 'Minimum of U23 Players in Match Squad' set to 3 and it will work correctly. I've tested it with the 2019 editor and it works perfect.
  2. Maybe a transfer embargo until the January window? Western United started making their first signings around that time last season, so that would be realistic.
  3. @Christopher Lewis any update on the substitution and registration rules?
  4. My bad, just realised Grozos and Mourdoukoutas got promoted. So that's 21 and 5 scholarship.
  5. The problem is that the game doesn't have scholarship contracts either. They're able to have 9 U20 players on minimum wage full time contracts outside of the squad, but because this isn't in the game all of those players need to be registered in the squad. in real life Western Sydney only have 19 players registered with 7 players on scholarship contracts.
  6. That would be awesome. Majewski was confirmed injured Sept 26, so it was technically before the season started. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/wanderers-star-majewski-sidelined-serious-knee-injury Thanks for sorting this out.
  7. Ok, fair enough. Why shouldn't injury replacement players be in the squad though? Wouldn't the most accurate option be to just put them on a regular contract?
  8. Both were signed as injury replacement and then upgraded to 1 year contracts when it was confirmed that Janjetovic and O'Doherty were out for the season. If the game isn't going to include injury replacement contracts then the closest we can get is just putting them on a regular contract. Not having them at the team at all is the most unrealistic option.
  9. Daniel Lopar is an injury replacement for Janjetovic and Nick Sullivan is an injury replacement for Jordan O'Doherty and they're both in the squad though?
  10. The A-League sub rules have changed and should have 7 subs with 3 being U23 players. Source: https://www.a-league.com.au/news/hyundai-a-league-clubs-able-add-additional-u-23-players-substitute-bench-upcoming-season The minimum wage should also be changed to $47,792 for U20 and $64,113 for over 20. The squad registration rules are also incorrect. There needs to be an allocation for 9 U20 Australian players on full-time minimum wage contracts outside of the salary cap. Without this rule clubs will release players on registration day because they can only register 23 players on full-tim
  11. Hi, here's a few things I've found so far: Western Sydney Wanderers: Nicolai Müller should be at the club Pirmin Schwegler and Alexander Meier should both be on marquee contracts Radoslaw Majewski should be out injured with an ACL/MCL injury Daniel Wilmering should be a natural left-back and a competent centre-back (he's currently a natural centre-back and only a competent left-back) Daniel Wilmering, Tass Mourdoukoutas and Mohamed Adam should get a current ability boost considering they have been starting first team games Keanu Baccus should also probably ge
  12. Wannachup Skin, not released for this year yet. I'll be messaging the author's of a few other skins though and sending them what they need to include it their skins.
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