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  1. Same issue here. Still happens on the default skin with no kit or logo packs installed.
  2. Club just announced that Kamau has re-signed for the 20/21 season https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/wanderers-re-sign-kamau?j=308465&sfmc_sub=76830559&l=32_HTML&u=7404105&mid=7277320&jb=9
  3. I'm pretty certain Jake Trew is no longer at WSW. I can't find anything official but there are comments on his Instagram from WSW players that sound like he is gone and currently recovering from an ACL reconstruction. Jack Greenwood has left WSW and is currently at NWS Spirit FC: https://www.facebook.com/nwsspiritfc/photos/a.276216445861994/1596696647147294/?type=3&theater I'm pretty sure Bruce Kamau has also left WSW. Can't find anything official but he wasn't listed in WSW's squad update a few weeks ago and is still in Adelaide, not doing pre-season training with WSW.
  4. Is there an injury in the database that's 'personal reasons' or something like that? I think having him out for the season with that would be a good solution.
  5. You need to create a match plan before you can select one. The scorers missing issue is being worked on.
  6. The issue with the tactics views has been fixed. The only known issue is the scorer's names not displaying in the popup after an instant result match. If anyone finds anything that's not also in the default skin then let me know.
  7. The only issue is with condition and sharpness not showing in the tactics views, which can be fixed by importing views included with the skin. The client object browser has not been touched, so there are no issues with the new screens. This has been tested for 30 hours with zero freezes or crashes. Please have a look at the files to see how I've done it before telling people to stay away from it.
  8. I don't touch the client object browser, so no problem there.
  9. Mohamed Adam needs a bump in CA. He's WSW's second choice striker with 19 senior games but he has a CA of 49 Daniel Wilmering also needs a bump. He's played 10 senior games, only getting dropped due to a season ending injury but he has 51 CA
  10. Wannachup Skin, not released for this year yet. I'll be messaging the author's of a few other skins though and sending them what they need to include it their skins.
  11. Hey @Foss, Jason Geria is missing from JEF United Chiba. He's in the FM18 database at Melbourne Victory so should be able to copy him over.
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