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  1. Congrats on the Super League title - you've not mentioned it but that one defeat would seriously sting me!
  2. I'm guessing this means the quality of coaching as 'technical defensive' is a category that you can assign coaches to, rather than a schedule.
  3. When do players train on their 'additional focus'? Is it only during sessions when there is an element of P/R/D training, or is it extra-curricular and after the allotted training sessions. If I want a player to focus on strength training, and do not schedule in any sessions in the week which touch strength, will this mean that they do not work on this?
  4. If I want to start FM21 with the original database, but with your add ons, can I? Or do they only work with the updated patches.
  5. I have never been able to get any discernible improvements in player attributes from training on a semi-pro schedule. I'm sure contributing factors to this are a lack of facilities and the quality of the training staff given the standard at that level. With that in mind I tend to have 3 schedules for match preparation and one for match tactics.
  6. Thanks for the reply and your thoughts on semi-pro schedules. It seems like we agree on the point that at this level of club, attribute development is not going to come from training, hence why I set 3/4 sessions on match prep sessions. The only session I tend to use outside of this, is the match practice one. However, I use it on the first day of training in the week rather than the second, purely because of the impact it has on condition. As you rightly say, it is a tough session, and so personally I would not want it so close to match day. Have to say again, your thought process and explanations of your decisions are brilliant. It makes for a much more authentic save in my opinion and less game-y.
  7. You mentioned delving into training more in this save, and semi-pro is usually my start point for careers. Have you noticed any development in your players? I ask as my way of thinking is slightly different. At the level I start at, with poor facilities and staff, I assumed that it would not be worthwhile doing sessions aimed at developing attributes, such as your tactical or outfield sessions, and so use the four sessions a week to focus entirely on preparation for the next match, mainly on set pieces. As I say this is just an assumption and so I would be interested to hear your thoughts on that, and any development you've seen. I have to say, again, this is such a good thread, and could not be more up my street in terms of save style. I love the attention to detail and the realism you play with, and your reasoning behind the sessions you plan taking into consideration the weekends opponents is amazing.
  8. I've not got FM open but I think that you just drag and drop players from one unit to another.
  9. I like the addition of a % of the fee being payable in VAT. I'm pretty sure that is how it works in the UK and the tax is due on the fee even if the buying clubs receives the transfer in instalments.
  10. One thing to note about the match practice training session as you said you intended to use it twice in a week. Not sure if it is just a 'semi-pro thing' but that is not possible as it will only allow one slot to be filled by match practice.
  11. I'm really looking forward to where this goes. I really enjoy the type of save that starts in the lower leagues in smaller European nations. Especially at semi-pro level with just a few training slots. Another minor thing that I love that you have done - you are playing with the currency in €. Exactly the type of immersion enhancing thing I tend to do!
  12. Brilliant thread as ever which I really enjoyed reading about. I'm looking forward to your next one though, based upon what you said about it previously. It sounds like the type of save I prefer, and from what I gather, my preferred way of player, i.e. starting outside England, in the bottom tier of a foreign country, and moving from club to club, as a manager would realistically do when offered a better job. I'll be looking out for it.
  13. What is the rough timescale for a player learning a completely new position, from zero up to accomplished?
  14. So if I have a player who is natural AMR, and accomplished MR, there will be no difference between training him as a winger on attack duty in either position?
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