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  1. The way the players are set up on the tactics screen are their positions when defending I believe so if that is the case the difference would be that the wide players would be further up the pitch and you would not have two banks of four in a 4-4-2 with AM wingers.
  2. This thread is absolute gold from start to finish. I love the journey and the story (as I always do a lower league Spanish save) but the theory behind it and the graphical output and stats are nothing short of amazing. I'm going to re-read it all again so I can steal some of your tracking ideas.
  3. Does anyone have any thoughts on this and how the particular attributes I mentioned work together?
  4. I have joined a club and we need a goalkeeping coach. I can ask my players to recommend a goalkeeper coach but I can't ask my assistant manager or any of my staff. In real life coaches build up a network of other coaches they have worked with, or even spoken to and reviewed practices online with. It seems much more realistic to be asking a member of backroom staff for a recommendation than the playing squad.
  5. I'm a bit confused as to what the reflexes attribute does for goalkeepers. The manual describes it as 'This reflects how good the goalkeeper is at reacting to unpredictable events. If he has a high Reflexes rating, he will have a quicker reaction time to make more difficult saves and will anticipate a better position to make saves in general.' I have a goalkeeper who has an above average score for reflexes, but a poor attribute for agility, which I think would be the more important attribute which is described as 'Agility reflects how well a player can start, stop, and move in different directions at varying levels of speed (pace). It ties in with the Pace, Acceleration and Balance attributes as they work together in the match engine, especially when a player is running with the ball.' The way I see it is that a forward takes a shot which takes a deflection. A keeper with a high reflexes attribute can recognise the deflection has happened earlier and knows what he has to do to adjust, then the agility attribute determines if he can actually get to the deflected ball. Have I got this right? Or is the ability to stop the ball all based purely on the reflexes attribute?
  6. Clubs don't often have a group of exceptionally talented players come through from the same age group. When was the last time that even happened in real life? How many premier league clubs have a player that can even break in to the first team every season?
  7. David Hurley (52089959) is left footed not right. Source is a youtube video showing him taking every shot in a challenge with his left foot.
  8. Just an update on my issue. Sorry to spam the thread and if you want to delete my posts to tidy it up feel free. I wasn't actually getting a crash dump - rather I was stuck on the loading screen. After starting it up and waiting around an hour the game did launch and I have changed some of my preferences in game and I was down to the usual waiting time while the skin was loading.
  9. Is there any way to keep the custom graphics? I'm having this issue with the game not loading. It was fine before the ME patch but now the only way to get to play the game is by deleting preferences/cache and removing my custom graphics. This sucks big time as I don't think I can play the game without the graphics. Worked perfectly fine before the ME update and now think I'll have to stop playing the game which is so annoying. Edit - have been trying to add packs one at a time to see if I can figure out which one is causing the issue. Strangely, I've managed to add facepacks, and logos fine before it gets stuck on nitpicks. But now I've started again with a clean slate and added kitpacks and logos, and it is now getting stuck when I add facepacks. No idea why.
  10. Click on the pencil on the menu bar in game, and select 'allow licensed kits' I believe.
  11. I've always wondered if you have attribute masking on, and you attend an AI game, do you then get some knowledge of the players that played in that game?
  12. Is this working for everyone? I've gone to the folder where my png is but it won't find it. The 'choose a picture screen' shows as blank as though there are no contents but my picture is definitely in that folder. Edit - fixed this by placing the picture in a different folder.
  13. I'm using v 2.0 and the above countries still have the issue. Are there any plans to work on this? I'm a huge fan of this add on and the attention to detail is incredible, however that attention to detail is stopping me from starting a career so just want to check if this will be fixed before I do start. Edit - I had not installed v 2.0 correctly. The file works completely fine. One of the best mods I've ever used.
  14. The A Championship Group needs to be specified as a tier 3 competition to make the history graph read correctly. Missing history for Cobh Ramblers (589) 2009 - A Championship Group 2 - Pos 9/9, Pld 16, Won 1, Drn 3, Lst 12, GF 11, GA 32, Pts 6
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