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  1. Why are some players training workloads heavy and some medium? The players are in my first team squad so have the same level of team training and match preparation, and they are both working on individual additional focus' but for some the workload is heavy and others it is medium. Any ideas why this is?
  2. I've noticed that my goalkeeper is making some mistakes on corners where he comes out for the ball and gets nowhere near it. What attributes determine this? Communication, Command of Area, Aerial Ability all stick out but are there any others.
  3. I'm just guessing but does he have a really high work rate? If so it may be that he is charging around far too much even if his role doesn't dictate that he should. As I said though this is a pure guess.
  4. Personally I would sacrifice a few points on his determination if there was a chance of getting him to be more professional or ambitious.
  5. Is the shoot less often PI exclusively for long shots, or any type of shot?
  6. I have a problem playing against teams which play a narrow 4-3-3. It always happens that I batter teams in the first half who then switch to this formation and completely dominate me. I've just been leading 4-1 at half time to then draw 4-4 after an absolute pummelling in the second half. How can I defend agains this formation.
  7. I meant that the success of the style will be influenced by the players attributes. Better to have Kante being aggressive and snapping into challenges rather than Juninho.
  8. I'd say 'get stuck in', 'press more', and 'tighter marking' are a good start but as with everything related to tactics it depends on your players attributes.
  9. need more examples

    You said that you needed more examples of the goalkeeper slide tackling his own defender... The PKM is saved as RB Leipzig v CSKA Moscow.pkm. You might want to grab the popcorn - it's an 8-4 thriller (which I lost )
  10. It must be because Eremenko has declared for another country. I've done a quick check through my first team and the foreign players that have already represented their (foreign) country are unable to attain Russian citizenship, but the foreign players that are uncapped have the days countdown. I suppose this makes sense as the 6+5 rule was brought specifically to improve the pool available for the national team. It seems a little harsh though classing a Russian-born player as foreign because he represents another country.
  11. I have an issue with Roman Eremenko who plays in the Russian league for CSKA Moscow. The league has a limit of 6 foreign players on the pitch at any one time. Eremenko was born in Moscow and therefore has Russian nationality but has played international football for Finland. For some reason the game is treating him as a foreign player. Is this because he has chosen to represent another country? I have tried to research this rule but have not been able to find any results. Is this a bug? I have another player who has Russian as a 'second' nationality and he is not treated as foreign. I also have a player born outside of Russia who has gained citizenship after living there 5 years and has played for the Russian national team and is also not treated as foreign.
  12. I've just joined a new team and can see that my first choice goalkeeper is already tutoring my third choice goalkeeper. Tutoring lasts 180 days doesn't it? Is there any way that I can see when the tutoring started and therefore work out when it is due to end?
  13. I have my AMC and AMR as advanced playmakers and I find that it works quite well for me. I also have a DR playing as an attacking wingback so I still have a wide option on the right.
  14. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but I seem to be made favourite for a lot of jobs I don't think I have any right in getting. I have Sunday League experience, and am currently studying for my Continental A Licence. The highest reputation team I have managed is Northampton Town where I guided them to the playoffs in League One. I now manage a team in the third tier in Germany but I have been made favourite for a couple of Bundesliga job, Middlesborough who were relegated from the Premier League, and other Championship teams. My reputation is nominal or one-and-a-half stars. This doesn't seem right to me.
  15. reviewed

    Thank you. I think that it would be helpful for analysis geeks like myself as I like to see how many touches my players have in the box. Also, can I just add to this an issue that I think there is with how a player being taken on is illustrated in the analysis section of the game? I noticed that my player had been taken on (i.e. he had tried to win the ball/close down the opposition winger and failed with the winger running past him) three times in the first 15 minutes. The in-match feedback from my assistant manager also picked up on this by telling me that he 'keeps getting skinned'. However on the analysis section I can not find any information that would back this up. It did not record these actions on my defender as missed tackles or missed interceptions. Now I understand that maybe it does not constitute a missed tackle as my defender was maybe not trying to win the ball with a challenge, he was just trying to put pressure on the winger, but it would still be nice to have these occasions marked by *something* on the analysis screen. Unless it is already there and I am missing it?