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  1. I used to suffer a lot with the 4-3-3 narrow that the opponent went to when chasing a game. To the point where I would regularly lose 2 and 3 goal leads with 15 minutes to play. I think I even made a thread about it. I've found the best way to combat this has been to use a 3-4-3 against it.
  2. Trying to open FM and getting this message. Any idea what I can do about this? My internet connection is fine so it isn't that. It doesn't give the option to play offline so. I take it FM is unplayable for me then?
  3. Does attending a game not involving your own increase your player knowledge of the players that play?
  4. Henri Saivet doesn't have the 1 appearance 1 goal history for Newcastle for the 2017/18 season. https://www.transfermarkt.com/henri-saivet/leistungsdaten/spieler/51540/plus/0?saison=2017
  5. What are the conditions for my youth team coaches being able to train first team players? Is it possible for U19 coaches to be included in first team coaching duties at all. Playing in lower leagues in Spain if that makes a difference.
  6. I'm confused a little about training rating. I assumed it meant effort given in training and was a little unhappy to see my 33 year old captain as the worst performer. I'd think he would set the standard. However, after reading the OP it is based on attribute development and morale. So I guess it makes sense that a 33 year old would be on the decline. Is the 'attitude/effort' towards training not represented in training rating then?
  7. Started the game unemployed. I'm unable to attend any matches. I've tried on a team's fixtures screen and also on the league fixtures screen. I click the 'vs' but nothing happens na game day comes and goes.
  8. Well yes heading can be trained in individual training IRL but always in the context or defending aerial balls or I'm guessing wing play for attack.
  9. I always have this problem too. The opposition changed to a 4-3-3 narrow on minute 80 and from then it was obvious that I was going to concede. Even though from this period onwards I had 2 half chances and a CCC, and they only had 1 half chance - guess what? Their half chance goes in on minute 91 and we draw. Like the OP I find playing against a narrow 4-3-3 impossible - even when I'm the better team and create more chances I can't win.
  10. I had this problem with the game not starting up. In the end I just used the European, South American and some Asian leagues and that seemed to fix it.
  11. It's happening again. Different team, same s*** within the space of 4 days.
  12. I've just taken over a team in the Czech Republic and am trying to get familiar with the rules of the leagues and cups. We're just 13 games into a 30 game championship and one team has already qualified for next seasons Europa League and I have no idea why. Looking at their schedule they have not yet won the only domestic trophy in Czech Republic so it can't be that, and according to the rules of the league the qualification for Europe isn't decided until the league gets split after 30 games. Does anyone with any knowledge of Czech football have any idea why they have qualified?
  13. It can seem strange but the Turkish FA want to encourage minutes for players who can play for their own national team to develop them, so I can understand it.
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