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  1. Selling a retiring player

    He hasn't any long term plans in terms of coaching so I think that stops me from advising him that he would be good as a coach.
  2. Selling a retiring player

    I understand that he may not want to lose out on the money, which is fine, but he may also want to spend his last year in football actually playing. And even so, there should at least be this explanation in game, e.g. a little tool tip pop up when you over over the 'offer to clubs' button which says the player has no intention of leaving so I can't offer the player out. I've asked him to reconsider retirement and he has rejected this. I like your suggestion of reducing the contract length and adding a +1 year extension though. All in all it is bad planning from me as I was just desperate at the time to get him through the door but I should have given the long term a bit more thought.
  3. Selling a retiring player

    I get that he may not want to reduce his wage in the last year of his career but it should be my decision to offer him out to clubs.
  4. Selling a retiring player

    I could but I'd prefer to not have to buy out any of his contract. I'd like him to just leave to another team on a free transfer but I can't offer him out.
  5. I am in July. I have a player that is in the last year of his contract who has announced he will retire at the end of the season. He won't make my 25 man squad and is on £110,000 p/w. I can put him on the transfer list but I am unable to offer him out to other clubs as the option is greyed out. Is this because he is retiring? If so, is my only option to try to convince him not to retire, in the hope I can get someone to take him off my hands?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'm considering retraining him as a winger. He is already accomplished in the AMR position but can't play in a MR position at all at the moment and this is a position that my tactic uses. He is 24 years old and his PA star rating is the same as his CA star rating. Do you think that it is worth me trying to retrain him to a brand new position or will it eat away at his CA too much in your opinion?
  7. What contributes to this player losing a lot of headers - mainly long passes or clearances from defence? He is playing in the English Premier League to give an idea of the standard of player he is against. He regularly wins less than 40% of his aerial duals.
  8. I might be wrong but I believe that it can affect morale slightly so yes that would affect performance.
  9. I can imagine. Stick it in the bugs forum.
  10. Do you set them up in the tactics screen when you are not in a matchday? I only ask because if you only set them up whilst you are in a match then this will not be saved.
  11. Can't Find Players

    I tend to not get too hung up about the current ability star rating and just base my decisions on the players attributes. With £1m in your transfer budget you should be able to transfer some of that to your wage budget to tempt any players who are put off by your low reputation.
  12. Transfers-Youth Intake

    After you've just instructed your scouts to scout the 300 players, I'd check on your scouting 'queued' screen to see if they are all on there. Could it be that if they have been released they have decided to retire before the scout report comes in?
  13. my washing line...

    Impressive. I always want to get the shirts of the teams I manage but I like LLM so it is pretty much impossible for me to achieve this.
  14. You can position your players anywhere on the field as with corners and free kicks. You can also set to short throws. This usually helps me. For some reason the game defaults to having your opposite full back in the box which I find causes a lot of problems with not enough players being in defence for counters.
  15. That is definitely a ball your CD's should be looking to win. If anything the mistake was 2 players challenging for the same ball and losing. I would consider dropping your defensive line to counter this if it happening a lot.