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  1. Does the latest release fix the issue with II teams being promoted to I Liga?
  2. The A Championship Group needs to be specified as a tier 3 competition to make the history graph read correctly. Missing history for Cobh Ramblers (589) 2009 - A Championship Group 2 - Pos 9/9, Pld 16, Won 1, Drn 3, Lst 12, GF 11, GA 32, Pts 6
  3. Ferrol (1727) have an incorrect history record for 2016/17 showing that they competed in Third Division Group 1 for that year which needs removing. They have a correct record for that year also showing that they finished in 7th place in Segunda B1 so that can stay but the Third Division Group 1 record needs deleting. The stats that Ferrol have in the 2016/17 for Third Division Group 1 season actually relates to RC Villabes (814059) who happen to have that season missing from their history.
  4. Hugo Diaz (67216726) has one league appearance listed in his history for Leeds United for the season 2018/19 when he did not make a single appearance for the first team that season. He did play in one league game in 2017/18 which is accurately reflected in his history but 2018/19 should show no appearances. https://www.transfermarkt.com/hugo-diaz/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/534697/plus/0?saison=2018&verein=&liga=&wettbewerb=&pos=&trainer_id=
  5. He's taken 34 and missed 5 in his career so an 85% success rate for anyone wanting stats. Includes shoot outs. And 3 of the misses were in 2009. In fact he only took penalties after 2009 when he joined Liverpool.
  6. Paul Balsom (28110522) is the Head of Player Innovation at Leicester. This is translated in game as him being the Head of Sports Science with a secondary role of Chief Data Analyst. He has been in the role with Leicester since 2011, however he has also performed the same role for the Swedish National Team since 1998. I'm not sure if National Teams allow for these types of roles which is possibly why it has been left out of his bio and he is not listed as a member of staff with Sweden. However according to a recent podcast I listened to and his own LinkedIn page he has also done this work for OHL in Belgium. Again not sure if the game will allow a staff member to work for two separate clubs but it is probably a good shout to have Nigel Pearson as a favoured personnel as he is the reason he works for OHL and also Leicester.
  7. Slightly changed which has made months of work for these kitpack makers useless. Crazy decision and a kick in the teeth for graphic makers.
  8. Missing History for FC Rosengard 1917 (4300693). Data is from Wikipedia from when the club was known as Malmo Anadolu BI. 2005 - Sodra Götaland - Pos 1st - Played 22 - W 15 - D 4 - L 3 - GF 60 - GA 27 - GD +33 - Pts 49 Could also add that a second title in their honours if it is not done automatically. It appears that they have been placed in the wrong division for their history. They are down as having been placed in the East Division (Ostra) however throughout their presence in the 2nd Division they have been in the South (Sodra) until 2018 when they were placed in the West (Vastra).
  9. The main disadvantage of the 3-5-2 is the space that is left down the wings so personally I would start thinking about playing with 2 players on each flank but also staying much narrower to try to clog up the midfield and not be overrun in the middle of the pitch. That is if you are dead against using 3 at the back yourself. I find that my 3-4-3 seems to work well against 3 defender formations.
  10. I used to suffer a lot with the 4-3-3 narrow that the opponent went to when chasing a game. To the point where I would regularly lose 2 and 3 goal leads with 15 minutes to play. I think I even made a thread about it. I've found the best way to combat this has been to use a 3-4-3 against it.
  11. Trying to open FM and getting this message. Any idea what I can do about this? My internet connection is fine so it isn't that. It doesn't give the option to play offline so. I take it FM is unplayable for me then?
  12. Does attending a game not involving your own increase your player knowledge of the players that play?
  13. What are the conditions for my youth team coaches being able to train first team players? Is it possible for U19 coaches to be included in first team coaching duties at all. Playing in lower leagues in Spain if that makes a difference.
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