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  1. Any plans for anyone to start a new thread for next season? Thought the fixture list would trigger a new one. Can't wait for the visit to my hometown Barnsley in October. What do you think my chances are of getting in the away end? Usually members only with loyalty points?
  2. It's in Allardyce's autobiography that he tried to buy Modric but Ashley pulled the plug when he realised how much debt the club were in.
  3. Nice write up of the best player we've ever had.
  4. I just can't get my head around Rafa managing in the Championship. That's why I'll not believe it until he is in the dugout in August - no matter what the club or he says.
  5. Really proud of my football club today. A brilliant atmosphere for Rafa, a brilliant performance... there is hope.
  6. Really should have got rid of McClaren sooner. Keep this up and we'll have gone 6 unbeaten and 3 clean sheets in a row - and still been relegated.
  7. I assumed that he would have been assured of all the things that he needed, given he signed a 3 year contract. Being relegated shouldn't change the amount of control he has, should it?
  8. Is there a problem with the board not wanting Benítez then? I thought it all hinged on whether or not he wanted to stay - isn't the Spain job available after this summer?
  9. Wasn't Pearson sacked by us before for some shady dealings? I was thinking back to our last Championship campaign at some of the players that we brought in that season - Khizanishvili, Fitz Hall, Danny Simpson, van Aarnholt, Fabrice Pancrate, Marlon Harewood! Good times ahead.
  10. Is it just desperate delusion that makes me think he'll stay?
  11. We all have games next weekend and then their games are on the Wednesday after that.
  12. ****ing get in!!! I thought we were down when we lost at Norwich but getting a little bit of belief back now. Although it would just be Newcastle to lose away at Villa. Got to say I loved Benitez yelling at Perez for not running the ball into the corner and screaming at him to get back in position about 20 seconds later. Even after the full time whistle he had his arm around him telling him why he should have gone for the corner. We've just won a must win - celebrate a bit Rafa - have a go in the debrief.
  13. I presume that's based on income? Dépor not doing too bad at all then based on those salary caps. Could really do with a win tonight v Eibar.
  14. Current form? 3 in 3 before today. A 1-0 win against City gets us out of the drop zone I think.
  15. Made a mountain out of a molehill?! I just don't know how you don't get this. It's not about how good he was because like you said he's been crap for a while. The fact is that he played 71 of 75 games immediately before his cancer diagnosis. 2 months after that he was told to find another club. It's pretty obvious that Newcastle were trying to get rid of him because he had cancer. That is a ****ing disgrace and I'll never understand why anyone would think that it is ok.