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  1. It's happening again. Different team, same s*** within the space of 4 days.
  2. I've just taken over a team in the Czech Republic and am trying to get familiar with the rules of the leagues and cups. We're just 13 games into a 30 game championship and one team has already qualified for next seasons Europa League and I have no idea why. Looking at their schedule they have not yet won the only domestic trophy in Czech Republic so it can't be that, and according to the rules of the league the qualification for Europe isn't decided until the league gets split after 30 games. Does anyone with any knowledge of Czech football have any idea why they have qualified?
  3. brookie1402


    I think that everyone who doesn't read/like the sun or DM know exactly why. Wouldn't wipe my a*** with them. I get that the both have a political 'side' and that they are writing to a target audience but some of their Brexit coverage seems to be deliberately misinformed, and in some cases is just baiting hatred. It's one thing to give a viewpoint to your own particular side of an argument but to have front pages calling people saboteurs for backing the side of the vote that lost by 1.9% of the votes, and calling judges enemies of the people for upholding British law takes the p***. They can both burn to the ground.
  4. brookie1402

    Foreign Player Problem

    It can seem strange but the Turkish FA want to encourage minutes for players who can play for their own national team to develop them, so I can understand it.
  5. brookie1402

    Foreign Player Problem

    Is he declared for the Romanian national team? If so it might mean that you can only have 14 players who aren't eligible for the Turkish national team. There is a similar rule in Russia. Even if a player has a Russian passport/eligibility, if he has represented another team at international level he is considered foreign.
  6. brookie1402

    Love Island

    Half watched a couple of episodes that the wife had one whilst FMing last year and was instantly hooked.
  7. I use the vertical scrolling camera angle and I like that I can position the camera height to be quite low as I think it gives me loads better depth. However, at some stadiums, including my own, when the ball is close to the goal line the back of the stadium is displayed and I can't actually see the goal line. It should be made transparent at the least.
  8. brookie1402

    Location of sponsorship stats

    Not to my knowledge it doesn't.
  9. What will happen if I resign from a club and become unemployed while in the middle of doing a coaching badge? Will I stop with the course or can I still complete it whilst unemployed?
  10. Having just recorded a couple of decent wins and tying to hold on in the last 10 mins of games it seems that my problem was having players in the middle/attacking third who don't have a passing outlet. I noticed a couple of chances conceded when a player in the AM strata didn't have any options and so held onto the ball. lost it, and with one kick the ball was over my defence and into a 1v1 situation. Luckily they only hit the bar but since then I've been playing with my 2 CMs as a CM/S and AP/S giving whoever has the ball a forward runner. I still have enough numbers back so if I lose the ball and they score then fair enough.
  11. brookie1402

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    It's tight at the top.
  12. brookie1402

    Match Analysis Screens Incredibly Slow to Load

    This has consistently happened for me since the game came out but both in game and analysis of previously played games. I have a 5K monitor, with resolution of 2880 x 1620 on windowed mode at 200% zoom in. My match storage is set as default.
  13. Thanks for all the advice. What I've been doing is going to a contain/fluid and keeping my existing TI's of play out of defence, retain possession, pass into space, and prevent short GK distribution. Then I change my formation to a 5-1-4-0 with 2x FB/D and 3x CD/D, 1x DLP/D, 2x DW/D, 2x BWM/D. The goals I've been conceding are largely individual errors, so my CD trying to head the ball back to my goalkeeper and it going short, or a shot from long range being deflected in by another of my CD's. It's just frustrating as hell - especially the games where I was 3-2 up and 3-0 up. It is like I knew it was going to happen, I just can't figure out how to stop it.
  14. In the two games I was in the lead for I chose to play contain, with retain possession but I'm wondering if the retain possession instruction made my defender try a header back to the keeper rather than just getting the ball away.
  15. Help! I'm in an infuriating habit of conceding late goals and dropping loads of points. These 3 results all came within a few weeks of each other. Is there a specific attribute for this. A couple of the goals have been howlers where a defender has tried to head the ball back to the goalkeeper but it has fallen short. Is this just a concentration thing? If so how can I fix that?