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  1. Is intelligence a hidden attribute?
  2. I am a lower league team so don't have money to spend on scouting. I've got a report card back where one of the pro's is that the player is 'considered a smart player'. Any idea what attribute(s) this refers to?
  3. Playing as Deportivo B in the Spanish Second Division I am not able to control the renewal of player contracts as the manager of Deportivo does that. I got to the promotion play offs with the second leg of the final being held on 30 June 2019. When it gets to game day I notice that around 6 of my players are missing. I haven't received any news item but on checking Deportivo's main team transfer history it seems that the players have been released as their contracts expired on 30 June 2019 and they were not renewed. Two issues with this really, a) is it realistic that on the game day of the playoff final the players would just leave the club and not be eligible to play?; and b) I should have received something in my inbox for decisions made on players within my team? Just to note I have a player who has agreed to join another club as his contract ended on 30 June but he doesn't join until 1 July. Why can't this be the same for other players whose contract expires that day so that they can still play on 30 June?
  4. I'm on mac and this has been fixed for me.
  5. I can do this later when I have a little more time. I seemed to be able to fix it by removing the squad filter lock (show only goalkeepers, defenders, etc.). When I had it locked to the side of this screen, I have this problem but now I have removed it and I have to click to get the filter up it has gone back to normal and I can select to sort by any column, if that makes sense.
  6. I have a customised view on my squad screen. Whenever I go to this screen it is always sorted by the column 'minutes played'. This happens even when I sort by 'PKD'. Whenever I go back to the screen it reverts to being sorted by 'minutes played' and is really annoying. This happens even after I delete the column from the view. It still sorts by minutes played even though this is not visible.
  7. This is now also happening for me exactly as described in the OP.
  8. Looking at his player history in game he already has a entry for the 15/16 season for Depor B playing 3 times that season so I don't think the 10 games and 4 goals for that season are for the B team either. I'm unable to find any stats for Deportivo B for that season as they were playing in the 4th tier. Maybe it was for the Juvenil team which is basically academy football but I don't have anything to back that up it is just guesswork. He is a centre defender so the 4 goals in 10 games seems a bit too good of a record for him. Have found this website dedetailing Hugo Diaz stats for the 15/16 season. The section at the bottom seems to suggest that he did play 3 games for Deportivo B which is correct in game, but the 10 games and 4 goals also in the 15/16 season are for the Juvenil (Academy) team so should be removed from this history. I got there in the end!
  9. Hugo Diaz has incorrect history. For the 2015/16 season he is down as playing 10 league games for Deportivo la Coruna's first team scoring 4 goals. This is incorrect - Hugo Diaz never played any games for Deportivo's first team.
  10. When I apply a filter on the 'staff search' screen for 'based in' a nation, the list that is produced is a list of staff with that nations nationality, rather than staff who work in that nation. For example if I do a search for staff employed as managers and based in Scotland, it brings up David Moyes and Alex Neil in the results list when these managers are actually based in England.
  11. Ha! Arrogance of this one. I'm ok thanks. If you can't be bothered to read the 4th line of each paragraph then I think I'll wait for someone else.
  12. I'm experiencing something similar. I have my DOF find and make offers for young players for the future in the responsibilities tab. In the transfer centre I can see that a contract has been offered to a 26 year old. I didn't receive any message to say that this had happened and 26 is not a young player.
  13. I am currently managing a semi-professional team which I have never done before. In a typical week I can only train on two days; one of which is taken up by match preparation. I have set up position/role training for each player and also an additional focus. All of my players have a medium training workload but the ones that complain about 'the high amount of extra work they have been asked to do' have their additional focus intensity level dropped from average to light. The problem I have is that the majority of them are still unhappy with the high amount of extra work they have been asked to do. Is it worth me ditching the additional focus given that my training facilities and coaches are all terrible and so I probably won't see any improvement anyway. My 6 influential players are already against me because of my low reputation and so I don't want to further damage morale. My next point is about a custom training view that I stole from @Rashidi. I'm a little annoyed that I can't seem to find a column for 'additional focus intensity' to toggle between light, average, and heavy. I just want to check that it definitely isn't there as it would make life a little easier. In the custom views that I've got, I have a column for 'workload' which was in the 'training schedule' section, and a column for 'training load' which was in the 'risk assessment' section. I just want to check on the meaning of these. I'm guessing 'workload' is pulled from team training screen where is says overall workload in the bottom right corner, but the 'training load' seems to be medium for all players despite some of them having a light additional focus intensity and some having medium focus intensity. Is this a cumulative workload, like 'match load' is, as this would make sense as they have all just returned from a winter break so I suppose they haven't had time to feel the affects of a lighter or heavier schedule yet. Finally, what are the consequences of going from semi-professional to professional. I obviously know that I will get more days on the training field. It won't affect any of my contracts as all my players are on full time contracts anyway. Is there any additional cost associated, etc. Sorry for the long post. I didn't think it was worth staring a whole new thread as hopefully a lot of the answers might only need one sentence.
  14. brookie1402

    Career path

    I've found in FM17 that the ranking of the league doesn't really matter. I went from winning the 3rd tier in Germany to getting a job at the team that had just finished 2nd in Scotland despite there being about 40 places between the league reps. If you are being offered interviews then you are obviously in the frame to get the job. The manager the team choses won't be just based on the reputation of the candidates either, it will also be based on what answers you give in your interview so my advice is just go for it, especially if they are inviting you without you applying for the job.
  15. brookie1402

    International Match Preparation

    OK thanks. They should at least stop the assistant manager telling me to focus on defending set pieces in match preparation if it isn't an option. And the greyed out match prep area on the tactics screen should be removed too. I was just curious as I read an article from a prominent member of the tactics board saying that it was possible but when I replied to ask how I got no response.