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  1. I have pretty much the same scenario. Started unemployed with no badges and sunday league reputation with a game start date of 27 July. On 28 July I am offered an interview at League One Wigan. I have not applied for any jobs at all. I have loads of low reputation leagues loaded as well in case that is a factor. I have the initial save game immediately after the new career is loaded up (so dated 27 July) - would you like that one or the date that the interview was offered (28 July)?
  2. Hi all, I know it is a busy time of year for you guys but I just wondered if the match engine graphics on my iMac are 'normal' and what you would expect from my system. I am not techy in any sense of the word but any help to improve the performance would be appreciated. Basically FM19 I was flying. My graphics capability within preferences was five stars and the match was crystal clear and running smoothly. FM20 was a different matter altogether with the rating dropping down to 3 stars with the match looking really blurry. If I selected to view the matches in 'very high' quality it w
  3. I don't like the matchday experience. Bring back the timebar so I can click where I want to see the game back. I also don't like the lack of possession bar in between highlights. I'll try to get used to it but not sure I'll play all that much of this version. Also, when trying to give an individual team talk, why does it auto select everyone in the team that has played? I can't find a de-select all button, and so I'm forced to un-check 13 players just to specifically deliver a team talk to one player. That is very annoying.
  4. Came here to report this bug also. I imported a saved view that I made for FM20 and noticed that it didn't have condition or match sharpness. I went to add them but 'overall physical condition' and 'match sharpness' are nowhere to be found. I also tried to add these to other views within the squad screen but they are not selectable.
  5. Yeah you are right about the 2012 season. Sorry if I came across like an a***, was just frustrated it wasn't updated for the beta but like you say still plenty of time to catch things before the release version - KUTGW
  6. I posted on last years data issues thread for Ireland that there was missing recent history for Cobh Ramblers (stats for a couple of league seasons - 2009 and 2012 I think and to categorise the Second Division as a third tier so that the graph on the overview looks right). It's still missing for FM21. I've googled and it shows the post was in November 2019 but the thread must have been deleted or moved because I can't access it anymore. Not trying to be an **** but why bother researching and posting factual data with a source if it isn't going to be updated?
  7. An absolutely mind-blowing thread. I'm going back to re-read it all. I found the statistical tracking and recording of players fascinating and it is definitely something I'll do myself once FM21 is out, so I'll apologise now for stealing one or two of your spreadsheets. Loved this and the Guadalajara thread - another one I keep dipping in to. Bravo!
  8. Not necessarily. It depends on the attacking width TI. Like I said it's obvious when viewing a game in 2D. The wingers stay as wide as the mentality/TI allows them to in my experience.
  9. I have little tactical knowledge in FM but from a real life point of view, and I know it sounds like a cop out, but I'd say it depends on your tactical set up. It's a players ability to stop and change direction, so for low block, narrow defences with little space, I'd say it isn't too important as all the 'defending' should be in front of your back line. But defending on the half way line and being vulnerable to balls over the top, then I'd say it's a little more important given players have to turn and sprint back. May be useful for players who find themselves 1v1. Imagine a full back having
  10. I think it is on the Tactics panel in the Development tab - the view which has the pitch and how well suited he is to each position.
  11. It depends on the narrowness of the opposition defence. The 2D view is really great for making the spotting of this obvious. Against a really tight narrow defence I often use the instruction to play wider in attack to force a full back out to meet a player on the wing who has the ball near the touchline, which then creates a space infield.
  12. The 'rest' tab on the training screen allows you to set the intensity for players in condition bands. I set all players to automatic, and the two bands to the far right (I think it's players with >80%) I always set to double intensity.
  13. You can do something about it. Don't buy the game if you think it isn't good value.
  14. Does the team instruction 'focus play down right/left' alter any of the team settings, i.e. team will play slightly wider? The same question for if it alters any player instructions, i.e. tells wide players to 'hug touchline'.
  15. I try to use 'hit early crosses' against teams that play a deep defensive line. This is in the hope that as soon as the opposition lose the ball and are maybe out of shape/higher up the pitch, we play the ball forward in to the box where we can try to take advantage.
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