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  1. What does the 'Confidence' part of this screen mean? It is on the tactical advice screen.
  2. My usual set up is one man on the far post, 3 zonal markers across the centre of the six yard box, one on the edge of the box, and 5 man markers. Maybe that is owing to my downfall then as I have no one up front the opposition can just pile players into my box.
  3. I probably am making it worse! It's more the defensive side. I can use the list of attributes required for each role but I then need a view to see which of my players is most suited to which job.
  4. I really want to sort my set pieces out because I rarely score them and always seem to concede even when focussing on them during training. What attributes are important at either end of the field. I'm guessing jumping and heading are the big ones. How about anticipation, bravery, strength, off the ball? Obviously marking for defending set pieces.
  5. I also have this same issue apart from I can't actually get my uploads onto YouTube. But the videos I send to my desktop are the same quality as yours.
  6. Not as far as I know.
  7. Manual description of rushing out is "How good the goalkeeper is at coming off his line to react to through balls and similar situations. A goalkeeper will benefit from Pace and Acceleration here as well."
  8. Is this a new feature. I've learned Turkish and Spanish on the game but I haven't had any messages to say I had done.
  9. The only player trait I can think of that might apply to goalkeepers that I don't think is covered in the attributes is the tendency to come out of their box/play sweeper keeper. I'm not commenting on the success of them being able to do this, as this would be covered by the attributes, just that some keepers are more likely to do it than others.
  10. Just thought I'd add to this. First season was ok. I only had 3 players loaned out and replaced them myself with free transfers. This season is horrendous though. I've basically had my entire team taken away. 15 of my players have been loaned out (sometimes to teams in the same league!). I signed two players that were immediately called into the main team in la Liga! I'm basically playing with the u19's. Anyone who the first team don't think will break through (anyone over 20 who isn't a potential la Liga player) is put on the transfer/loan list and got rid of. In summary it's good to get badges but not to build a team.
  11. I've started loading the game as at 29 April (I got it wrong before and said that it was 23 Apr) and it should take around 25 minuted before it's complete. It is called Atletico Levante Apr
  12. I have saves dated 23 April or 29 May. Which would you prefer?
  13. I think there is a problem with the dates that the Segunda B division promotion playoffs start. I am playing as Atletico Levante, which is Levante's B team and I'm in season 17/18. I finished in a playoff spot (to go up to the Segunda) in my Segunda B group and was scheduled to play the first leg of the playoff on 13 May. However, there was still a chance that Levante (the 'A' team) could be relegated from La Liga, which should automatically kick me out of the playoffs as we can't both be in the same division. They played their last game of the season on 13 May too. As it happened Levante would and therefore stayed up but had they lost and been relegated it would have been interesting to see what would happen in game as I had already played my playoff game earlier in the day. What usually happens in Spain is that if there is already an 'A' team in the league above then the playoff spot goes to the next highest league position. But this could not happen as the playoffs ha already started. Sorry if I haven't explained this very well. I'm not sure what usually happens but last season in real life La Liga finished on 15 May and the Segunda B playoffs didn't start until 21 May meaning that there was no chance that the above scenario could happen.
  14. under review

    Ah sorry, I sent the most up to date save and I've advanced a couple of months. I've started to upload the save as at 29 October which was the game date when I first reported the problem. It is called Atletico Levante Oct It might take 20 minutes to upload. This will show Joel as having zero percent confidence despite him being on loan at a different club. I did promote Alejandro Torrejon and Damian Granero from the u19 team but Torrejon has been in the B team with me since September and Granero has been there all season. It is just strange why I have zero percent confidence from the board when they have been playing some games and both improving in their attributes. The player that 'I just promoted from my u19's to my B team...' is Alejandro Guinot. I've just reproduced it myself now. All you need to do is promote him from the u19's and advance 1 day. Then check the Player Development Confidence and he will have zero percent with the 'progress being hindered by your management' message. Thanks
  15. under review

    Thanks for the response. I'm uploading my save game as we speak. It's called Atletico Levante Jan