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  1. Jesus Christ this version is crap. As am LLM I can't set training sessions for my semi-pro team cos the schedules disappear as soon as you set them, my Swedish 4th tier crapo division players are willing to go on strike over the minutest thing such as the defensive options not being good enough (?).
  2. I do have access to steam but the version on CD Keys website just specifies that it is for 'PC' and only has the windows symbol on it, not the mac one. And the system requirements are only given for Windows and not mac.
  3. Haven't bought this years version yet and had been looking at CD Keys but they don't have a mac version a far as I can see.
  4. It's purely for FM gaming wise and I'd want that budget to include everything - monitor, keyboard, etc. Current display is 27" so anything around that would be fine, even if it has to get smaller. Other things I'd use it for are storing photos/videos, browsing the web/youtube, and general admin stuff that uses MS Office.
  5. Could someone suggest what is the best I can get if I'm looking to spend around £1,500 to £1,800? I'd prefer a desktop with a large display.
  6. The point may have gone straight over my head, but was the whole purpose of this to dunk on Beckham? I mean it's no issue to me either way, but the human rights record of Qatar has been highlighted pretty strongly recently, and will be during the tournament, so I don't think it's primarily that.
  7. I've not commented on your threads for a while, but as always I'm immensely enjoying this one. I love the writing style and the logical explanations, but more than anything I love that your posts are not just copy/pastes of each other with little narrative other than what your screenshots show. There are amazing descriptions of your thought process and the variety is really, really engaging, as is your enthusiasm. Brilliant work!
  8. I'm guessing 'Cup Goalkeeper' means every cup game whether continental or domestic. And the other two options can specify which cup they can expect to play in.
  9. I don't think you can get that specific with scouting in FM. If you are wanting players based in and around Stockholm I think the best bet would be to scout the Norra and Sodra Svealand competitions.
  10. If you want a wide forward I would say any of IF and IW roles are out of the question as I don't think they would stay wide enough for you. I think the best bet would be to place the player in the MF strata where you want him to be when you defend and use use a traditional winger. Unless you want him to attack the central areas when he has the ball. In which case I don't know enough about those positions to help. But I'd definitely look to use him in the MF strata and see how that goes. Not sure if you can use individual instructions to ask a player to stay wider but cut inside with the ball? Edit - just had a play around with the roles and I think you might be better with a wide midfielder who you can instruct to do the two instructions I said. Can also ask him to get further forward if you want him to be higher up the pitch and this is hard coded into the attack duty.
  11. +1 for watching the full match. Put too much time and effort in to not see how it is working in game where I can miss 20 minutes at a time between highlights.
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