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  1. Thanks for explaining what youve seen Ive noticed that there are only are 1 to 2 players (maximum) under the age of 25 in the national teams for Spain, Italy and England on a small database. I know its a small database but it still seems like reputation is impacting players above the age of 21 in this case or maybe its because not enough players are being developed when usng a small database as you suggested earlier?
  2. I assume you're talking about the awards not boosting reputation enough? What about the many top players that will never win an award because theres an even better player but should still deserve rep increases? Yeah not sure why they arent listening to this suggestion which will only take less than a minute to fix.
  3. When you say its a DB issue do you mean its an issue with the starting DB? The issue occurs with both real players and newgens, so the mechanism that updates the reputation isnt working as intended. SI could change it so that reputation has less of a role when the AI is deciding to buy/playing younger players and its more about CA. In real life teams always play high ability young players with a low rep over older high rep players as they have to think about the future.
  4. I think the problem is actually wider than you say here. I simmed until 2030 with only the top European nations loaded (England, Italy, Spain) including their lower leagues and this time I looked at the clubs in the top divisions in those nations rather than the national teams. In each top league (e.g. the premier league) only about 5 players in the whole league under the age of 24 had a status as a Regular Starter or higher. So not only the national teams that are too old but also the clubs. You see very good players with good reputation (Continental) not getting bought by top clubs or picked by their national team.
  5. Has there been an explanation from SI on why they put time into implementing a feature that we will never seen in the game? This one I find truly baffling and cant wrap my head around why they have put time into a feature that will never be seen. It is a bit worrying tbh and reminds me of when they decided to use 3D regen faces because they wanted the faces to be the same as those seen in the matches, yet 5 years later we still cant see any details of the players faces in the matches. Would be good to at least understand the rational behind this as it's clear from this thread and the the community outside of this forum that no one understands this feature. You would hope that at a minimum we would understand the benefit of every headline feature.
  6. Every match in the league you manage in uses the full ME
  7. When telling the DoF to renegotiate the playing time of players in the team they don't take into account the players current playing time. For example I have a player called Rodel Richards who always starts for me and his 'Current Playing Time' is 'Important Player', however when the DOF tries to renegotiate the contract he offers Fringe player. The DOF should be able to recognise that although they dont think the player is as good as I do, the fact is that the player is an important player for me and because of this they should offer a playing time that represents that. I pick the starting 11, so the DoF should be working with me to ensure my most important players are offered playing time befitting the status I have given them in the team (within reason), This is particularly bad in my current save as my DoF is putting the playing time for nearly all of my starters (and lots of my subs) too low in the offered contracts and it means he can't successfully renegotiate the contract of the majority of my team, which means I will lost most of my players. In the attached save if you ask the Dof to renegotiate the contract with the following players this issue will occur (this is just a sample): Scott Tomlinson - his current playing time is 'Regular Starter' but the DoF will only offer him Fringe Player and because of that the wage offered is too low. He is one of the most talented players and is only 19 Rodel Richards Jack Sparkes Also for our best young prospects the DoF can't come to an agreement on the length of contract, and it doesn't make sense. My best prospects want 2 - 3 year contracts but my DoF only offers them 1 year contracts. In reality the DoF would want to keep the young prospects for as long as possible especially as the wages aren't an issue in this case. Also we are a league 1 team and these players are worth a lot of money so the club could make great profit from them if there contract is longer than 1 year. If they have a 1 year contract they can leave for free very soon. Some examples of players where this happens in the attached save are: Adilson Furtado - in this case the player is worth £1.5 million (Im in League 1) and we have offered him a bigger wagethan he expects but we are only giving him a 1 year contract so he rejected it. So basically we are happy to lose the most valuable player (in monetary terms) in our whole team because we dont want to have him tied down for longer than 1 year. Sean Cromie Tychique Kouakou
  8. Yeah I think they normally do these types of things at 6pm when lots of people have finished there 9 to 5
  9. The new features are being announced this week so Im not sure which article you read
  10. Some players even need a year, especially young players who can already have low consistency due to there age. So if they also have low adaptability then it will take while for them to perform well
  11. It has made me more likely to buy the game (just one thing amongst many). The CL is a special competition and there arent any skins that I've found that have specific themes for CL games that really show the 'specialness' of it . If they add CL specific screens, CL matchday logos and themes during the match (like Bundesliga) and the CL music then thats a big plus for me.
  12. Think you have to compare it to other yearly release sports games, I'm not sure what their promos schedule is like though
  13. I love FM but the set piece creator needs to be fixed. It's extremely buggy and is completely counter-intuitive and people have been asking for it to be fixed for years and years. If SI still don't fix it then I will be extremely disappointed that they continued to leave a core feature in a broken state without any update on their plans for it.
  14. Players should be playing at the appropriate level for your skill, so I would say put him in your first team
  15. Probably best to post this in the General Discussion as this section of the forum is for features in the game and wont be checked for a while
  16. When telling the DoF to renew contracts we should be able to tell the DoF what we want the playing time of the player to be. We can do this when the DoF is making a transfer so we should also be able to do it with contract renewals. The problems the absence of this feature causes is that sometimes the DoF will offer a player too low a playing time and this means the contract renewal fails (for example the DoF sometimes offers "Backup" to a player that is a "First Team Regular". Aso for many young players the DoF might think a player doesnt have much potential, whereas I think they do, and then the DoF offers the player a playing time which is too low and the player rejects it, which means I lose high potential youth players.
  17. Yeah I've made this a feature request already but would be great if you could make one as well to help show the demand for it. I think them leaving it out was an oversight tbh, but it's a big oversight. Its particularly bad with talented youth players as it's easy to lose them because of this.
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