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  1. Yeah agreed on not being able to know who is creative or not. They purposely made it like that though (previously it wasnt like that) so hopefully they have changed it as it's not helpful to us users at all.
  2. Dont think the QME and FME differences will matter if the data hub data is applied to players we scout as how a player performs compared to his league is much more important. If this is the case it will have ni effect on actual scouting etc.
  3. Lool no chance of it being released while the youtubers are still releasing vids. I'm going for wednesday or thursday.
  4. Yeah I hope those are fixed too. Beta is only available to those who preorder. I dont think you can cancel it at that point but I'm not 100% sure
  5. Making set pieces player dependent rather than position dependent would solve sooo many issues
  6. there all different, ive only watched a couple so far but they are different
  7. SI outdid themselves with the data in this game. It looks really really good. Cant believe they didnt show all this in their feature vids/blog/livestream
  8. They were just waiting for your preoder to come through. Now it begins
  9. Nah the beta legit didnt even exist for them to even be able to play it
  10. Neil Brock as he posts the "BETA Released" Announcement thread
  11. If injuries are at 80% then it should be an option either that you tick at the beginning at the game similar to attribute masking or changeable in the editor (majesticeternity has a great work around but it's slightly different to injury occurence I think, pls correct me if I'm wrong). One thing though, i was asking Neil Brock about the injury occurence in the forums and I wasnt sure if he was suggesting they are in line with real life now.
  12. They did gegen pressing as people the in Twitch chat asked them to show us how gegen pressing has changed.
  13. I dont think the defeats the purpose of the datahub, as long as the stats are consistent for the FM world then the data hub is useful.
  14. Yep that is true but if I remember correctly it can only be scaled down to a certain size which wasn't that small and meant it was still often transparent? The transparency is odd as it defeats the purpose of being able to open the tablet.
  15. In the FM blog it says "There’s also a new opposition instruction built around pressing triggers that you can use to target players in the opposition backline who are weak on the ball.", but they didnt show this in the live stream
  16. Same inlrefer the new match UI bar the issues below which really should be fixed tbh: - Cant access assistants feedback during a highlight - Touchline tablet becomes transparent when the ball is behind it (very annoying) - Touchline tablet takes up half the screen and cant be resized to the size we want
  17. Yeah defo its 100% too early, 1 thing to remember though is that they had Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday matches which contributed to the players still not being fit for the next game. Flagging potential issues in a constructive way before release is a good thing imo though
  18. Also after they changed to the gegen pressing tactic, they scored 3 goals in every match, I dont think they conceded in any match and there didn't seem to be any noticeable difference in terms of stamina (although I do realise the squad they had was massive so they were able to rotate). It could be a coincidence. Would be good to hear from SI on that as it was part of the headline announcement.
  19. Game is looking good. Every match had about 2 goals scored from set pieces though so I hope that gets fixed. Also didnt notice anything when they did gegenpressing every game but they are Sheffield United who are probs the best rated team in the Championship so its also partly not a surprise.
  20. From this image if you look on the right hand side in the background you can see that you can get player reports for players that aren't playing for your team which is great news. Some of the players don't even play in the same league, Josef Martinez plays in the MLS, so assuming they hadn't all transferred to the Bundesliga in the game then you can get player reports for players that aren't your opponents. Guess we will have to wait till beta/release to know for sure though.
  21. I honestly wouldn't overthink things like using up a players PA. If you think using both feet could be useful for a player then tell him to do it, its not gonna stop a player from being stuck at 3 stars for example and never becoming 4 stars. Thinking about using PA points is an unnatural way to think about player development (unless you're already looking at a players PA anyway?) and IMO (just my opinion) takes away from just molding a player in to the type of player thats good for your system.
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