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  1. Anyone that is interested in this please upvote the feature request
  2. Match storage space is limited to 300MB (a recent reduction compared to previous years) however the size limit should be much larger so that I can watch old matches (ideally there would be no limit). If I want to load games and have the storage on my PC and the speed of processor to load old matches I believe I should have the option for this, and I can accept that the loading times could be longer. Separately from the outside it seems that it shouldn't increase loading times if each match has a match file that could be loaded on demand instead of during the loading of a save game.
  3. There isnt a way to increase it past 300MB, however I agree, we should have the option. Was very dissapointed when they reduced the storage space
  4. Play Spotlight: Geslin Matondo I'm keeping my eyes on a great youth player we have called Geslin Matondo, not to be confused with fellow youth player Cherubin Matondo who is also not his brother despite them sharing DR Congo heritage. 16 year old Matondo was born in Exeter and has been one of the best players in the U18 league with his dazzling dribbles and 13 goals, 6 assists. 5 PotM awards and an average rating of 7.71. Here are some clips of Matondo in action for the U18s: 2022-05-21 13-30-42 (1) (1) (1).mp4 2022-05-21 13-26-14 (1) (1) (1) (1).mp4 I gave Matondo his debut against Aldershot in our FA Cup replay win against them. Hopefully it is the first of many appearances for him. He is currently training his weaker foot as he is too one footed right now. My coaches think he is a Vanarama South/North level player rigth now, he has been improving in training and he has a high level of flair which helps him beat his man which is very important for me,
  5. Rocky Month: November 2024 It was a difficult month as we finished the month in 5th place in the league We had 9 games this month which didn't make things any easier but it's not an excuse as other clubs had that many games too. We failed to win in the league after 6th November and ended the month with a total of 3 wins 3 draws and 1 loss. Hopefully we can pick things up. Tommy Blair started the month brilliantly but ended up going on international break during the middle of the month which didn't help us. We outperformed our opponents in every match this month but an issue we had is that we just couldn't score enough goals. Not scoring enough goals is a real problem and we will have to bring in another top striker to provide competition for Blair Matt Jay is really starting to get in great form and won the Leagu 2 Player of the Month award. He got 3 goals and 4 assists, a real stats machine. If he keeps this up he will become the first name on the team sheet as he was inconsistent earlier in the season. He's able to make a goal out of nothing. 2 seasons ago he scored 15 goals and got 8 assists in the league so hopefully he can replicate something like that again! Also Scott Tomlinson is really started to perform now and is starting to dictate our tempo in his Deep Lying Playmaker role, for someone so young he is really doing well. Guthrie has started to complain about his playing and I understand as I told him he would start most games and whenever he has played he has done very will. Because of the fixture congestion this month it was easy to give him the starts he wanted and I think he may have proved he should be a starter as he has continued to play very well. Other good news is that we were able to break two Exeter records. We have the most wins in a row with 8 and most matches without losing in a row with 14! Elsewhere in the world of football Cameron Jerome the former Premier League striker is currently manage of Bradford City in League 2. He's a good manager and it looks like League 1 clubs are interested in him Messi is a OSG legend, he is in his fourth season with them now and has scored over 70 goals and 40 assists and won 8 trophies with them. Mbappe is a Bayern Munich icon. Although he is in his third season with them he actually became an icon after his first season. He has already won two Bundesligas, one Champions League, one European Super Cup, one German Cup and one German Super Cup Haaland is a goal machine for Man City as he has scored more goals than games Goalscorers this Month Tommy Blair - 5 Matt Jay - 4 Jon Guthrie - 2 Lewis Walker - 2 Jordan Graham - 2 Josh Key - 1 Jordan Turnball - 1 Goal of the Month Two goals this month Hattrick goal for Blair 2022-06-05 01-25-37 (1) (1) (1) (1).mp4 Great goal by Graham 2022-06-05 01-26-46 (1) (1) (1) (1).mp4 Stinker of the Month Poor defending from Turnball - he had a bad game 2022-06-05 01-25-09 (1) (1) (1) (1) (1).mp4
  6. His valuation should be much higher and he should be demanding much higher wages than 90k per week after scoring and getting high match ratings consistently for so many seasons
  7. I actually think his progression has been pretty good since im a League 2 side with poor facilities
  8. When you get your new youth intake the DoF recommends some players to sign and there is the option to tell the DoF to offer the players a contract. However there is no option to tell him to sign players he didn't recommend. We should have this option
  9. Just like we can tell our DoF to enter transfer negotiations with a player, we should be able to tell our DoF/TD to offer a staff member a contract that isn't currently attached to our club
  10. When playing for a semi pro club we should be able to tell our DoF whether to offer a player a Non-Contract or Part Time contract
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