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  1. Kane does need runners ahead of him tbh, so I understand. Foden would fit better in a midfield position. Foden on the wing would work if we expected controllde possession similar to Man City/Arsenal which I dont think England are capable of, or at least havent shown they are capable of it.
  2. The only use of it would be for training matches to try new tactics and set pieces. However this is a very big reason to have it included in the game as this is the core of a Head Coaches/Managers job, right after managing on match days.
  3. We should be able to view training matches so that we can try tactics out before we try them in a game. This is one of the biggest parts of being a Head Coach/Manager and it isnt in the game at all, so for me its a very important and very needed feature.
  4. As the OP said people that are talking about injuries for human controlled teams are missing the point. This is about injuries for AI teams and yes they are way too low. Lots of teams even have no injuries. Please SI give us the option to have realistic a realistic injury rate instead of the reduced 80%. Was really disappointing to see that injuries were reduced from a realistic rate because people complained, yet they wont return the match timeline because of 'realism' reasons. Also times have changed since when SI made the 80% change. Now we have the medical centre which allows humans to better management there players fitness.
  5. Thanks for the great work! Is it possible to manage the youth and H.S. teams? I couldnt see them as an option to manage
  6. Would be grateful if someone from SI could answer this as its not explained in the manual or in the game: Where do the numbers come from in the squad comparison screen where you compare the attributes of your team to the average of the rest of the league (It's under Squad Planner -> Report -> Comparison). If my scouts haven't scouted every player in the league then how do they know the attribute scores of all the players in the league? Is there a degree of error in this based on our scouts knowledge? Would be grateful if this could be answered, as I dont know if its what my scouts think or if its factual.
  7. A youth player getting lots of training time at a high standard and ALSO playing at an appropriate level for their skill level is what you should always be aiming for
  8. Strengthen the weakest position in your starting 11 and pick out some youngsters that you will try to integrate into the first team.
  9. One thing is clear to me:The ME is easily the best it's ever been imo. I think the ME team have been doing a fabulous job each year progressing the ME, especially with so little development time between games.
  10. I've never seen this? You can set up staff responsibilities on the profile creation screen?
  11. Do you know of any shortcuts to quickly switch between Views? Going up to the view menu to change custom views is quite cumbersome and is what stopped me using Custom Views
  12. What are you going to change the reputation increases to? Asking so I can do it myself too
  13. From a user perspective (ignoring finances) I'd also much rather they spent more time building new games (fixing bugs that have been in the game for years and refining new features) and gave us small updates throughout the release. I often see people say that financially it wouldnt make sense but Im pretty sure that is just speculation as we have no idea what the finances look like for FM and we have no idea how many people currently buy the game each year compared to those that buy it every 2 or 3 years. If its not just speculation that it would be good to know more about that. Ultimately we could be wrong and it might not actually improve the game, but its coming from a place of wanting the game to improve.
  14. I think a big part of the problem is that the number of bugs seems to continue to grow (whether that's just our perception and not actually true doesn really matter). The reason for this is that we have bugs that have been in the game for years that arent fixed. And then when a new game releases it has new features that are ALSO bugged. E.g. squad planner bugs, watch and ring bugs. So not only do the bugs that have been there for years still exist, but new bugs have been introduced with the new features. So from a customer perspective what hope can we have of old bugs being solved if every year the new features bring their own bugs in addition to the existing ones. For the bugs that have existed for years better communication would help massively. Also as someone said we hve the bug tracker but after acknowledgement of the bug we dont hear anything again.
  15. Its a known issue with the squad planner, only happens in certain circumstances
  16. Hi, Arteta and a lot of Arsenal players dont have the 2020 Community Shield win on their profile
  17. Yeah I think we are saying the same thing there! Im guessing the reputation gain is also zero for 2nd and 3rd place in these awards.
  18. So basically you think that once they turn 21 their rep is already so low that the reputation gain they make through league apps etc isnt enough.
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