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  1. But cant the game recommend based on each players device it does with graphics.
  2. Is this the most the game will recommend? After getting new laptop with much higher specs and storage the recommended player count is still 125,000. I load all leagues on large database and all playable, then I fiddle about between playable and view only to get the player count close to this number. Yet once its loaded and ready to go its well over and runs on the old machine fine. I've not yet got past the selection of leagues yet on the new machine but was a bit put out that the limit hasn't risen.
  3. Select all the leagues, you may get 125,000 recommended max player count then fiddle around switching from playable to view only. Don't know why it stays at 125,000 as that is what I had with my last and have since upgrading to a gaming laptop.
  4. Does steam and other game sites automatically upgrade your settings once you transfer your games to an upgraded laptop or will I need to do something myself for it to happen?
  5. Anyone know why Box refuse to price match Currys PC World? Also what difference does it make selling to a the Public a PC on a Business website to a retail website? Currys terms & conditions aren't applicable if I buy of their Business site.
  6. Whats the build quality like? I want something I can trust. My last Dell was well built but a bit underpowered I don't mind paying a bit extra for a higher standard in reliability. I've been lumbered with a very poor Lenovo for a few years. It wasn't great to start with rattling fan, screws loosening which are impossible to screw tight once out the hole, then the battery went that needs a PC repairman to fix and the stupid lead is so stiff it splits meaning on on my third in 4 years. The only redeeming factor of it was the two or three year guarantee offered by the retailer(Which I regret never taking advantage of now).
  7. Any Online retailers that Price Match Currys PC World? All laptops I look at with them aren't available for delivery, Click & Collect isn't practical yet they are the cheapest when I research most models. This is my preferred option:https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-g7-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-gtx-1650-1-tb-hdd-256-gb-ssd-10193022-pdt.html Pain in the arse they offer delivery on their Business to business website for exactly the same product, same price with V.A.T but under the terms and conditions of sale selling to non- business isn't allowed.
  8. God knows what question this is answering Where are the regulations on how often a player can move or clubs they play for in each league. Most leagues have registration forms surely the contract to play acts as this in the game. Any idea who pays a loan players bonuses? You or the parent club.
  9. I see that this is calculated on a match playing basis so regardless whether they play or not it impacts on your salary performance with the board. Can't this be rectified so you are judged on what it's actually costing the club on a match by match basis? Instead of offering a new contract would it be better to have an agreement that the player stays. I've offered salaries and bonuses of 0 to keep a player as a substitute aren't players in most leagues registered with the FA's restricting them to a number of clubs each season, is this implented in Amater leagues? Staff wages. I pay far more for these than players but aren't judged on this, who is at the club?
  10. FM still hasn't implemented the managing of nations properly. No interviews or proper contracts, you could even have a proper intro with national anthems played while they line-up.
  11. As long as its regionalised correctly after the initial season with the correct teams entering each league. And includes Prestatyn & The New Bangor City. The last Lower League add on I included would go all over the place and became a right mess.
  12. This raises my suspicions further. If you've got over a weeks long successful save, how less likely are you gonna lose it by not buying it once the free periods over?
  13. That's why I asked. They do get peed off when you do and take offence if you disagree.
  14. Steam offered FM 20 free for four days this weekend(along with a few other games) possibly in response to Covid-19 with people looking for outlets to entertain themselves now they've got sod all to do all day. So I download it to find the only change really a few cosmetics appearances and the Cymru First division added officially. Other than that I hardly know if I had accidently loaded FM19. My suspicions are to get me to pay up once the four days are up are:- Adding Cymru North, My local league. Making my tactics amazingly affective meaning I'm storming the league with Guilsfield, making cutting a save harder. therefore meaning I buy it. Once playing a new game I've never returned to an old one. What's the point? If work gives me 12 weeks off that'll be another strong reason to buy it. As a rule I wouldn't buy a new FM until the discount later on, but this FM could be the longest in date version yet, with a possible update once the season resumes. There surely cannot be an FM21 released at the usual time. Maybe FM 22 will be the next edition. Or perhaps a SI could release a Classic FM with the new technological advances but implement it to start in a past season, with vote on which era to begin. Mine would be 1980.
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