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  1. Why have you moved this here this isn't a bug, its just stupid and unrealistic.
  2. It happens more frequently once current players start retiring but I've seen it with already long retired ones; Briton Ferry Cymru South: Paul Scholes. the £150 pw must have been to hard to turn down. Guilsfield Cymru North: Shaun Goater. £50pw or stay in Bermuda there's only one winner. Nathan Jones left Luton, goes to Middlesbrough gets sacked and ends up at Bala Town. Chinese Super League jobs paying £100,000 pw at the start reflecting the rl wage, then paying £2,000 pw to an inexperienced manager who's done little in Hong Kong in his last job. Not only would the applica
  3. FM has persisted with daft stadium relocations and rebuilds for years. When a club rebuilds or significantly expands rather than staying put like most do in real life, they move to a stadium miles away rather than move down the road. One that persists in many editions of FM is Bournemouth moving to Watford when expanding Dean Court when Southampton & Portsmouth are down the road. Others are Gloucester and Worcester City moving back to the stadium they're in. Blackburn, Tranmere and Port Vale leaving for vastly smaller grounds when it'd be cheaper to stay. and close stands and Bolton leavin
  4. Booze and fags at this price and all those clubs and bars i'll be suffering a serious infection, locked up or dead within 6 months
  5. No this ain't a scammer spamming the forum or Jimmy Carr's accountant touting for business. But when will International management match clubs with contracts and correct tax deductions? I've got a contract without an end and on £5,000 pw tax free managing Thailand, after failing horrendously and being sacked from Guilsfield where I earned £180 pw, less a few quid for National Insurance. I have plenty of time between games but cannot request a Coaching Licence course either. I don't know what I'm gonna do in Thailand with all this money. This is FM20 so Covids not even heard of.
  6. How can you leave out something that has this and will change at least the next two seasons and has had a dramatic impact on every club? How can a new season FM be released when the last editions season hasn't finished and still nobody knows when the next starts? UEFA tournaments may get pushed back further, when will the 20-21 CL begin? Players will be included in any self isolation or travel bans. No point releasing an edition until the seasons of the main leagues are into their 3rd month of fixtures, when is this? Have an update FM 20 so we can play through 19-20 with it added.
  7. Yeah if you're skint spend what's left on computer games.
  8. An update to FM20 to include the pandemic so the season reflects what's happened in each country up to now and have the summer leagues updated to 2020 would be an option. If there is an FM21 SI will have to guess what'll happen after the games release or wether to include Covid at all. They did guess at Brexit for a few editions
  9. But cant the game recommend based on each players device it does with graphics.
  10. Is this the most the game will recommend? After getting new laptop with much higher specs and storage the recommended player count is still 125,000. I load all leagues on large database and all playable, then I fiddle about between playable and view only to get the player count close to this number. Yet once its loaded and ready to go its well over and runs on the old machine fine. I've not yet got past the selection of leagues yet on the new machine but was a bit put out that the limit hasn't risen.
  11. Select all the leagues, you may get 125,000 recommended max player count then fiddle around switching from playable to view only. Don't know why it stays at 125,000 as that is what I had with my last and have since upgrading to a gaming laptop.
  12. Does steam and other game sites automatically upgrade your settings once you transfer your games to an upgraded laptop or will I need to do something myself for it to happen?
  13. Anyone know why Box refuse to price match Currys PC World? Also what difference does it make selling to a the Public a PC on a Business website to a retail website? Currys terms & conditions aren't applicable if I buy of their Business site.
  14. Whats the build quality like? I want something I can trust. My last Dell was well built but a bit underpowered I don't mind paying a bit extra for a higher standard in reliability. I've been lumbered with a very poor Lenovo for a few years. It wasn't great to start with rattling fan, screws loosening which are impossible to screw tight once out the hole, then the battery went that needs a PC repairman to fix and the stupid lead is so stiff it splits meaning on on my third in 4 years. The only redeeming factor of it was the two or three year guarantee offered by the retailer(Which I r
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