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  1. Fixture congestion

    Or in this case SPL, I believe they make the choice
  2. Editor capabilities

    Short answer yes, You may need to recreate rather than edit the competition
  3. Fixture congestion

    Suppose that is reputation of CL versus EL
  4. Scottish Challenge Cup

    Do you have the scottish league loaded on your welsh save?
  5. Random Second Language

    Do your board or staff contain Italians? Maybe it is the basics of that rubbing off on you
  6. Championship teams are paying a lot for players so as time goes on it could in theory happen so not totally unrealistic
  7. If you ask for the right sort of affiliate they automatically look abroad, If they come back with no suggestions then there are no suitable clubs
  8. That is true yes but i don't in game check how often it happens elsewhere i only notice when it is my own
  9. I can't remember the last time my team had to sub their keeper in real life. I remember times a few years or further back but certainly not something that happens for example every season
  10. It happens, I don't have a keeper on the bench so notice when this happens for obvious reasons. I am in 2033 and it has happened a few times. Not enough to be too many but probably enough.
  11. Question regarding takeovers

    Totally random amount of time, Nothing unusual about it. Some take weeks some take months
  12. I would assume because this is the first time it's been known such a deal was signed. There has to be an in game limit somewhere so they used 5 as that was previously the longest heard in real life
  13. youth intake question

    Seem to recall it was a random team i had no link with (Bath city or someone)
  14. youth intake question

    They do have clauses in the deals yes. I got a player this way and after a few years sold him on and the old team got a huge cut of the profit despite the deal having taken place off screen as it were