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  1. Sent off no, Injured maybe 5 times in 15 years playing the game (That is real life not 15 in game years), I never name a sub gk and never have for this reason
  2. They are not, They have been being produced since the beta was released. Or do you mean real life?
  3. I was under the impression you can't add a mandatory fee into a loan when the player is in the last year of his contract to prevent this, Not got the game open to check though
  4. The media have to pay to print the premier league table, They will make money anywhere they can
  5. It resets on 9th june (Or whenever the window open in the summer) for me
  6. Did you even read the post before you trimmed it? I agree it is stupid but it does happen, It needs to happen a lot less in the game though
  7. Lets not pretend it never happens in real life, It does. It is the frequency in the game that it happens that people have issues with
  8. Oh yea same here, Just seems a weird thing to be in every version for the last few years
  9. I have noticed it a lot and it is annoying, Especially when no one is near him so leaving the ball so we have possession would be better
  10. Non of that seems unreasonable for your level of success, Players are allegedly on 100k plus with less than 50 PL appearances, Your problem seems to not be a problem
  11. Might want to check that stops loans being allowed to be made permanent or future transfers going through, Unless you are ok with those
  12. I think it is a numbers thing, Look at England now, In theory many players who are good enough will not get the call up. Now if we were to win the Euros they wouldn't be getting in the squad for a few international breaks potentially
  13. Annoying to read about something you hadn't noticed and now can't unsee isn't it?
  14. They get a licence for a certain season so it is possible this is why that isn't able to be in the game
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