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  1. The repetitive nature of it would make it very annoying very fast for me personally
  2. All of those can happen in real life though, And often they do No highlights is maybe the only thing they could change, But i have never seen 'No' highlights
  3. In reality a chairman wouldn't allow it to happen, Therefore in game it is a good thing that you can't
  4. Some of these things reset at a certain date in the season, Is is possible he passed this date on the day of the game or something?
  5. Look in the editors hideaway and read some feedback and see which one is best suited to you, They will all have instructions on how to use them etc
  6. Costly way to find out but yes you have to activate it before he negotiates elsewhere
  7. I would be massively surprised if they aren't in the game as they are in real life. And that is based on past experience
  8. Yea you would still pay the loan fee as you are cancelling the loan deal, So the loaning club will still receive that i am sure
  9. Are you sure you didn't overlook the message? Did anyone else in spain get theirs? Go to world, Transfers, Youth intake and see if the rest of the league got theirs. Are you using an edited database or anything?
  10. It's basically when they think it is as ready as it is going to be at that point, So no set date, No set time on a date etc
  11. Yes as far as i am aware, That is why a player often 'Hands in a transfer request' at a strange time like deadline day. I know when the whole word knew Andy Carroll was leaving Newcastle he requested a transfer to make the move go smoother and get the deal done. I seem to recall Raul Meirelles doing similar at chelsea Unless they officially ask for a move they do not forfeit their bonus, Maybe it is negotiated on some occasions
  12. They don't need too do they? We know they don't and that is that
  13. Yes that is it, I don't know if it has happened in real life but as of now that is the rule, I am sure if they got into a position to qualify then they may question it more seriously (If they haven't already)
  14. It's as simple as that. It isn't available in Brazil this year. That is why you can't pre order. You will probably not get the answers you want but that is the facts
  15. It's as simple as 'Option' you have that, You don't have to take it up, But IF you wish then you can