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  1. Never seen anyone mention anywhere that they would be added, Where did you see this?
  2. It's new and an interesting potential challenge, I look forward to seeing how it goes on my save. Positive thinking and all that
  3. Hugo Viana has retired in the last few days also, Depending when the cut off was he will probably be missing very soon
  4. Definitely not the case, Make sure they actually say they have access to the beta in their advertising
  5. Have either of you tried it and noticed a difference?
  6. Why are people just plucking random days out of the air, We all know no one knows, Is it purely so the people who are right can come back and brag? 'I think next x' does no good when you are someone with no inside information at all
  7. Cannot believe Caceres is under 30, Seems to have been around forever, Although his 'lost years' at Barca probably have something to do with that
  8. Totally agree, The money lost would be too much to justify.
  9. They want 2 years spent on making the game, If there is still yearly releases they aren't getting that. Yes there would be 2 years worth of development but those people want no distractions of a release etc for the full 2 years
  10. Do you know the fixture lists are copyrighted? To print them or show them you need to pay, That is how serious a business football is these days. So chants etc are all the seen as ways of trying to make money (Explains why we don't have real fixtures as standard on the game too)
  11. I haven't seen this personally, Are you using any edited databases etc?
  12. Problem there is you straight away cut the amount of money that is made, And business being just that means they can't/won't let that money not come in for a year. As for selling an update, It can be done for free so even that wouldn't bring in much money one would expect
  13. @Welshace Would you reccommend the dell to me over the MSI?
  14. @Welshace The refurb laptop fell through so back to square one, Any thoughts on these 2. First one is the one i posted earlier Or is this one any good? There isn't much difference in their prices so any advice would be great, Current laptop is hanging by a thread at the minute, And i have no idea at all as you can tell
  15. @Welshace Thanks very much, Really appreciate that. Like the look of the one you posted, Think i am going to give that a go.