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  1. I never cared about steam achievements, Are they a big deal? Does it matter?
  2. Lewis Hall still unable to play for Newcastle on real world save if Chelsea use him before he joins on loan. Due to him then having a permanent transfer arranged the game reads it as him potentially playing for 3 teams despite the loan and transfer both being Newcastle. Shame as it rules out that option of gameplay if you wish to be Newcastle, A year of no development
  3. Still happened to me on a real world save. Seems that is unusable if you want him to play first season or you have to hope chelsea don't play him before he signs on loan Disappointing
  4. Doesn't ment the demo comes out immediately just to clarify
  5. I believe it usually comes out soon after full release, That is today 4pm so anytime from then
  6. At some point on Monday would be my guess, Ideally tomorrow night
  7. Using the game skin and seeing a lot this year
  8. This seems to happen a lot in this version, Don't know why it is even there when you have pressed confirm once and sometimes you can miss it because it is hidden away
  9. It is like when Haaland was claimed to be overpowered, They said he'd never score that many. Then he did
  10. Any sign of yellow cards being upgraded to red or red cards overturned using VAR yet? Is it in the game?
  11. Two of my players i was actively trying to sell have been given new contracts despite me being in control of contracts, Anyone else? Or something i need to report?
  12. Isn't the league already licensed elsewhere for the next couple of years?
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