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  1. It has possibly been added to the game to get around fixture pileups for that one season, Not sure if they would have confirmed anything that far ahead in real life though
  2. Are they key players? October from August is a long time to not be a regular for a key player, Are they new signings or is it that they didn't play the last few games of last season and that is carrying into this season?
  3. If you are asking if you can influence it then no, It changes at random, The game just picks a number withing the range
  4. It does seem like an oversight on behalf of the game, But usually a player only asks for a promise not to be sold if you have tried to move him on, Why make that promise if you had in fact been trying to sell? Plus if he leaves then there isn't a problem as he will be gone
  5. But it is an agreement and not a contractual agreement, That is the key too it
  6. If it is guaranteed money over a certain amount of time then yes it should count, If it is after International or league apps then no. With guaranteed payments you WILL get the money therefore the value is met When buying the replacement make these deferred payments work FOR you
  7. It will very much depend where you are managing
  8. cris182

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    This thread is for players everyone can sign so not really the place for it
  9. cris182

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Is he a regen as he isn't on my game?
  10. cris182

    How to get a suggar Daddy ?

    It is random luck at the time of a takeover, You cannot force one in any way without the editor
  11. I would not be wasting budget on replacing a very solid goalkeeper so early
  12. I thought originally they moved the world cup in game until they had figured out the coding etc, Now it is in game as a random event that only some get
  13. cris182

    Too many wonderkids

    It's just a description, A lot of them don't make it to the top level. Look how may players we have hyped as the next 'x' and they just fade away