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  1. Is he maybe after a new contract from you? I have had this before when a player wants a new contract before going back out on loan
  2. Remove what you added and then delete your cache
  3. Yes if you are playing fm17
  4. You will be sacked unless you load the next level before the end of the season so that is added at the season end, Even then they may sack you based on your performance but without the league loaded you will definitely be gone
  5. Are they using more than 5 in match day squads? If yes then it is a bug Unless of course you are using an edited DB then it could be that
  6. What year are you in? Have the rules maybe changed?
  7. Once the season sorts itself out then you will be in the champions league
  8. I didn't mean a bug in your save, Just that the save has developed in such a way that other teams have become better than Real and Barca
  9. They make it 9/10 times on my game and have won it 3 times in the last 10 years so it's not a game issue it might just be your save
  10. Not quite because you may not get the money put back on your transfer budget, It might go elsewhere
  11. As i understand it yes that is how it goes
  12. If the clause is active for your team it should say on the players contract screen
  13. But if your B team are not in the league directly below they will never get up
  14. Unless they are in the league directly below the lowest playable then they will never reach the active leagues
  15. Ah but it could, It is not impossible. It happens mid season to teams