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  1. It is a legal binding contract therefore it is as simple as that
  2. You can't get around rules just because you agreed them when the circumstances were different, That league doesn't allow them to happen so that is that
  3. I believe Man City will only be able to buy a certain amount of u21 players per year, So they could buy 6 then get their affiliates to buy any others they want and 'store' them for a year and then when the season resets move them to City
  4. Same here, Plus the promises can backfire when you think you have done what is asked but you haven't done it to the imaginary level of the player, And there is no way to know until it is too late I always remove them for this reason
  5. He is basically telling you he doesn't rate the rest of your defence and he wants more signings to make his job easier
  6. In this situation it should also appear as an 'away' fixture for Valencia and the game treat it that way for both
  7. There is i believe a wage limit increase as part of FFP, So going over that would breach the rules, I don't have the game open right now but this must be the cause I 'think' you can only increase by x% a year, The players you signed would suggest large wages
  8. This is definitely something that needs improving in my opinion, I too have seen players with great goal records left in lower leagues to rot when the AI spend 20m on a brazilian who plays less than 10 games in 4 years then gets released
  9. I think it actually says 'At one time' if that is the case, So in this case it means in total
  10. That if true is pure coincidence, The game isn't crashing because you are winning
  11. His price doesn't make him high profile to be fair (Joelinton hello) , But the promise only matters if you aren't having success, I get the same thing every year but as i am winning things they let it go
  12. The player is made the promise, He doesn't care who makes it, He just cares that it is fulfilled
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