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  1. Way too soon to say that as you have given zero information, Who are you? What division, How are the finances etc
  2. The MLS Allstars is just a game where they invite a team to play them, Not sure but it seems the game balances this towards being your team to make it more interesting
  3. I believe you can be born with dual nationality but not 'earn' it. Not 100% on that though
  4. The key is in that it is signings and not registrations, He signs a contract then he is a signing whether he is left on loan or arrives
  5. I suppose if you the manager gave them the clause then it is fair you take the blame for them leaving. If the chairman or a previous manager did it then it isn't your fault As for insulting the players still there that is a valid thing for me as some players are just not as good as others
  6. Was this by any chance the winter world cup year 2022?
  7. The plan is/was for it to be every year, We will see if it does but as of now it is planned to be the case
  8. Also be aware some of your continental fixtures after christmas may be one legged ties rather than 2 as a result of this, I nearly got caught out playing for a draw because of this
  9. For them all to have the exact same fitness level it has been done deliberately, Natural unfitness would be players on 60,55,59 etc, They are all the same so it is sabotage
  10. The russian and chinese windows are open until mid/late february so after that and usually March time
  11. It depends on the agent and so on, Sort of how long is a piece of string situation
  12. Pretty sure that is the rule in real life. One which may end up being adapted in real life now the 4th sub rule exists. Once a player is 'withdrawn injured' he is no longer there to be replaced as daft as that sounds It is similar to the penalty shootout rule, A player in your situation may say well i went off after 85 mins injured but now after extra time i feel ok to take a penalty, He can't because he was removed from the match I am sure you have to tell the referee that you are removing the player and wish to carry on with 10 men
  13. You will obviously have to start a new game for the transfers to be up to date though
  14. Yes as Newcastle i was able to buy transfer listed players from the big 5 with them paying a small amount (20k) or so of the wage. That was enough to get the wage down and me sign them
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