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  1. I believe it to be around june 24th or so
  2. cris182

    FM18 - FFP and end game button

    You cannot end the game at any point before 90 minutes once started no. As for financial fair play you will need to remove it in the editor before you start, I assume that is possible
  3. It would be quite tricky to get it right i would say, Imagine your scenario, 4 games to go 6 points behind but you reach a champions league final and think your chances are better there than the league so you rest players and lost points. In real lift you would have common sense but the game would read maybe finishing 10 points behind as not seriously challenging
  4. cris182

    Loan rules

    This is over a year old you realise?
  5. So you can't compare real life January 2018 with a scenario that is in game 5 years ahead
  6. He wouldn't have needed a permit though, But in future he might depending on brexit
  7. Depends, If the loaning club has already hit the max number of long term loans then only the short option is available. Or if a transfer window is shut that will have an impact
  8. Once got hammered by a player taking 10% of future sale and a 40% of profit sale, That one hurt especially after a lot of negotiating to get the price i wanted,
  9. cris182

    Activate Football Manager 2018

    No it can't, Once attached to a steam account that is that
  10. When you hover the cursor over the 'unavailable' icon what does it say? Have you made any of them available for other squads on the same day?
  11. cris182

    FM 19 - No Loyalty Bonus

    It was a bonus for last year, Not a guaranteed thing going forward
  12. You will have had to say it at some point for that to happen so they way to stop it happening is not to promise it You will have said it either in a pre season team meeting or some one on one chats
  13. I have used this promise many times over the years and never had a player kick off over a lower offer rejected with the add on, I would ask the OP to check it was definitely 75m he set it too and not 73 or lower It's an easy mistake to make if the player changes the amount during the chat slightly and you miss it
  14. Are you 100% you said £75m to him as i have rejected bids £1m below the agreed amount and the player has never kicked off about it because it wasn't the agreed fee Only asking as we can't see it on the screenshot