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  1. Non EU players cannot move abroad before they turn 18
  2. I think it is to do with the player being on loan, I have only ever seen it happen in that situation, They AI don't seem to realise what is going on because he is out on loan, Glitch in the game maybe
  3. Unfortunately you work for them so they don't have to give you a say in it, And i believe it does happen, Managers have less of a say these days and the board goes above their heads on occasion You will probably find this only happens once, Yes it is annoying but can't be stopped
  4. I may be wrong but if it is mandatory don't they set aside the money at the point he joins on loan? To stop exactly this happening
  5. A move to another club requires a new permit, And i am sure you cannot get a permit for a trial as it is not proper contract Or if this is brexit related then they would need a permit when moving teams
  6. If your first team squad is really good then the youth players are being compared against that quality For example put a really talented youth player at a championship team and he may be a 5 star player, Move him to the premier league champions he will be a 3 star player, It is all relative to what he is being compared too, Comparing a striker to Ibrahimovic and comparing him to say Dwight Gayle he will be totally different star rating wise 3 stars at a team regularly winning domestic and continental competitions suggest a top class player
  7. Just had my player score 6 in a game i win 7-1 and the questions i am asked are about a loanee and the opposition goalscorer, One question about my striker scoring 6 in a game
  8. It definitely does if he has an interest in signing for your club, Just because he wants to leave doesn't mean he will move anywhere so your reputation as well as your clubs comes into play
  9. Oh well the fact you weren't professional was probably the issue then You possibly got the brexit where your current players don't need permits but being non professional was having an effect on that
  10. You would need to start a new game, You have to have the pack applied when you create the game for it to be added to any save
  11. It sounds like a bug that has been caused by the circumstances of usually one of but in this case both teams appearing in the CWC Personally i don't see how it is a stop playing the game issue but each to their own I recently had a player get a testimonial arranged for July 5th but his contract expired on the 30th june and it became just a friendly no involvement from him
  12. Does it answer it? It seems more like you just happened to have a situation where you are a target of the main club, The fact they have to pay compensation suggests it is not an internal promotion but a job switch which happens to be to the same team That could frankly have been any team and been the same circumstance, If this was an internal promotion i would prefer it to be clear it is that But maybe the game cannot show that because of how B teams are reflected in game
  13. Yes they will stop you from playing in europe for this
  14. Seem to recall you just manage one after the other as it isn't really something the game can deal with any other way At least that is how it was a few games ago, I assume this is because of the moving of the world cup so it will just work around it
  15. On your squad screen he should have 'prm' by his name, Hover on that and it will give you the information
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