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  1. Goal line technology in game is just used to show how close to being a goal it was, Over the line is just a goal from what i have seen
  2. There will always be players who aren't actually a specific thing though and are slightly unique in how they play the position compared to others, You can't cover all the ground
  3. There was a bug on the Beta that allowed it so assuming he started his save there then it was possible
  4. I think the poster means that there is no position that has the full green circle, You would assume every player would have at least one position they are best suited too over others but several have non I assume it is just because there is no role they are 'perfect' at existing in game
  5. I believe it is because when taking a player off you have to officially tell the referee you are going down to 10 men (Because below a certain amount games get called off so you can't just have people leave the pitch), So the only actual way to prevent it is too keep the player on the pitch injured until a time where the 4th sub can be used Silly but true and i am surprised it has not been sorted yet in the rules, But a player exiting the pitch in minute 80 is not on the pitch at 91 minutes to be replaced
  6. That isn't what they mean, The mean teams from the english national league the old conference. But yes still annoying
  7. Muto got fit at last then disappeared off to the Asian cup for like 6 weeks haha. Ki went too.....Kind of worrying for real life as a toon fan
  8. It's based on a knowledge of the club, If you have given yourself extra funds they know this i would assume. Look at Newcastle in real life, We don't KNOW but can take an educated guess that they can't/won't offer the money others will. They take into account FFP and things
  9. cris182

    Failed penalties... 9/10 don't go in

    I haven't seen anything like this in my game 3/4 missed at most in 2 seasons.
  10. cris182

    MLS Expansion

    I have seen Cincinnati added for sure in the second season
  11. cris182

    new caledonian manager?...what?

    Glad it's not just me who didn't get it
  12. You can set the game to process automatically if there is nothing you need to respond too if that helps? Preferences, Interface, Processing, Continue game timeout
  13. Same, He started off on holiday and then injured 6 minutes into a friendly and cannot play even 15 minutes as a sub without a knock Although when i had him fit for 3 or 4 games he looks good
  14. Ha, I hope he is planning on investing more then. That money will go nowhere