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  1. Yes but in real life no one would bid it, This is a game where people play with pretend money then complain the game is broke when they are the ones doing something wrong If you put in an unrealistic bid then the game will be unrealistic back
  2. The new system was in last years game so should continue to be in this year
  3. I had a player with 18 months on his contract, No interest in renewing, I assume the nearest option is 'we need to cash in on you' why isn't there an ultimatum of 'Sign a new deal or you will be sold'? He went in a huff when i listed him and i couldn't say that to him
  4. Are they not greyed out because your own board won't allow you to offer more? Rather than them being unusable in game
  5. No, They revealed everything in a 1 minute video right at the start, Nothing else to come at all
  6. I would have thought so yes, I mean more teams from outside London have won the PL than in it which is a sign
  7. It is a legal binding contract therefore it is as simple as that
  8. You can't get around rules just because you agreed them when the circumstances were different, That league doesn't allow them to happen so that is that
  9. I believe Man City will only be able to buy a certain amount of u21 players per year, So they could buy 6 then get their affiliates to buy any others they want and 'store' them for a year and then when the season resets move them to City
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