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  1. cris182

    Potential ability 198?!?

    They do exist, So this isn't that unusual
  2. It is pretty much random, Have seen it take days and also weeks/months
  3. Are you managing an English team? If so then Brexit has probably occurred and these players now cannot move outside the EU until 18
  4. Switched on the laptop to play a bit of FM and spotted an update was going on so messed around online for a bit then checked back and noticed it has stopped at 55mb and won'f complete. Have changed my region, Rebooted steam, Restarted the laptop and even the wifi but it is still sitting there no error message or anything Can browse the web and post here yet the download has just stopped, Any ideas what else i can do?
  5. The big question here is did you qualify via the league before this appeared or did this appear before you had qualified via the league
  6. I think they are only there to be used in certain circumstances, In my game Confederations cup clashed with Africa cup of Nations so Egypt B played in one of the competitions so maybe they can't be selected for friendlies unless they become 'active'
  7. Is it possible it is £0 now and x amount later but until x is met then the amount does not show up?, I sold a player for £10m and £5m after 50 appearances, His transfer was listed as £10m then when he hit 50 apps it changed to £15m
  8. cris182

    red cards gone crazy

    You can't really draw any conclusions from 5 games, If at the end of the season there is still that ratio then fair enough but 5 games isn't enough Unless it is your team that has all these cards, Then that is your own tactic
  9. cris182

    all leagues wont load on set up

    Hover your cursor over the red arrow and it will tell you why, I assume you have edited or downloaded some edited files? These will be conflicting or be set up wrong
  10. Considering Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and West Brom have players on 100k a week at the minute (allegedly) it's not a stretch to think that it could be that high in a few years, Especially if a team becomes established in the top half regularly
  11. Seem to remember and Afghan footballer who had made 20 odd appearances for them in a similar way but due to ongoing conflict they were playing outside the country home and away so he was in the weird situation of being multiple times capped and had NEVER been to the country
  12. Correct me if i am wrong but if you can see they have passed 2000 days then that means they haven't 'taken' nationality yet but are just eligible to do so. If they do not need too then they might not do so
  13. You may be right actually, I was thinking as it is freedom of movement in the EU then leaving the EU nulls it but there might be a loophole in there
  14. Only if they play in a different country to your club. If it's the same country you can't do that until the end of the domestic season, so early June in England. And if in England after brexit then that rule no longer counts as it is an EU rule