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  1. Yes that is it, I don't know if it has happened in real life but as of now that is the rule, I am sure if they got into a position to qualify then they may question it more seriously (If they haven't already)
  2. It's as simple as that. It isn't available in Brazil this year. That is why you can't pre order. You will probably not get the answers you want but that is the facts
  3. It's as simple as 'Option' you have that, You don't have to take it up, But IF you wish then you can
  4. You have the choice to preorder now or wait until a time where you are happy with the features, No one is making you preorder straight away. Some will and some won't
  5. I 'think' that one of the issues preventing this is research at such a low level of football (No offence meant obviously) Any new cup formats that are currently being used should be in the game though
  6. Doesn't work that way, we as players only SUFFER we don't benefit from anything ever
  7. Signing the player for the league or from the league?
  8. I have had it work, I have had it fail and to be fair both times it was probably the right outcome considering the players and clubs involved
  9. Perhaps because they clubs will now buy stars rather than build from their youth upwards.
  10. I would assume no because as far as i am aware no competition uses that or has in recent times so would probably never have been implemented in the game
  11. Getting into a better financial situation would maybe make them increase it without being asked. Other than that probably not
  12. Nope. He cannot work in the UK full stop so in theory he would be on a visitors permit and couldn't play for any team in any league u21 or otherwise i am sure. In fact without a work permit i believe he would actually have to leave the country. Seem to remember Alex (Chelsea defender) being returned to Brazil as he didn't have a permit when he arrived at Heathrow
  13. Not in these leagues no. You could edit Ronaldo and Messi etc into the team and be no better off
  14. Does his actual in game nationality maybe only allow him to have one citizenship? I know some countries don't allow dual citizenship. Of course there are many londons, Was this definitely the UK London and not Canada for example? (Might explain the language)
  15. Taylor has an injury set in the database, Although it is dates 28th august, So maybe by not using the english start date there is a discrepancy