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  1. They will not do this as they often make changes themselves so many people would have games crashing upon release if they were able to do their own editing before official release
  2. 1st or 8th is probable, I would assume later to be safe
  3. I believe it is ticked on every screen but only actually applies to the team you manage
  4. You play the likes of Arsenal and Man utd on tuesday and thursdays in league games suggesting they were involved in other things too so it's not as simple as just moving your games
  5. I have a player who is out on loan and scoring goals in a worse league, I am 2nd in the league, In the FA cup final and CL semi final. I draw one game and the press ask about the on loan striker and my options are 'he could hardly do worse than what i have' or 'it would take more than him to turn out fortunes around' We drew one game, are 12 unbeaten and that is what i get, Ridiculous press conference Press conferences are useless at times
  6. No it isn't you either had someone else in charge of transfers or you had ticked a box somewhere along the lines
  7. They won't offer it but you can get it with patient negotiating
  8. Reject the offer and then re offer the player out with a lower contribution
  9. You are making it clear you want rid so teams will bid incredibly low, In future you need to not make it so obvious Look at spurs with Vincent Janssen, It has taken them years to ger rid
  10. It isn't his team though it is a player on his shortlist, OP you usually get told about a bid but it is easily overlooked if there are many messages
  11. In what league? Is goal line technology not in that league? Because if it is then you have seen it wrong and it was not completely over the line
  12. If the ball is over the line goal line tech kicks in and you get the goal, The replay is only shown to let you know how close it was so it isn't VAR it is just a replay in that situation
  13. If he has had brexit EU players cannot move to non EU teams until they are 18. So they will remain where they are until the first window after they turn 18
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