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  1. When you create your game it goes through a stage called finding manager targets, Which means the manager will analyse his squad and see what he needs, As the squad won't change every time you restart he will come to the same conclusions and have similar or the same targets
  2. Use the editor to move them to your club then register them for you
  3. Put the players in your senior team and only make them available when you want too, Happens in real life so don't see the complaint
  4. If buying a listed player i always add it in if i can because it can make a big difference when signing a player from a bigger club
  5. Literally open preferences and just type it into the search 'Screen flow'
  6. Search for screen flow in preferences and add the competitions you want from there
  7. I am sure i read there was a registration issue on the Beta, This may be it or it may be a different one but the fact you have it and started on the beta suggests it could be that
  8. I play the game when i buy it on release but once the 'last' update comes out i do start again
  9. Players do not count themselves as part of the promise so one of them is happy the other arrived and one doesn't think the other met the standard he expected
  10. As said above the lack of 'U21' next to his name is the give away that he needs to be registered
  11. Not done one since it was a brand new feature in whatever version that was and not noticed any issues
  12. The stupidity of that statement while contributing to a thread allowing you to complain, Wow
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