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  1. I believe it tells you player x has come from another club in your youth intake message
  2. You cannot do anything about it as far as i am aware You can do it to other teams but it happens behind the scenes, So you won't actually be part of it Get your recruitment up to the highest possible levels and that should help
  3. Considering rugby has just relegated its champions and one of its biggest teams football will look pretty daft finding a way to cover for this and not punishing the offending team Will be interesting to see what happens and if and how the game implements it for future versions
  4. I qualified by reaching a champions league semi final 2 years before
  5. You never said what team you are but based on the fact you call them bigger teams it appears the reputation of your club is the issue here If a team upsets the odds and wins a competition sometimes their players still leave, Look at leicester they lost Kante even after winning the league
  6. Probably going to have to put this down to experience then unfortunately and learn from it
  7. Unfortunately no one here can help as you need steam help, Si can't do anything for you
  8. I would assume the person who created the file would need to remove Brexit as well, Would need to report it to them not here
  9. It also happened to me after brexit but only with players who were in the UK before hand, I had the brexit where any overseas player needs a permit except anyone already in the UK so i assumed that was why it vanished for those players
  10. What happened when the deal was done without a permit? Did you get the option to talk to him and tell him that you would be loaning him out?
  11. As soon as i started my save i had the takeover rumours, Even got an embargo at one point then nothing from August 19 until June 2020, Takeover finally happened got no money invested or anything Here i am January 2021 and after just 6 months i am in the process of another takeover. Weirdest thing
  12. He never got near a permit in time for me
  13. Krafth is not bad as a back up for maybe 18 months 2 years, He isn't great but rarely lets me down when i play him
  14. My defence seem incapable to stay back and the ball over the top gets me all the time. What can i do to stop this
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