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  1. Thanks for the response however it doesn't help. We have games set to Sat/Wed but if we have a game on a Saturday I cannot go on holiday until the Sunday. The person hosting the game can but not people connected to it. If this is working as expected then this is a change from previous FMs and I cannot see why you would have changed it to work like this.
  2. As the title suggests really. Champions league final with Bournemouth against FM Man Utd (the team that performs least like their real life counterparts) and it's desmond. Get a penalty and instead of being by one of my 3 listed pen takers, it's taken by a player who has scored twice. He misses. How do I stop this from happening? (the taker, not the outcome)
  3. Well multiplayer now doesn't work so no I don't have anything better to do cuz I can't play FM
  4. On single player you can go on holiday after the game eg 5pm on a Saturday. Network game says Match rather than continue and you have to continue through to the Sunday before being able to go on holiday. Also means you cannot go on holiday while a slower champer finishes his game like on previous FMs
  5. How come I can go on holiday at 5pm on a Saturday after a game on single player but on network I have to wait until the Sunday?
  6. New patch has just broken the game for me on network. Can't confirm any subs, can't even cancel trying to make a sub so it's either 90 mins with the same players or can't complete a game,can't confirm bids for any players, can't offer players out.
  7. My update has paused saying 'missing file privileges'. Any ideas how to resolve?
  8. Having played a bit more I'm really not a fan of the whole match day experience now. Never played 3d as I simply don't like it even tho I do try it out each FM but its just not for me. So many extra clicks, lack of a proper split screen view and having to choose between seeing match stats and a blank pitch when no highlight or not being able to see match stats when there isn't a highlight. I don't mind dynamics, don't particular enjoy that side of the game but adds an extra challenge. Upsetting my players left right and center every time I try and sell someone. Players not interested in what I've got to say at team talks but yet react positively to my team talks doesn't really make sense. As Everton I signed Belotti to join Sandro and Rooney in a front 3. All 3 new to the club, never played together before. Rooney & Sandro have an untestested partnership as do Sandro and Belotti, not Belotti & Rooney tho. Was surprised to see Kane & Eriksen having an untested partnership at Spurs, must have been watching a different team for the last few seasons. Seeing a lot of crosses being tipped over the bar by the keeper with a 'he didn't mean that'. Might just be my tactics or me just not remembering that aspect of the FM17 match engine as I'm still pining over the things that have changed that I miss.
  9. On FM17 when the half time or full time whistle went it would take you straight to the team talk. Om FM18 you have to click to get to team talk. Why has this click been added?
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