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  1. 48 minutes after resuming full training Rashford is unhappy with his lack of appearances 😂
  2. Really don't understand why the PA isn't shown on profile. It does seem that every year an extra click has to be added in somewhere for no reason
  3. The most bizarre change I've found with the patch is that now every game my assistant recommends changing formation to accommodate a player who has been transfer listed and surplus to requirements for 3 years
  4. Patch has killed my star striker. 29 in 25 pre patch, 0 in 10 post patch including missing all 3 of his penalties
  5. Since the patch my games have gone from pretty much only penalties being ccc to shots with an xG as low as 0.07 being a ccc
  6. Just imagine if having a have a bad relationship with a journalist knocked 20m off what another football club bids for your player
  7. It's not just the derisory bids, the press reports that happen before a bid usually suggest that my players are available at a much more reasonable price than when I declare my interest in another teams players. Quite often the press reports will say my star players could be available for less than they're worth despite no reason such as unhappiness or contract length.
  8. No, only real difference I can see was he had no key passes for the first time this season. A one off bad performance that just happened to come first game after the fix
  9. I hadn't noticed poor full back ratings, my lb is 4th highest average this season never getting lower than a 7.2 ... until it was fixed and first game he gets a 6.4, typical. Back to his old self next game tho
  10. Every game it tells me the same player is used to playing a more direct game after 7 seasons of short passing so I'd say quite a lot longer than one year. I've had the best defensive record for the past 2 seasons but every game several players still think the formation will expose us at the back. It certainly could, but by now they should realise its not worth getting upset about.
  11. It might not be unplayable but it's certainly not enjoyable, which for me is the same thing. I only watch key highlights and rely on match stats to let me know where I have problems and I find the stats this year are absolutely no help. The amount of games with 15 cc that have come from long balls over the top resulting in a missed one on one is absurd. Maybe the scores and results reflect real life but the match stats definitely don't.
  12. Certainly not something obvious, Spurs qualified in my game having not been in either European competition let alone winning. Finished 8th in the prem, fa Cup semi final and league Cup runners up.
  13. As the title suggests really. Champions league final with Bournemouth against FM Man Utd (the team that performs least like their real life counterparts) and it's desmond. Get a penalty and instead of being by one of my 3 listed pen takers, it's taken by a player who has scored twice. He misses. How do I stop this from happening? (the taker, not the outcome)
  14. Well multiplayer now doesn't work so no I don't have anything better to do cuz I can't play FM
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