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  1. Thanks wkdsoul. What custom databse is that? I noticed some NHL teams in the screenshots which would not be clubs in the default database. I am looking moreso for the inactive teams in the default database.
  2. Looking for some insight to the FM19 Database: In previous version of FM, the default database had several inactive Canadian teams from many different parts of the country. There was old CSL teams (York Shooters, Woodbridge Strikers, Serbian White Eagles, etc.), some teams from Atlantic Canada (Scotia SC, etc.) and some west coast ones too (Victoria Highlanders, Chilliwack FC, etc.). My question for is: Are those teams still in the default database or have they been replaced by most of the newer teams in League 1 Ontario, PQSL, USL prairies and BC teams? I have used the editor in the past to make a fictional 5 tier Canadian league (I play on FM 2012) and was curious about current inactive Canadian teams in the FM 19 database. Any insight would be helpful or a screenshot of inactive Canadian clubs in the database via the Editor would be appreciated.
  3. Its not about the punishment, its about the surprise. I manage mostly in LLM type clubs in custom databases, where players are on $200-500 a month so to complain about playing time gets my goat. Its about surprising them with a sudden release to teach them a lesson. Not sure if it has an impact on the remainder of the squad or not, but once done rarely will another player come forward to complain as well.
  4. Still playing FM 12, its top quality.... Contracts: Rarely give players an automatic wage increase, never give the 'match highest wage' clause, always include season goal scoring bonus for strikers (normally its 20 goals minimum), always ask for friendly in transfer clause when high profile teams come knocking for talent. No player can wear the #13 Sign as many players to my team with same nationality as the league I am in But this is my favorite: When a player complains about not getting enough first team playing time, I let him know I will let him go at the end of the season and then immediately following the conversation release him on a free no matter the cost
  5. Does anyone have this download and can make available.
  6. Which of the config files? The Mikemagnum database one, the logo pack download or both? Thanks again.
  7. Have been playing for a few days now, this is a great set up. Appreciate the work Mikemagnum. I do have a question with regards to logos/unique ids. I downloaded a logo and competition pack from the North america site and it the logos work quite well, less the competition ones. So I used the editor to find the unique ids for the the teams that were missing logos (the bigger teams, like Cosmos, Philly Union, Sporting KC). I went to the logo files and could see that the PNG had the matching number to the team's unique id in the database, but they still do not show up in the game (yes I did hit reload skin in preferences). I changed the PNG number for the NASL logo (that was previously not working) and after using the unique id number from the database the logo appeared. So in one case it worked, in another it did not (i tried more logo changes but they were unsuccessful) so my question is, does the unique id and the PNG number need to match or is there something else that needs to be done? I have placed them in the right spot, but does it matter what sub-folders the logos go in? for example: username/Sports Interactive/FM 12/graphics/logos/clubs does it matter if the logo goes in an MSL folder or USA folder, etc.? Same for competition ones? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Any chance of getting a few screenshots to see the league setups (teams, etc) and/or cup competitions. Thanks.
  9. Does this file work with the latest update 12.2.1????
  10. Mikemagnum4311....just to clarify, is your file for FM 2012 or FM 2011??? If for FM 2012, does it work with the latest update (12.2.1)?
  11. Pay attention to the quality of the feeder clubs training facilities. The better the facilities the more likely your player will improve
  12. Can you put up a few screenshots, showing the added leagues? Any intent on adding Canadian league (s)?
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