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  1. Funnily enough I actually switched it the other day for that exact reason, figured it didnt make sense to have 2 people filling that space, i've instead moved him to the other side and change Clyne to defensive duty - now only romas forward when we have a lot of possession, changed to focus down left flank so most attacks go through Willems. Lots more chances now, just finishing is the issue. Think I will try 3 in the middle as that worked last year for me
  2. went back to FM18, this was the old diamond I used, always worked exactly how I wanted. Just can't replicate it on 20...2 8 games into the season, won 5, drew 2 lost 1. Including wins over spurs and man U....
  3. Thats what I keep trying to implement, ideally I want the attacking midfielder to be a main goalthrewat and one striker acting as the main creator, used to try false nine but find it drops too deep and they end up occu[ying the same space with the ball
  4. Yeah well it's second season, first I came 13th. I don't really play Joelinton or Almiron anymore. Use Embolo/Josef Martinez/Weah/Kluivert Again the 5-3-2 is just the default tiki-taka, any suggestions are welcome, I can see the TI's are instrctuions, my point is i cant see where to change them
  5. Funnily enough, I think at one point (maybe it was actually 18) I switched to a 5-2-1-2. I've tried the pre-set tiki-taka style but it doesnt seem to work for me. So actually I switched to half back last night and it's made a world of difference, Hayden/Ajer have been dominating in that slot. But as you can see our results have been... WILD. Thats the 5-3-2 I want, just using basic tiki taka which doesnt quite work for me.
  6. Hi All, as it says on the tin, it was my favourite tactic from about FM14-FM18, on 19 I just couldnt get it working and I can't on 20. The concept I have behind it is I want my wing backs to provide all the attacking width, I want to attack fairly quickly and vertically using the triangles in the middle, with ideally my AMC (SS) as a main goal threat, by having a striker come short to receive the ball from the AMC and then feeding the ball into the space behind to the AMC or strike partner. What I have often found recently is the team ends up so shaky at the back, whilst also failing to create many opportunities. The wing backs push too high to quickly, I want and anchor man to basically drop and form a defensive 3 when attacking, with the wingbacks overlapping late for crosses. And in defence essentially I want the anchor man to act as an aggressive stopped in front of the 2 central defenders, with the 2 CM's harassing space in the middle and AMC providing a quick outlet. (although I find with any formation I seem to get completely dominated on the flanks) But I can't find a default tacital style that suits this, and I can never get it to work, I have tried a 5-3-2 with 2 attacking wing backs at DR/DL but they didnt seem to get high enough, I just cant work out the roles and i've really struggle to understand the game wiht the new tactical format. Essentially in attack i want this, with AMC overlapping And in defence I want this, I prefer 2/3 striker formations With quick transitioning direct attacks - not bothered about possession.
  7. Its crazy how underrated he seems to be, in my game we're in february, 4 goals and 2 assists from 24r league games?! I'd argue he's developed into citys most dangerous player, his technique is great and his finishing of chances has massively improves. Hes outperformed his xG last season and so far this season (xG 15.91 last year, scored 17 in league)
  8. Oh wow couldn't agree more, a lot of the new stuff I love, but who thought "white on yellow? Now THEREs a combination I can get behind" And I dont seem to be able to change it
  9. Probably, I have switched to attacking due to the significant upgrade in player we have this season. I've just lifted this tactic from what i've run in the past 2 Fm's, but admittedly I nonly start to dominate with it around the time I have a team full of good regens, so perhaps less to do with the tactic and more to do with the player executing anything at that point. I holidayed the burnley game and the AI ran a 4-3-3 and won 5-2...
  10. Ah ok ok, so i tried reducing the line and changing wingbacks to support duty and burnley pasted me 4-0, constantly had the ball in my final 3rd and just put endless crosses into the boix. So if i want to keep overlap maybe I should get rid of counter instructions and reduce the tempo a little. Also to ExD, no i was mostly finding our back 5 was consistant, just crosses over the top killed us constantly.
  11. I've tried changing wing back mentality to support and they just don't get forward quickly enough, they end up sitting back for ages and so don't provide any width. We aren't getting beaten on counter attacks, we're getting picked apart when teams have a load of possession and everyone is back in their defensive positions, so a back 5. I'm going to try switching them to wing back and support, and change mentality to "positive". Looking back a lot of issues come from crap distribution or defenders losing the ball, so going to get GK to just send it long and see what happens
  12. Hi All, Having a nightmare atm on FM19, my team just cannot defend, have tended to use 2 tactics frequently over last 5 years with a lot of success. A 4-4-2 diamond with attacking wing backs and an anchor man, (so in attack should transition to a 3-4-3) and recently due to that no longer working (anchor man stopped dropping back properly) I have changed to a 5-2-1-2. I just cant get it to work on this version, no matter how wide I want them to defend they don't, I am constantly getting pulled apart by wingers, long shots are always going in, and my defence get pulled over to one flank, only for a long ball to switch flanks and a cross to find an unmarked striekr at the far post. It seems every goal I score the opposition immediately reply and it's killing me. My general philosophy is to have a quick, direct style, I want to turn defence into attack quickly with wingbacks pushing into space to provide width and crosses, seems to be ok on attack, though it slows down in the middle a lot and my players tend to lose possesion regularly in the middle of the park, any advice is welcome. If it doesnt look that bad, it's because I lost my mind against watford after being 1-0 up, having 30 shots, hitting the post 3 times, and then they scored 3 goals in the space of 15 minutes.
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