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  1. I always thought for transfers they were too fixated on rep, so you could boost a players rep, sell them for millions and then AI goes "oh his CA isnt that good we wont play him"
  2. Just holiday for 1 day repeatedly, dont bother watching it if you were robbed by a crash. Eventually you'll win
  3. Had the same issue with post match just acting as a pause button, this bypassed it so great shout thank you!
  4. But based on everything you've seen why would it be any better, they've fixed the low intakes for active leagues, if you only have 1 league active then surely you'd expect to see a massive drop off, if anything its great there are 600 extra as thats the real number would be interesting to see a comparison with 5 active leagues up
  5. Halfway though the season... Crawling out of the woodwork to say, I was wrong, good job researchers haha. Though I will forever maintain Martial and Rashford are seriously overrated, Bruno Fernandes is just unreal, the penalties help. but hey, they matching in game to IRL
  6. Hi @Francis Mooney thanks for getting back to me, it's fixed now following tips on how to reset it from another user!
  7. Posted this in bugs and not had any response. Since the last update players nationalities have disappeared from the attributes view (the view I always use as dont like format of profile page) I thought it was due to custom logos which i removed and it still didnt fix it, tried changing resolution and zoo %age and that didnt help either. anyone have any advice?
  8. Another season, 5 penalties, 1 scored. Harry Kane was my PK taker
  9. Hi, since the last update ive noticed a really infurating bug. The atrributes page no longer shows a players nationality,, I never use the profile page as i hate the layout and the attribute graph is never as big. I thought it may be due to a logo pack so removed the nationality files, no difference. Changes resolution, zoomed in and out, is this just me?
  10. Having a nightmare with it, 7 pens this season scored one. It seems fine in shootouts but in game penalties are almost always missed. Had a similiar conversion last season
  11. Never been displayed this way in previous versions. But WC displays "no award given" on years the comp never ran. Assume its a bug, used to be much cleaner to see with the awards being shown concurrently.
  12. I had one player be unhappy with a teamtalk at the start of the season, since then, whenever one player decides he's over it, another immediately complains about team talks (even if the game was a week ago). My latest one was Carroll deciding he was happy and longstaff announcing hes upset with them (24th of Feb) depite the prior game being 20th and everyone being happy with it. Carroll hasnt even played when he said he was unhappy... Uploaded save file as Jops.fm to Sicloud
  13. Appreciate the response Simon thanks for taking the time. I have no doubt they will be terrible and then have another outrageous run to end the season
  14. Yes, I think I've tried to stay away from mentioning CA, I think it's less to do with the actual CA and more the distribution of attributes on certain players, like with the players i've mentioned I haven't called out their CA as having them overrated but the way their attributes are distributed means certain players tend to vastly outperform their real life counterparts. I mean the squad of 25 may have some actual stinkers in there who are well below the rest of the team which may drag it down too (I haven't looked I should add) I mean you could probably make a 140 CA player with
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