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  1. Applied these recommendations a few days ago and I'm flying through seasons here. It's reinvigorated the game for me. Great post!
  2. Injury prone players

    Can you not kind of do that already though - i.e. low basic wage but really high appearance fee? I've gone with this approach before in previous FMs as a LLM manager.
  3. [Ireland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Mervue United and Castlebar Celtic (both from outside of Leinster) should not be in the Leinster Senior Cup.
  4. Champions league Qualifying

    So this rubbish got voted through today unfortunately. Another master stroke from UEFA. Probably it'll be included in the January update for FM2017 I'd imagine http://en.as.com/en/2016/12/09/footb...03_008421.html
  5. Here's the file. Brexit 1st July 2016_09B10D28-B4FA-4BFF-81A1-2BF290C4DDD8.fmf
  6. Yeah I've been able to force Brexit using Advanced editor - Set the trigger date to 1st July and the % chance of happening to 100% for 2016 and change the % chance for each country within the UK that you wish to get it if you wish. Set a country to 0% if you don't what that country to have it (e.g. Scotland, Wales, NI, etc.) Also set the % of Bosman not happening and existing players getting permanent WPs both to 0%. You won't get hard Brexit each time but as the trigger date is set to the first day of your save, just start a new game and try again. It avoids having to waste game time initially before later in the save getting a soft Brexit.
  7. Champions league Qualifying

    This isn't being voted on until November 28th at the next UEFA club competitions committee meeting. So it's not 100% confirmed yet.
  8. [Republic of Ireland] (Official) Data Issues

    Can you please remove the fictional 'Swords Community Stadium' from the game. Playing as Dundalk and I have my European games moved to this 11,000 capacity (8,000 seater) ground but there is no such stadium in real life. European games instead should be moved to either Tallaght Stadium or Aviva Stadium which are both real. EDIT: After playing around in the editor, there are actually a few other stadiums in Ireland in the game that do not exist or are duplicates of other grounds with different names. Harristown Stadium - was proposed for Bohemians but won't be built, instead Dalymount Park will be rebuilt. Lissywollen - in the game but so is Athlone Town Stadium (they are the same ground). Stranolar - new stadium for Finn Harps but still under construction (build date of 2007 in game is wrong - also should be under a future build date and coded in for Finn Harps to move there). Finn Valley Centre - same ground as the above one but in the game twice under different names. Can these be logged please?
  9. Brexit and FM17

    Do you get alerted about Brexit scenarios in game if not managing in the UK but in another EU country?
  10. I have a few questions on Trained at Club (0-21) homegrown status. Is this type of homegrown status only relevant for England? If yes, why is it even shown if managing outside of England? If not, why is it not possible to differentiate between this and the normal (15-21) homegrown status before signing a player? For example, I am managing in Ireland and one of my players is 'Trained at Club (0-21)' but I do not see how this is relevant? I cannot register him as homegrown for Europe and domestically there is no homegrown rules. If I had this players in England, his homegrown status would have no relevancy either as he was not trained in England so why include this at all? I only signed this player as he had the homegrown status for my club showing when searching in the 'Scouting' section for homegrown qualified players for Europe. His 'Eligibility' section does not indicate that this is not the type of homegrown I need.
  11. Biannual upgrade or not?

    Also a biannual buyer. Have the exact same years as yourself (i.e. an 'oddy'). Would definitely recommend this version based on the beta as an upgrade vs 2015.
  12. University clubs

    Not all university teams should be amateur though. UCD in Dublin do pay their players for example and not all players are still in education there. Likewise in South America clubs are fully professional and retain connections to the educational institutions in name only.
  13. Brexit and FM17

    I assume Irish players do not require work permits to play in England in the Brexit scenarios. Ireland and the UK share a Common Travel Area which predates the EU. Hopefully this is reflected in the game otherwise managing the Irish national team in some scenarios could be a disaster.
  14. [Ireland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Couple of things I've spotted so far: Leinster Senior Cup should allow 7 named subs rather than 5 (see here for match report example with 7 named subs). The President's Cup is allowing you to play trialists. Although I can't find a reference to disprove that this should be allowed, it seems very unlikely.