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  1. I'm still having the same issue but have not started a new game, is that required?
  2. I'm having the exact same issue since the last update. Same as Hobermallow89 is having. Offer out, no interest and then cannot move to affiliate club.
  3. I don't believe so. Aside of player traits, I believe that mentoring only impacts the attributes that affect personality. Consistency isn't one of those. My understanding of consistency was that it can improve based on how often you play the player (i.e. the more you play them, the more consistent they can become).
  4. Aside from tactics and all other things being equal (e.g. selecting between 2 similarly attributed players), then make sure to opt for players with high consistency and enjoys big matches. This reduces the risk of a few individual players having a mare in that one game.
  5. I am playing with an AML and AMR with cross from byline instructions and floated crosses to a lone tall target man with great jumping and heading stats. This seems to be working fine for me. Although I'm sure this also could work in a 442 with a ML and MR with a little and large striker duo.
  6. For Russia it depends if your player has already declared for another nation or not. If the player is already capped for another country they won't be able to take Russian citizenship as they're already tied to another national team. Your Nigerian player must not yet be capped for Nigeria, so he is still eligible for Russian citizenship as he could end up playing for them after taking the citizenship.
  7. The All Ireland Champions Cup is being scheduled incorrectly. The league winner from Republic of Ireland in any calendar year should take part in the competition at the end of the same calendar year. e.g. Dundalk win league ending in October 2020 then they should be in the competition in November 2020. What is happening in the game is they are being scheduled for the competition in November 2021 (13 months after winning the league). This is incorrect.
  8. In the qualifying rounds for best placed teams it only allows you name 5 subs in the new Europa Conference League. For Champions route, it's the usual 7.
  9. The issue is with initiating rather than negotiating. He was doing contract negotiations when only initiating was delegated. Just fired him as he's useless to me now if he cannot initiate without also doing the contracts. Maybe is a mod can move this to the bugs forum?
  10. Turned off initiate signings option and I can handle my own contract offers. With initiate delegated to DoF, even if I initiate the offer, then the DoF is handling the contract negotiations. When I take control of initiate offers in the settings, then I can offer the contracts. I presume it's a bug, as in previous editions they could initiate but I'd handle the contracts. On both scenarios I am owning negotiating player signings.
  11. Hey, thanks for your response. Will that not cancel the whole transfer though? I want to negotiate the contracts myself. My DoF isn't very good so he's offering crazy money... Not sure how to make it so I can handle the contract negotiations myself..
  12. Hi I have a DoF and although he is not set to offer contracts (only initiate signings) he is automatically handling contract negotiations when I am signing new players. I cannot see any setting in staff responsibilities that I am missing to stop this? Anyone else experience this and have a solution (other than firing my DoF)? Thanks in advance!
  13. The capacity in Tallaght Stadium should be 8000 (all seated) rather than 6000. Those extra 2000 tickets make all the difference for European games. :-) Source: https://www.the42.ie/tallaght-stadium-fourth-stand-south-dublin-city-council-shamrock-rovers-league-of-ireland-stadium-4389191-Dec2018/
  14. Same for the President's Cup, no 2018 winner and also the cup is being scheduled after the season starts and should be the Sunday before.
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