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  1. On a day like today, look no further than Argentinos Juniors; Diego Maradona's first club.
  2. FC United of Manchester ; season 2021/22 My manager ; i.e me. League Table ; A first season beyond even my most optimistic expectations as we won the National League North as we were 100/1 odds for the title. The end of the season couldn't come soon enough, as my form went quite erratic as the lack of squad depth really began to take it's toll with lack of fit players. Thankfully York and Chester weren't consistent enough to overtake me. Squad ; The lads that got me there. Still not sure how I managed it with this group of misfits. An honourable mention to Calum Woods who w
  3. I am doing this challenge with FC United (inspired by @DazRTaylor thread doing the same one last year & also this year). I am currently top of the table in my first season with 8 games left. Fingers crossed that when I get to my first season update, it'll be a successful one. Just got my first youth intake and it's not too bad and will add much needed squad depth. I need to change my HOYD though, as a lot of unambitious new gens in there.
  4. It won't work if the player is in the final year of his contract. Maybe this is the issue.
  5. I got rid of Fred by sending him on a loan with a mandatory future fee. This approach is worth a try. For me I had to cancel Jones' contract through mutual termination. There was no other way to get rid of him.
  6. 2nd season done and retained both the league title (by 13 points) and the Champions League (beating Man City in the final). Also added the FA Cup this year (beating Liverpool in the final) to make it a treble season. Haaland was a beast with 38 goals in 39 starts. I also brought in CR7 in January for nostalgic / mentoring reasons and he chipped in with 12 goals in 16 starts. Club World Cup to look forward to now in the summer.
  7. Fosu-Mensah €6,000,000 Rojo €11,000,000 Mata €4,000,000 Matic €9,250,000 Pereira €17,000,000 Lingard €22,000,000 James €27,500,000 Shaw €20,000,000 €116,750,000 from these eight. Then another ~€5m from loan fees and nominal fees (a lot of €100k - €300k here and there for players who will never make it e.g. Mejía, McNeill, Grant, Emeran, Helm). It's 34 players sold or loaned out for some fee.
  8. Good news that this routine still works perfectly in FM21.
  9. I won the league and the Champions League in the first season. It did seem a bit too easy to be honest. Liverpool were my only serious challengers and even then I won the league by 7 points. I beat Bayern in the CL final 3-1 AET. Maguire with a 95th min equaliser to force ET. I signed Coman from Munich pre season but kind of regret it as he's a sicknote. Also got a Czech wonderkid who is 18 and in my first team already. Going into season 2 I got Haaland for his €75m release clause, Sancho for €85m and also Donnarumma on a Bosman. In the meantime I got around €110m from clearing out t
  10. Analysis and statistics on players that you're scouting and looking to sign.
  11. I love that the mentoring monthly report actually mentions the hidden attributes that are going up or down.
  12. Thanks a lot. I would also recommend to add Shamrock Rovers as a rival (competitive) and to add the Louth Derby as a derby with Drogheda Utd. If I spot anything else I will let you know.
  13. Few things for Dundalk; The chairman listed Mike Treacy is the old one. He left at end of 2018. Current one is called Bill Hulsizer. Soure: https://www.irishexaminer.com/sport/soccer/arid-40055207.html Also the Director Mal Brannigan listed has left the club. The role is currently vacant. Source: https://www.the42.ie/mal-brannigan-dundalk-ceo-4422829-Jan2019/#:~:text=Mal Brannigan has left the,'&text=“Dundalk Football Club can confirm,be made in due course. Player Josh Gatt has left. Source: https://www.dundalkfc.com/joshua-gatt-leaves-dundalk-fc/ Assistant Manager Guis
  14. My wife came home this afternoon to find me watching a video of a couple of guys playing a computer game and just gave me this look of pity. Good times.
  15. Winning the Champions League with the club I support with a 93rd minute goal.
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