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  1. I've never used an instant result skin, but I might have to. I'd love to go back to the days when I can easily get through ten, maybe even twenty seasons in one real life year. In FM19 the most I managed was six seasons I think - and I can play a lot at work too! I have a wife and three kids so of course, game time is limited like everyone else's. What I would LOVE more than anything is for SI to put an ultra-fast speed in the game for matches. That way I could zoom through until halftime without taking much notice. I rarely make changes in the first half anyway, other than for injuries or sendings off, and the game gets paused to give you the chance to do that anyway. I don't like the idea of an instant result as I want to have some control over my matches, so a match speed that could see you finish the first half in about ten seconds would be amazing. Then I could play the second half at a slightly slower speed until about 60 minutes at which time I usually start to think about changing tactics or making subs. If I am 3 or 4 goals up, I'd just make some quick subs then go back to the ultra-fast speed and zoom through the rest of the game, if not, I would watch the match and see what changes I may need to make. I understand that some players like to watch the full match or in extended highlights, but some of us don't or don't have time. I don't think SI are being fair to those players. Years ago you could play the matches much quicker, but even they were slow in comparison to the old Premier Manager 2 game which went at the pace I need. I want to be able to zoom through matches and therefore seasons, so PLEASE SI, bring in an option to make the matches go faster, PLUS an instant result option for those who want it. Please allow us to play the game how WE WANT to play it!
  2. Yes she has a very bog standard laptop. I did think the game might not even play, but to not even be able to install Steam was a surprise. Never mind, i shall have to wait for mine to be sorted. Cheers.
  3. Typical of my luck - the day my laptop goes in to the shop for an upgrade is the day the FM Beta comes out! Anyway, I'm on my daughter's laptop just to try and test the game out. But trying to install Steam I get this problem. I am sure it something simple, I just don't know the way round it. Can someone explain to me what I need to do please?
  4. I thought the 'investment fund' was purely cosmetic. I.e, when you get too much money the game/directors just take a few hundred million from you. I never thought the game actually gives you that back should you then lose the remainder of your cash.
  5. I once did something like 463 unbeaten games in the league, but as with forameuss above, I did it in an easy league, San Marino. I have done long unbeaten runs loads of times in small nations, it is remarkably easy after a few seasons building. I also did a save with my cousin in about FM 06, where I was Chelsea and he was Man Utd. I had some massive unbeaten runs in that, including a run that stretched over two and a half season in the league. That was from about five years in to the save. During that run, I won EVERY single trophy available to the club over three seasons - Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield, European Super Cup and Club World Cup, an incredible run. The next season I lost against him 1-0 in the League Cup final which ended my domination. I still won the league and FA Cup, and then played him in the Champions League final... I was winning and deep in to extra time, he sent his regen goalkeeper, Jeremy Cahuzac up for a corner and he scored! Cahuzac then went on to save two penalties and score the winning penalty! That was an absolutely mental save that I will remember forever. And the name Jeremy bloody Cahuzac!
  6. I never get bothered about any other game. In fact, I only play FIFA and the odd other game here or there. But with FM, I am like a child waiting for Christmas. Just can't wait and want it NOW. If it was only me who felt like this, I would be more bothered. But looking at these forums, there are lots like me so I don't feel too childish haha.
  7. I have already purchased the game... Just checking here every day, desperately hoping the Beta will be released soon (I know I probably have two weeks to wait, but you never know.......)
  8. That is EXACTLY what I thought. I'm confused now, how has he been playing matches?
  9. Money always burns a hole in my pocket in real life, and unless I am purposely doing a youth save or with a very small club, I always spend, spend, spend in FM too.
  10. When you go on holiday that match doesn't actually count as a match managed in your managerial career. I assume it's because your assistant manager is actually the manager for the game. I would assume that as you are actually at the match, with instant result, it does.
  11. I wish the game had a speed that would just fly through matches instead. I recently played CM 01/02 again, just for the memories and on the Very Fast mode you can get through until halftime in about thirty seconds. Then you can adjust the speed at halftime. That is what I would like in FM. I don't want to have to SIM the whole game or get an instant result as I want to be able to make subs myself and change things around if we are losing or drawing. I never make subs or tactical changes anyway - IN THE FIRST HALF - unless there are injuries or sendings off, and with an ultra fast speed you can still do this, with instant result you can't. That is the one big thing I would like in FM as matches take too long and for about the last ten years, at least, of FM, I have never got past about eight seasons played. I want to be able to do a thirty or forty season career.
  12. I wonder if we could get some feedback about this please?
  13. Did anyone ever resolve this, and if not, does anyone know how please? I have added Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen to Vanarama National League in England. I have removed three teams to make up for them and added three more to the SPL, but I keep getting this message: "Number of teams in the Vanarama National League (24) doesn't match up with teams in the real fixtures (4)" Someone please help!
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