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  1. Yes, it works just fine now. So it is the size of the editor that's the problem then. Now I know, thanks for your help. The good thing is, I should be able to edit everything else I need to edit within the game using the in game editor and it will be much quicker. Thanks.
  2. I am using English. And I am editing a file that I downloaded, with loads of English leagues on it. So a HUGE amount of changes. But I never knew that would affect it tbh.... 1,894,291 changes!
  3. I don't know huge amounts about computers but I get by. I have 8GB RAM, easily enough for FM isn't it? I have looked at my memory usage and it says 6.7/7.9 GB (85%). As I say, I don't know loads, but that seems quite high to me, is that right? It's not like I have any other programs open (that I know about). As I am looking in Task Manager to see what is taking up the 85%, I have three apps open and it says this: FM Editor 2020: 3,614.2 MB Google Chrome: 1,429 MB Task Manager: 22.3 MB Now, I have got about 15 web pages open right now, which I know I can close, but they are open for research purposes (leagues to edit for FM, cup competition links, etc). Surely the editor shouldn't be using this much of my RAM/memory (is that the same thing?) it seems extraordinarily high to me. On FM19, on a much worse laptop that only had 4GB of RAM and a far worse processor, I used to have FM19 running AND FM19 editor running at the same time absolutely fine. And this isn't just when I'm doing searches either. I know that when you do searches for loads of players, etc, it can take a while to load. But this is for small things like just adding a favourite club to a player, it takes about thirty seconds to act before I can click on anything else. Adding an attribute to a player, all things that can normally be done so quickly and simply. It's just taking ages and this can't be normal. Something must be wrong, I just have no idea what.
  4. I have a brand new laptop that is pretty decent. It FM20 fast enough with a fair few leagues added. It runs everything else I do, like browsing the internet, fast too. However, the FM20 editor is going RIDICULOUSLY slow. It never seemed to go this slow at first, but it seems the more files I edit, the slower it goes. Like clicking to add a rival club, or someone's favourite club, etc. It was never like this on any other FM. Is this a known issue? Is there any way I can speed it up? Because it is taking me forever to do basic editing and it's becoming very boring.
  5. I am trying to download the level 10 database but the Steam workshop seems to be down, can anyone confirm if that is correct please? Also, I have tried to download it straight from the links on Dan's page here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/498100-wip-fm20-e20-england-to-level-20/ However, I just get the messages that I have shown in the screenshot below. It is a new laptop, so I have not downloaded any of these files on it before. Can anyone please help me and tell me what I have to do? Thanks
  6. Do I need to install this via Steam? Because I can't get into the Steam workshop, it doesn't seem to be working. When I have tried to do it via these two pages: https://www.passion4fm.com/english-lower-leagues-database/ https://www.footballmanagerstory.com/fm-2020-english-lower-leagues-database-unlock-england-to-level-11/ I just get the message shown in the screenshot I have attached. Can anyone help please?
  7. Excellent work Dan, and Will for helping. I use your file every year. I have been waiting to buy a new laptop so haven't even played FM20 yet, but when I install it later, the first thing I will be doing is adding your database. Cheers.
  8. Right thanks guys. Looks like I will have to wait until Wednesday then. I just hoped I could get a few days editing in first so I could play the game straight away. First year I've never had the game from the off!
  9. Another question actually, would it still work if I just install Touch? When I install the game on my new laptop, I will be playing the full version, but just because I will need to free up so much space on this rubbish laptop, just installing FM Touch would make that much easier. Is that possible, will the Editor then work?
  10. You should be able to search for players by what club they support. I have wanted that for years, both in game and in the pre-game editor. I like to buy players who support the club I am managing, and that is hard to know if you manage a smaller club or foreign club.
  11. Ok thanks for your help. Don't think I am going to be able to make space on this laptop to install the game, but I'll give it a go. Cheers.
  12. There IS a way of doing it via the pre-game editor, not sure about the in-game editor. You need to go to the club finances and I believe it is under a category called something like, "Other income". In there you will need to add yourself extra income from things like sponsors. So you can add yourself a £10M per season Stadium sponsorship deal for example for 100 years. That way, the game will register it as extra income made each season, which can then be spent on transfers and wages.
  13. Hi, my laptop broke back in October. I am buying a new one on Wednesday, a good one to be able to run FM20 well. However, for now I can use my daughter's laptop. That isn't good enough to run FM20, I know that. And there isn't any space on it anyway. BUT I have been able to install the editor. With it in mind that I can edit all my files over the weekend and Mon/Tue so when I get my new laptop on Wednesday I will be ready to play. However, when I click on Launch in Steam, the screen goes black like it is loading the editor but then it goes back to Steam and the editor hasn't loaded. I have checked Task Manager and the editor doesn't appear there, so it's obviously not loading at all. Can anyone give me advice as to what the problem is please? (I checked the disk space before I installed it and whilst there was nowhere near enough to install FM20, there was more than enough to install the editor). I know it's possible the laptop just isn't good enough but I thought surely it must be good enough just to load the editor which is just essentially a big database of words! Here are the specs: Processor: Intel (R) Celeron (R) NP3060 @1.60GHz 1.60 GHz Installed RAM: 2.00 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system, x-64-based processor Please someone help solve the problem!
  14. I've never used an instant result skin, but I might have to. I'd love to go back to the days when I can easily get through ten, maybe even twenty seasons in one real life year. In FM19 the most I managed was six seasons I think - and I can play a lot at work too! I have a wife and three kids so of course, game time is limited like everyone else's. What I would LOVE more than anything is for SI to put an ultra-fast speed in the game for matches. That way I could zoom through until halftime without taking much notice. I rarely make changes in the first half anyway, other than for injuries or sendings off, and the game gets paused to give you the chance to do that anyway. I don't like the idea of an instant result as I want to have some control over my matches, so a match speed that could see you finish the first half in about ten seconds would be amazing. Then I could play the second half at a slightly slower speed until about 60 minutes at which time I usually start to think about changing tactics or making subs. If I am 3 or 4 goals up, I'd just make some quick subs then go back to the ultra-fast speed and zoom through the rest of the game, if not, I would watch the match and see what changes I may need to make. I understand that some players like to watch the full match or in extended highlights, but some of us don't or don't have time. I don't think SI are being fair to those players. Years ago you could play the matches much quicker, but even they were slow in comparison to the old Premier Manager 2 game which went at the pace I need. I want to be able to zoom through matches and therefore seasons, so PLEASE SI, bring in an option to make the matches go faster, PLUS an instant result option for those who want it. Please allow us to play the game how WE WANT to play it!
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