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  1. EXACTLY right mate. I can guarantee with 99.999999999999% certainty that no matter WHAT Brexit we get in real life, even the most hardline Brexit anyone can imagine, that we will make allowances for footballers. They are far too important to the economy and the national game for us just to suddenly make all EU players need work permits. It's nonsensical.
  2. Wow. It's amazingly easy to solve this without the use of the editor. When you first start your save, make two separate saves of it with different names. Then go on holiday on one save until the date the news is announced. If the type of Brexit you get isn't what you want, then start up a new save. If it is suitable for you, then just reload the other save you created at the start, as, if the type of Brexit you get is the same as soon as you start a save, then that is the one you will get. Though I'm not bothered which type of Brexit I get, I don't mind the challenge if I have to just play with homegrown players.
  3. We will. Turn the light off on your way out.
  4. You're absolutely correct, that is something I often seem to say myself on the internet!
  5. It took you 5 months to notice it? Did you spend the last 5 months drunk?
  6. Why not start a save with Norwich? They had an impressive win today.
  7. Feel free to close this mods. It's because I had removed some leagues from levels 7, 8 and 9 but forgot to remove them from their parent competitions.
  8. Please someone help me to find a way round this in the advanced editor! It obviously stems from the fact there were only three leagues in the 7th tier of English football and now there are four. How can I make the editor understand that? I can't even test my leagues until I get around this and the game won't allow me to use my database until it has been tested and verified!
  9. Also, does anyone know why the fixture dates in the FA Cup are for 2000 instead of 2018? It makes it more complicated to add the dates for the earlier qualifying rounds.
  10. Oh right, thanks. That means I don't need to do the FMM version at least. The problem is, I am adding qualifying rounds to the FA Cup meaning I need to know whether I need to do both 18 AND 19, or just one or the other.
  11. Hi. Could someone please tell me why there are two FA Cups in the advanced editor? Well, actually four options. Emirates FA Cup 2019, Emirates FA Cup 2018, Emirates FA Cup FMM 2019 and Emirates FA Cup FMM 2019. And do I need to edit the first two, all four of them, or will just the one do? For years now I have been using the basic editor, I have looked before at the advanced editor and it just seems way too daunting, but I am determined to give it a go this year. I have edited my own database on the basic editor, taking the English lower leagues down to level 19 (not the real life leagues) and I want to put all those teams in the FA Cup, but if I try to rebuild the FA Cup in the basic editor I can't put the matches on TV. I have also created my own cup competition and I want to put those matches on TV. And for all this I need the advanced editor. So please, someone explain to me about the FA Cups as in the first question, and any other help on how to rebuild the FA Cup in the advanced editor would be greatly appreciated .
  12. I am wondering if on the San Marino save it was because I put a few world class players at four teams. Presumably it's because the players were so good compared to the rest.
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