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  1. How unrealistic is that? Arsenal challenging for titles!
  2. I will do yes, thanks. I was having problems with a downloaded database, with how slow it was going to edit it. I am now wondering if the sheer number of edits there were on there, or that the database has somehow become corrupted, is the problem here. I am going to start again with a new database with 20.3 and see if it works from there.
  3. I've also got an SSD and I used to only have a normal hard drive. I can't imagine, even with my only average knowledge of computers, that it could be the case that I have no memory left if I only have one program on my laptop. It makes no sense. Surely FM20 can't eat up that much memory.
  4. Hi I saw that one and had a quick read of it, but it slows the game down doesn't it? I wanted to leave that option until last incase there was another way of sorting it. Surely I shouldn't be out of memory on a laptop with nothing else on it and 8GB RAM on the laptop? Would I be better just getting another 8GB RAM in it? My old laptop only had 4GB RAM, the processor was worse, had other games on the laptop and never had any problems running FM19.
  5. Hi, thanks for helping. I took a screenshot of the DxDiag and posted above. Assuming it isn't in an appropriate form, I have now saved the info in a text document and posted it below. Thanks. DxDiag.txt
  6. OK, I am trying my best to get to the bottom of this myself until someone can give me advice haha. I have read that Virus Protection can sometimes affect how FM20 runs. My laptop is protected by Eset Internet Security which I got free for two years when buying the laptop. I have now added these as exceptions in the path box: Steam – C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam Football Manager - C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020 Looks to me like I have done it correctly, but please see the attached screenshot to confirm I have please.
  7. When I close the "running low on memory" box I get the "Football Manager 2020 has now run out of memory and will close" box. 2 of my saves it says the save game can not be loaded, the other two I get the running low on memory message, then the run out of memory message. I have looked into this further and I have seen it could be down to downloaded graphics. The only ones I have downloaded is a logos pack. I have taken them out of the graphics folder and put them in a temporary folder. That counts as removing them doesn't it? I don't need to delete the downloaded graphics altogether? Anyway, this has not worked. I am still getting the same messages when I try to load the game.
  8. Here is the DxDiag too. Hopefully I have now provided enough information for someone to help me sort this out. If not, tell me what else is needed as I want to get this sorted asap. I've been waiting long enough to finally get to play FM20!
  9. This is Task Manager to show what memory is being used with FM open. Is that normal or high? I noticed Skype and Mail And Calendar were using up memory, even though I've never used them. I have uninstalled both. I can't see anything else there that could be uninstalled.
  10. This was what it said when I loaded FM20 up again after deleting the cache which is what took me to the Intel drivers, and the only one that needed updating was the graphics one, which I did and it has had no effect.
  11. If there is any other information that is needed to get this sorted then please let me know. I am attaching screenshots of what I think may help. This is my computer info. I have 8GB RAM. I don't have any other programs on my laptop - I'm not interested in anything else. I literally own have a laptop to play FM and browse the internet.
  12. Yes I've got this dreaded message. I've got a brand new laptop and haven't actually played FM20. I have been busy editing files for the last couple of week, though I have tested the game over a day or two in holiday mode and it got to 2023 and worked fine. However, when loading that save up now to check a few things before I finally start my real save, it won't load and I am getting the message in the title. So the first thing I have done is to delete the cache. Then I went to verify the integrity of the game files and got this message: "11 files failed to verify and will be reacquired." Now, I could be wrong, but that sounds to me like Steam can't verify something of mine within FM20 so have taken it off me?! Upon verifying them again it says all files successfully validated. So I'm guessing they have taken something off me. Any idea what or why? My next step was to update my graphics driver - it did need updating, so that has been done. So, I use a rolling autosave, the first save won't load since I tried to verify the game. So one file they have taken seems to be my save game, why would they do that? The next save is an autosave. That won't load either. I have attached the screenshot to show what it is saying.
  13. Yes, it works just fine now. So it is the size of the editor that's the problem then. Now I know, thanks for your help. The good thing is, I should be able to edit everything else I need to edit within the game using the in game editor and it will be much quicker. Thanks.
  14. I am using English. And I am editing a file that I downloaded, with loads of English leagues on it. So a HUGE amount of changes. But I never knew that would affect it tbh.... 1,894,291 changes!
  15. I don't know huge amounts about computers but I get by. I have 8GB RAM, easily enough for FM isn't it? I have looked at my memory usage and it says 6.7/7.9 GB (85%). As I say, I don't know loads, but that seems quite high to me, is that right? It's not like I have any other programs open (that I know about). As I am looking in Task Manager to see what is taking up the 85%, I have three apps open and it says this: FM Editor 2020: 3,614.2 MB Google Chrome: 1,429 MB Task Manager: 22.3 MB Now, I have got about 15 web pages open right now, which I know I can close, but they are open for research purposes (leagues to edit for FM, cup competition links, etc). Surely the editor shouldn't be using this much of my RAM/memory (is that the same thing?) it seems extraordinarily high to me. On FM19, on a much worse laptop that only had 4GB of RAM and a far worse processor, I used to have FM19 running AND FM19 editor running at the same time absolutely fine. And this isn't just when I'm doing searches either. I know that when you do searches for loads of players, etc, it can take a while to load. But this is for small things like just adding a favourite club to a player, it takes about thirty seconds to act before I can click on anything else. Adding an attribute to a player, all things that can normally be done so quickly and simply. It's just taking ages and this can't be normal. Something must be wrong, I just have no idea what.
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