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  1. Or just give up and buy the new game. It's far better. And if you have only got to 2020 in FM17, it's not like you have built up a really long, brilliant save that you can't bear to quit.
  2. You can train "Marking" under "Defensive Positioning". Not sure you could train how to mark a real player using a dummy. You can train "Off the ball" under "Attacking Movement". To be able to train off the ball, you'd need several other players practicing with you. You can train "Heading" under "Aerial". It's a bit hard to practice heading on your own. Other than throwing the ball up in the air to yourself and heading it, it's impossible. And even that wouldn't help much in practicing to head the ball. You can train "Bravery" under "Aerial". Again, there's no way on earth you ca
  3. Don't know if this has been mentioned or not, and it is only a minor thing. But the haircuts for managers to choose from this year are horrific. There isn't one single "normal" hairstyle. Just brushed forward. They are all skinhead, ponytail, mohican, bushy, curly. Some of us just have a boring short, back and sides. Not one of these fancy haircuts!
  4. Stop being tight and both buy the game. You can get it for £25-£30, which is a bargain compared to most games on the market, for hours and hours of fun. Compare it to FIFA, £50 minimum, plus all the money you need to buy yourself a decent team. No comparison.
  5. That's all fair enough. The injury risk definitely makes sense.
  6. I'm managing in San Marino so it's obviously an edited database, but I've never had this problem before. I am managing Cailungo and San Marino, calling up 11 of my own Cailungo players to the national team, but I never get the option to postpone my league games due to international call ups. I've always had this option in the last few FMs when I have done the exact same things in the editor.
  7. But I'm afraid the suggestion makes no sense. I would argue that tackling, passing and shooting, probably alongside dribbling, are the most basic of all football skills, and anyone can learn to improve upon them at any level. It's a technical part of the game that is very easy to do training in. It's not like it's a mental or physical one like work rate, determination, strength, stamina or pace, but even those can be trained to a certain extent in the game and in real life.
  8. Yeah heading is another one. You can train passing and shooting, basics of football, but not tackling and heading. I have played enough football to know this is wrong. From lining up as a kid taking turns to head the ball thrown by your coach, to being a bit older and doing crossing drills. The players heading it in and out are doing heading, aren't they? And please no-one say that isn't individual training, as you can't do passing on your own, yet you can train individuals on that in FM. You should be able to do drills where one attacker runs at a defender, the attacking play
  9. Why can't you train your players on tackling in the "Additional Focus"? I have wondered this for a few years. It seems absolutely nonsensical to me. You can train passing, shooting, crossing, ball control, and almost everything else. Please don't tell me that you "can't train tackling" as that is ridiculous. My ten year old daughter's football team often does tackling practice. It can be done. It seems absolutely bizarre that you can't do it in Football Manager.
  10. Oh right, never knew that. Isn't that a bit like having feeder teams in other countries though?
  11. I have realised that you can click things in the background now, but the "Awaiting Media Reaction" stays on the screen for a few minutes. I have only just played one game since earlier on, though, and after about 20 seconds I clicked on Continue and it worked and it went away. So there's a very simple solution for it. However, it seems this feature still isn't working as intended, as at least one other user has this issue:
  12. Yes I also have this problem. As mentioned in this thread:
  13. Fair enough, your game, play how you like. But you're just making more work for your life imo. Instead of adding real life injuries to the game and healing injuries in the game with the editor, why not just see it as two separate universes, as is intended? Then just roll with the injuries in the game and ignore real life ones?
  14. It was after 21.1.1. 21.1.2 has just downloaded now, so I will go and load it up soon and play a game and report back here. It was a few seconds for me in the Beta too, so I'd be am azed if my laptop suddenly can't handle it when it could on the Beta.
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