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  1. I'd also like to know how to change the flag if anyone can help please?
  2. I am trying to follow these instructions but I am stuck at number 5. I don't have a clue how I use the Resource Archiver to unpack the file?! That is, if I have followed no 3 and 4 properly. Could somebody please break it down in absolute laymen's terms for me please?!
  3. Can someone please help me. I have read through this whole thread but don't seem to be getting anywhere. I am on a PC laptop. If I go in through Program Files there IS NO Steam option next. If I go in through Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/football manager 2021 editor, there is then no format option. I have looked in loads of other places and just cannot find this anywhere. Could someone please help me? I have attached the two files below to show you what I get. Someone please help!
  4. DEFINITELY something that annoys me. Why SI STILL refuse to put continental and cup appearances on that screen absolutely baffles and irritates me.
  5. Any idea on when this weekend? I'm just about to start a new save. I'd rather wait and use this if possible.
  6. Only just got around to getting back to this thread. Been spending all my spare (and lots of not spare!) time playing FM21. I never realised it was down to licences. Shame, because it would be the greatest addition to FM.
  7. It's also pretty unrealistic that I can just decide to manage ANY of the teams in the game tomorrow, not just the top ones, but ANY of them. It's unrealistic that I can make my eyes brown if I want to, make myself 5 foot 3 or 6 foot 8, 8 stone or 25 stone.... Yet all these things are randomly possible on FM. So, yes, using the "it's more realistic" argument doesn't hold much water when we are playing a computer game where our reality is based on a whole load of non-realities and impossibilities.
  8. You say this, and someone (maybe you) mentioned Klopp not having one, yet a week or two ago in the Premier League a manager (I even think it WAS Jurgen Klopp!) was using a tablet to review an incident they weren't happy with. I watched the match, so I saw it with my own eyes!
  9. You can already do that yourself. Why set those boundaries for other people who don't want to play like that? Getting rid of the Player Search facility would seriously pee off a large section of FM customers.
  10. As the screenshot shows, I manage San Marino (and two club teams). But during a Broadcast Interview they are asking me if I am only playing a player because of his loan agreement. Clearly a bug. I don't own the player at either of my two clubs, nor is he on loan there. Once I have played this game, I will upload a save game from before the match so the bug can be investigated.
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