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    American who is new to soccer, but avid sports simulation gamer. Mainly watch/follow EPL, but gradually getting into more leagues. Liverpool is top team, but also like Crystal Palace (for non-top-6), Athletico Madrid in La Liga, Napoli in Serie A, and OM in Ligue 1.


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  1. I think the most engaging way to play is to blend both worlds, exploit tactics aside. as a newbie to sport and to game, I found reading about other tactical approaches has been really helpful to learn and experiment. It’s not dissimilar to how real world management works. Anyone can watch film of City and replicate their tactics on the surface. The best will take parts from lots of minds and apply it to their own predispositions and squad strengths. (There are many good quotes from football world on this subject that are not at my fingertips).
  2. I can certainly point to some contrasting real life examples, but in general, it feels the biggest clubs are disproportionately overly active in the winter window. To boot, their logic seems amiss. Too often, clubs will aggressively pursue players in that window only to splurge elsewhere or softly approach player (if at all despite declaring interest) come summer. This despite, at times, running away with league (PSG, Bayern), being cup tied for champions league (apply to countless clubs), or not even competing in Euro competition and table place mostly defined. couthino and VVD are two very recent examples of giant winter signings, though at least VVD wasn’t cup tied for European competition. just for conversation sake, what are your experiences?
  3. Fulham, year 7. Just won premier league for first time. Regular Europe club, all facilities maxed out. my first few classes were terrific, producing a handful of top level guys and plenty of depth players. Last 3 years have been really poor despite club rep continuing to rise and facilities all maxed out. anything I can do to shake it up? Hoyd pretty solid and same guy I’ve always had.
  4. I’ve cone across some dialogue on subject but it’s scattered in many threads. I like to handle all aspects of my club, just like the good ol’ days. This has made managing many interesting leagues too frustrating due to lack of control I have over reserves unit; especially pertaining to training. Some of my concern is prolly just ignorance. I like Serie A and EPL over La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, etc for that reason. can those with more experience weigh in on the nuances to effectively manage your club with that setup. Tia
  5. s0ni42

    Best Scout Setup To Have?

    Scouting knowkedge I believe is more tied to speed in which they can deliver full report. If a scout is regularly sent to a new country, he will build up his knowledge level in that country. Do not believe it has any bearing on accuracy of their report. i favor finding scouts with best ratings with at least a decent baseline of knowledge for country (or region) that I intend him to work.
  6. Would be helpful to establish club policies for things such as release clauses, contract renewals, etc. You can control on your own, but would be nice for agents to know all contract renewals occur after season with our club (or whenever/whatever you desire) or we won’t include release clauses in any contract. May be hard to structure, but off inspiration from a few comments I’ve seen.
  7. s0ni42

    SK and BPD

    I’m running pretty similar tactic for those positions. I, too, have struck out on developing great fits for both positions. Ive had some success converting defensive MFs to central defender role assuming they have respectable height to play in two man pairing. For sweeper, I’ve only been training my newgens for one season so haven’t had ample opportunity to measure. I have brought in a Quattro (20 year old starter, 34 year old backup, 20 year old delopmental guy, and 17 year old prospect) at different ages to quicken development curve and overhaul. I’m mainky searching for base levels of anticipation, rushing out, passing, kicking, first touch.
  8. s0ni42

    Staff and Personality

    In fact, I’d think allowing coaches to focus on a given players development would be cool.
  9. s0ni42

    Staff and Personality

    Seems like there could be some personality influence in future. Would add element to player development
  10. s0ni42

    I'm Spineless!

    I’m unambitious
  11. s0ni42

    Staff and Personality

    I thought staff personality could slowly adjust players’ personalities. I aim for professional for that reason.
  12. s0ni42

    Teams with no trophies

    Fulham has no top level trophies (prem, fa, league cup, or European/world champs)
  13. s0ni42

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    I’m lining up for a West Ham save. Good stadium, good size fan base. Real life transition in place.
  14. Scouting Network Try to have one scout operate each country that has high likelihood of producing talent. I’m in England with current save so can only pick up English U-18s. I have four scouts in England. Two serve as regular scouts, one is chief scout to follow up and/or confirm reports other scouts bring about if there is serious interest, and one scout responsible for loan network reports. Worth noting that my ‘area scouts’ carry burden of match reports for players on loan in their respective countries of responsibility. Player Search: use a lot depending on the need. Briefly eye over search results and assign scout for full detail on interested players. Signings for new save: too complex to answer. Very dependent on situation. Usually try to lottery a few U-18s, establish better personalities within veteran ranks, and offload players that don’t fit system. statistics: enjoy looking but not overly impactful on final decisions. Too complex for me to understand how their situation may have inflated/deflated their statistical output. For example, we just spent $50m on a 22 year old Right Back. He checks all boxes from scouting department but played more as a defensive-oriented tactic on his position. His situation will be much more catered to his abilities with our club. deciding between multiple players: really depends on need. If it’s a guy slotted for first team, we will try and remove expense from equation. If role player / tutor personify and acceptance of proposed role may trump. If youngster, we may rely on cheaper buy if all things are equal to minimize risk. deciding on proper wage and transfer: each situation different of course. I try to stay below $10m for prospects, and under $50m for first framers. Try and target bargains for anything else. Lots of variables.