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  1. Has the chairman changed? Sounds like a fun redemption tour. Certainly happens in real life quite often (Zidane, Moyes, Jose a few current renditions)
  2. Qatar World Cup break just started and I am planning a 3 week hiatus for the boys and 3 week training camp upon return. no issue on back end, but unable to send most of guys on vacation. I rested them in interim, but only 3-4 guys had the option for vacation. Thoughts?
  3. Regardless of starting level or club status, I usually prioritize constructing your principles of play, tactics, and player profiles. Then focus on getting a functional, young squad that fits my system that I plan to utilize. If you are smartly buying player at bargain/fair prices and selling them at appropriate time for appropriate fees, everything else will gradually fall into place. Naturally, your budget will determine what’s club improvements you can make and when. Focus on being frugal in transfer market and your finances will gradually improve and you can chip away at capital projects.
  4. Should not, no. Unless you are overworking your players. The direct correlation between pre season friendlies and last stretch of season are non-existent.
  5. I usually tentatively set when scouting report comes in. Check fitness prior to tactical briefing and finalize squad. Then I’ll do tactical briefing
  6. I might suggest toying with your front three roles. I find it hard to properly isolate a single striker consistently within confines of 433. I might suggest moving DLF to support and having one of wingers on attack. If your controlling possession there’s not enough overlap, overload, or cross movement to consistently create issues for a settled defense. my guess is your possession is pretty solid (58%) with little incisive attacking moments. You aren’t doing much in way of transition to create a great opportunity through that method either. You transition slow. Work ball into opponent half, then play catch around box is my guess.
  7. I’ve just recently found value in loaning guys out to maximize potential more than is years’ past. I won’t loan a guy that can achieve HGC status. I won’t loan a guy who is top two in positional depth chart and typically hesitant to doing so if he’s third in positional depth chart. I won’t loan a guy learning a new position. I will loan guys to increase value, I will loan older players that I cannot sell to recoup wages. Loaning players provides so much h flexibility to roster management, I believe it is imperative but not via a single approach. having 20-25 players on loan seems excessive as many of those should warrant first team opportunities or a transfer. But, so long as each player has a path forward and a plan, then the number doesn’t really matter
  8. Especially when from South America or obscure European nation
  9. I love just about every part of game. I understand the depth is overwhelming for many as it stands today. I’d like to see more immersion around staff. Clearer signs as to how a staff member will improve, more direct impact for select attributes that he can work with players on in training, better insight into players translating to coaching roles, etc. I think good improvement has been made in this version, but still some untapped potential
  10. Think the starting threshold is around $12m to get 3 WP appeal points. Then get another 3 WP appeal points by paying him in top 25% base salary. If he doesn’t meet both those, it’s dependent on his international experience.
  11. I think Villa is more than capable of staying up with the right tactic and style of play. IRL they play with really quick transitions which is cause from inconsistencies IMO. You could try and mirror that.
  12. Is there any attributes that directly lead to a player becoming a good coach or is it mostly random? I’m in third year at West Ham and mark noble is working on his final coaching badge. He hasn’t announced retirement yet, but his prospective coaching ability is quite poor. Just surprised as his leadership, personality, teamwork is all very high. just curious thoughts around this
  13. There’s never a single answer. That’s why I would always suggest being simple in early stages of developing a tactic. I primarily use instructions to attack/counter something the opposition is doing within a particular match; not as a wholesale rule to how we play. This is especially true when managing anything other than a top tier team that can exhibit their will on every club they face. And even then, I trust you see the countless threads frustrated that their tactic cannot score against a low block or gets stale/less effective as season progresses.
  14. To me advanced forward is always looking to move toward goal to pressure GK. I might suggest finding him something different against low bus. Maybe try complete forward?
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