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  1. Agree to check sources. I don’t think that’s correct. An attribute (assure from “Rushing out”) in isolation. isn’t going to influence behavior. There’s a trait specifically for dribbling more
  2. Out of the Park Baseball is only sports sim on same planet as FM in my opinion. Not level, but really solid game
  3. That’s interesting. I rarely go below second tier in any nation so our experiences may be quite different
  4. Pep is at Chelsea, Klopp at Arsenal, Ole at United for 20 years without a league title? Need more dynamic/logic built in to improve immersion. Where’s the next Naglesmsn wonderkid manager?
  5. I mean if I’m a legend in Italy, winning 4 serie A titles in 20 years at Atalanta, you would think there’s be at least a handful of protégés scattered at other posts within country.
  6. Managers don’t progress nor is there enough turnover for staff, specifically managers. When I search too clubs I never see any New Gen nor player converted staff at top posts for top clubs or even top level clubs. Same, tired names just shuffle around. To boot, I spend a lot of time building elite staff at all levels and positions. Very rarely so my, beyond qualified, assistants get poached for head coaching gigs. discuss
  7. Already been said, but here to see the Newcastle audibles
  8. Yea I don’t initially relate Wide Centerback to overlapping centerback. I think of it more of wide back 3 which is heavily used all across Europe.
  9. Disciplined TI combined with three forwards all going forward don’t leave much space to work with. i don’t have much experience in getting 10s to play wide. Have you tried making them AMR/L cutting inside?
  10. I don’t prioritize possession but I rarely see anything into 70s or higher, which you do see in real life with some regularity
  11. First tactic your midfield are all vacating the middle of pitch. 2/3 have roam from position, 1 has stay wider. I would consider something more static involved, maybe DLPs? To exasperate the chaotic structure of your current midfield, you are man marking which means guys will be out of position even more frequently. I don’t like defending narrower for a Wingback system. The shape will protect you through the middle (assuming we solidify with first recommendation). By playing narrower you are isolating your wing backs out wide with virtually zero support in front nor behind. Sure, the right side has protection inside of him with Car, but that may be odd position out if you reformat what you have. The man marking you have set only elevates the work load you are putting on the wing backs. All in all, the first tactic looks like a structural nightmare. I don’t know personnel well enough to know, but there’s a lot of running, a lot of tackling and I wonder how you are even getting 11 guys to finish line. To me, all this chaos, if effective, should NOT be playing a low block where you structural integrity is more important.
  12. The inverted Wing backs on top of a back 3 is interesting to me. Your defensive solidity through the middle is salivating. Because of this you should have complete license to do anything you want with front 5. For starters I would consider using BWM as either a BBM or Mez. You could even add tackle harder if interested I think both of those roles. To me, that would open up the attacking production of one of your midfielders. i love a DLPs as much as anyone but I would consider opening up that player a bit maybe? Roaming playmaker or Advanced playmaker could work here as he really doesn’t need any defensive/positioning responsibility. i, too, would change your DLF to Complete Forward. Generally speaking I’m not fully sold on ability to get proper width. A Mez from MF would help a bit? You could also toy with two 10s (like Tuchel) that can maybe build with a bit more width?
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