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    American who is new to soccer, but avid sports simulation gamer. Mainly watch/follow EPL, but gradually getting into more leagues. Liverpool is top team, but also like Crystal Palace (for non-top-6), Athletico Madrid in La Liga, Napoli in Serie A, and OM in Ligue 1.


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    Gaming, Sports

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    Athletico Madrid

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  1. s0ni42


    Any early observations for league? Considering a career start here
  2. s0ni42

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    Considering a career start here. Interested in early observations
  3. I currently rely on default routines for all set pieces. I set my pecking order for Corner taker, free kick taker, throw in, and penalty. After reading up some strategies for set pieces I would like to instill some ideas to the pitch. trouble is, managing the players and roles feels like a complete mess. I use very heavy rotation and pretty frequently substitute during a match. Unless I am missing something it feels like each design I put together only works for the currently selected 11. As soon as I change out a player, the whole strategy breaks down. im curious how others manage your set pieces. Happy to talk tactics, but more focused on easily managing player management side of things.
  4. What leagues do you have playable? Could have impact on player pool. What skill level do you have assigned? Maybe too high? try limiting assignemebt to age and country (or region). They will scout all competitions within country and you might have more results.
  5. Do I get charged for friendlies appearances?
  6. Can you do both at same time? If so, what are pros/cons to doing so? tia
  7. s0ni42


    I would just do one or other. I couldn’t get enough results that way fwiw.
  8. s0ni42


    I’m new at this, but I scout by country. With 10 scouts in Premeir League (England) i would hypothetically set up as below... chief Scout - ongoing next opponent scout 1 - scout domestic nation (players that can contribute now) scout 2 - scout domestic nation (prospect focused) scout 3 - scout domestic region (Scotland/Ireland) scout 4-8 - scout primary nations (Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland) scout 9 - scout region (Central Europe)
  9. I think this is mostly result of current wages for the players you are trying to move out. If, after offering them out, any teams become interested, try making offers with wage contribution clauses. Might make more palatable. Fristrating at times, but also fairly realistic. How many teams could take on Sánchez today in the world? Then how many of those clubs have a need in that position.
  10. s0ni42

    WInter update help

    THIS is helpful, thank you
  11. s0ni42

    WInter update help

    Guess I misunderstood. You cannot start in 2018 mid season. That correct?
  12. Prolly more my level of idiocy, but I cannot find way to start new game with WInter update. Please help
  13. s0ni42


    Not sure. What club are you? Maybe he hasn’t found anyone he’s comfortable presenting as viable option? Do you have that region unlocked through your scouting database?
  14. s0ni42


    Have you made his assignment too narrow?
  15. I went ahead and reinstalled game and everything seemingly is working. Thanks for your help. Hope I’m not back here too soon