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    American who is new to soccer, but avid sports simulation gamer. Mainly watch/follow EPL, but gradually getting into more leagues. Liverpool is top team, but also like Crystal Palace (for non-top-6), Athletico Madrid in La Liga, Napoli in Serie A, and OM in Ligue 1.


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  1. Good stuff. One thing that always helps me is a blank sheet of paper (maybe a lot of paper) and just sketch away. Envision the perfect path (passing combination) to goal. Where does each guy need to be to play his part. Lastly, create something that can pivot to more defending or attacking if opponent parks bus or even playing 3 in the back, or conversely 2+ strikers.
  2. I bookend recovery sessions on day before and day after in those scenarios. Seems to do well. Light training and film pre and post game day
  3. I let my Head of Youth Development manage my U18 and leave the head coach post open. I found it easier to find good coaches for that role.
  4. I don’t think so. Whether or not SI does I’m not sure.
  5. City and region size do make a difference. And it should. I’m at Wrexham and now in the championship we usually sell out 10,000 stadium, but certainly have some difficulty recruiting talent; especially from larger clubs. That’s realistic to be difficult to 1) build on attendance in a town smaller than 100,000 and 2) attract top talent to a small town when opportunities at larger clubs/cities are also an option. Its an uphill battle no doubt. My payroll is at bottom of championship at $5m against top spenders Burnley at $55m lol
  6. There’s lots of good content for them in the Careers and Team Guide threads.
  7. Business is done and we think we did well. Lots of offers came through with a touch of drama to drag out process. Big clubs unwilling to meet some of my stipulations oddly enough. We net $3.5 cash up front, with an additional $700k baked into the next few years ($600k should come through next 18 months). We get the loan back for balance of year and 45% of next sale. Leicester sits 7th in premier league so hopeful we can extend loan into next year too. Board tried to accept a few offers while he was in negotiations with Wolves and Watford. Had to threaten to quit my job to get them to back off and let me handle business. Upon round two we netted an additional $100k and 5% on sell on fee. have another 17 year old that we will be going through this with in summer again I fear/hope
  8. Suspense is building. December 18 now and 19 other teams have joined the (interested) fray. Value up to $195k. Most of big dogs circling such as Chelsea and Tottenham
  9. Zidane (Arsenal) just conformed their interest on 11/30. My plan is to offer for $5M, 50% of next sell, loan back, and some international kickers on January 1. I will update when I get there.
  10. Any recommendation on a price? Never started so small. I feel like $10 million was my cap for elite young talent when playing as a big club.
  11. Wrexham year three now in November in League One. Sitting a point off playoffs. ive got a 17 year old regen winger who is my best player (I’ll post an pic when I can). Having a terrific year, but just got the dreaded ‘Want’ button from Arsenal. Not interested in new contract (20 months remaining). His value is $170k. I’m not worried about selling him, that’s the goal and large factor in our ability to balance finances for improved facilities, coaching, etc. I’m worried about board accepting a crap offer this January. How would you approach? If I can get a third promotion in three years, I think he’d be willing to ink a new deal. That’ll be tough, but doing so is dependent on keeping him through January.
  12. Anything I cAn do to prompt this? I am Wrexham staring at second straight promotion to league one. Prolly can manage easily another year without U23, but will gradually become more important in developing talent as it will be harder to blood youngsters on Senior squad. Does increasing youth level have any impact?
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