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  1. Arsenal very interesting to me. Many ideas come to mind. But everyone seems to have one hitch I cannot solve. Actually buying a world class CB would probably solve all.
  2. My worry was I thought I recalled lacazette having some personal skills that went against those roles. Maybe gets forward and/or moves into channels and first time shots. I could be wrong, been a while since I saw his player profile.
  3. I’m not an arsenal fan so I might be off on a few of these. Are you set in stone on that formation? When healthy, I personally feel arsenal could do without the 10 altogether. You’ve got two high quality attacking oriented full backs to go with pepe, Auba, lacazette. I’d prolly try and emulate more Liverpool side based on the quality of those 5. What they still would lack is a Firminho type to drop deep to fill the space between lines, which could call for 10. I’d argue your fullbacks can serve that role adequately. I think a midfield more focused on defense makes more sense than a 10 when you eye your center back pairing of choice. If you’re bent on playing with a 10, ozil and ceballos (?) would be most capable options I believe. Put best defensive coverage at other two spots. I don’t personally like deep lying playmakers unless they are world class options. I just feel ball progression needs to be as rapid as possible with all that pace in lineup.
  4. both are more than capable of excelling in that role. If it fails it will be down to your tactics. Neither is known for working back to help with build up play though. Pepe is great carrier of ball and could excel in progressing ball. Tierney could be key offering your LW adequate support as can bellerin on other side. Just get midfield right to properly provide defensive cover.
  5. I’d have to guess some of this certainly applies to syncing up with Stadia. Not only development, but I’m sure Stadia’s projected market for game goes down with every day the game is available every where but their unreleased platform. Watch to see if these two release dates end up the same.
  6. @Smurf this has been really helpful. I’m not ready to purchase quite yet, but hopefully putting the guide to practice. How would you evaluate the below options. https://www.newegg.com/p/1TS-000D-036Z7?Item=9SIADVH8J94162 https://www.newegg.com/p/1TS-001A-00X76?Item=9SIAA0SABN7554 https://www.newegg.com/p/1TS-0016-00HZ2?Item=9SIAEYA9PD4314
  7. Agree. Hardest thing to replicate to me is their attacking fluidity and cross positional coverage in transitional phases though. Klopp allows all players license to roam and make plays in possession. As a result, any player on periphery of attack may slot into a different position in transition.
  8. When I utilize this role it’s usually for spells within a game rather than entirety due to potential defensive woes. Also, it feels like a flash in pan / executing in critical moments type role. In other words the player may be quiet and offer very little for large swaths of game; only to find right gap at right time. I might suggest (as other have mentioned) replacing BBM with Car to provide more structure to left flank, while also giving RDM more available space to work with. You could also tinker with F9, utilizing DLF to again leave more space between the lines. In doing that, I might suggest DLFs / IFa in the corresponding right flank.
  9. I’ve personally had more success with Attacking MF w/attack mentality than Shadow Striker. Someone smarter than I could tell us the pro/con of each in this setup.
  10. I think 4141 is more emblematic of how they play within match engine. Robbo gets deeper more often, TAA crosses earlier, Mane more likely to drift between lines amongst available roles. Problem with mimicking the two winger roles offensively is you seemingly lose their consistent effort in tracking back in defense.
  11. Ox is hard one to peg also, he’s played in midfield but also more advanced roles. I’m advanced position I’d prolly play in new inverted winger role and midfield CMa as he usually responsible for driving direct at more defensive setups. To me, he seldom runs/receives wide, always driving to penalty spot.
  12. I believe Liverpool midfield is very situational. Fabinho really only one that I’d lock into a position. For me, to get the defensive integrity/consistency out of ME, I play him as HB (knowing he plays a bit more aggressive IRL) Henderson best when playing BBM as he’s not our best presser anyway; his strength in my eyes is when he can make long runs deep into defense. Keita is hard to peg bc of his inconsistent fitness. I’d also peg him in Henderson BBM role. Carrilero is good fit for both Milner and Gini with the latter more capable of aggressive play against deeply packed defense. F9 IFa/Rdm/treq. IFa/Rdm/treq car/bbm. Car/bbm Hb. WBa/s. WBa/s Bpd. Cd. SKs keep Car on more attacking side WB
  13. Love Roma save. Love playing in Italy too. My only beef is the stadiums and attendance figures. Bizarre amount of empty seats.
  14. What is advantage of seeing snapshot of youth intake in advance? Not sure how much planning can/would take place based on that knowledge. Always exciting to see some cool new stuff. Love the new staff roles even though I won’t rely on their advice. Adds some realism
  15. Think the answer is more intelligent team building which is nearly impossible to do. to boot, majority of real clubs are also incompetent in that area. I think more layers (maybe hidden) that drive team decisions would help. I think assigning tactical categories to managers and clubs would help too. They could change over time but would offer a more stable environment to develop.
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