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    American who is new to soccer, but avid sports simulation gamer. Mainly watch/follow EPL, but gradually getting into more leagues. Liverpool is top team, but also like Crystal Palace (for non-top-6), Athletico Madrid in La Liga, Napoli in Serie A, and OM in Ligue 1.


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  1. Would rather keep him here to steer his training than loan out
  2. If you have a player that is ineligible but 18. Can he still play for my U20 or U18 until a slot opens up. future transfer, was expecting to sell a Non-Euro but change of plans. He’s a wonderkid from Columbia, but needs the tutoring (low determination) more than game time. Can he play in Cups?
  3. I use F9 in 4141. Not sure what type of answer you’re looking for. I use two IF on the wings to attack box. Messi not going to give you a great point of defense so you may not want to be too heavy in your pressing or at least lower your LoE.
  4. I interpret similar to above responses. Blank slate really. I avoid too many PIs and let player be player here. It’s sort of my flex role to manipulate throughout game to exploit things I may be (incorrect usually) seeing
  5. To me it really depends on senior squad personality combined with the different focus area on your training schedules (between senior and youth squads). In Italy a lot of match days are synced up which, to me, in conducive to training youngsters with senior level. Regardless of talent, I always keep intakes in u18 for balance of first season. However, each preseason I tap one or two that will train with senior squad and play with their peers. Either I need some personality improvement or I feel they are capable of being 3rd best (emergency) at one role within system. It’s usually 2-3 guys. If they aren’t capable of playing for senior squad in a pinch, they won’t train up top.
  6. Patrick Schick has been terrific for my Roma. Thiago Almedo at Velez (Argentina) is joining as ‘small man’ partner this summer for me. I use Paulinho as IF, but he’s off to great start as rotational option at 19 years of age. ive had eduard in earlier save and he did well.
  7. Are you hung up on getting a wonderkid/teenager. Unlikely to find a CA teenager to match Lewy. You could go the next age range and grab someone 21-24 years old that can better fill iMessage need
  8. Do you need someone that plays same as Lewy? What is your system need as far as role ?
  9. I went ahead and purchased Onana as he had release clause making him far and away cheapest option. Dortmund hurries my efforts with a offer. Had planned on waiting until summer to ditch Olsen (he ended up in Ajax).
  10. Also, how are they performing? All that really matters
  11. Worth considering peak age as well. I have same ‘issue’ but prolly more related to grabbing a young stud and expecting him to peak at 22. The game says (think I saw it somewhere) keepers prime age is later than any other position.
  12. I took over in January 2018. Finished 4th (from 8th) and my debts were cleared that summer. So many returning players on loan combined with some dead weight that is expendable makes it hard to get a clear picture on finances. I’ll be in my third window shortly and still sorting through bloated roster.
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