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    American who is new to soccer, but avid sports simulation gamer. Mainly watch/follow EPL, but gradually getting into more leagues. Liverpool is top team, but also like Crystal Palace (for non-top-6), Athletico Madrid in La Liga, Napoli in Serie A, and OM in Ligue 1.


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  1. On the 433, I’ve got a few questions (may have been covered). Why do you have FB on attack instead of WB? Creating a lot of extra distance. Would suggest moving him up WB since his primary responsibility will be providing your attack with width, not defense. You can help you center halves by making you DMF more concerned with cover using Anchor Man or half back. This will help your defensive spine remain more organized. DMF May chase a bit too much IMO. I’d put at least on of you IFs on attack, if not both. F9 and your attacking fullback (wing back) should be ample support to arrive in final third. I would consider using BBM in place if CMA to avoid this player running on top of F9. BBM should arrive late, allowing more effective, organized buildup. I would also consider swapping BBM (if implemented) with CMS to be more balanced. Placing him on same side as attacking wing back could expose that center half too often. Finally, I would strongly suggest reading and experimenting with your cover/defend roles. I personally would simplify as I find the right tactic will pull those guys all out of whack and disorganize for easy opportunities. I might even suggest a no nonsense cd in the right side.
  2. I like general setup. I’d prolly slot my less aggressive center back (CD defend) behind my more exposed wing back and either try the CM in support or drop the striker into the role of F9 it DLF. Service in this setup may be a bit inconsistent.
  3. I think you should examine shot quality as well. There’s some bad luck too, sure. Despite controlling game, the clear chances it fairly balanced on a lot of those results. That would be my starting point, toggle off “shoot on sight”.
  4. Secondary welsh citizenship would be acceptable. Looking at these options, Wrexham is extremely interesting. Am I seeing correctly they have two FA cups and a league cup? That’s crazy good relative to their other accolades/stature
  5. s0ni42

    Your Manager

    Welcome. I think people do plenty of both. Go to careers thread and there you will find lots of good content
  6. Just get a loan to cover (most of) their wages and try again next year
  7. s0ni42

    limit regens

    I would like to see more attention to shaping the playing style if players coming into system. Not as granular as mentioned, but telling your youth coaches we are focused on these 2-5 traits or something like that. Maybe that is unrealistic to how real life academies work, I do not know
  8. I think success would be European qualification on a semi regular basis. On the non wealth regen side of things...how long to gain Welsh citizenship? Could use editor to change regens on intake day? Could force myself to sell or release those guys?
  9. Anyone overly familiar with Welsh football to weigh in on idea. I thought a career developing a Welsh team made up of Welsh only players to contest in England might be a fun go. Similar to Bilbao; keep everything local. Destination teams would be Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham as they play in English leagues and have a backdrop of success. Missing any team? Talent pool? Is there enough talent in Wales to realistically build a contender? Many thoughts on project are welcome.
  10. Especially as it pertains to qualifying stages of continental tournaments, there is often overlap with international fixtures. Players playing in, say, Olympics are naturally unavailable for early stages of qualifying matches. Naturally, I’m not going to waste a precious spot on a guy who is unequivocally unable to help team for current stage. player gets upset and I don’t have an option to say, “hey man, the registration period overlaps with your international duties. You’ll be in squad when we get you back here.” Same could be said for injuries.
  11. s0ni42

    Opinion on a youngster

    Could not see black star on phone. If you’ve got money, he’s strong player with good personality
  12. s0ni42

    A complete B2B midfielder (FM19)

    I’m developing Tonali in this role at West Ham. Coming along well. Use in DLP role when we want to slow/control game
  13. s0ni42

    Opinion on a youngster

    Seems fairly steep for a guy that won’t be immediately first choice and doesn’t have elite (5 star) projection. Who are you and what are your finances?
  14. I have a similar setup except I use F9 for striker role. Both come deep, but F9 has more freedom to aggressively create and attach goal with dribble, shot, pass. My key striker has 10 goals, 10 assists in league play at halfway point.