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  1. Sold Pellegri (ST) for $145m from West Ham to City. The previous year I turned down $155m
  2. I have a style of play that I constantly tinker with based on form, opponent, personnel on a match by match basis.
  3. I have noticed a healthy number of new gens with subpar bravery attribute. Can anyone speak to their experience in players developing this trait with age? Or Is a striker with low bravery hopeless to underperform forever? I had one new gen have his rating plummet after a broken skull, only to recover trait to moderate level after a period of time. TIA
  4. You want two ball players? Stingy. Cardosa at West Ham turned really nice for me too.
  5. I don’t play international very often, but I would like improvement in squad selection and the impact it will have on transfer market and my club squad. Best example is player looking for move to ensure World Cup / Euro roster spot
  6. I would not over think it. Sometimes the link will appear after a few sub par results which may have more to do with difficult stretch of opponents rather than players’ poor link.
  7. My schedule goes something like this... Fall Intakes Positional Shortlists Refresh Future Shortlists Refresh National Youth Teams Scouting Top Academies Scouting Spring Intakes Positional Shortlists Refresh Future Shortlists Refresh National Youth Teams Scouting Top Academies Scouting rinse and repeat over and over and over
  8. Also worth noting, you cannot have two simultaneous assignments, but to be fair I set my assignments manually so this guide is more used for their assignment than what is actually assigned in-game. seldom do any of my scouts not have a list of 50+ players to look at that I manually assign.
  9. Some of the responsibilities are redundant, but that is intentional to keep proper knowledge on proper nations, regions, continents. I’m in England btw
  10. Scouts’ ratings portray how accurate his player evaluation is. Scouts knowledge portrays how quickly he can scout players in certain nations. depending on how many leagues you have loaded, you may want scouts to focus on multiple nations or regions. I usually have 1 scout handle one major nation, one minor nation at minimum. For less populous and lower adequate player output I have less scouts covering more territory. For example, I have 2 scouts for all of Africa, 2 for all of Eastern Europe, 1 for Southern Europe, 1 for Southern Europe, 2 for SA, 1 for NA, 1 for Asia (Japan and South Korea only). In Central Europe I have more than a handful focusing on one or two nations at most.
  11. Origi still underrated. So solid. I don’t know what he could sell for but I think under $58 would be good business for right club. that first touch against Everton, oh my. Biased here and I know this.
  12. PSG is certainly hard to topple. But to be fair, the real life situation in Ligue 1 is no different. They are highest French reputation team with bounds of money and talent in their back yard. They should be near impossible to overtake. Toughen up gents
  13. $86M most I’ve done. Just sold Pellegri from West Ham to City for $155M, coincidentally my highest fee out
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