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    American who is new to soccer, but avid sports simulation gamer. Mainly watch/follow EPL, but gradually getting into more leagues. Liverpool is top team, but also like Crystal Palace (for non-top-6), Athletico Madrid in La Liga, Napoli in Serie A, and OM in Ligue 1.


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  1. Not sure where, but on this forum an admin noted that the highest rating across determination, ambition, professionalism is used to impact training performance. So a determination of 20 with profession rating of 0 should train as well as able (same as if he was 20 in both); he just might be an a** in doing so.
  2. Good player, not the best I’ve seen though. Think I spend too much time looking at regens on respective day
  3. No, but on multiple occasions I’ve seen them finish in top half, must be some talent to it.
  4. It’s just aesthetic’s. The result of pass is all that really matters. Consider if you watched game with text only. You would only know the pass was not successful, not the color around it.
  5. If you’re trying to proactively move a player that you expect value for, offer them out as soon as window opens for interested teams. Do NOT transfer list and you shouldn’t take too much hit of value
  6. That’s pretty much how I handle. 1. Recognized starter 2a. Backup that knows he’s a backup and happy with that role or 2b. Burgeoning talent that is good enough to play now, but is within two seasons of moving into starting role 3. Top youth prospect that is capable of playing at level in a pinch. below are my principles to keeping a happy squad. a) recruit good personalities Don’t burn effort/money on questionable personalities. If they are home grown, try your best to correct them with perspective. b) recruit with a plan dont buy a guy that doesn’t slot into your framework. If they are under 18, not as much worry. C) don’t be a coward dont delegate player conversations. Talk to players with concerns and answer them truthfully and don’t make promises. They are under contract and time is a great healer (so is winning). Obviously, the more important the player the more delicate you’ll need to be. d) set your squad status and keep updated. at end of each transfer window is prolly sufficient. This gives you grounds to stand on when concerns arise. e) don’t over-mentor dont add the 30 year old journey man backup with low impact to a mentoring group. When/if he becomes disgruntled he may influence other, more important members of squad. f) use loan market if you have an asset that may have trouble getting into rotation or whatever status befits his stature loan him out. Y’all g) rotate squad dont do it for sake of doing it. Find situations where backup/fringe/rotational players are likely to shine and give them a shot. Cup games, easy qualifiers, home relegation teams are great opportunities to keep guys just happy enough.
  7. Yes when I make mentality changes it is usually in response to either game situation or something opponent is exploiting which means more changes beyond just mentality. May tighten vertically or width, slow tempo, change pressing intensity, etc.
  8. I do change mentality based on game situation. Mostly switch to cautious if we are getting drubbed in possession and don’t have control of match. In tournament format, I’ll go to attacking to nab goals if desperately needed
  9. I’ve done that since beginning of this version and mostly been successful. I think of it as one guy that we play out of back through and one guy who is only focused on cleaning up the mess. Against lesser opponents, I’ll use CD in that spot. Against more threatening squads I use NCB as a safer option to simply quell a counter attack. I do use Carrilero at times which could be helpful to offer more cover on the wing (behind WBa). I guess I was more concerned with keeping block in middle of field to deal with more pressing threats of Pogba/Eriksen
  10. More dependent on player familiarity with position too. Varying degrees of footedness impacts as well. A left/right only player is more likely to struggle playing off his footed wing.
  11. Versatile player who can play just about any MF role effectively. Rating is probably more result of the role you have him in within system. Post tactics. Not uncommon for an effective MF to have lagging rating if he plays a holding position that doesn’t present a lot of rate-boosting opportunities
  12. After a scintillating run through champions league through Barcelona, Man City, Liverpool (all three through away goal tie breakers) I’m matched against a Conte-led ManU. I’m Roma btw. Below is what my scout predicts they will line up and below there is some insight into my formation. AF IF IF DLP CM CWB WB Cd Cd Cd i have variations of my base 4141, but below is what I’m aiming for. Changed striker to DLF in place of F9 to hold ball rather than dribble at 3. Changed BBM to Mez to try and spread their back line. Torn on what to do other CM. My plan currently is to keep him holding with aggressive passing and allow wing backs to play more aggressive and maintain a good block to quell counter. DLF s IFa IFa MEZs CMs HBd. WBs BPD NCB WBa we we play high line, standard loe, urgent pressing and tackling. Counter press system. any additional thought?
  13. Certainly. If you start in lower divisions, you will inevitably have one of lowest payrolls for at least several years in premier league.
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