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  1. Everyone hates release clause, BUT if he’s a good player that fits what you want/need you’ll likely be able to work that clause out of his contract over next couple of years. Try every 6 months assuming you’re happy with player.
  2. I take game very seriously as well. I usually start each year with a big 5 club and get them near top before shifting somewhere more obscure for journeyman save for back half of the cycle. If time remaining I’ll do an international manager deal to bridge final few weeks/months. one thing consistent with all, is the extensive research I’ll do on club, country, etc. Wiki a lot of course, but YouTube videos are great to get feel for game day atmosphere
  3. Colombia is great fun. So much cheap talent, good Colombian staff options at every level. There’s actually two seasons per calendar year both with playoffs. Good continental soccer as well
  4. If you’ve got a good scouting setup already in place certainly prioritize loans. There’s virtually no limit (4 from single club?). That is the best way to up your quality immediately. May be anecdotal but I’ve found improving quality up front is especially efficient utilizing loan market.
  5. It’s 2026 in my current save. In my first year in England (Brighton) Leeds won the league
  6. Yes and no. The board will tinker with available transfer funds at different intervals. It is not guaranteed to all transfer but with those funds you are likely in good financial standing so unlikely they will pull back too much, if at all
  7. Idea is to have sandbox game mode where you just work with tactics. No teams, players, leagues loaded, etc. just a game mode where you can jump straight to tactics page to you with ideas. Obviously, to make worthwhile you could beef up the analytics or player movement animations.
  8. I changed my diamond tactic from fm20 to 3412 (basically dripping DMF pivot to third CB) and living it
  9. Your midfield looks a mess to me. I would suggest a DLP somewhere in there or a CMD to provide some positional stability. I forget what BWM-d does but if you have 2/3 guys in midfield moving out of position (BBM, Mez, CMA, RPM, etc.) you need someone holding.
  10. Now you see the real life challenge. Firstly, there’s a small amount of teams that can match wages. Secondly, they are all well respected, accomplished players. It’s not easy, but from my experience you cannot achieve in a single window or even two. Gradually reduce their importance to team by playing them a little less and be opportunistic if anyone sniffs around. Some large portion of these guys will just have to ride out contract until they decide they are ready for new challenge.
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