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    American who is new to soccer, but avid sports simulation gamer. Mainly watch/follow EPL, but gradually getting into more leagues. Liverpool is top team, but also like Crystal Palace (for non-top-6), Athletico Madrid in La Liga, Napoli in Serie A, and OM in Ligue 1.


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    Gaming, Sports

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    Athletico Madrid

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  1. s0ni42

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    Very solid analysis. Love the health warning
  2. s0ni42

    Youth "supersquad" of choice.

    Spelling may be off. Starts with Lazio. Played some good midfield for me in a save.
  3. s0ni42

    Homegrown Players

    I don’t have any specific players, but I’d scout the leagues below you and relegation leaders. If you’re only scouting England you should be able to well cover most of championship and l1
  4. s0ni42

    Youth "supersquad" of choice.

    Managed these from your list and all are great gets. Some to add to conversation that have been good players for me. sessegnon, micelli, d’amico
  5. s0ni42

    Axel müller model citizen

    Love stumbling upon this. I picked him up for my premier side Fulham. Great tutor, never been registered, played in 3-5 games total (friendliest and cups) in 3 years. Never a complaint. Unfortunately, he’s met his tutoring match with a jerk Regen from Portugal.
  6. I typically play with similar clubs. It’s usually an evolving project. The timeline for below is based on finances and starting point. All along you should be working your board for club improvements first phase: move out surplus players with adequate cover/youth. Try and find bargains for listed and/or unhappy players that help fill out your roster to level set your playing style. Second phase: splurge on youth signings to get your Home grown opportunities up to snuff. Don’t take on more than you can properly tutor/play/develop. Third phase: if you’ve managed your finances well. You should have an opportunity for a luxury buy or two. Guys that bolster your first team and are young enough to be long term fixtures. Fourth phase: patch holes in youth, reserves, and first team accordingly. Sell before you have to so you can always be prepared
  7. most of my recruiting is done at youth levels. In those cases I mainly want pace, acceleration, and agility (we play high press). for senior level plug ins it’s really dependent on what I need on-pitch. Usually shy away from personalities that don’t offer any tutoring advantage unless I’m in a real pinch. Worth noting most of my senior purchases are role players; try and get stars at start of senior career.
  8. I only sign guys that project for my level of play. Not interested in cluttering up my system, blocking playing time with guys that lack the potential quality
  9. What is wrong with your current process? Around intake dates I check every day. Once a group is populated for a country I go to player search and look at the players sorted by value that were just created. If they look like they might fit system and have basic skills I look for I assign scout for that country to gather more info. if they show right amount of potential for my level of play, then I go ahead and declare interest to get an idea of cost. If there’s a hit with a smaller profile club I’ll go ahead and make an offer. Most aren’t interested that soon after being populated but may nab a handful. Then when transfer widow opens I’ll try again. Any renaming that haven’t been interested will get one more shot at end of transfer window. my goal each year is to have 11 intakes per season. Sometimes my own re gens can cover more of the burden, other years less. For example, current group only supplied three viable candidates so my target is to bring in 8 to supplement. Got 3 in the bag with a couple months until transfer window. Decent pace, looking for 5 more before summer window closes
  10. I would pick a big club with tier 2-3 expectations. Premier league is a good place to start thanks to financials being easy. Everton, Newcastle, Leicester, West Ham are a couple that fit that bill. End of day, youll prolly go through several iterations on learning saves before you will have identified what challenge you’d prefer for a long term save
  11. s0ni42

    Ideas for improvement

    Yes I agree. Guess it comes back to goal of App. just peruse your own universe of players. That’d be great
  12. One of the things I like to do is team research. I’m not as interested in the current squad as I am the facilities, youth intake levels, existing debt. These are things I ponder on during the day to pick a team.
  13. Is there a good guide out there for managing your reserve squads out there?
  14. s0ni42

    File Not Loading

    In this scenario the computer abruptly cut off while game was loading. Not during save process though. File could not be restored from earlier date unfortunately. no worries, life goes on. Learn my lesson. On to the next save
  15. s0ni42

    File Not Loading

    As expected (greatly feared), reinstalling did nothing to fix issue.