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  1. Screenshots to follow. Productive both on and off pitch. We have hung around top of table my squeeking by with results, not performance. Defensively we have been among the best in Europe's big 5, but we struggle to consistently create opportunities. David Abraham confusingly went through with retirement on 1/17/2021 which left a little gap combined with Hasebe being out for remainder of year with a hip problem. With two captains down, we did not quite have a clear enough picture for transfer targets to pull the trigger quite yet. We did bring in Saliba from Arsenal and Connoly from Brighton on
  2. I struggle with creativity with my setup. We’ve played more 3412 as season has gone along to get some offensive potency. We’ve hung around top of table all year, but play on XG margins.
  3. I am into January now. After this window closes I’ll post progress
  4. The gameplay of these games is vastly different. Any comparison. Is not apples to apples. Even if named the same.
  5. Here are my 4 tactics that we will use. Some of these we don't currently have the personnel for. Our primary targets are a left-footed Right Winger and a Deep lying central midfielder.
  6. FWIW, the board will approve a second team with Frankfurt
  7. It depends on combination of how vast a scouting scope you prefer as well as the size of your scouting staff. In areas of more interest (Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain for example) I might have a scout that solely focuses on that one country whereas I may have a scout focus on a couple nations at the next tier (Holland, Belgium or Ukraine, Russia), or a scout that focuses on regions or even continents in the more obscure global regions. It all depends on where you are located and what your resources you have at your disposal as well as where you want to focus their attention. Also depe
  8. I personally set my assignments for all scouts but others delegate to chief scout, GM, other. There’s not a wrong answer just a playing style preference.
  9. Well, selecting a club helps game make recommendations on nations and leagues to include. You do have the option to start unemployed. Until the editor comes out on 11/24 though you won’t be able to pick any team (I don’t think)
  10. I’m third in expected goals against, 10th in expected goals for. My real goals for and against much worse.
  11. I just had a really strong performance against RBL that ended in 0-0, but I had heavy advantage in XG and shots. Yes. I’m moving Dost to DLFs. Let Silva be more advanced and Bost a threat on corners and set pieces. I’m not getting any dynamism up top as they are both too static even when I try to move Silva to Treq. I also couldn’t get Sow to be advanced enough to cover right sided width. I’m hopeful that Bost linking play better will re-enable me to test MezA on right of midfield. We are going to stick with BBM to ensure we have enough bodies in 10 slot before working on
  12. This is turning into a tactic thread. Not sorry. I have been playing as more disciplined to get my shape right and a desire to keep my two strikers high up the pitch. However, we seem incapable of getting enough guys forward even when we progress ball quickly. We will try default discipline for a bit. Still toying with striker pairing roles without much success. They are both too isolated. Maybe some fluidity will help.
  13. Standard game for me. Good defense, good discipline. Not enough creation. I am not playing to win to be fair, trying to limit subs and in-game tactical adjustments to ensure I am getting clean look at match after the fact. This was with BBM for Sow.
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