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  1. Tough question. I think the best way to learn is to play, and watch/read alongside your save. I typically do not do a save with the team I support bc of all the baggage and biases that I bring with me. Playing teams of different stature will gradually improve your knowledge of different aspect of game. For example, if you want to improve your tactical acumen and flexibility, do an academy challenge. usually the first thing I do is sketch out my roster as it portrays into my system. From there I identify key areas short and long-term needs. Next I address my staff and make appropriate changes. next I set my scouting assignments next I set up training (individual and team) Then I play? Constant recycling if the above. I control all aspects of club, but I did not start out that way. Start by just managing senior team. Get familiar with first team duties and expand down as you become more familiar.
  2. I’ve but a scouting template that starts by weeding out all the unfavorable personalities. Sure you can change and improve them over time but it’s a good first filter. Secondly, I identify a few attributes by position to again narrow the field. I don’t specifically filter for a single attribute to apply to all but certainly key in on a few as I’m looking at what is left from first two filters (work rate, teamwork, passing).
  3. 6) ai teams developing more versatile players. Teach them new positions more often
  4. 1) More perception in transfer market around “direction of club”. Needs to be a short-term trend line to serve in between reputation. 2) better comparison tools for scouting large pools of players (ie comparison table) 3) head of finance position that can allow us to better delve into financial improvement of club. Not much of factor as a giant club, but could help smaller less profitable clubs weed out problematic contract clauses, overpaid staff, etc. 4) ability to influence loanee training focus. Especially related to position trained. 5) more, easier to access player data and analysis
  5. We didn’t leave EU. Keeping sane as current with work papers.
  6. Here is player. As anticipated, no work permit. Fortunately we were able to get multiple Spanish loan offers in La Liga. He will be joining Las Palmas for balance of year; if they can stay up, we will extend deal.
  7. Find a country with a lot of parity where your tactics will get a fair shake without talent disparity killing your chances. South America comes to mind.
  8. Ability for club to request positional training for loanee. Would make loan tool more useful if I could ask club to train a loanee a certain way. Same could be ordained by parent clubs that you Liam from. Would not be mandatory, just a request that may/may not be followed
  9. Yeah I’ve got similar situation with a Paraguayan goalkeeper. Signed at 19 and was already first choice for Chavez in Portugal premier league. Just became #1 for Paraguay. Now it’ll be up to his countries performance level. Again, we don’t need him right away fortunately
  10. I should clarify comments. You may be able to register him, but he cannot play until he has work permit, no matter competition. Applies to reserves, youth, friendlies.
  11. Good point. I didn’t know if playing for higher reputation club or higher ranked league would make more sense. I’m leaning towards putting him in Ligue 2 where he can play in similar system in an attacking style for the second half of year. It may also help serve ancillary benefit of getting Tours promoted. I did overpay his release clause by $100k for the reason you mentioned above, but it’s still peanuts of $750k total deal. i don’t have immediate need for him so time and development are on my side. My only reason for wanting him on my squad quickly is to get him learning new position (IF)
  12. I’ve signed a pretty sharp looking 19 year old from Columbia in the January window for my Birmingham squad. It’s almost a certainty he won’t get a work permit, which is ok. Naturally, my first option would be to get him to Spanish side to gain citizenship. However, if that’s not an option, he realistically could start featuring for national team over next year which will increase likelihood of work permit. My question is what would be best strategy for getting him into national team setup? I have two good affiliate options in Sparta in a relegation battle in Eredivisie and Tours in a promotion battle in Ligue 2. He’s gotten gallons of goals in his first half season of senior football (17). I’ll try and get some pics up when I’m back home.
  13. I signed a trio from Brentford in second summer for a promoted Birmingham side. Balcombe progressing well for me, basically getting half of games at premier league level (avoid road teams with potential to thrash us). henry has rough first year but coming along well. Turned down about 20 offers for him in $20m range. Konsa versatile player who has settled into Half back role for me but also featured at right back and center back (when 3 at back). Not a star, but versatile enough to grab for cheap.
  14. I haven’t had too much issue. One other consideration is timing. For example English prem teams can only have two players on loan. Window opens 6/9, yet previous season loanees don’t return to club until 6/30. If you offer player out on 6/10 many of the available loan slots are locked up until 6/30. That guy looks premier league quality, which could be part of issue too? Food for thought
  15. I manually scout too. Guys that you specifically tell a scout to look at will prioritize over his general assignment. Go to your priorities tab and look at scout. No sense in leaving a scout assignment blank. Doing so, could leave him sitting on hands if you forget to load him up with new batch. Basically, it tells them to do their assignment unless I tell you otherwise.
  16. Could be related to nationality too? South African may have trouble in English divisions around brexit? Not sure, but may be worth exploring a little.
  17. How long have you been with club? What is financial situation? How many years in premier league? That particular option may only get approved once club hits a certain reputation threshold, not sure? I typically don’t have too much trouble establishing a new affiliate.
  18. If I understand question, no. Without work permit, player cannot feature in any fixture including friendlies, reserves, youth. Loan him out
  19. I usually play in England, but enjoy Italy a lot due to registration setup and good balance of teams below Juve. England chelsea-turbulent season potentially. Might be fun to sim until Christmas and take that job west ham-another interesting summer with steady improvement. London, bug stadium and fan base crystal palace-old roster, needs to be turned over everton-good candidate to break up top 6 long-term. New stadium coming soon (Marco Silva overdue to get sacked) newcastle-reestablish then as consistent threat West brom-good setup, get them back up for good. leeds-you know narrative here sunderland-fix that mess italy roma-get them to potential with monchi moves on milan-fix that mess
  20. Often times, I’m comparing multiple players for a transfer, not just two. Would be great if you could create a table to display desired attributes across multiple players. See how they all stack up across group.
  21. Not sure where, but on this forum an admin noted that the highest rating across determination, ambition, professionalism is used to impact training performance. So a determination of 20 with profession rating of 0 should train as well as able (same as if he was 20 in both); he just might be an a** in doing so.
  22. Good player, not the best I’ve seen though. Think I spend too much time looking at regens on respective day
  23. No, but on multiple occasions I’ve seen them finish in top half, must be some talent to it.
  24. It’s just aesthetic’s. The result of pass is all that really matters. Consider if you watched game with text only. You would only know the pass was not successful, not the color around it.
  25. If you’re trying to proactively move a player that you expect value for, offer them out as soon as window opens for interested teams. Do NOT transfer list and you shouldn’t take too much hit of value
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