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  • Players with more than 3 senior international caps not tied to a country

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    Raising a bug on the issue discussed here in case it was not yet raised.

    In the game, players are not being ineligible for other nations once playing more than 3 senior games for another country.

    The game appears to not be counting friendlies (I assume as a result of a misinterpretation of what constitutes an 'A' International).

    I posted a link to the FIFA rules on this in the thread. There is also an explanation of this on The Athletic article below which clarify that a player can play no more than 3 senior international games to switch (which includes friendlies);





    Does that mean he’s unable to switch nations?

    Previously, the lines regarding international eligibility were blurred. However, in September 2020, FIFA Congress approved new regulations that stated that if a player made more than three appearances at “A” international level (or senior level), “whether in an official competition or non-official competition”, they could not change association.

    Some Ireland supporters were unsure whether that included friendlies which, as Ferguson has only made three competitive appearances (as well as three friendlies), prompted concern.

    However, as friendlies count as “non-official competition”, they have nothing to panic about — he is no longer eligible to represent England.





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