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  1. Sorry for the spam guys, but appraising my squad coming into the new season and there's quite a few players getting on a bit (pogba, de tea, Maguire) and others nearing the end of their contract that won't accept a reduced role (vdb, Williams, tuanzebe) so I'm thinking now is the time for a bit of a rebuild. I've got a few players hovering between the ages of 18-21 who have the potential to be good replacements but would be immediate downgrades on the likes of poggers but I guess they have to start playing regularly sooner rather than later? How do people generally decide how to go about
  2. End of season 4 and it all fell apart in the last month. Lose away at Norwich to lose the league, then again to Norwich for the fa Cup final and then get completely owned by a Liverpool side that only a month before can't even get a shot on target against me. How do I even begin to work out where it went wrong ? I know my club atmosphere has taken a hit because Goncalves has thrown his teddy's out of the pram over game time, is this enough to derail a season?
  3. I thought as much, he has a lot room to grow so I'll go for it. I use support mostly as well so should fit right in. I just hate seeing academy boys go.
  4. Looking to bring in a new right back at the end of season 4. Williams doesn't want to sign a new contract, he doesn't like big matches and laird and wanB are playing well so looking to find the next big thing. Just looking for people's thoughts on this player before I pull the trigger. The deal could potentially cap out at 40 million. Also anyone else picking up insane youth players in Eastern Europe ? It seems stacked on my save.
  5. Has anyone else tried out zaniolo from Roma? He's been an absolute beast for me playing all over the pitch and kept 5 star potential even as the quality of the team has improved alot. My only issue is that he has the trait "dwells on ball", is this something I should try and coach out of him or does it have benefits ?
  6. I had no idea coaches attributes could change! Is there anyway to see their potential? Also bizarre that Joyce only has twelve, he's rated 19 for defending on mine but I'm paying him more than double my other coaches.
  7. Thanks for the explanation! I'll try dropping it down a level. Do you think swapping the DM to a Half back and giving my wingbacks more license to roam would help the build up ? Or would that affect defensive solidity too much?
  8. Thanks for the reply! Will the DLF-A still play on the shoulder if he has the tries to beat offside trap trait ? I'm reluctant to drop the LOE as the club want me to play pressing football or can this still be achieved ?
  9. Into season 4 after our treble win and I've brought in Haaland at striker and skriniar at centre back for the first team with rice joining as DM cover. Start of the season has been a mixed bag with the majority of goals coming from scrappy play or set pieces. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice regarding my tactic to create more clear cut chances from open play. I'm struggling to decide whether the problems are just stemming from new players bedding in or whether the tactic itself needs reworking to accommodate them.
  10. Oh one more question actually, at what age do you guys start looking to move players on? I've been wary to think about moving on the likes of pogba and Maguire due to their squad status am I likely to have problems if I love them on ?
  11. Two games left of season 3 and I've won the premiership on goal difference for the second time in three seasons. On for the treble with an fa cup final Vs Chelsea and a champions League final Vs Liverpool. Mason playing as a striker has bagged 36 goals so far this season forcing Kane to the bench. Kane has only scored 15 this season with only 6 coming from open play. Rashford on the left with 16G 18A and zaniolio on the right with 15G 13A. This leads me to my question. I've managed to snag an unsettled Haaland for 72mil (potentially rising to 85) but this leaves me in a
  12. I had him on my first save and felt he was a good defender but he needs someone with pace to cover against teams with quick attacks. If you're looking for someone for that position Badashiele has been immense for me since bringing him in and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. I've used him with tuanzebe or Maguire this season and had the best defence in the league and he's chipped in with 8 goals over the course with the FA Cup and champions League final on the horizon.
  13. Hi thanks for your reply !! Yeah I'd love to get involved in the United thread I'm on most of the others online anyway. I've had 21 for about 2 months now but I agree it does feel very different and I'm by no means experienced, fm20 was my first experience which persuaded me I didn't need a ps5. I've found transfers this year pretty hard, clubs hold out for a lot of money now. I've managed to get rid of alot of the deadwood: Fred, Jones, Rojo, lingard. I'm choosing to let Cavani go after an extension and then moving greenwood to striker permanently. I've been very lucky
  14. Awesome thanks for all the tips I'll test them out and let you know how I get on !
  15. I hadn't thought about using him as a 10, that's something I'll definitely try out. Does his lack of pace mean in the 433 I should use him as a DLF support or even a false 9? Sorry for all the questions but I normally go for pacey strikers, I just decided I wanted to try a more technical style of play than balls in behind to run on to.
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