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  1. Advices are welcome. i tend to play messi on F9 as Stcr want to replicate messi IRL
  2. MCR - KDB - no PI MCL - David/Bernardo Silva - dribble,short pass, shot less btw - move the wingbacks down to normal position , while mensy still iwb-s , cancelo/walker as WB-A / CWB-A its much better now.
  3. Rotation by CF & F9 when i need kun to drop more down also the Wingers sometimes change to IF-S But with Stay wider
  4. BDP - Short Pass, Close down Less ,Shot less, stay wider, dribble less IWB - fewer risks shot less MZZ - Short pass. Shot less & dribble more MCL W - Shot less , GET FF, Cross by line F9 - Roam, short pass, shot less
  5. My Pep Tactic Recreation: Cancelo/Walker , Mendy/Zinchenko As IWB, Rodri/Fernandinho As DM-M , better than DLP-D. More Balanced. Sterling Sometimes play as IF-A With Felix on the other flank as IF-S and also Sterling Plays good on the Left side as IF-A With Bernardo/Sane on the right side. KDB IS A GOD, Silva also Creating Chances&Scores from 2nd line. Kun with 8/8 Goals. So far works well. Positional play 2-3-5 / 2-5-3 / 2-3-2-3
  6. Hello Everyone I Was Wondering if there is an option To Make Player Unhappy / Wants to Leave The Club / Put him on transfer list on the older virsions i was rolling with the World Reputaion on players edit and the result was a bit of reducing on the player Value / put him on the transfer list but not in this editor 2019 Thanks in Adavnce
  7. This is How i Play with tottenham trying to replicate Pep, Sometimes Bale And Guedes Swap Pos and paly IF-S with Get Further Forward Pi.
  8. Hary Kane is a GOD. also Dele Ali, Gareth Bale and Gonzalo Guedes, Christian Eriksen and Harry Winks are Awosome in my Tottenham Save so far.
  9. i think that in 14 it was very high like in 15, and you fixed it. why the hell players ask 9M for signing fee?
  10. the full game will be updated in 00:00AM ?
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