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  1. Chelsea, Leeds, Everton Milan, Roma Atletico, Sociedad, Sevilla
  2. 4-2-3-1DM Wide roberto / dest - CWB-S pique lenglet - BPD-S,C alba WB-A Busquets - DM-S De Jong - Regista Griezmann IW-S Coutinho AP/AM-S Fati IF-S/A Messi Treq swip position between Messi and Griezmann
  3. Player Search -> Trained at club you will see every player who was at barca
  4. Yes you can . choose trained at club
  5. Atletico, Valencia , Leipzig are superb teams.
  6. Try Greenwood IF-A on right wing and haaland as Striker . Bring sancho and sell bailey
  7. He’s Unstoppable in my save with RBL 27 goals / 27 league games playing 4-4-2 / 3-4-1-2 Timo PF-A without any PI When I tried playing 4-2-3-1 With Olmo Behind he was decent. I think you should Play him STC PF-A with Salah closer position as RMD or STCL while mane is still IW
  8. Tactic Uploaded Enjoy Guys please add some screenshots 3-3-4 Tik-Taka BarcaSetienStyle.fmf
  9. Stegen - SK Sergi - IWB-d BPD-D - Pique BPD-C - Umtiti / Lenglet WBL-CWB-A - Jordi Alba DLP/DM-D - Busquets Mezzala-A - Rakitic / Vidal RPM/AP-s - Frenkie / Arthur / Puig / Rakitic IW-s - Dembele/Fati (Stay wider, mark tighter) IF-A/RMD - Griezmann / STCL - DLF - Suárez F9- MESSI (Around 30 League Goals) Won LaLiga + Champions League with 3-1 win vs Real on final Also when i wanted to play with Messi-Suárez-Griezmann, Alba played a nornal Wb-a , Messi F9-STCR, Suarez DLF-A, Griezmann IF-A
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