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  1. I have the SI sold editor. Don't know what happened. Now I have a moral dilemma: should I turn it back from 194 to 174? And I have a reggens with 191 but I don't like reggens :/
  2. Does potential ability changes in game, namely of the players with minus potential? I had a game where a -9 player had a 174 ability in the beginning of the game. But now I checked it now (after the player was tutored) and his PA is 194. That should even be impossible. I do not use the editor to edit, just to check some thing out of curiosity. But was this change of PA a natural thing in game or did I inadvertently edited it (although I'm certain i did nor write nothing. Maybe a stroke in keyboard).
  3. Bougth him in beggining of season two. He didn't got a work permit. Loaned him to my feeder club Lens for one season, after wich he got the work permit.
  4. KING OF GOAL DIFFERENCE Champion in first two seasons by goal difference! In first season also won Europa League. In season two also won England Cup. For third season my team is stated bellow. I'm going for the youth. I'm not buying the established talents, but it is costing me. These youngsters are not yet prepared for this level. GK: De Gea / Rajkovic DR: Mario Fernandes DC: Tuanzebe / Samalling DC: Romagnoli / Phil Jones DL: Shaw / Borthwick-Jackson MC: Renato Sanches / Melegoni MC: Pogba / Fosu-Mensah AMR: Lingard / Januzaj / Chong AMC: Odega
  5. Thank you. I'll give your suggestions a try. I used the LB on attack because it is Luke Shaw and the rigth back as support because it is Darmian.
  6. I play with Manchester United and Im having some difficulties to go to the top of the League in season one. I have the most possession rate of the league, but sometimes I have lots of possession, lots of chances, but no goals. In the other hand, when playing with top teams, I have huge difficulties, especially away. Can you give some advises? Team formation and players instructions (the 4 more advanced players have "closing down more"). fornacao.tiff Team instrucions: instruções.tiff
  7. Made several changes based in you input... and in second game I trashed the leaders Manchester City by 5-2
  8. I'll be doing this changes: counter attack mentality; the two CB on defend; left back defend. As soon as I have a decent replacement for Bentaleb it will be a defensive minded player. Alli is one of my best players, based on his rankings.
  9. I'm conceding too many goals. I started the season with a normal defensive line with the two CB on defend. I changed the defense line to deeper and one CB to blocking and the other to cover. It did not solve the problem. Any advice on how to improve? Goals: 44 scored; 33 conceded. 12W, 7D, 4L. I'm in january 2016 in third, 5 point off the top.
  10. First season. January 2016. I'm third, one point from second (Liverpool) and 5 points from first team (Manchester City). I want to win the Premiership in the first season. It is possible, but I am a bit lost. I have 60 million euros to spend. I'm the the winter transfer window... but don't know who to buy! I would like a center back, but my scouts say Laporte doesn't want to come. Any advise on how to improve the team with such a good transfer budget? I'm having another problem. I'm conceding too many goals. I started the season with a normal defensive line and the two CB on defend. I c
  11. In previous FM versions, we could define intensity level of individual training. Now I don't know how to do it or if it is possible. Is it possible? I can only define the intensity level of the team training. In previous versions I would define very high intensity in individual training and very low on team training.
  12. Starting a game with Liverpool. Think I made very good business. Problem is I can't get the team to learn the tactics Total spent: 83,54 M euros Total received: 99,6 M euros
  13. Starting a new game with Manchester United. Is this team good enough to win the Premiership? Do I need strengthening? Suggestions? A center back, maybe? Who? I still have 42M euros to spend. (several players can play in more than one position. original database) GK - De Gea / Romero DR - Darmian / Petar Stojanovic DL - Shaw / Blind / Grimaldo (loan) DC - Smalling / Jones (when fit) DC - Rugani (loan) / Mammanda MC - Schweinsteiger / Carrick / Thiago Maia MC - Pogba / Schneiderlin / Ajer AMR - Valencia / Zivkovic / Gabriel Barbosa (3 months out) AML - Depay / Andreas Pereira AMC -
  14. I'll start a save with Manchester United. But I'm struggling with some decisions, manly in the sentimental department: -- should I sell Rooney? Homegrown and England best scorer, but bad tutor and huge wage. -- should I fire Giggs? Legend but awfull assistant. -- should I sell Carrick? Good tutor but aging and huge wage.
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